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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 63 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 63

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Chapter 63: The Slaughterhouse


A somewhat delightful and a bit hurried voice was then transmitted through the phone, “I am Cheng Xuemei, Public Security Bureau’s Star City’s Criminal Division! Tang Xiu, where are you now? I need to see you.”


Cheng Xuemei?!


Tang Xiu secretly let out a forced smiled. He already knew that the Public Security Bureau would pay attention had those criminals been dealt with. But he had never thought that the one who would find him would be Cheng Xuemei. However, he didn’t want to deal with anyone from the Public Security Bureau, so he had already prepared a countermeasure beforehand.


“Officer Cheng, do you have something to ask me? I am very busy recently if there is no particularly important thing, I don’t want to be disturbed.” Tang Xiu probed for something he had already known.


“It is very important!”


Cheng Xuemei’s tone increased a bit.


Tang Xiu replied, “Then you can come to the South Gate Town! Ah right. I just came out from my house and now am about to meet a friend at the Real Estate Management Office.”


“South Gate Town? Your house?”


An exclamation was transmitted from the phone. Cheng Xuemei was surprised.


Tang Xiu secretly laughed in his heart. He was aware that Cheng Xuemei must have investigated his background. But she apparently had never thought that he could have a house in South Gate Town.


“What is it? Is there any problem?”


“No, no… this… I’ll catch up with you later.”


At the Peaceful Serene District, Deep Red Cloud Road…


A few cars rushed over and stopped at an abandoned auto-repair garage. In one of the police cars, Cheng Xuemei, who sat in the co-pilot seat, hang up the phone with a stunned expression. She suddenly realized that her investigation toward Tang Xiu seemed to have missed some very important things.


“What is it?”


Deng Jianmin, who sat on the back seat, was keenly aware of Cheng Xuemei’s unusual expression as he asked her.


Cheng Xuemei turned her head as she frowned for a moment before speaking, “Tang Xiu called me. He said that he was at home in South Gate Town.”


“South Gate Town?!! I’ve read Tang Xiu’s investigation data. How could he possibly have a house in the South Gate Town? The people living there are the most wealthy and respectable people in Star City. He…” Deng Jianmin’s body suddenly sat straight stiff as a disbelieving expression suddenly filled his eyes.


Cheng Xuemei smiled and said, “I’m also clueless about this.”


Deng Jianmin heaved a deep breath as he spoke in a deep tone, “We’ll take care of the auto-repair garage first. After we handle it, you immediately go to the South Gate Town and see Tang Xiu. Do remember to clearly investigate his situation thoroughly.”


“Yes Sir!” Cheng Xuemei nodded.


Shortly after, a few cars broke into the abandoned auto-repair garage. Deng Jianmin and Cheng Xuemei led the other 7 or 8 SWAT elites, as more than 10 experts under Yuan Zhengxuan also got off quickly. They found the Volkswagen, that had it’s front glass already broken and had hit the pickup truck, as bloodstains could be seen on the driver seat.


“There was a fight here!!!”


With her vast investigation experience, Cheng Xuemei could decisively make a correct judgment.


Deng Jianmin nodded as he saw that the SWAT team’s members had pulled their guns. He then issued a command with a gloomy expression, “Take a look inside! Do be very careful. Those criminals must be apprehended. If necessary, kill on sight!”


“Yes!” The SWAT team’s members shouted in unison.


Cheng Xuemei was adventurous and brave in nature. She was well known as the “daring female officer who dares to risk life”. Under her leadership, everyone quickly hid and protected each other, and rushed toward the warehouse.


“Blood smell?”


The complexion of a SWAT member with a very sensitive nose suddenly changed.


Shortly after…


When Cheng Xuemei and the other squad members rushed into the warehouse, the scene instantly made them stupefied. 3 corpses were lying in a pool of blood in the middle of the warehouse. One of the corpses was stabbed with a Mitsubishi army knife, as guns and other knives were also there.


Cheng Xuemei quickly identified the dead bodies. She was shocked after she found that these people were all A-ranked criminals in the wanted list, the very targets of the operation.


“Captain, there’s something in the next room.” One of the cops shouted.


Cheng Xuemei was startled as she ran straight toward the next room. The moment she had just entered the dissection room, her head was struck by huge waves caused by the situation in front of her.


The room was full of torturing and dissecting devices and reeked with a thick scent of blood. Blood could be seen on the ground, the wall, and basically everywhere. The scene that made her aghast was the 2 dead bodies laid on the floor soaked in a pool blood. The 2 dead men’s bodies were also A-ranked wanted criminals.


“Dead? Are they all dead?”


Cheng Xuemei’s body was dead stiff, as her eyes contracted, and body turned sluggish. She came here and was ready to have a combat and fight, even had the conviction to sacrifice herself. Each and everyone of these criminals were after all human organ traffickers as well as bloody vicious and merciless murderers. Solely relying on their SWAT detachment as well as Yuan Zhengxuan’s men, there would still be casualties had they fought these criminals.


However! How could this scene happen?


Suddenly, Cheng Xuemei recalled Zhao Jing’s words from the call before. Could it be that the one who killed these criminal was the youth that had saved Zhao Jing?


