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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 65 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 65

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Chapter 65: Condition


Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical was a leading major enterprise in Star City and its main business was the medical industry. It was one of the best companies in the medical business nationwide. Chen Zhizhong was the Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical’s big boss with assets worth more than several billion yuan and also had a prominent status.


He looked at Tang Xiu in front him as particular strange thoughts emerged inside his heart.


“This youngster wants to check my pulse? Is he a Chinese Medical doctor? And how did he know that I have internal injuries? It’s impossible! Apart from my wife, there is no other soul who would have known about it. It’s impossible that he knows about it.”


Chen Zhizhong secretly shook his head and quickly cast out the absurd thoughts inside his mind. However, he looked at Long Hanwen’s face and complied with Tang Xiu’s request as he took a deep breath.




Piercing pain, as though it would rip his heart and lungs came from his chest. The painful sensation instantly made his eyes blackened and almost made him faint. At the same time, he could clearly feel some kind of intense burning sensation, as though it was scorching his internal organs.


Tang Xiu loosened his grip and spoke with a solemn expression, “Your internal injuries are very severe. It definitely couldn’t have been inflicted by an average person, else your injuries couldn’t have been severely injured like this, since your internal organs were likely to have been shattered. But I’m really curious, how come you’re able to move around everywhere with such injuries?”


At the side…


Even since the arrival of Long Hanwen and Chen Zhizhong, Gu Yuetao was cast aside. This kind of cold treatment made him feel especially uncomfortable. Coupled with the contempt Tang Xiu had given him, as well as seeing that the famous Long Hanwen highly praising Tang Xiu, envy and jealousy surged inside his heart. Seeing this opportunity, he shouted at once, “Tang Xiu! What have you done to Boss Chen? Are you acting like a deity and playing the devil to scam him? You’re just swindler!”


Tang Xiu sneered, “Whether I’m a swindler or not, it’s not yours to call. Mind your own business.”




Gu Yuetao instantly raged.


Tang Xiu interrupted him and coldly snorted, “What’s up with me, huh?!! I’m speaking with others! You have no qualification to interrupt us. Either you move aside or get the f**k out!”


Gu Yuetao’s face thoroughly turned crimson. If it were not for Long Hanwen and Chen Zhizhong’s presence, he could have been immediately flushed and beaten Tang Xiu.


Chen Zhizhong looked at Tang Xiu with an inconceivable expression. Along with the pain that was gradually receding from his chest, he asked with a shocked expression, “Who are you? How did you know that I have suffered from internal injuries, much less gotten injured by others?”


Tang Xiu lightly replied, “Compared to you, I have received countless more serious injuries. My companion also… so I’m perfectly aware of the symptoms when someone has internal injuries. If I’m not mistaken, you definitely have taken precious medicaments, haven’t you? Your injuries might have been temporarily suppressed, but after the medicine’s efficacy has been completely dissipated and you don’t take your medicaments for quite a while, your injuries would become more serious, even your life would be in a grave danger. Am I right?”


Long Hanwen was shocked, “Brother Chen, you… you really have internal injuries? How could it be?”


Chen Zhizhong nodded with an agonized expression. He deeply looked at Tang Xiu and smiled, “Brother Long. This place is not a suitable place to chat. Let’s find a quiet place to speak!”


Long Hanwen looked at Tang Xiu with a strange expression as he nodded and spoke, “Little Tang, let’s go!”


“Alright!”  Tang Xiu nodded and followed.


When they were just about to walk out toward the Real Estate Management Office, Chen Zhizhong suddenly stopped as he looked at Gu Yuetao and spoke, “You are Secretary Gu’s son, aren’t you? We have important things to discuss and you’re not fit for this occasion, so leave and take care of your own business!”




Gu Yuetao’s complexion instantly turned crimson. Never once have he ever dreamt that Chen Zhizhong would kick him out.


Waves of regret struck his heart. Had he not jumped and attacked Tang Xiu with his words and instead flattered him, he wouldn’t have been kicked out like this.


F**k!!! Damn bastard Tang Xiu!”


All of his resentment fell onto Tang Xiu. Gu Yuetao was perfectly aware that he couldn’t provoke the likes of big shots such as Long Hanwen and Chen Zhizhong. But had Tang Xiu not appeared today, such a shameful situation wouldn’t have happened, even Long Hanwen and Chen Zhizhong might say a few praises or encouragements to him.


At the Real Estate Management Office…


Inside a luxuriously decorated office, Long Zhengyu was busy making tea as Tang Xiu was sitting on the luxurious sofa facing Chen Zhizhong and Long Hanwen.


“Little Brother Tang, since you can see my injury condition, are there any ways to treat them? I won’t hide anything from you, my wife is also a Chinese Medical doctor and is very skilled at it. But she also felt helpless in treating my internal injuries, and could only temporarily suppress the injuries as to avoid it from suddenly breaking out.” A longing expression could be seen on Chen Zhizhong’s complexion as he intensely stared at Tang Xiu and asked.


Tang Xiu replied, “Your treatment is very easy.”




Chen Zhizhong suddenly stood up and asked with a surprised expression.


Tang Xiu nodded and said, “It’s indeed very easy. I could give you the prescription to treat your internal injuries, I can even write out some of them easily. However, since your internal organs have long been injured, it has caused your blood and qi to be clogged, leading to the declining of your body’s functions. Even if you took the medicine as per my prescription, it would take at least a year for you to recover to your previous condition.”


