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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 69 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 69

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Chapter 69: (Spoiler; Title At the End)


Tang Xiu quietly listened to Gong Dalong’s words. The chilling coldness in his eyes then gradually dissipated. From his tone, he could tell and feel Gong Dalong’s sincere feelings, as well as his care toward his Master, Jia Ruidao.




He didn’t have much concern about wealth. Its use was only to support resources for cultivation. Let alone tens of millions in asset, even if the amount were more than that, it was not impossible for him to obtain it once he set his mind to it.


But it was filial piety!


What he cared about was Gong Dalong’s filial piety!


The proverbs had said, that of myriads of things, filial piety was the most important.


The ultimate bottom line of each person was this filial piety. This was the cornerstone of morality and virtue. This kind of character Gong Dalong had, was the true virtue that had always been held up high by Tang Xiu. He couldn’t take back his vow before, and he valued Gong Dalong in regards to this pledge.


“Fine, where are you now?”


“Star City Airport!”


Tang Xiu spoke, “I’m going to Star City Medicinal Herbs Market now. I’ll be waiting for you, call me again later.”


The call ended.


Tang Xiu then received Long Zhenglin’s call. He was very excited when talking on the phone. He seemed to know Tang Xiu’s actions today. When he knew that Tang Xiu was having a meal in Immortal Drinking Place, he then hurriedly hung up the phone to rush over to meet Tang Xiu.


Tang Xiu quickly finished his meal and then paid the bill before he left the Immortal Drinking Place restaurant. He originally intended to have a meal first, catch a cab and go straight to Star City Medicinal Herbs Market. However, these people who were stalked him were just like a fishbone stuck in his throat. He wouldn’t feel at ease if he didn’t solve this problem first.


Tang Xiu quickly identified the direction and then walked toward a remote place whilst using his spiritual sense to check on those people who were tracking him from behind. When he just entered the Immortal Drinking Place restaurant, he only saw 3 people tracking him. But now the number suddenly had increased to 14 people.


However, the thing that gave him a little peace of mind was that those who tracked him walked slovenly, and their footsteps were unstable. If they were just like those powerful wanted murderers, he would probably have to fully exert his strength and be careful. However, dealing with street bullies like them was very easy for him.


10 minutes later.


Tang Xiu turned into a remote alley where people rarely passed by. Compared to the bustling commercial street from before, this place was less noisy and more quite.


Behind him, Scarface Li looked very happy. He didn’t expect that Tang Xiu wouldn’t return to South Gate Town and would come to this place after finishing his meal. This was simply an opportunity sent by the heavens!


“Chase him!”


Along with Scarface Li’s order, a dozen youths scattered around him rushed forward, toward Tang Xiu. A few of them circled around to block Tang Xiu’s escape route and trapped him in between them.


“Who are you?”


Tang Xiu was surrounded. But his expression was cold and chilling.


Scarface Lee’s eyes squinted. He didn’t send out an order to attack Tang Xiu yet and instead sized up him first. He couldn’t help but secretly think; because the previous ganging up and beating people he had done, his target would always show an anxious and fearful expression. However, the delicate youth in front him right now was abnormally calm, and even didn’t look to fear them.


“It seems that this little guy is not simple, it’s not surprising that he could become Gu Yuetao’s enemy.”


Scarface Li turned his head and looked around to his gang, as he then spoke in a deep tone, “Catch him! If he doesn’t resist, just break his legs only.”




A fiendish grin emerged on these young bullies’ faces as they swarmed straight toward Tang Xiu.


Tang Xiu’s eyes were blazing as he acted as though lightning. The two youth bullies in front of him were sent flying upside down after he punched them with his fists. The moment he turned around, he kicked another youth bully, also sending him flying, as his body hit his other companions behind him and fell together to the ground.


“Bang! Bang! …”


13 young bullies joined to gang up, and it only took half a minute for Tang Xiu to clean them up. To Tang Xiu, these youth thugs were simply just like embroidered pillow. However, since he had yet to know their identity and the people behind them, he didn’t want to kill them.


He wasn’t afraid to kill, but neither would he want to add unnecessary trouble for himself.


Moreover, he could faintly guess the culprit who paid these bullies to attack him. However, he needed to confirm his suspicion.


Scarface Li’s body was stiff frozen on his spot; it was even difficult for him to lift his hand to rub his eyes, affirming that the scene he was seeing was not an illusion.


It was 13 gang members!


How could his 13 gang members be so easy to hit and be thrown to the ground? Although they neither had undergone special training nor had basic martial arts skills, but still, they have been following him in countless fights and had rich fighting experience!


How could this be?


How could this bastard Tang Xiu be this powerful?


Scarface Li’s subconsciously stepped backward a few steps, as he stared stiffly at Tang Xiu with a terrified expression in his yes. He also practiced martial arts. He would be able to play with 3 or 4 people, although he would also have to put quite an effort into it. But 13 people? He would have been beaten in minutes.


A Master!


This Tang Xiu was absolutely an expert amongst master experts. He had never run into such a powerful master!


On the 3-storied building’s rooftop nearby, Gu Yuetao and He Gang had changed their position as they were also able to see the remote alley clearly. They were standing on the rooftop’s edge and looking through the binocular, they were looking dumbfoundedly at the scene where Tang Xiu beat 13 youth bullies upside down.


