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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 70 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 70

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Chapter 70: Relationship


Long Zhenglin let out a mischievous laugh as he then turned around and looked at Scarface Li. His complexion turned cold as he roared, “F*****g Scarface Li, it seems that you’re tired of living, eh? You even f*****g dare to hit my Eldest Brother! Kneel down and kowtow to my Eldest Brother and apologize!!!”


Scarface Lee’s heart was as though fallen into an icy cave when Long Zhenglin came. Since Long Zhenglin recognized him, he naturally also knew him. He was also aware of Long Zhenglin’s identity as well as his power. He scowled miserably as a stream of curses toward Gu Yuetao flowed in his heart, for pushing him into a deep pit. With a flattering expression, he replied, “Young Master Long, I really didn’t know that Eldest Brother Tang was your Eldest Brother! If… if I had known about it earlier, even if I borrow any courage, never will I dare to provoke Eldest Brother Tang! It’s that Gu Yuetao bastard who pushed us to the pit like this!”


Long Zhenglin snapped angrily, “Gu Yuetao? This f*****g-damned-m**********r-cunt is really crooked. Humph… This Big Daddy will tidy him up later. But you better f*****g not think that you’ll get out of this easily! Kneel down and apologize to my Eldest Brother!!!”


“Let it be!”


Tang Xiu stopped Long Zhenglin. He looked at Scarface Li and spoke in a desolate tone, “Take your gang and get lost! Do remember my words, evil people will be done in by evil people. And this Tang Xiu has never been a good person to begin with. I will no longer prolong this matter with you since this is your first time provoking me. But if you dare to do any wicked deeds again, just be very careful in your acts, else I’ll completely destroy all of you. Get lost now!”


Whilst enduring the pain, Scarface Li nodded again and again, “Yes yes yes! I’ll be sure to remember. Even if I were to be given 100 points of courage, never will I dare to offend you anymore!”


Shortly after…


Tang Xiu gazed toward Scarface Li’s gang as they left with distressed conditions. He then glanced at Long Zhenglin. When they were walking toward the commercial street, he asked, “Anyways, what are you looking me for? You’re unlikely to have come only to flatter me, right?”


A trace of embarrassment could be seen on Long Zhenglin’s face as his intention was exposed. His eager and helpless expression hung onto his face. He knew from his older brother Long Zhengyu about Tang Xiu’s amazing and graceful style and bearing. He also learned from his father about how Tang Xiu treated Chen Zhizhong with an extreme and savage method. Those made his impression toward him skyrocket to the extreme peak.


How could he not know who Chen Zhizhong was? He was the big boss of Endless Virtue Pharmaceutical with several billion in asset, a famous man with a high social status as well as a rich and powerful person. Such a big shot that stood on a high mountain even knelt and begged Tang Xiu to be his disciple. Long Zhenglin felt that such a peerless skill and unique, graceful bearing Tang Xiu had, had come to the point that it went against the heavens.


“Eldest Brother Tang, how come I can’t pay tribute and worship your peerless grace, eh?” Long Zhenglin wryly smiled as he probed and thickened his face.


Tang Xiu snappily cursed, “Beat it will you! Your brain is full of useless things. Anyway, I’m going to the Star City Medicinal Herbs Market, so I have no time to tag along with you. You go and do your things!”


“Eh, You’re going to the Medicinal Herbs Market?” Long Zhenglin was surprised, “Eldest Brother Tang, what do you wanna do there? Do you want to buy Chinese herbal medicine? You could have directly told Chen Zhizhong if you need them. Besides, he truly couldn’t wait to cling onto you and become your disciple!”


Tang Xiu’s expression turned gloomy as he replied with a solemn expression, “I have always solved my problems on my own and I won’t let myself trouble others if I can. The most difficult thing to deal with in life is to have a debt of gratitude toward others. Do you get it?”


Long Zhenglin gasped as he then nodded and replied, “What you say is true. For people who have a heavy sense of righteousness, they are bound by their words and promises. And a debt of gratitude is truly the most difficult of all! Okay then, I’ll drive you over there, okay?!”


