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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 60 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: Nothing More Than Just an Idiot


Upon listening to the dialogue between the frameless glasses man and the transvestite, an intense and violent fear swelled up in Zhao Jing’s heart, who was tied up and dumped in the corner. She had witnessed the ruthlessness and viciousness of these people. On the day when she was caught and brought here, she saw a young ravaged and then dismembered afterward. After having seen such a terrible bloody scene, she succumbed to fear for a long time now.


She prayed!


She prayed that her husband Yuan Zhengxuan or the police could find her here and save her. However, these people’s talks simply had crushed and pushed her to a bottomless abyss.


“Woo woo…”


Her mouth was stuffed. Even if she wanted to shout and curse, she was helpless and had no means to do anything. She could only glare with murderous eyes and intensely stare at the frameless glasses man, who was approaching her step by step.


In the next 2 minutes, the frameless glasses man had dragged Zhao Jing to the next room. It was the dissecting and butchering room; the room was chaotic. Bloodstains as well as all kinds of dissecting tools could be seen everywhere inside it. A sponge mat full of filth was positioned at the innermost side as Zhao Jing then got thrown onto the sponge mat.


“Peony Flower also dies and will become ghost [1]. This saying is truly applicable to your body, which has yet to feel that violated sensation, isn’t it? Today, this Big Daddy will make you taste it for the first time. After you have it, you can have your anguished wailing and die. Hahaha…”


Having finished talking…


He grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the rope that tied Zhao Jing, leaving only her hands and feet still tied.


Tang Xiu was hiding under the rear window of the dissecting room. He already enveloped the surrounding 100-meter radius with his Spiritual Sense. With his keen ears, he could clearly hear all the dialogues of the five men from inside the auto-repair garage. But never did he expect that the kidnapped woman would turn out to be Yuan Chuling’s mother. He had never thought that these kidnappers mistakenly targeted Yuan Chuling as their 3rd Brother’s murderer.


At first, Tang Xiu had no urge to rush and act.


It was because his cultivation right now had yet to reach the point that he would be able to avoid bullets. Let alone facing 3 guns and those five criminals. Had it been one or two people, he could have used his lightning speed and given no chance for them to shoot him. However, if 3 guns were to fire at him at the same time, either he would be badly injured or he would die.


But at this very moment, the threat was negligible…


The split second the frameless glasses man grinned fiendishly and was about to tear apart Zhao Jing’s clothes, Tang Xiu instantly smashed the rear window glass as he rushed in lightning fast.




The frameless glasses man had no fighting prowess. Although he had yet to kill anyone, but he was these butchers’ partner in crime; the skill he had was really in the computer related tech and intelligence network. With such a quick speed and accurate strike from Tang Xiu, he could only shout a word as his voice was abruptly stopped because his throat was instantly torn apart.




Tang Xiu raised his right foot as he whipped his leg to the frameless glasses man’s face and kicked him in an instant, causing the man’s body to hit the hard wall. However, the frameless glasses man did not instantly die, as both of his hands grabbed his neck where his throat was twitching. Tang Xiu only looked at him and then turned toward Zhao Jing’s side. He gave a gesture and hinted her to stay silent before he removed the stuffed fabric in her mouth.


“Who are you?”


The moment her savior fell from the sky, it caused Zhao Jing to be ecstatic. She understood Tang Xiu’s instructions as she kept her voice to be as low as possible.


“You don’t need to know who I am. You just need to know that I’m going to save you. I’ll untie your hands and feet, and then you must escape from this place through this window.” Tang Xiu whispered at her.


Zhao Jing quickly asked, “What about you?”


Tang Xiu replied in a very solemn tone, “These people are fiends. Keeping them alive in this world will only let their scourge continue unleashed. I must exterminate all of them.”


Zhao Jing was speechless, “Are you sane? There are still 4 men here! Let alone they have guns, bullets, and knives. Are you blind or something? You… you must also escape along with me! Let’s go out quickly and report to the police immediately! My husband can help. He has a lot of bodyguards!”


Are they really divorced?


An astonished expression instantly flashed in Tang Xiu’s eyes before he shook his head and replied, “I’ve secretly eavesdropped their conversation. They have a mole inside the Public Security Bureau. Once we report to the cops, they will immediately receive the message to quickly escape. Now is a good chance to clean them up and catch all of them in one fell swoop. I can never let them off. Please be relieved! Such worthless thugs like them are not difficult to handle for me.”


