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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 68 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 68

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Chapter 68: Being Tracked


Tang Xiu liked to be able to feel the hunger sensation which made him feel the smell of fire and smoke. He also recalled the time when he was still in the Immortal World as he usually didn’t need to eat, and only ate exotic rare fruits whenever he wanted to eat.


Seven emotions and six sensory pleasures, as well as delicious delicacies and exquisite beverages… [1]


The taste and smell of the profane and mundane life made him somewhat enchanted. The thing he particularly cherished was that his mother was still here, and he had the opportunity to make up for the regrets he had for 10 millennia.


After a short while…


Tang Xiu left the villa as he wandered along the trail of flowers under the trees’ shadows whilst enjoying the birdsongs, the fragrance of flowers, as well as the tranquil and peaceful atmosphere in the surroundings. South Gate Town was indeed worthy to be called the best luxury villa district in Star City. Every time he met the security guards, they stopped to salute, showing respect to him along the way.


“Money and wealth truly makes the world go round.”


Tang Xiu secretly savored this saying. The more he thought about it, the more he felt that it was true. The society he was living in today was entirely different from the Immortal World. The strong and powerful might be revered and respected in the Immortal World, but on Earth, the haves and the wealthy were people that gained respect.


“Hello, Mr. Tang.”


The tall and beautiful Real Estate Manager, Long Xueyao happened to pass by as she greeted Tang Xiu while smiling.


Tang Xiu also smiled and nodded. When he had just walked for a few steps, he suddenly remembered about the villa’s cleaning and maintenance problem. He immediately stopped and called Long Xueyao, “Manager Long, I have something to ask you.”


Long Xueyao smiled and replied, “Mr. Tang, please do say.”


Tang Xiu said, “Manger Long, does the South Gate Town Real Estate Management Office also give cleaning and maintenance service? I would like someone to come and clean.”


Long Xueyao said, “We indeed have a cleaning and maintenance service. But for that, we charge for additional fees. However, I’d suggest Mr. Tang to hire a few butlers or housemaids, since your villa has a lot of precious items. Although the Real Estate Management Office also has cleaning staffs, however, it’s best to avoid any accidents later.”


Tang Xiu replied, “Hiring housemaids or butlers would have to wait. For now, please ask someone to clean up my villa. As for the payment, I’ll give it to you now.”


Having finished speaking, Tang Xiu took a stack of hundreds yuan paper money from his bag and directly handed it to Long Xueyao.


Long Xueyao looked at Tang Xiu with a strange expression. She had never thought that Tang Xiu would carry so much cash. She could tell that this stack of paper money would amount to 10,000 yuan. Moreover, a moment ago, when Tang Xiu took the money from his bag, she could see a lot of stacked 100 yuan paper money.


“He’s a strange person!” Long Xueyao secretly whispered in her heart.


Nowadays, even though one were rich, only a few people would carry so much cash. The age had changed as the “Credit Card” in business had flourished and became popular amongst the people in the whole country.


“Mr. Tang, you don’t need to give me the money now. Each month’s charging fee is calculated and collected by the management office. By that time, a detailed and total expense report would be sent to you.”


Tang Xiu thought for a moment and then nodded, “Alright, then please send cleaning staff every 2 or 3 days. Anyways, I have something to do first, so I have to go. Bye.”


“Take care, Mr. Tang!”


Long Xueyao quietly watched Tang Xiu’s back as a thoughtful expression filled her eyes. She was very curious about Tang Xiu, because the villa he was living in was the most expensive villa in South Gate Town. It was preserved for her cousin, Long Zhengyu. The interior design and decorations were specifically arranged by a specialist hired by her cousin. All the materials used for the building were the finest. But why would her cousin give the villa to this young man?


At South Gate Town…


Because the district was very large, it was quite a long time for Tang Xiu to go out of it. There was a bustling commercial street near South Gate Town with rows of upscale shops selling luxurious goods.


When Tang Xiu had just entered this commercial street, traces of food flavors floated in the air. He then walked forward and looked around as his eyes quickly fell onto a plaque decoration on top of an interesting and appealing restaurant that was being renovated. The plaque was carved with the “Immortal Drinking Place” words in a bold and cursive calligraphy style, giving off a bold and powerful look.


Tang Xiu entered the shop and then sat on the table near the window. He casually ordered 2 vegetable dishes and a staple food when the waiter gave him the menu. He then calmly waited.




As Tang Xiu’s eyes saw through the windows, he keenly caught a few youths stealthily moving on the distant road junction. After he left South Gate Town, he had already been aware and had an intense feeling that some eyes were staring at him. However, as to avoid alerting and letting those people figure it out, he didn’t look around, and instead came to this restaurant and only observed them secretly.


He was somewhat worried that there were a few criminals that had slipped by amongst the criminals he had killed. He was not afraid of being retaliated against. However, it was very easy to guard against any attack in the open, but it would be hard to guard against hidden attacks from the dark. Much more, he was more afraid that the remaining surviving criminals would retaliate through his mother, just like they were retaliating against Yuan Chuling by kidnapping his mother.


At the street’s intersection…


Scarface Lee was leaning in the corner whilst smoking a cigarette and observing the “Immortal Drinking Place” where Tang Xiu was in. Half an hour ago, he rushed over toward South Gate Town, because he had received the money from a client to deal with someone. He didn’t know how many times he had done this.


“Big Brother, why didn’t we just act a moment ago? Looking at that brat’s looks, I can quickly f**k him up.” A youth with bleached blonde hair asked with a puzzled expression.


“Right! We had the opportunity to clean that kid up when he just left South Gate Town, why didn’t we hit him?” The other sturdy young man asked.