“Eh, do you have a car?”


A trace of surprise emerged on Tang Xiu’s face, but then he realized. Judging from Long Zhenglin’s background, how could he possibly not have a car? His car might be a luxurious one.


“Of course, I have one fine damn car. Do you know how many hot chicks have wept because they want me to give them a free ride? But this young master, of course, has never looked them in the eye.” Long Zhenglin replied proudly.


As expected!


These second generation nouveau-riche were truly spoiled too much! They were simply clueless, and never understood the meaning of “hard-work and humbleness”. They were too drunk in indulging themselves in a life of luxury, squandering money like dirt, driving luxurious sport cars and throttling the gas pedal down; they forgot and were unable to realize that a lot of people were only able to get a half bowl of hot meal.


Tang Xiu walked along Long Zhenglin toward a Lamborghini sports car. Glancing at it a few times, he secretly shook his head. To such a big boy like Long Zhenglin, he couldn’t be turned sullen of having such a sports car like this, could he?


As the saying goes, everyone gets what they have paid for.


A fine car was a fine car. After Tang Xiu sat in, he was able to feel a kind of cozy and comfortable feeling. Giving a few glances over the interior décor, he then spoke, “This stuff does really lives up to technology, especially seeing such exceptional technology that resembles your taste. Ordinary people would at least have to struggle for decades to have this… ah no… it should be for a lifetime. Hey, how much is your car worth? Shouldn’t it be a few million? A lot of people earn less than a few million in their entire life.”


Long Zhenglin smiled with an embarrassed expression and said, “Eldest Brother Tang, never once have I ever thought that not only are your kung fu and medicine skills good, but you also have such a strong sense of humor! Man, the longer I know you, the more I realize that you’re really a deep and far-sighted person. Looking at you is just like looking at Mt. Taishan’s peak, really!”


“You bootlicker!”


Tang Xiu mocked and laughed.


Dragon Bay Resort.


Inside the classical-designed villa, Long Hanwen was holding a stack of documents as he read over it quietly. Steam was curling up from a teacup on the coffee table in front of him as faint tea fragrance lingered along, following the steam.


“Brother Chen, take a look at investigation’s results.”


A dignified expression was cast on Long Hanwen’s face as his eyes read the last line of information on the document. He then handed it to Chen Zhizhong at his side.


Chen Zhizhong silently received and read it. After having read it, his complexion was also unusually solemn. The documents were the investigation results regarding Tang Xiu, and particularly highlighted in the police investigation about his situation.


“There was a case at Star City First High School a few days ago. Tang Xiu indeed acted and killed the wanted criminal that was about to kidnap and take a student hostage. Furthermore, the criminal was an A-level fugitive and was a member of a group of human organ traffickers, who were then found killed at the abandoned auto-repair garage on Deep Red Cloud Road in the Peaceful Serene District. Each and everyone of them were also A-level wanted criminals. Since then Tang Xiu was being investigated by the police because he strangely disappeared in the last few days, I gave a false testimony for him. I think the one who killed those 5 wanted criminals was also him.” With a complex expression, Chen Zhizhong spoke.


Long Hanwen nodded, “This shouldn’t be wrong. At first, I thought that Tang Xiu was only a good, ordinary youngster. But now, it turns out that he’s not as simple as he seems on the surface! 5 A-level wanted criminals, with each and everyone of them being ruthless, and their hands having been drenched with blood. But all of them were completely killed by him. Adding the criminal he had killed at school, 6 people had died by his hands.”


Chen Zhizhong then replied with a solemn expression, “An extraordinary person, with extraordinary conducts and thoughts. For martial artists, in the strictest view, this could be seen that even the police was unable to do anything against those human organs traffickers’ abomination. But Tang Xiu didn’t even make a mistake in getting rid of them. This… this is a Master… I must firmly set onto.”


Long Hanwen confused, “Eh, are you really sure that Tang Xiu’s strength is stronger than yours?”


