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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 67 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 67

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Chapter 67: Conversation Skills


Tang Xiu’s complexion turned cold. With an aloof and indifferent expression, he looked at Chen Zhizhong, who was kneeling in front of him. In his view, even if Chen Zhizhong were to worship him as a master, he wouldn’t have great achievements in his entire life. At the most, he would only be barely able to ascend to be an immortal with great difficulty.


In his previous life…


How many powerful immortals had begged him to become his disciple in the Immortal World? And what happened in the end? He only accepted a selected few of gifted people amongst them as unofficial disciples on a whim.


“I refuse!”


Tang Xiu rejected coldly. He then stood up as he looked at Long Hanwen and said, “Uncle Long, I still have other things to do. I’ll go back first.”




Long Hanwen looked at Tang Xiu with a strange expression, as he then looked at the kneeling Chen Zhizhong on the floor. His mouth twitched for a few times before he spoke with a smile, “Well, since you have things to do, then go first! Remember that if you have time later, call Little Yu and Little Lin to visit our home and have a meal together.”


Tang Xiu nodded as he greeted Long Zhengyu and then directly left.


“Dad, I’ll escort Tang Xiu back.”


Long Zhengyu hastily replied after he saw such a shocking and hard to believe situation.


In the room, only Long Hanwen and Chen Zhizhong were left. Chen Zhizhong slowly stood up with a grayish complexion as a disappointed expression could be seen in his eyes. He then quietly sat back on the sofa.


Long Hanwen let out a wry smile and spoke, “Brother Chen, why are you like this? Even if Tang Xiu is very powerful, you wouldn’t have to go as far as kneeling down to worship him as master, right?”


Chen Zhizhong shook his head and replied with a bitter expression, “Brother Long, you don’t understand. Practicing martial arts is my biggest hobby and a dream for the entirety of my life. I’m well known as a hardcore fanatic of martial arts. However, because my family was too poor, I started to undertake the responsibility to take care of my family and began my business. But my obsession toward the martial arts had never reduced by the slightest bit, and instead was getting bigger along with time. The older I am, the more obsessed I become. I could tell that Master Tang is really very powerful, to the point that I really want to worship him as a Master.”


Long Hanwen then asked with a curious expression, “Didn’t Tang Xiu say that his strength is under yours?”


Chen Zhizhong shook his head again and replied, “You are mistaken. His strength is absolutely above mine! Do you remember the scene when he treated me? His movements are lightning fast with extremely accurate force control. And the most important of all, can you guess it?”


Long Hanwen was confused, “What is it?”


Chen Zhizhong answered in a deep tone, “My cultivation method is a family inheritance, and it’s a method to cultivate inner strength and mind. I have long reached the 2nd Stage 10 years ago. However, no matter how hard and diligently I’ve been practicing, I was unable to breakthrough to the 3rd Stage. And now, not only has Master Tang cured my internal injuries and saved my life through his treatment, but he also has given me a huge benefit. The moment I got cured, I just found out myself that I have broken through the 3rd Stage.”


“Hiss…”  Long Hanwen was shocked.


Chen Zhizhong had been stuck in the 2nd Stage and unable to breakthrough for more than 10 years. But because of the treatment from Tang Xiu, he was easily able to breakthrough?


Chen Zhizhong spoke again, “Brother Long, you don’t know the meaning for breaking through from the 2nd Stage in my cultivation technique. Let me show you that my power has become several folds stronger before Master Tang gave me the treatment.”


The moment he finished speaking, he slowly squatted down and then powerfully punched the floor.




The floor tiles’ broke and splattered everywhere, as an inch deep fist-shaped hole was then carved on the previously sturdy and smooth floor. However, Chen Zhizhong’s fist was fine without the slightest damage.


Long Hanwen suddenly jumped up from the sofa. He was shocked as though he saw an alien and exclaimed out loud, “How could it be possible? Your power…”


Chen Zhizhong replied solemnly, “If I must draw an analogy, my punching power before was only 100 pounds, but now it’s at least 300 pounds. Along with the longer I practice in the future, my strength would improve by leaps and bounds. Brother Long, now you understand how precious the fortune Master Tang has given me, right?”


Long Hanwen was dumbstruck and could only nod. He was stunned for a long while. The shock he got today was really too much.


At the villa in South Gate Town.


Tang Xiu had returned home. He went straight to the bedroom on the 2nd floor, and then stood on the balcony. He looked at the picturesque-like beautiful scenery in the villa district, before he took out his cell phone and marked out the phone number named “Kang Xia”. His thumb gently stroked the dial button, but had yet to press down on it.


A thoughtful expression flashed from his complexion as he was pondering the method to gain this world-ranked business legend figure’s trust, and then recruit her for his purposes. Long Zhengyu had given him the information about Kang Xia along with her number and the method to contact her. Hence, he approximately had a bit of knowledge about Kang Xia’s traits and situation.


“Cold and detached, tenacious, and has the adventurous spirit to take huge risks, loves to take unconventional moves, has a keen sense and accurate timing to grasp the opportunity, as well as being able to take decisive decisions and actions in a short amount of time according to the circumstances…”


Tang Xiu was recalling Kang Xia’s traits from the information he had memorized in mind. A smile gradually blossomed on his face as his thumb then immediately pressed the dial button.


