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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 61 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 61

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Chapter 61: Are You a Human or a Ghost?


The transvestite wanted to retreat, but he was perfectly aware of One-Eyed’s personality. Once he decided on something, he would never back out. He wanted to save his life, and this meant that he had to find a chance to run away alone. As long as he could run from Tang Xiu, in such a big world, he could go anywhere.




If they were to die here, it wouldn’t be too late to take out revenge and wipe out this grudge toward Tang Xiu later, after he had mixed with other powerful people!




10 meters away from the three, a sound transmitted from the car parts pile mess.


“Over there!”


Their complexion changed, and they turned extremely alert. Their eyes locked onto the sound’s source. One-eyed braved himself and hinted his two other companions as he walked to the side, whilst his left hand held the three-bladed army knife as he walked over to the sound’s direction. They didn’t notice that a pair of eyes were preying on them behind the 2 car frames 10 meters in front of them.


“Eldest Brother One-Eyed, 2 fists cannot win against 4 hands. We have 3 knives and 2 guns. Even though that brat is powerful, he’s not our match.” The burly man’s complexion was ferocious as a terrifying murderous intent was exuded from him, as though it was able to suck and devour souls. Amongst all of them, he was the one who had the most powerful fighting prowess.




The moment he just finished speaking, a figure suddenly appeared lightning fast.  The shadow swiftly and fiercely rushed and kicked him from the side. The strong guy lifted his left arm reflexively to block it as a bone cracking sound was then heard. At the same time, a dagger moved in a strange trajectory and pierced his left arm’s armpit.




A shrill scream, that could make people’s blood run cold, howled.


A strong murderous intent was exuded from Tang Xiu. His hand to hand combat and its process was extremely sharp and skillful. He pulled out the knife from the strong guy’s armpit in a flash and powerfully punched the strong guy’s body as it flew straight toward the one-eyed man and the transvestite.




One-eyed’s complexion changed greatly as he frantically tried to avoid get hit by the strong guy’s body. He brandished his army knife and ferociously stabbed Tang Xiu. He didn’t have the assurance to block Tang Xiu’s piercing blow, but he believed that as long as he could tangle Tang Xiu, the transvestite would shoot Tang Xiu with the gun.


“Bang bang bang …”


The transvestite indeed shot at Tang Xiu. But it was a hasty shot and was easily dodged by Tang Xiu. Never once the one-eyed man ever thought that the transvestite man would swiftly run toward the door and run after shooting, leaving him behind. Tang Xiu’s unpredictable moves and elusiveness as well as his violent killing, left him a huge mental dread.


“Youngest sister, you …”


Previously, taking advantage of Tang Xiu’s dodging movements to avoid the bullet, the one-eyed man burst forward in a flash. But never once he ever dreamed that his sworn brother would abandon him and flee alone. At this very moment, his hate toward the transvestite who betrayed and left him alone was much more than the hate he had toward Tang Xiu.


Tang Xiu also hadn’t thought that the transvestite would choose to run away at this time. If he didn’t run, it would’ve been more difficult to deal with these three.


But now…


Tang Xiu coldly smiled. He quickly knocked down the already severely hit strong guy and the one-eyed man with fast and powerful strikes, leaving them with fatal injuries.


“He must not escape!”


Tang Xiu kicked oone-eyed man, making him faint. Then, he rushed forward and chased the runaway transvestite. In his spiritual sense, the transvestite man had already run about 50-60 meters ahead and was not too far away.


He sprinted and chased.


The distance between them was getting closer…


The transvestite, who was running ahead, turned his head in panic as an aghast expression could be seen on his face when he saw Tang Xiu’s extreme speed. At the same time, he also cursed the 2 useless people who didn’t even give decent resistance.


The car!


His eyes turned bright! He suddenly rushed forward, toward the Volkswagen. After he quickly entered the car, he immediately started it and locked the car’s door.




As the car started, the transvestite laughed in a provocative manner toward Tang Xiu.




Tang Xiu coldly snorted and threw the dagger in a flash. With 1500 kg of arm strength, the dagger pierced through the glasses in front of the driver seat and accurately hit the transvestite’s neck.




The Volkswagen had already started, but since the transvestite was hit, the car drove forward and hit a pickup truck.


“I told you that you cannot run!”


Tang Xiu sprinted toward the Volkswagen’s driving seat as he grabbed the transvestite’s hair. He forced his head out of the window and then fiercely punched his face.


Having finished the transvestite, Tang Xiu directly returned to the warehouse garage. Although he already solved those criminals, but he needed the information from them about the cop snitch in Public Security Bureau, who had informed their gang.


“Don’t struggle! Today, you die. The only difference is if you can have a happy death or get tortured to death! I believe you’ve long known that you’ll die. So I will give you a last choice before you enter the gates of hell.”


The strong guy let out a mirthless smile as he looked at the wound on his body and spoke, “You wanna f*cking torture me to death? F*ck, I have a fatal injury, even if you want… cough, you’ll never f*cking be able to prolong the time. Don’t f*ck with me!”


