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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 66 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 66

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Chapter 66: Half Master


Chen Zhizhong’s pupil shrunk as his pupils turned into saucers. The acute pain made his vision darken, and he almost fainted and fell to the floor. He was confused and didn’t understand. Tang Xiu said that he would treat and cure him. But why did he attack him? His punch was also very powerful and almost made him faint.


“Endure the pain.”


Tang Xiu quickly moved and stood behind Chen Zhizhong in a flash. His fist repeatedly punched Chen Zhizhong’s back a few times. In the next moment, his fingers opened with the thumb on the Spirit Hall point, middle finger on Jueyin Transporter point, and pinky on the Reaching Yang point. [1]


“Open for me!”


His fingers moved and pinched, as his other fist once again continuously punched Chen Zhizhong’s back. Along with Chen Zhizhong’s half-screaming half-coughing, a mouthful of pungent black blood spurted out from Chen Zhizhong’s mouth.


Tang Xiu stopped for a few seconds as he walked around and stopped in front of Chen Zhizhong. His thumb accurately pressed on the Great Bell point on Chen Zhizhong’s chest. After pressing it 3 times, his palm turned into a fist, then reducing his strength by a third, he punched Chen Zhizhong’s chest again.


“Cough, cough…”


Chen Zhizhong spurted more blood again. However, this time the blood color was much redder than the previous ones.




Tang Xiu’s toe pinched Chen Zhizhong’s heel as he stood up and pressed it down with his two legs, after which he heavily smashed his back one after another, and almost made him drop down. However, Tang Xiu grabbed one of his arms in a flash, and with powerful strength, held Chen Zhizhong and didn’t let him get injured as he laid him down on the floor.


“Qilin bone, White Tiger’s veins, and Flying Ape’s long arms.”


Tang Xiu’s face gradually revealed an astonished expression, as his hands constantly traced Chen Zhizhong’s body. He then thought, “What a pity! Such a suitable body for cultivation and he has neither a supreme cultivation method nor a master to teach him. The body has now even been reduced into such a wrecked condition. It’s really unfortunate!”


While thinking about it, his hands suddenly lifted and then palmed Chen Zhizhong’s chest. His slaps were very rhythmic. Sometimes it was clear as hawk cries, and other times it was deep as drum beats. Gradually, the spot on Chen Zhizhong’s chest that got slapped gradually turned red as blood red lines then surfaced. Water-like appearance, as though running water could be seen, fluctuated and moved inside those lines.


At the side…


Long Hanwen looked at the scene in front of him with a flabbergasted expression. If it weren’t that he realized that he was awake, he would perhaps have thought that he was dreaming. Tang Xiu was literally beating Chen Zhizhong constantly. What kind of absurd treatment was it? Chen Zhizhong had already had serious injuries; with such powerful hits, wouldn’t it be the same as killing him?




He wanted to shout and stop it. But recalling Tang Xiu’s words, he forcefully buried the worries he had deep inside his heart.


The time passed by slowly…


10 minutes later, Cheng Xuemei had arrived and was outside the villa’s door.


Her complexion was ice-cold as she looked at the tall and ramrod straight security guards in front of her. She then spoke in a solemn tone, “I’m Cheng Xuemei from the Criminal Police Division. I need to see and inquire some information from Tang Xiu for a case investigation. As far as I know, Tang Xiu should be in this office building. Please make way!”


“I’m really sorry. We have received Boss’s order that no one can enter the office.”


Cheng Xuemei angrily said, “Hey! Every citizen has the obligation to cooperate and help the police’s duty in investigating the cases. I don’t care who your Boss is, open the way. Otherwise, I’ll declare that you are obstructing the justice, and you will be subjected to legal sanctions under the law.”




The ice-cold voice was the only response she could get again.


“What happened?”


Long Zhengyu rushed and arrived in time. He glanced at Cheng Xuemei and the other 2 cops. He then turned around and asked the security guards.


Cheng Xuemei said, “Are you Long Zhengyu?”


Long Zhengyu was surprised, “You know me?”


Cheng Xuemei said, “Star City’s famous businessman. A new generation of a business group successor who has been covered on multiple financial and economic magazines. How can I not know about you? Anyway, I’m Cheng Xuemei from the Criminal Police Division, and I’m looking for Tang Xiu to inquire some information about a case. I’m asking you to cooperate and ask them to make way!”


Long Zhengyu smiled, “Ah, you’re Captain Cheng, right? I’m really sorry. Tang Xiu cannot be disturbed right now. Please wait for a while, I will go inside and notify him.”




Cheng Xuemei was shocked. Never once would she ever had dreamed that seeing Tang Xiu would require someone else to notify him first, and the person unexpectedly was a well-known person in Star City — the Young Master of the Long Family.


Could it be that… the investigation about Tang Xiu was really flawed? Could it be that his identity was much bigger than Long Zhengyu, and even could make him guard his door?


Long Zhengyu opened and entered the room, and went out after a short while.


“How is it?”


Cheng Xuemei knitted her brows and asked.


Long Zhengyu said, “Tang Xiu said that right now is really inconvenient to see you.”


In the room…


After the last beating, Tang Xiu’s fingers were pressing Chen Zhizhong’s Heaven’s Pivot point. After having stopped for a few seconds, he loosened it and then heaved a deep breath, finally relaxed.


“How does it feel?”


Tang Xiu looked at Chen Zhizhong’s twitching body, who was still conscious and asked.




Chen Zhizhong opened his mouth but his voice was stumped in his throat. His body twitched more intensely as his skin was red as though it had been boiled. In the next moment, traces of black and gray impurities seeped out from the pores all over his body, with a speed that could be seen with naked eyes.


As he struggled to sit up, he immediately sat cross-legged and closed his eyes.