Who could he be? Tang Xiu?


“Captain, what should we do now?”


One of the cops swallowed his saliva and solemnly asked.


She took a deep breath and suppressed the shock in her heart before she replied, “Take care to protect the crime scene here and collect important clues. Although these criminals are truly damned and evil, but still they deserve to be judged under the legal law, and not be punished by some unknown vigilantes. We should find that vigilante!”


“Yes Mam!”


The SWAT members respectfully nodded.


Deng Jianmin also rushed to the dissecting room afterward. But when he saw the scene inside the room, the shock he got was almost impossible to be conveyed with words. He had been in the force for more than a decade, and had seen numerous types of cases. But never once did he ever encounter such a situation like now.


“Director Deng, Captain Cheng, we found a cellar in the vicinity, there are… there are a lot of dead bodies inside. We’re now conducting an inspection there.”


“What have you found?!”


Deng Jianmin’s expression immediately changed.


Half a minute later, they saw the cellar near the warehouse. After they counted, there were 23 corpses with their internal organs completely removed.


“Is this a f*****g slaughterhouse?”


Deng Jianmin’s face turned deathly pale. He knew he was ruined. Such a big case happened in his city’s jurisdiction meant that his career would come to an abrupt end. His complexion turned a few years older in a flash.


Cheng Xuemei had never thought that she would see so many dead bodies, and quickly conveyed her orders, “Contact intelligence officers. Compile information related to people who were missing recently and send them to my phone.”


“Wait, stop…”


Deng Jianmin’s heart was in a mess, but he still didn’t lose his mind as he immediately shouted and stopped them.


Cheng Xuemei was confused, “Director Deng, what are you…”


Deng Jianmin replied with a cloudy expression and spoke, “Have you forgotten the call from Zhao Jing? If we do really have moles in our ranks, once you passed this news, it would alert them. We’ll investigate this case ourselves by any means necessary and also drag those moles out of their holes.”


“Understood!” Cheng Xuemei nodded.


A pondering expression flashed in Deng Jianmin’s eyes before he spoke in a deep tone, “Today’s situation is too unusual. Now, go to South Gate Town to see Tang Xiu. Leave this place to me. Do bear in mind that you must figure out by any means the reason why he was missing recently, and his alibi today.”


“Yes!”  Cheng Xuemei complied. But when she had just walked for a few steps she suddenly stopped, “Director Deng, don’t we have to report the case first?”


Deng Jianmin’s expression changed as he probed, “Your meaning…”


Cheng Xuemei replied, “You are the Bureau Director. Our squad members thought that under your leadership we have succeeded in cracking a lot of important cases.”




Deng Jianmin’s heart moved.


If he was to report truthfully, the consequences would be grave. It would shame and crack open the police’s honor and reputation. However, if he changed the reports’ contents that he personally led the investigation and cracked the case, perhaps… the aftermath would be favorable!


“Then the ones who killed them…”


Cheng Xuemei was silent. She was perfectly aware of the meaning of Deng Jianmin’s words. Once the report’s contents were changed, it meant that the true killer would be concealed. Truthfully speaking, she really admired the hero who had “enforced the justice under the heavenly law”. These abominable criminals who mutilated the victims and traded their internal organs truly deserved to be killed, but the legal laws…


“Director Deng, these people are truly evil.”


Another police officer’s tone spoke in a somewhat agitated expression as he spoke in a tone full of deep hatred.


Cheng Xuemei’s eyes swept his face and then fell onto the dead body that was being carried. Her heart steeled and spoke in a solemn tone, “True, they are not human.”


Deng Jianmin’s lips twitched a few times before he spoke with great difficulty, “Thank you…”




The South Gate Town’s Real Estate management office was located in the central area of the entire district. It was a 2-storey building with Western-style architecture that covered the area of 2000 square meters. The office had no fence and was guarded with stern and solemn security guards at the post guard. Neat flower beds were arranged in the courtyard as numerous colorful red and purple flowers were planted on it. At one side, a few large sun umbrellas were placed along with tables and chairs underneath.


Long Zhengyu was smiling and looked at the direction of the main villa’s direction from time to time. A handsome youth sat in front of him as one of his legs was on top of the one with a cigarette in his lips. His manners were aloof and arrogant as a middle-aged man with glasses and holding a suitcase stood beside him.


“Young Master Long, who is the respected friend of yours that you’ve been waiting for? He’s even worth your waiting?” Gu Yuetao was feeling uncomfortable. Long Zhengyu originally accompanied him to look at the villa’s information in South Gate Town, as he planned to buy a villa after having gotten the information. However, after Long Zhengyu got a phone call from someone and then waited for him personally, it made him and the others stunned.


A loathing expression flashed in Long Zhengyu’s eyes before he solemnly spoke, “He is my friend, and also our Long Family’s benefactor. I also must add that if anyone dares to offend him, then it’s equal to offending our Long Family also.”


Gu Yuetao was startled and quickly restrained the ill-felt mood he had.


Although he was proud and arrogant, but he didn’t dare to show it off in front of Long Zhengyu, because he was perfectly aware of Long Zhengyu’s identity, as well as the Long Family’s power.

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