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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 71 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 71

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Chapter 71: The Longstanding Enemy


Zhao Jing shook her head and said, “The situation was critical at that time, so I didn’t have the time to ask. He also didn’t want to speak anymore. Honey, has something happened to my savior?”


Yuan Zhengxuan replied, “There’s nothing with your savior, instead… those kidnappers of yours, they…”


Upon hearing that there was nothing happened to her savior, Zhao Jing was relieved as she curiously asked, “What happened to those kidnappers? The way I see it, he killed the kidnapper who was going to humiliate me. Honey, could the police hold him accountable for it? If so, we mustn’t stand by.”


Yuan Zhengxuan wryly smiled, “How will the police pursue your savior? They are clueless and got a headache about the one who killed those kidnappers! Those five kidnappers were all killed! And the youth who saved you has disappeared without a trace. Wife, you don’t know his name, but you should be recognized his appearance, right?”


“His looks…”  Zhao Jing described the appearance that she deeply remembered.


The more Zhao Jing described him, the stranger Yuan Chuling’s expression was, as he quietly listened to her. The moment his mother finished speaking, he couldn’t help exclaiming, “It’s my Eldest Brother! That youth must be my Eldest Brother, Tang Xiu!”


Yuan Zhengxuan frowned and reproached, “Little Ling, don’t be ridiculous!”


Yuan Chuling replied with a serious expression, “Dad, I didn’t lie. If Mum’s description about her savior is true, then that person should be my Eldest Brother Tang Xiu. The kidnappers’ gang who attempted to kidnap my classmate at school that day, he was the one who killed him and rescued my classmate.”


“This…” Yuan Zhengxuan also knew the event a few days ago at the Star City First High School. But never once would he have imagined that his wife’s savior’s identity would be his son’s classmate.


“Little Ling, about your classmate, since your Mum knows her savior’s looks, if you have time, invite your classmate to our home and let your Mum recognize him.“ Yuan Zhengxuan thought a moment and said.


“Okay!”  Yuan Chuling nodded.


The Star City Medicinal Herbs Market was huge and had various kinds of medicinal herbs, of which, were shipped from the all over the country, either for local sales or being transported to other cities.


Su Shangwen’s life was rough recently. Especially after his 40-year-old birthday party, a lot of his friends were alienating him. Each time he recalled the event and Tang Xiu’s face, he couldn’t help but clench his teeth.


Yesterday he had business talks and was now waiting for a formal contract signing. Today specifically, he ran to the medicinal market along with his wife to buy ginseng, caterpillar fungus, and other medicinal herbs to boil a good pot of duck soup to celebrate it.


“Honey, why do we have to buy these medicinal herbs by ourselves? This Medicinal Market is a mess! We could have ordered anyone to buy them.” Looking at the noisy market, Zhang Meiyun wiped the sweat off her nose and mouth with her fingers with a dejected expression.


Su Shangwen looked around as he shook his head and said, “No, I can’t trust anyone to buy these medicinal herbs. You don’t know about medicinal herbs. There are cultivated and wild herbs, and cultivated herbs don’t have much effect, only the wild ones do.”


“Haih, even the doorway is crowded.” Zhang Meiyun replied with a helpless tone.


Suddenly, Zhang Meiyun’s eyes squinted as she promptly raised her arm and spoke, “Hubby, do you see that person? Doesn’t he look like that little bastard Tang Xiu?”


Su Shangwen looked toward the direction his wife’s finger pointed. An angry expression suddenly surfaced on his face as he strode fast the same time and spoke, “He doesn’t look like him, he simply is that damn little bastard!  Our business wouldn’t have been so miserable these days if it were not for him, even my old friends are avoiding me as though I’m a plague. Let’s go, I’m gonna f**k him up.”


Su Shangwen’s subordinate paid a number of small thugs a while ago to teach Tang Xiu a lesson the hard way. And the result? Not only were those damn small thugs unable to severely pack him up, but instead helped Su Lingyun in taking care of her restaurant business, resulting in a thriving and booming business.


“Tang Xiu!! You’re really a rotten useless bastard!  You even skipped classes to play around here? Your mother painstakingly makes money for your study, only to have you ditch school? Are you really a f*****g idiot and have no feelings?” Toxic profanity came out from Su Shangwen’s mouth.


Tang Xiu frowned as a look of loathing emerged from his eyes. He had never thought that he would run into this Su Shangwen couple. He knew clearly about them. If it were not because he did not want to make his mother sad, he could have dealt with this Su Shangwen couple a long time ago.


“Huh? Who the hell are you? Mind your own business!!!”


Tang Xiu glanced at Su Shangwen with a cold and detached expression as he snorted at him coldly.


Su Shangwen’s rage sparked as he had the urge to drag this bastard nephew of his. He rolled his sleeves and shouted angrily, “Tang Xiu, bastard! You asked me who I am? I AM YOUR UNCLE! You say that I cannot discipline you as your elder? Apologize to me and get the hell back to your school! Else, I’ll tell the principal to kick you out from school directly and revoke your qualification for the College Entrance Test!!!”