Scarface Li sneered coldly, “You two are too impatient. It’s better to be very careful in our line of work. This time, young Gu has contacted me, but he also told me that this kid’s background is not simple. So we shouldn’t be careless and fail miserably.”


The bleached blonde hair youth was unconcerned as he spoke, “Big Brother, Young Gu only asked us to break his 2 legs. Let’s just swarm over and directly discard him. And then immediately rush and leave. Star City is big, even though he got beaten by us, he probably won’t know who beat him!”


“Shut the f**k up!”


Scarface Li ruthlessly slapped the bleached blonde youth as he spoke then spoke with a grim and stern expression, “Do f*****g remember!! Your carelessness will throw us into a deep pit. You’ve only been following me in this line of work for a few years. I’ve told you that we must be able to stand on the riverside without even wetting our shoes. I thought you already f*****g knew about this. I don’t want all our brothers to get implicated because of your f*****g carelessness. Big Tiger, ask Little Cockroach where they are!!”


The sturdy youth was shocked and scared when he saw that Scarface Li was angry. He hastily relayed his instruction through the call. Shortly after, he hung up the phone and then reported, “Big Brother, Little Cockroach and the others will immediately rush here.”


Scarface Lee nodded and said, “Wait until Little Cockroach and the others have arrived, and then we’ll find the right time to act. With more than 10 people hitting that kid, even if that kid had 3 heads and 6 arms, he will never escape his fate of having his legs broken.”


“Uh huh!”


The sturdy youth repeatedly nodded.


On the 3-storied building rooftop nearby, Gu Yuetao was holding a binocular as he stood on the building’s edge. A middle-aged man with glasses and holding a briefcase was standing at his side.


“Young Master Gu, we have yet to investigate that kid’s background. Wouldn’t it be too rash if we hit him like this? He lives in South Gate Town, and I have always had the feeling that he not only he has arelationship with Long Zhengyu, but he perhaps comes from a special place.” The middle-aged man spoke his hesitation.


Gu Yuetao sneered, “He Gang, how come we haven’t clearly investigated that bastard kid’s background? If it weren’t for his good gambling skills, Long Zhengyu wouldn’t have given him that house! If you ask me about his family’s background, he comes from a rural village, and he’s only a high schooler at Star City First High School. Hitting him won’t cause anything. Much less Scarface Li, who is someone who will stick to the rules. Even if he failed, it’s highly unlikely that he will sell me out.”


He Gang was silent for a moment and eventually nodded silently.


He also thought that he was overly cautious. He knew clearly about Gu Yuetao’s background. His father is the city’s party’s first secretary, while his mother was a family company executive with assets worth more than 100 million yuan. He was just Gu Yuetao’s mother’s secretary.


Inside the Immortal Drinking Place restaurant…


Tang Xiu was sitting alone on the table near the window. He calmly savored the meal. To him, this meal’s flavor was bland and very ordinary. He had tasted every exotic delicacy and drank exquisite wines in the Immortal World. It was clearly impossible to compare them at the same level. Not to mention that he was also a chef, but a Master level one who had reached the pinnacle in gourmet and brewing skills.


“Ring ring ring…”


His cell phone loudly rang…


Tang Xiu took his cell phone and looked at the caller’s ID.  He then pressed the answer button and spoke lightly, “Tang Xiu speaking, who’s this?”


“Master Tang, I’m Gong Dalong, Jia Ruidao’s first disciple. Could you please spare some time for us to meet? I have already arrived in Star City right now.”


Tang Xiu replied with an angry tone, “Haven’t I told you that I have no time?”


After having said that, he directly hung up the phone.


Tang Xiu had never liked the kinds of professional gamblers like Jia Ruidao. He did admit that Jia Ruidao indeed had amazing gambling techniques. However, there was always other people under the heavens that would be better than him, just like there was always a higher mountain over the other ones. If one day Jia Ruidao ran into someone who was more powerful than him, his fate would be very miserable.


Furthermore… Once a gambler had lost his reasons, he would definitely fall into grave problems. Once reason was lost, only recklessness and desperateness remained. In less severe cases, only family fortunes would be lost. But in more severe cases, it would invite calamities to thier family members as well as make their lives miserable.


“All gamblers are a group of f*****g retarded people with insatiable greed. They are just like snakes that are never satisfied after swallowing an elephant. And greed is one of the biggest original sins of all.”


Tang Xiu couldn’t help but curse in his heart as he lost the appetite for eating his meal.


“Ring ring ring…”


The number which just called a moment ago was calling again persistently.


Coldness flashed in Tang Xiu’s eyes. After a few seconds of silence, he put his chopsticks down and pressed the answer button again. He then spoke in a chilling tone, “I have already told you that I hate gambling! Much less that my friendship with Jia Ruidao is world’s apart to the point it would be unlikely that I would stake my neck for him. I give you one last warning. If you dare to harass me again, you’ll bear the consequences of my wrath!”


“Master Tang, I understand your meaning. But could you please let me finish my words? My Master is old, and he also has planned to quit from the gambling scene. However, my youngest brother had provoked trouble, and he is Master’s son. Thus, Master had no choice but to gamble again. I’m perfectly aware that your friendship with my Master has yet to reach the point that you would help him. But, I still sincerely ask for you to help him.


“If Master Tang is willing to help, I will sincerely offer all of my assets to you. The amount is perhaps not much, only tens of millions of yuan. But you can count on us to owe you a huge favor from this one time help. If later Master Tang needs our assistance, even if we are at the ends of the earth, we will immediately rush over at once.”



[1] The raws said five crops (millet, soybean, grain, sesame, rice) and the crops aside grain and wheat, but it doesn’t quite fit for the flow, so I changed it to delicacies and beverages.

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