“H-h-he… Is he possessed by the God of War? H-How could someone be so powerful? A person… fighting 13 experienced fighters. Those people are gangsters, they are protection money collectors, hired thugs. How could they be hit so miserably?” Gu Yuetao exclaimed out loud.


He Gang’s mouth severely twitched a few times and secretly suppressed the fear in his heart. He then spoke in a bitter tone, “Even if he is not possessed by the God of War, but it’s not much different. He’s too frightening! He even hit 13 people down. Is he still human?”


Gu Yuetao’s complexion was somewhat pale. He had sent someone to investigate Tang Xiu. He knew that Tang Xiu came from an ordinary family, had a car accident, and turned from a genius student into an idiot. Although recently there were signs that he seemed to have recovered… but it was nothing to worry about. Moreover, apart from his amazing gambling skills that made Long Zhengyu treat him favorably, he seemed to have no other abilities.


But…But how could it happen this way?


“Young Master Gu, what should we do now?” He Gang strongly suppressed the fear in his heart as he asked in a whisper.


A pale color covered Gu Yuetao’s face. A dozen seconds after, he fiercely gnashed his teeth and replied, “Even if he can fight, how far could he play? He can beat down 13 thugs, but can he face and beat 13 expert martial artists? Humph…”


He Gang was surprised, “Young Master Gu, you mean to find…”


Gu Yuetao sneered, “Right, those Golden Phoenix Security Company’s chaps are usually very idle. Perhaps Lu Fuzhong would be very happy to get extra income!”


He Gang hesitated, “Young Master Gu, but if you want to hire these Golden Phoenix Security people, I’m afraid the expense will be very huge. If General Manager knows about this…”


Gu Yuetao replied in a grim tone, “I won’t use the money from the company. I’ll pay for it myself.”


Even though his tone was powerful, but his heart was actually bleeding. He didn’t know how much he should pay to invite those chaps from Golden Phoenix Security Company… But he wanted to wipe out his shame and make Tang Xiu pay the price, so he had secretly made up his mind to sell his Porsche sports car.


At the remote alley…


Tang Xiu looked at the Scarface Li with a cold expression. He flipped his wrist, and skillfully and silently took out a Mitsubishi army knife, which he had taken after he solved those wanted criminals.


“This really fouled my mood. If people didn’t sell, I also will never buy it. But if a bastard like you wants to f**k me up, then I’ll f**k you up double. You bastards want to break my legs, huh? Then how about I break all 4 of your limbs? But, I don’t want much trouble, if you tell me the f*****g bastard who hired you, I give you my word that you won’t have to live the rest of your life in a f*****g wheelchair!” Tang Xiu spoke in a moderate pace, but the content was as though thunder blasted Scarface Li’s heart.


Spending the rest of his life… on a wheelchair?


What was he most afraid of? Definitely being disabled and spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair. He had done a lot of evil deeds and offended a lot of people these years. Those people hated him but didn’t dare to retaliate, because he was a quite formidable martial artist, coupled with having subordinate gang members under his command. But if his limbs were gone, those brothers of his would be just like rats leaving a sinking ship. By that time, countless people would come to find him and take their revenge.


When the tree had downed, the monkeys would scatter. If the wall collapsed, he would be cut by everyone.


Scarface Li was perfectly aware that if such a time came to him, he would probably die.


With such thoughts in his heart, he clenched his teeth and replied, “Are you sure?”


Tang Xiu lightly said, “Certainly”


Scarface Li spoke in a low tone, “Gu Yuetao.”


It’s really him!


Tang Xiu secretly sighed in his heart. He also had observed Gu Yuetao’s facial features. From the simple exchanges when he met him, he also had figured out that that youth was narrow-minded, and always took revenge over simple grudges. Tang Xiu knew that he didn’t offend him, and was only unwilling to respond to him. But it turned out that he was bearing a grudge over it.


“Waste your arm and get the f**k out!”


A chilling sensation gushed from Scarface Li’s heart. He looked at the Mitsubishi army knife in Tang Xiu’s hand before he quietly pulled out a dagger from his waist. He then stabbed his left arm without hesitation.




Bloods splattered when the dagger was pulled out.


At this moment, Long Zhenglin’s figure appeared at the alley’s entrance. When he saw the scene in the alley, his complexion greatly changed as he dashed and sprinted very fast for hundreds of meters.


“Eldest Brother Tang, what happened?”


Tang Xiu lightly replied, “Just some f*****g clowns. They are thugs hired by somebody to break my legs. But I have cleaned them up.”


Long Zhenglin looked at the youth thugs who were howling their painful cries everywhere. His eyes turned saucer as he exclaimed out loud in surprise, “Eldest Brother Tang, t-these bastards… D-did you beat them up yourself?”




Tang Xiu nodded.


Long Zhenglin used his hand to rub his shiny big bald head as he shouted in admiration, with a disbelieving expression, “AWESOME!!! IT”S SO F*****G AWESOME!!! You are really f*****g worthy to be this Long Zhenglin’s Eldest Brother!! THIS IS SIMPLY F*****G AWESOME! 10… 13! No, no, no, also that bastard Scarface Li! You unexpectedly f*****g cleaned them up! Man… I really have to worship you till I die!”


“Get lost will you…”


Tang Xiu couldn’t help but laugh as he let out a ridiculing swear.


Chapter 69: The God of War Incarnation

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