Chen Zhizhong was pleasantly surprised, “The long time is fine, I… “


He abruptly stopped talking as his expression became sluggish for a moment. He was perfectly aware that due to his condition right now, he must keep calm and not lose himself and become too excited.


“However, I can give you a treatment that will only take a short time.”


Tang Xiu then spoke with self-confidence.


Chen Zhizhong was silent for a moment before he seriously spoke, “Under what conditions?”


Tang Xiu said, “Help me handle some things.”


Chen Zhizhong said, “Do say. As long as I can do it, I’ll not refuse!”


Tang Xiu calmly replied, “It’s actually very simple. Help me lying to cover for some particular times in the past 2-3 days ago – you’ve come visiting me everyday at my villa in South Gate Town. You must testify that I have always been at home here.”


Chen Zhizhong was surprised, “Only this issue?”


“Yes!” Tang Xiu nodded and said.


Chen Zhizhong nodded, “I give you my word. But can I ask, to whom I should testify?”


Tang Xiu said indifferently, “The police.”


Chen Zhizhong was startled as a thoughtful expression flashed in his eyes, but he still didn’t inquire further.


Upon seeing the two of them had reached an agreement, Long Hanwen, who had been quietly listening to their conversation, suddenly saw Long Zhengyu as he then spoke in a deep tone, “Little Yu, go to the Villa District Monitoring Room and erase all the surveillance recordings for the last few days. If anyone asks about it, tell them that the monitoring system is broken and is being repaired by the maintenance personnel.


“Alright, I’ll go right away!”


Long Zhengyu looked at Tang Xiu before he strode out of the room.


Tang Xiu gazed at Long Zhengyu as he left as he nodded and thanked afterwards, “I’ll keep this big favor in mind. If later Uncle Long needs my assistance, please do tell me.”


Long Hanwen nodded with satisfaction, even though a trace of a particular strange feeling emerged in his heart. Today was the first time he saw Tang Xiu. Although his two sons highly praised Tang Xiu before, but he did not believe it. Tang Xiu was after all only a high schooler. Even though he was resourceful and powerful, to what extent did his capital amount to?




Seeing by himself was better that hearing from many others.


It was a coincidence that he could see Tang Xiu today. Although Tang Xiu didn’t speak much, however, he could tell from his words and performance that his calmness and bearing were not something some high schoolers could have. He even faintly felt a kind of imposing manner exude from Tang Xiu. He couldn’t really tell what kind of sensation it was. It was as though the moon reflected on the water, but yet made him vigilant and constrained him.


18 years ago…


Long Hanwen once had ran into someone. He looked like an ordinary person, but he gave off a dangerous feeling, as though he was a fierce beast in slumber in a deep dungeon. Later on, he found that the person was an active soldier, and that man was also coincidentally surnamed Tang.


After having observed Tang Xiu for a few glances, Long Hanwen secretly suppressed that particular sensation down. He turned around and looked at Chen Zhizhong, “Brother Chen, Tang Xiu just said that you’ve been injured by someone. What happened? How could there be someone who dares to injure you?”


Chen Zhizhong looked at Tang Xiu before he replied, letting out a forced smile, “Brother Long, you only know me as a businessman, yet you don’t know about my martial artist status. I’m a disciple of an ancient martial arts style. Only a selected few of ordinary people are able to contact our society.”


Tang Xiu suddenly spoke, “Your cultivation is very low. Although you are now much stronger than I am, however, a true Martial Arts master would very easily deal with you.”


Chen Zhizhong was greatly shocked, “Are you also a cultivator?”


It was Tang Xiu’s first contact with the martial artist society, and he didn’t hide his intention to pry the information about today’s martial arts society situation from Chen Zhizhong. “I am indeed a cultivator. But mine is different from your cultivation. Speaking the truth, I am honestly clueless about the present cultivator society. Could you enlighten me a bit?”


Chen Zhizhong replied, “In fact, I also don’t know much about it. Some are learning martial arts as continued tradition, some from family heritage, and others are from school’s legacies. I only know a few martial artists from family heritages, in which some of them have reached Grandmaster stage with bodies light like a swallow, and are able to fight buffalos easily.”


A disappointed feeling surged in Tang Xiu’s heart. What he wanted to know was not martial artists’ society, but rather the cultivators’ society. Those martial artists Grandmaster Chen Zhizhong spoke of were not different from children in a cultivators’ eyes. Even a slightly powerful cultivator would easily exterminate those so-called martial artists Grandmasters.




Tang Xiu and Long Hanwen finally knew that the one who wounded Chen Zhizhong was a martial arts expert. It was caused by the incident when Chen Zhizhong and his opponent took a fancy over precious medicinal herbs at the Star City Medicinal Herbs Market. After fiercely competing through financial power, Chen Zhizhong finally won the precious herbs, while his opponent then secretly attempted to rob it. In the end, even though Chen Zhizhong was able to kill his opponent, he was also severely injured in the process.


“It’s fine. Anyways, since I have other things to take care of, I’ll treat your wound first! Uncle Long, I’m really sorry for troubling you to keep guard here and let nobody disturb us.”


Long Hanwen replied, “Saving someone is like fighting fire – the faster, the better. You can rest assured that I will immediately arrange people to guard the door and let nobody disturb you.”


Feeling satisfied, Tang Xiu nodded. He then told Chen Zhizhong to take his clothes off, leaving only his big underpants. He ignored the awkward and embarrassed expression Chen Zhizhong had as he then fiercely punched his abdomen.



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