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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 62 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 62

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Chapter 62: Good News


Star City Golden Emperor, Villa District


Yuan Zhengxuan’s complexion was gloomy as anxiety and restlessness filled his heart. Zhao Jing had been kidnapped for a long time and the danger was getting bigger. He hated those kidnappers as well as hated the incompetence he and the police had. Not even the slightest hints could be found regarding Zhao Jing’s whereabouts.


He had confirmed that his wife’s kidnappers were in the same group with the crazy murderer who hijacked Star City First High School. He also had correctly guessed that they kidnapped his wife for revenge.


“Xiao Ling, can you contact your classmate?”


Yuan Zhengxuan looked at his son, who repeatedly dialed the phone, and asked with a deep and worried expression.


With a bitter expression and tone, Yuan Chuling shook his head, “I can’t contact him! He shut his phone down. Dad, Tang Xiu had left school at almost precisely the same time as Mom got kidnapped. Do you think there could be any coincidence about it?”


Yuan Zhengxuan was still silent. But then his vision shifted over to Public Security Bureau’s Director Deng Jianmin and the Criminal Police’s Captain Cheng Xuemei, who still had yet to leave.


“The possibility is very slim. Zhao Jing was kidnapped near her office, as at that time Tang Xiu was still studying at school. The distance between the two places is about tens of kilometers away. Unless Tang Xiu has foresight, else it would be almost impossible that the event has any connection to Zhao Jing’s kidnapping. Besides, he’s just only a high schooler.” With a deep and low voice, Deng Jianmin replied.


Yuan Zhengxuan then spoke, “But, Tang Xiu is also missing. Have the police looked for him? He has been missing for 2-3 days and you haven’t found him, right?”


Cheng Xuemei replied, “This is indeed very strange. We have sent someone to his home and inquired about it. He hasn’t come back home, even his mother doesn’t know his whereabouts.”


“Ring Ring Ring…”


Yuan Zhengxuan’s phone suddenly rang. His complexion changed as he ran over the coffee table and grabbed his phone. Seeing an unfamiliar phone number, he suddenly frowned.


“Answer it!”


Deng Jianmin quickly followed and spoke.


Yuan Zhengxuan pressed the answer button and activated the loudspeaker mode. He then spoke in a deep tone, “I’m Yuan Zhengxuan, who is this?”


“Husband, It’s me… it’s me, Zhao Jing.”


Yuan Zhengxuan’s eyes instantly contracted as he cried loudly, “What? Jing’er? Are you really Jing’er? Where are you? Tell me quickly!”


“Husband, I am on the cab right now and am rushing to your house. I’m using the cab driver’s phone!”


“Jing’er, you… Did those kidnappers release you? Do you know that I was almost driven crazy worrying about you?”


“Husband, Those damned kidnappers didn’t release me. T-There is… someone else who rescued me! Ah yes, quickly send people to the abandoned auto-repair garage on the Deep Red Cloud Road in Peaceful Serene District. My savior is still there. Also, don’t call the cops yet, my savior said that there’s a snitch in the police station.”


Deng Jianmin and Cheng Xuemei gasped. Their eyes showed a hard-to-believe expression. There was a snitch in the police station? How could this be?


Suddenly, they realized that those criminals were able to get news ahead of time when the police were hunting them since they had always been able to escape before the police arrived.


Could it be that… there really was a mole in the police station?


Yuan Zhengxuan glared angrily at Deng Jianmin and Cheng Xuemei. He then spoke in deep and angered tone, “I’ll immediately inform everyone to rush to that auto-repair garage. Jing’er, you’re on the cab, right? Where’s your position right now? Tell me your plate number, I’ll send someone… No!!! I’ll go myself to pick you up!”




The call ended.


Yuan Zhengxuan angrily spoke, “You cops are really damn f*cking great! You even have a mole and traitor amongst you! You’re a damn f*cking model of this country’s Internal Affairs’ employees. You heard my wife speaking. I don’t want your f*cking cops to follow me. I’ll send my own men to solve the problem in that auto-repair garage!!”


“No!” A burst of colors alternating between green and white covered Deng Jianmin’s complexion, but he still spoke with a strong tone.


With a hesitating expression, Cheng Xuemei quickly spoke when she saw that Yuan Zhengxuan was on the verge of raging, “Mr. Yuan, since the situation at that auto-repair garage is truly urgent and critical, it would be for the best for the police force to act. Those kidnappers are not people we could play with easily. All of them are A-ranked wanted criminals. Each and everyone of them is a bloody murderer. My Criminal Police squad had been tracking and investigating the case for a few years. Besides, each and everyone of us is an elite with clean records. We absolutely have no traitors in our ranks. How about having us help you to solve this problem?”


Yuan Zhengxuan hesitated for a moment before he nodded and replied, “Fine! But apart from you, not even a soul could learn about this!”


Deng Jianmin hurriedly followed, “I’ll also go!”


At the abandoned auto-repair garage on Deep Red Cloud Road, Peaceful Serene District.


Tang Xiu was still in the warehouse as he looked at the ashen expression of the dying one-eyed man. He coldly spoke, “I’ve given you the chance to speak. Now, you tell me or face the consequences.


The one-eyed man was silent.