Half an hour later…


Chen Zhizhong opened his eyes as a vigorous light flashed from his eyes. His body leaped up and directly jumped gently. He felt as though shackles had been removed from his body, and he felt very comfortable.


“My injuries?”


A stunned expression emerged for a moment, as he then immediately followed with an overjoyed expression. He could feel that not only were his internal injuries healed, but he also had broken through his cultivation bottleneck after having been bogged down in the third stage for so long. The blood and qi circulation in his body had turned vigorous and powerful as a comfortable sensation gave him the feeling as though his body suddenly became young again all of a sudden.


“Master Tang, thank you.” Chen Zhizhong’s state of mind was extremely excited as respect filled his eyes and he cupped his fists.


Tang Xiu waved and replied, “Take a bath first! I’ve given you the necessary treatment.”


Chen Zhizhong was surprised. After a moment, he then nodded and walked outside. However, when Chen Zhizhong was out of the door, Cheng Xuemei was a bit confused, since she faintly smelled a stench exuding from his body. Moreover, she felt like the dirty man was quite familiar.


“Little Yu, bring them in!”


Long Hanwen’s voice came from inside the room.


Cheng Xuemei glanced at Long Zhengyu before she strode into the room. As her eyes swept at Long Hanwen, she immediately knew his identity. She finally felt relaxed as to why Long Zhengyu would stand guard in front of the door.


Finally… Cheng Xuemei’s sight fell on the Tang Xiu, as she watched Tang Xiu leisurely sitting on the sofa while sipping his tea. She then approached him and spoke in a serious tone, “Tang Xiu, we meet again.”


Tang Xiu replied, “Ah, Captain Cheng? What issues do you want to find me for? Hasn’t the prior case been fully investigated? In order to save others, I accidentally killed the wanted criminal who committed crimes at school!”


Cheng Xuemei coldly snorted, “Tang Xiu, don’t play dumb and give me a clear answer. Are you the one who killed the criminals at the abandoned auto-repair garage on Deep Red Cloud Road, Peaceful Serene District?”


Tang Xiu intentionally put on a bewildered expression as he replied, “Captain Cheng, if you want to catch a couple in affairs, you must catch the both of them. You need to grab the dirt before moving to grab the thief. What relationship could I have with the homicide case at… what road? You are a policewoman! You also know what accusing and slandering would end up to.”


Cheng Xuemei was impatient and Tang Xiu was playing “blaming the victim”, causing her to be at a loss and not know what to do for a moment. However, she was, after all, one of the criminal police elites and quickly adjusted her state of mind. After quickly thinking about the words she had to speak, she then spoke in a solemn tone, “Tang Xiu, please let my words be cast aside and think of it as me just slipping my tongue. I apologize and I hope you ignored it. But I want to ask, why did you disappear the last few days… Especially, where were you a few hours ago?”


Tang Xiu replied lightly, “I had something to do in the past few days, and have always been at my house in South Gate Town District. And a few hours ago, I was still at home.”


“Can you prove it?”


“Someone can testify for me because I have been with him all the time in the same place.”




“Chen Zhizhong.”


Cheng Xuemei frowned. She felt the name sounded familiar, but she couldn’t remember it from where she had heard it. When she was about to speak again, the man’s face who had just left the room suddenly appeared inside her mind.


The man just now was… the Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical’s boss, Chen Zhizhong?


A few minutes later, Chen Zhizhong had finished taking a bath and returned to the room. It was unknown from where he had taken a bath and got clean clothes.


“Boss Chen, has Tang Xiu really been with you in the last 3-4 hours?” Cheng Xuemei asked.


Chen Zhizhong smiled, “Ah, Yes! Little Tang indeed has been with me here. I must say that he’s really powerful! I have some problem with my body, and he was able to help me treat it. So I have been visiting Tang Xiu’s house in South Gate Town the last few days for treatment.”




Cheng Xuemei found that her guesses were all mistaken. Tang Xiu had witnesses to testify that he was in South Gate Town in the last few hours, and not at the abandoned garage on Deep Red Cloud Road in Peaceful Serene District. This meant that when the crime happened, he was not at the crime scene.


“Tang Xiu, Boss Chen, thank you for your cooperation. We still have other issues and won’t disturb you any longer.”


Tang Xiu’s expression was calm and unperturbed. He watched Cheng Xuemei and 2 other cops leave as he poured more tea and gently drank a mouthful of it. Having gone through this event, he became perfectly aware, that in the future, he must be one step ahead and plan good escape routes, especially when he had to deal with the police.


Chen Zhizhong and Long Hanwen didn’t ask Tang Xiu about what he had done. But deep inside, they made up their mind to send someone to investigate it later.


“Puff, bang…”


The moment the door was closed, Chen Zhizhong kneeled in front of Tang Xiu.


“Huh? Brother Chen, what are you doing?”


Long Hanwen was dumbstruck as he looked at Chen Zhizhong with a dumbfounded expression as he exclaimed out loud.


Chen Zhizhong ignored Long Hanwen as he respectfully spoke with a frantic expression, “Master Tang, your martial arts boundary is at the level of which I haven’t heard of. You have cured my internal injuries,  you’re my savior. Please accept me as your disciple, benefactor!”




Long Hanwen was thoroughly shocked as he looked at Chen Zhizhong with an inconceivable expression. It was as though his old friend for decades was but a stranger right now.


What was this? World-level jokes?


He was the illustrious Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical’s boss, with billions’ worth of assets, as well as was a rich, powerful, and well-respected person. How could he even want to worship a high schooler as a master? Was Chen Zhizhong still sane? Or had the world gone crazy?



[1] About these acupuncture points read this link. The page doesn’t have detailed descriptions though, and the exact positions are too long to be explained here.

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