A few seconds after the ringtone rang, the phone was picked up.


“Kang Xia speaking here, who am I speaking with?”


Whilst looking at the beautiful scenery in front, Tang Xiu then spoke, “I am Tang Xiu. You haven’t heard about me, but I’ll be straightforward with you. My purpose to call you is very simple, I’m giving you a chance to struggle for the future. Are you interested?”


Kang Xia was silent for a few seconds and slowly replied, “To be frank, your straightforward and simple words sparked my curiosity. Tell me, what kind of path will you offer me?”


Tang Xiu said, “Before I tell you, you need to answer my questions. Say that there are two cosmetics products, one of which has strong whitening and moisturizing effect, and can improve a woman’s skin condition, as well as is 10 times more efficient than those high-end whitening products. Once this cosmetic product has been tested and thrown to the market, what chance do you think it will have?”


“The second product is a scar rejuvenating cosmetic which is able to eliminate acne and freckles. Please listen clearly. This product’s effect is real and also has a healing curative effect. Once this product has been tested and sold to the market, what chance do you think it will have?”


At a high-class resort in Beijing…


A devilish curvaceous figure with an angelic face, Kang Xia, was wearing a sexy bikini as she sat on a poolside couch. Her hand was wiping her wet long hair whilst the other hand holding her cell phone, as a slightly stifled expression was cast on her face.


The cold and detached expression she usually had when she wanted to hang up the phone was now entirely different.


The two questions might be simple, but it was nevertheless problematic.


If such products were to have such effects as the caller had told her, once those products had passed the test, being advertised and accepted by the market, it would create a great sensation in today’s society, more so that the business would also certainly explode.


However, could there be such cosmetic products on Earth?


Kang Xia might not have realized herself that she was a woman with a keen sense of opportunity. She was silent for 2 minutes before she slowly replied, “Seeing from your number ID, it seems that you’re from Star City. Fine, I’ll give you 2 days to send the product sample to me, since you have already gotten my number and my address. Wait for me to experiment and test the sample first, and then we’ll talk again.”


Tang Xiu replied with an indifferent tone, “I don’t’ like people who tell me what to do. The people I will hire, even though I give them the rights and privileges, must not be arrogant and bossy. Do listen that I want to set up the business, but I don’t have much time to run it myself. What I mean is, I want to know about your capabilities as well as your intelligence. Well, I’ll be waiting for you in Star City. If you’ve arrived, contact me.”


After having said that, Tang Xiu directly hung up the phone.


At the resort’s swimming pool in Beijing, Kang Xia was listening to the dull busy tones from her cell phone as a blank and disbelieving expression covered her face after the caller blatantly hung up the phone.


Who was she? She WAS Kang Xia!


She was the one who countless people have always been treating highly with flattery, with wishes that they could recruit her. She was an elite person who was the most sought after to be recruited in the business world. Previously, she was the one who had always been hanging up the phone first when anyone else called her. But the karma had turned against her this time, and this person hung up the phone first instead of her! Was that man insane? Or had her charms and values vanished?


And why would it seem and feel like… that… she was the one who begged him?


Kang Xia was somewhat angry as she threw the phone to the recliner next to the coffee table. She couldn’t help recall that man’s words in her mind.


Very arrogant! Extremely arrogant!


Kang Xia was pondering and analyzing the 2 questions the man had given her. She wasn’t sure whether this was an opportunity or not. If it was true and she took it, her decision definitely would make everyone shocked. But if it was not, then it meant that she had been played.


“Tang Xiu? From Star City??”


Kang Xia took back her cell phone and dialed a number. She then spoke in a deep tone, “Andy, help me investigate someone. I only have 5 clues — his name, living in Star City, a male, arrogant, and his cell number. How long will it take for you to find him?”


“1 day.”  


A charming voice answered the phone.


Kang Xia replied, “Half a day.”




At South Gate Town.


After hanging up the phone, Tang Xiu then called Han Qingwu as well as Yuan Chuling. Since Yuan Chuling’s mother had fortunately been rescued, he asked him whether the one who saved his mother was Tang Xiu. Tang Xiu avoided answering him. As for Qingwu, it was somewhat quite troublesome.


A complicated, as well as helpless feeling, filled his heart. Han Qingwu’s appearance was alike with his wife in the Immortal World, and he couldn’t tell her what he felt about her. He apologized to her on the phone, and promised to go school and attend classes tomorrow. After having gotten served a meal full of severe reprimand and critics, he temporarily got his forgiveness.


Having dealt with everything, Tang Xiu then thought about what Chen Zhizhong had run into.


“He found precious medicinal herbs in Star City’s Medicinal Herbs Market. It would be too early for me to take the advantage of this favor this time. Should I go to the Medicinal Herbs Market?”


Tang Xiu had a decisive and resolute personality. Once ideas emerged in his mind, he would immediately execute them. He got tens of thousands yuan from the criminals that were intended to be given to one-eyed’s grandmother, and he intended to borrow the cash first since he was short on money.


“Grrrr …” Tang Xiu’s stomach suddenly rumbled as though reminding him that he had yet to have breakfast and lunch.

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