He did not want to sell out his brother. He hoped and looked forward to avenging his brothers and wiping off these grudges. However, he was also perfectly aware that the youth in front of him was very ruthless and merciless. If he didn’t tell him, his grandmother would be implicated. He was raised by his grandmother, and she was the person he most cared about.

What should he do?


With such a dilemma, a battle raged in his heart as he fell into deep hesitation.


“I will count down from 3. If you don’t want to answer my question, it’s your choice, since I have given you the options. Of course, I have to tell you that your dead brother had already told me who the snitch in the police station is. I just want to confirm it from your f*cking mouth.” Tang Xiu’s words were as though a gigantic hammer had smashed a layer of conviction in One-Eyed’s heart.


“3, 2, 1…”


“OKAY, OKAY, I’ll tell you!”


Pain stabbed One-Eyed’s heart, but he still chose to protect his grandmother in the final moment.


Tang Xiu coldly spoke, “Who is it?


One-eyed gritted his teeth and spoke, “It’s Li Tao, and he’s the Deputy Chief of the Public Security Bureau Information Section.”


“It’s really him!”


Tang Xiu sneered. He slit One-Eyed’s throat with the Mitsubishi army knife and pierced his heart. After he killed One-Eyed, he dug out the hole in the most corner side of the wall, as he then took a plastic bag full of paper money and directly left.


In fact, had these criminal not threatened him, he was disinclined to clean them up. But since Yuan Chuling’s mother was kidnapped, he definitely had to act.


However, the most important thing to do for him right now was to make money. He needed to cultivate himself, and this required a lot of medicinal herbs, resources, and precious ores. Only when he had massive wealth would he be able to buy these essential necessities and prevent his cultivation advancement from being bogged down.


As for the plan to make money, he had already planned about it. The aspect he was lacking right now was that he had no professional manager to handle the business. However, he had entrusted it to Long Zhengyu to find him a professional manager. And by calculating the time, it was almost time that Long Zhengyu found the right professional manager for him.


Half an hour later…


Tang Xiu took off his bloodstained jacket and threw it to the river he passed by, as he watched it get washed and drowned by river water. He didn’t return to the school and instead went back to his villa in the South Gate Town district.




When Tang Xiu had entered the villa’s center hall, dust had covered it. He recalled that when he just received this villa, the developer was taking care of the villa’s cleanness. However, since he became the owner, the developer stopped taking care of the villa and also had no rights to send people to clean it again.


“Such a big villa like this, even if I were to look for a maid, I can tell that one wouldn’t be enough. Should I look for a professional butler to take care of this house just like in those TV series?”


Tang Xiu smiled wryly and shook his head. He didn’t have the luxury to hire a professional butler or housekeeper. He went straight upstairs and took a bath, and then took and wore a clean set of casual wears in the wardrobe that Long Zhengyu had already prepared in advance before.


The villa’s main room was on the second floor. The entire master bedroom was hundreds of square feet big, and the interior decorations were full of luxurious stuff that could even make people’s blood boil. He hadn’t had a good rest these days and was preparing to rest. However, he wanted to contact Long Zhengyu and ask about the professional manager arrangement.


The moment he thought to call Long Zhengyu, he recalled that his cell phone had long been shut down. He quickly took out the phone and booted it. He had yet to call Long Zhengyu’s number as series of missed calls and SMS reminder rang unceasingly.


Tang Xiu recalled the scene of large numbers of missed calls when he had gone practicing before. He didn’t expect that it would happen again in this time. He glanced over at the missed call and couldn’t help revealing a helpless look. Apart from Han Qingwu and Long Zhengyu’s number, there was also several unfamiliar numbers of which also had called him for tens of times.


“Huh? Yuan Chuling even called me 42 times? It seems he already knew that his mother was kidnapped and perhaps had already guessed that I was gone from school and was connected with his mother’s kidnapping.”


Tang Xiu thought for a moment before he decided not to call Yuan Chuling temporarily. He had rescued his mother, and there should be no more incidents. As for Han Qingwu, who had been used and deceived, she was perhaps furious and wished to find and ruthlessly bash him. She… also didn’t need to be contacted for a while.


Half a minute later…


Tang Xiu dialed Long Zhengyu’s number.


“Big Brother Long, its Tang Xiu. Sorry for troubling you, how’s the professional manager hunt?”


“Ah, Little Brother Tang, I never thought that you would take the initiative to contact me. I’ve called you for a few times, but you shut your phone down. The professional manager I’ll be recommending to you is a bit special. Do you have the time to meet in person?” Long Zhengyu’s tone was somewhat spirited, as though he had found something good.




A surprised expression flashed in Tang Xiu’s eyes as he then slowly spoke, “Well, let’s meet then! Where are you now? I’ll rush over to your place!”


Long Zhengyu laughed, “I am in the South Gate Town’s Real Estate management office.”


Tang Xiu said, “OK, 10 minutes.”


After hanging up the phone, Tang Xiu hesitated for a while and dialed another number. It was an unfamiliar number, but this was the number that had called him the most times.


“Hello, are you Tang Xiu?”


The call was picked up. A woman’s voice hastily transmitted before Tang Xiu was even able to speak.


“Yes, it’s me! Who is this speaking?”

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