Tang Xiu sneered, “Uncle? My uncle is a f*****g bastard! Ah, I know. You want to become that bastard, do you? Besides, haven’t you already had bought the school board and coerced them to kick me out by any means necessary? Well, I’m waiting. If you really have the ability, just f*****g go! We’ll see if the school will kick me out or you will get your face smeared by your own disgrace!”


At his side, Long Zhenglin’s brows deeply wrinkled. His ability to discern people through their tone and mood was good, so he was sure that the man in front was Tang Xiu’s uncle. But, such attitude and treatment from an uncle to his nephew was even… worse than an animal.


After seconds of hesitation, he walked forward and stood side by side with Tang Xiu. He looked at Su Shangwen with an indifferent expression and spoke, “I don’t give a shit about who you are! You’re humiliating Tang Xiu, and this is equal to humiliate me, Long Zhenglin. You better get lost now, else I’ll pack you out.”


Only now did Su Shangwen realize that there was still a youth beside Tang Xiu. However, he had long been accustomed to act high and arrogant at his company and around his relatives. And a youngster now was clamoring in front him, causing him to rage more, “Eh, f*****g brave aren’t you? This bastard nephew of mine must be taught a lesson. Mind your own f*****g business, take your fart and get lost! Else, I’ll give you a lesson too!”


Long Zhenglin’s anger ignited as he snapped, “Do you believe you have the ability to teach me? Apart from my old man, never once has this Long Zhenglin young master been afraid of anyone!”


With an ashen and cold expression, Tang Xiu’s angry eyes stared at Su Shangwen as he turned around and said, “Long Zhenglin, talking with shitty people like him will only waste our time, let’s leave!”


Long Zhenglin stared at Su Shangwen in a provocative manner as he moved his legs and followed Tang Xiu to leave.




Su Shangwen stopped the two with a furious expression as he stormed out, “The heavens really are overturned. If I, Su Shangwen, don’t clean two little bastards like you today, I’ll change my surname!!”


“What damn bullshit!”


A sneer shouted from the crowd that gathered around.


Gong Dalong took the suitcase and came forward before Su Shangwen. He already recognized Tang Xiu, since he had seen his photo before coming to Star City. But, never did he think that someone would dare to provoke his master’s savior.


Su Shangwen’s expression slightly changed. He had never thought that someone would step forward and halt him midway. He glanced at Gong Dalong and could faintly tell his status as well as feel a slight imposing manner from him. His attitude was weakened a bit even though he responded with an uncomfortable feeling, “Who are you? Are you here to mediate and meddle in others’ business?”


Gong Dalong ignored Su Shangwen and put down his suitcase. He stood in front of Tang Xiu and greeted respectfully, “Master Tang, I’m Gong Dalong. My Master sends his regards for you.”


Tang Xiu lightly nodded. He looked at Gong Dalong’s squared face, thick eyebrows, big and deep eyes, with no slightest hints of evil or crafty aura.


“Let’s talk about our matter later.”


Gong Dalong bowed deeply toward Tang Xiu as he then turned around to face Su Shangwen and said, “As for who am I, many people in Star City know me. If you have time, you can find out about me. Furthermore, Master Tang is my honored guest, and is NOT someone you can freely humiliate; otherwise, the consequences you’ll have to bear will be grave.”


Su Shangwen looked at Gong Dalong with a disbelieving expression. He was silent for quite awhile before he pointed at Tang Xiu and replied, “You said… he’s your honored guest? What the hell is this? A world’s joke? Nobody knows him more than I do. You couldn’t be mistaking him with others, could you?”


“My eyes are not blind!” Gong Dalong replied with a solemn tone.


Upon seeing than Gong Dalong’s aloof and stern attitude, a bit of a grudge was suddenly birthed in Su Shangwen’s heart. He quickly grabbed his phone and took Gong Dalong’s picture, adding some text and sent the message out promptly. Shortly after, his phone rang.


Su Shangwen received the call and heard someone speaking. Then, he hung up the phone after saying “I know”.


“Che, I know who you are. You’re just Jia Ruidao’s First Apprentice who makes a fortune from gambling, eh? Humph… Gong Dalong, I know that your Master has already fallen into a deep pit. And now you come after Tang Xiu, have you lost your mind?”


Anger appeared on Gong Dalong’s face. But when he was about to snap, a voice faster than him came over.


“I thought I heard a dog barking from far away. No wonder, there are many people gathered around here.”


Chen Zhizhong and Long Hanwen came together, and the one who was talking was Chen Zhizhong.


Su Shangwen was dumbfounded. He’s a businessman, how couldn’t he know about Chen Zhizhong and Long Hanwen? Compared with these two men, they were simply towering mountains that he must look up to. It was just… judging from the meaning of Chen Zhizhong’s words, it was as though it was aimed at him?

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