Zhao Jing’s complexion changed. She didn’t expect that her kidnappers would be this resourceful, to the extent that they would have an insider mole in the Public Security Bureau.


“Then… Then you must be careful.”


The talk had finished.


With Tang Xiu’s help, Zhao Jing smoothly escaped from the rear window.


Inside the canopied building, the transvestite man and the one-eyed man were sitting leisurely as they smoked and drank their liquors. From time to time they gazed at the dissecting room’s door with a strange expression. Their brother was there, the one amongst them who was unable to hold his lust was this 6th Brother.


“Huh? How come it’s so loud there? The 6th Brother has never made such big noises each time he f*cked before. How could it be so noisy now?” The one-eyed man slowly realized that something was not right as he exclaimed with a surprised expression.


The transvestite man let out an evil smile and spoke, “6th Brother’s condition seems to not be good. He could only f*ck this quick and be done. If I were really a woman I’d absolutely refuse such a c*nt crazy f*cker with limp d*ck! What the f*ck is with this 3 seconds d*ck?”


However, the one-eyed man was paranoid in nature. His complexion turned extremely solemn as he shook his head and spoke, “No! Something isn’t right. 4th Brother, let’s go there and take a look!”


The hazy eyed man was drunk. He stood up shakily as he conveniently took the gun on the table. Then, he walked staggeringly along with the one-eyed man to the dissecting room’s door.




The one-eyed man kicked the door open as the drunken hazy-eyed man then walked swaggeringly toward the door. His vision was still blurry, but the moment his sight caught the frameless glasses man’s corpse on the floor, his pupil shrunk instantly. His body tightened and became tense in a split second.




A knife suddenly shot and pierced at the drunken man’s heart. Its tip stirred and pierced through his heart the next second. Heavy punches then followed as his chest was struck, sending his body flying outside the door and falling in front of the one-eyed man.


“F*cking bastard!!!”


The one-eyed man’s complexion turned into madness and fury as he swiftly snatched the three bladed Mitsubishi army knife from his waist. He swept the drunken man’s body and then rushed toward Tang Xiu. At the same time, due to the noises, the phoenix sturdy middle-aged man [2] also grabbed a knife and gun and then rushed forward.


“All of you overrate yourself and attempted to do something impossible; much less you’re overestimating your own abilities.”


Tang Xiu’s cultivation had reached the peak of Vitality Tempering. His strength and speed had surpassed an ordinary person’s limit. Due to his martial arts’ realm, he needed no specific moves or styles. He could casually use any style and execute it perfectly. His keen eyes locked at the cold and glittering Mitsubishi army knife as he avoided it with an extremely quick movement. The dagger in his hand then slashed and tore open the one-eyed man’s wrist that held the knife.


“What the f*ck?”


Feeling such a piercing and acute pain, his Mitsubishi army knife instantly fell as the one-eyed man then retreated back in a flash. He had already known Tang Xiu’s identity. But he thought that he was just dreaming and confused since he was drunk. It was because… he believed that Tang Xiu was only just a damaged brainless idiot after he got into the car accident.


“Don’t you f*cking move!!!”


More than 10 meters away, the transvestite man pointed his gun’s muzzle at Tang Xiu as he shouted with a stern voice.


Tang Xiu sneered as his body also jumped backward at the same time. Without the slightest hesitation, he then rushed out through the dissecting room’s rear window. His strength was not enough to avoid the bullets yet. Before he had reached the Stars Tyrannical Body’s second sub-stage, the Skin Strengthening Stage, he would not act just like an idiot who thought that he could meet head on with a bullet.




And sneak attacks!


In order to become Immortal, he had once lived and done these kinds of cruel actions in the brutal cultivation world.  Even in extraordinary terrains and dangerous and hopeless situations, he was able to narrowly escape death and survive.


“Where the f*ck is he?”


The transvestite and the one-eyed man gathered together. They then rushed into the dissecting room and immediately saw the already smashed broken rear window’s glass.


Murderous intention exuded from One-eyed’s face as he spoke angrily, “We did analyze and consider everything. But never once did we ever think that f*cking bastard would be such an expert. It seems that the intelligence we got before was f*cked up big time!”


The transvestite man looked at his two dead brothers on the floor as sorrow and anger made his face violently twist. Then, he yelled out of hate and bitterness, “One-Eyed, haven’t I f*cking told you that bastard Tang Xiu had seen me? You said that you thought he’s just an idiot bastard, didn’t you? Now tell me, who killed 5th and 6th Brother, hah?”