Chen Zhizhong replied with a resolute and decisive tone, “Absolutely! He’s absolutely better than me. Aren’t we looking at the living examples right now? If it were me, it would be absolutely impossible to rescue Yuan Zhengxuan’s ex-wife without getting injured. But he was also able to get out unscathed after killing so many wanted criminals!”


Long Hanwen said, “So you say. Anyways, I just recalled the information on the record. Tang Xiu actually saved Yuan Zhengxuan’s ex-wife. It seems that Yuan Zhengxuan owed him a favor and a huge one at that. Tsk, tsk… who would have ever thought that 2 business society’s big shots owe a huge favor toward a high-schooler. And right now, I don’t even dare to imagine what frightening extent his achievements will be at in the future.”


A trace of a happy smile emerged on Chen Zhizhong’s face, “A chance to encounter a dragon would even change the weather. And how a Master that this Chen Zhizhong set my eyes onto would be mediocre?!!”


Long Hanwen let out a loud laughter before he spoke with a smile, “That’s right. However, I just recalled that we only have an ordinary friendship with Yuan Zhengxuan, and our business cooperation also is almost nil. Since he has a relationship with Tang Xiu, we also need to be close to him, yes?!”


Chen Zhizhong couldn’t help laughing, “You’re an old fox!”


“Hahaha …”


When the two of them burst into loud laughter, Long Hanwen received an SMS. After reading it, he then looked at Chen Zhizhong with a strange expression and said, “Little Lin sent me a text, he says that Tang Xiu is going to the Start City Medicinal Herbs Market now.”


Chen Zhizhong abruptly got up and spoke without even thinking, “I’ll also go there at once.”


Long Hanwen quickly pulled him back and said, “Hey, hey. If you directly go like this, Tang Xiu will definitely know that Little Lin has secretly informed us. I think that if you go there after you’ve found him, you must pretend that you met him by chance. Tell him that since your injuries have just been cured, you were going there to buy medicinal tonic and food supplements. I think this reason would be good.”


“Ah, that’s right!”


Chen Zhizhong patted his head whilst grinning and mocked himself.


Star City Golden Emperor Villa District.


Yuan Chuling was sitting on an upscale western-style sofa as he watched dumbfoundedly at his father, Yuan Zhengxuan, who cuddled his mother, Zhao Jing’s pregnant belly. A deep and confused expression could be seen on his face. He clearly remembered that his parents had divorced and even had been living separately. But now…


After a long while…


Yuan Zhengxuan spoke to Zhao Jing and comforted, “Now, I’ll call the cops and ask about the situation at that abandoned auto-repair garage. I hope… I hope that your savior is safe and sound.”




Zhao Jing no longer wore her strong career woman appearance as she was previously, and obediently nodded.


Whilst looking at his father grabbing his cell phone, with a question in his heart, Yuan Chuling approached his mother and sat at her side as he asked in a whisper, “Mom, are you and Dad not…”


Zhao Jing glanced at her husband’s back and whispered back, “Little Ling, please don’t blame us for not telling you. In fact, our divorce was fake. There were some troubles, and we couldn’t tell you about it yet. Please wait for a few years after you graduated from university, and you can live on your own and survive in the society. We will tell you the whole truth by then. For now, don’t ask about it and just study well.”


Yuan Chuling stunned, he never dreamed that his mother would give him such an answer.


The divorce was fake?


This meant… that it was him who misunderstood his parents?


Suddenly, Yuan Chuling felt that he was way insensible and stupid. Recalling how he had abandoned himself and fell into despair, an intense remorse gushed out from inside his heart. Had it not been because for his Eldest Brother Tang Xiu, he would have still been in a deep pit, unable to move on from his self-abandonment.


A few minutes later, Yuan Zhengxuan hung up the phone as he looked at Zhao Jing and Yuan Chuling in front of him with a strange expression, “Wife, on the phone before, you’ve said that your savior is a young man? Do you know his name?”

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