Tang Xiu squinted his eyes as his finger pointed at the spot near the strong guy’s wound in a flash.


“What the..?”


The strong guy’s eyes got bigger as his face turned aghast. His wound no longer bled after Tang Xiu used his finger to pointed the spot near his wound a few times.


Tang Xiu coldly spoke, “Even if you don’t believe me, I’ll make you believe it. You won’t die quickly. At least, you can still live 1 or 2 hours. In these 2 hours, I’ll dissect you and keep your consciousness intact. You’ll witness your blood and flesh reduced part by part.”


The strong guy desperately swallowed saliva as he spoke in a flabbergasted expression, “The point… that finger point technique, what the hell are you?”


Tang Xiu replied, “Huh? I didn’t expect you even knew about the finger point technique.”


The strong guy coughed some blood, and with a somewhat awed expression in his eyes, he replied, “My boxing master sometime ago practiced Kungfu. Although his skills were not as terrifying as the legend, but it was quite powerful! The f*cking thing was that he didn’t want to teach me that internal strength cultivation technique!”




Tang Xiu’s curiosity was piqued.


The strong guy bitterly replied, “What else? That old chap thought that my conducts are bad, vicious, and ruthless. But how the f*ck will I survive and make my name in this brutal environment if I’m not ruthless enough?”


Bad conduct?


Tang Xiu suddenly realized. This was indeed the case with martial arts practitioners on Earth. The society didn’t allow martial artists to fight ruthlessly. However, he didn’t have the same principle. The Immortal World’s circumstances were countless of times more brutal than Earth’s. It was inhuman in the truest essence. Only ones with sufficient strength and ruthlessness would be able to survive and go on living there. He had stepped on mountains of corpses and gone through countless bloodshed to become one of the Supremes in the Immortal World.


“Back to my question. Tell me, who is your gang’s snitch in the Public Security Bureau? Relax, my words have always had enormous weight. As long as you tell the truth, I won’t let you suffer!”


With a dejected expression, the strong guy replied, “The winner has always been the king, since I’ve lost to you, I’ll tell you. But you have to promise me one thing.”


Tang Xiu replied indifferently, “You are not qualified to talk about conditions with me.”


The strong guy spoke straightforwardly, “If you want to kill me, just kill me; you have that chance. But at least hear me before I die, so I have no grievance over life and die peacefully.”


Tang Xiu frowned. He did not want to waste time here. Zhao Jing had been saved, and he believed that she had reported to the police. It wouldn’t be a long time that a large number of police would rush to this place. After returning to this world, he was perfectly aware that murders are against the law, even though it was done to save others. Even though the people he killed were extremely evil and law’s heavy offenders, but he still would be implicated, and it would give him much trouble.


“Say your conditions.”  Tang Xiu replied indifferently.


With a bitter and astringent expression, he spoke, “Actually, it’s not a condition. It’s just my request. Eldest Brother One-eyed and I are the same, we are fated to be doomed. But when we die, I hope that when you have some time later, you can go north, to the Phoenix City. Eldest Brother’s grandma is still alive there and is also his only family member now.”


Tang Xiu said, “And what you want me to do?”


“I have stashed more than tens of thousands in cash. If you meet One-eyed’s grandma, give it to her.”


“I give you my word.”


Tang Xiu nodded. Humans have always been two-sided in nature. Regardless of any person, whether they were ruthless and evil in their entire lives, they would still have a soft spot deep down inside. Such as himself, he had killed countless people to the extent that he even could be called as cold-blooded slaughterer. But the one he was most worried and missed, was his mother.


The strong guy then nodded heavily, “Li Tao, our snitch in the Public Security Bureau Information Section, Li Tao.”


Tang Xiu no longer talked. He took the Mitsubishi army knife on the ground and directly gave the strong guy a happy-quick death. Then, he woke One-eyed up.


“You … what the f*ck are you?”


One-eyed woke up from his fainted condition. He then saw that the strong guy had died as the transvestite’s corpse that had been thrown aside. His heart instantly fell down to the abyss as it chilled down to the extreme.


Tang Xiu spoke, “Tell me, who is your snitch in the Public Security Bureau?”


Extreme hatred filled One-eyed’s eyes as he roared crazily, “Find him in your f*cking dream! Hell no will I tell you! You just f*cking wait! Even though we have died, we’ll find everything possible to have our revenge. Sooner or later this debt of blood will be paid with your life!”


Tang Xiu spoke coldly, “Northern Phoenix City, your grandmother.”




One-eyed looked at Tang Xiu with a disbelieving expression as tidal waves of fear struck his all the nerves in his body. Nobody in his gang knew about his grandmother, except…




How the f*ck did this bastard in front of him know about it?


“You…  what the hell are you? Are you a human or a ghost?”


With a ruminating expression, Tang Xiu smiled at one-eyed and then spoke, “Even if ghosts have gone to heaven, if I wanted to, I can still exterminate those ghosts.”

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