One-eyed nodded and replied, “Yes, I know. We thought we had thoroughly investigated about Tang Xiu.”


He regretted it…


He was now full of regret. If the world had medicine for regret to sell, he would absolutely be willing to buy it with everything he had. Because if regret medicine truly existed and he took it, he would have neither overlooked Tang Xiu nor would he have blatantly ignored him and thought that he was just an idiot student.


“An idiot and nothing more!”


He vividly remembered these words he had said. Subconsciously, both of his palms lifted up and mercilessly slapped his own face. He was the one who had shamed himself. He was also the one who would loathe himself.


The transvestite man was flustered and exasperated as he cursed and shouted, “Haven’t I f*cking reminded you? But all you ever thought of was only that he was just a f*cking worthless retard that never would have even the slightest f*cking strength to kill a chicken, right? What the f*ck is happening right now? That f*cking-worthless-bastard-idiot you thought of had just killed 5th and 6th Brother? There’s no way in hell it was a f*cking god who had saved that s*utty b*tch Zhao Jing!!!”


The more his words spat out, the deeper the remorse the one-eyed man had. His eyes turned bloodshot as he looked at his 2 brother’s corpses on the floor. He rushed out to the door and yelled furiously, “F*cking bastard Tang Xiu, get the f*ck out and face me if you really got the balls! I will show you that I’m gonna f*cking blast your balls off!”




Apart from the reply from the empty echo, not even Tang Xiu’s shadow could be seen.


Although the transvestite man was angry, he didn’t lose his sense of logic. He was the most rational person amongst all of his brothers. He kept maintaining his vigilance as he walked near the one-eyed man and spoke in a deep tone, “One-Eyed, Tang Xiu is hiding in the dark, while we’re standing open in the light. The situation is now against us. I believe that we must immediately retreat. Even having revenge 10 years later, a gentlemen’s revenge will never be late. Even though we are criminals, we still must brew a plan to have our revenge.”


While holding the wounded wrist with his other hand, the one-eyed man walked into the canopied building as he then spoke, “Why the f*ck should I fear him? We still have guns. Today it’s either that bastard brat or us who will die here. It’s f*cking shameful to just back out now.”


“I’ll stay. There still 3 of us… it’s f*cking retarded if we’re afraid of him… why the f*ck should we fear him? The burly and strong middle-aged man angrily cried.


‘These two are blockheads.’


The transvestite man secretly cursed in his heart. He recalled the previous scene when he was monitoring Class 10 at the Star City First High School. Tang Xiu was looking at him from 1000 meters away. Suddenly, a cold and chilling sensation seeped into his body, as his mood turned slightly heavier.


If, and only if, by that time Tang Xiu really sensed and detected him from 1000 meters away, then he was absolutely not a fool, but instead a freaking frightening monster. And fighting with this kind of monster would only be like courting his own death.


It’s just like …


It’s just like the 3rd, 5th and 6th Brother’s fate…  exactly!



[1] I’m too lazy to explain Peony Flowers meaning in Chinese culture, please read this 😀

[2] I hate typos in this paragraph. It took almost 2 hrs for this one paragraph to be translated. Thus this chaps took 4hrs 30mins to be fully translated. As for the phoenix man…Just click this link

I’m quitting the translation scene <<< this is a rumor started by me…

Joke aside, I rarely checked the comments due to my activities IRL. I usually connected to the net while having lunch or in my free time, whenever I got them. Sooo, I’m really sorry if can’t reply to the comments frequently. Apart from working (I hate it but I need the money!), raising my 2 naughty and cute sons (they’re 1.5 and 5.5 years old FYI) and dating my wife (LOL).

So please accept my deepest apology for having almost no communication and rarely get in touch with all of you. I got only 2-3 hours free time everyday except in weekend and that’s 1 hour lunch break plus 1-2 hour before I gotta sleep. These 2-3 hours free time are of course for translating the chaps.

As for the patrons for our team’s patreon, please forgive me that I really don’t know who you are since Cherry takes care about it (Thanx Cherry!). However, despite my blatant ignorance (and the slightly apathetic nature of mine), I sincerely offer my deepest thanks to whoever you are. May the force be with you! Eh, since when have I become a Star Wars’ Fans?

Lastly, Great Dao Commander and The Lame Daoist Priest’s translation will resume to their original schedule this week. Have fun reading folks! Sorry for the long rants…

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