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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 72 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 72

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Chapter 72: (Spoiler; Title At the End)


Su Shangwen furiously swallowed his saliva as he turned his head and stared at Tang Xiu wickedly. He had lost his face due to this bastard. He then smiled sheepishly, “Boss Chen, I didn’t expect to meet you here. Isn’t this Boss Long? I’m Su Shangwen, Shangwen Real Estate’s owner. Boss Long, my Shangwen Real Estate has reached the gentleman’s agreement to cooperate with the subsidiary companies under The Long Group. We will sign the contract of agreement a few days later.”


Long Hanwen sneered, “Su Shangwen of Shangwen Real Estate? Never heard of you!”


The moment he finished speaking, he took out his cell phone and dialed a number under the crowd’s eyes. He then spoke with a deep tone, “Who is the one who made an agreement with Shangwen Real Estate? Fire him! And cancel the agreement!! Mark my words, from now onward, anyone who dares to cooperate with Shangwen Real Estate will have to face the Long Group and have a rough life.”


What the hell?


Su Shangwen thought his ears were having a problem. He couldn’t believe it as he looked at Long Hanwen and exclaimed in surprise, “Boss Long, y-y-you are…”


Long Hanwen pointed at Long Zhenglin beside Tang Xiu and spoke with apathetic expression, “He’s my son. Someone was barking that he will teach and humiliate my son. Which father won’t act when seeing his son humiliated?”


It’s done!


He also pointed at Tang Xiu and continued, “Tang Xiu is my Long Family’s benefactor. We will always be behind him in whatever he does. As long as he speaks, my Long Family will not hesitate to remove your Shangwen Real Estate from this world at all cost.”


“What did you say?”


Su Shangwen’s expression instantly turned deathly pale. His eyes unceasingly shuttled between Tang Xiu, Long Zhenglin and Long Hanwen. He could accept the fact that Long Zhenglin was Long Hanwen’s son. But, this little bastard beast, Tang Xiu… just how and when had he become the Long Family’s benefactor?


In a flash, Su Shangwen’s complexion was as though it turned older by several years. Waves of fear struck over and over again as it torn and sunk his heart.


He’s finished!


He was perfectly aware of Tang Xiu’s hatred toward him. He knew that his Shangwen Real Estate was on the brink of catastrophe because of this.


A surge of fear emerged in his eyes as his mouth opened at the next moment.


After Long Hanwen finished speaking, Chen Zhizhong walked forward before Tang Xiu as he respectfully bowed and said, “Master, it’s my fault for coming this late, so you have been humiliated. But please be at ease, even if Brother Long won’t act, I will never let Shangwen Real Estate continue to exist. Please don’t refuse this disciple’s intentions.”


Tang Xiu looked at Chen Zhizhong indifferently and said, “Haven’t I told you that I have yet to promise and accept you as a disciple?”




Chen Zhizhong keenly understood the meaning behind Tang Xiu’s words. He suddenly was overjoyed, and regardless of being surrounded by a large number of people, he straightly knelt in front of Tang Xiu and pleaded, “Master, please accept me! I will follow the ancient tradition to worship and follow your every word!”


Tang Xiu’s brow wrinkled as he waved his hand and replied, “You get up first. We’ll talk about this matter later.”




Upon seeing that Tang Xiu didn’t directly refuse, Chen Zhizhong was overjoyed to the extreme. He was as though a child that was obeying his elder’s words, obediently and submissively standing beside him.




Su Shangwen braved himself to kneel in front of Tang Xiu as he begged down with an expression of remorse on his face, “Tang Xiu, my good nephew. Uncle knows I have been treating you wrongly, and have done a thousand wrongdoings to you. But, you have a big heart and wouldn’t lower yourself like me. Please ask Boss Long and Boss Chen to let me off. I vow in front of you, even my future grandchildren will be your servants. I beg you!”


Zhang Meiyun’s face was as pale as a piece of white paper at the moment. She had long been accustomed to a luxurious and glamorous life. If Shangwen Real Estate was to…


“Whoosh …”


A sudden uproar instantly clamored from the surrounding crowd.


They came over to watch the scene and were also faintly aware of the relationship between Tang Xiu and Su Shangwen. But never once did they ever thought that an uncle would treat his nephew so badly. Much to their surprise, they had never expected that even famous people would stand ahead and respect Tang Xiu. And the uncle even had no shame as he knelt and begged the nephew. For a moment, streams of shouts resounded:


“I have seen shameless people, but never once have I ever seen such a shameless man. The bird with balls truly stems from the jungle, eh!”


“Isn’t this too shameless? How could a man be this shameless to such a degree?”


“What the hell am I seeing today? An uncle kisses his nephew’s ass because of wealth? Is he still a man? Despicable!!!”


“A real man’s knell is very precious and belongs to his parents. Kneeling toward one’s parents is equal to kneeling toward the heavens! He even kneels toward his nephew… What a great and shameless bastard! If I were to have such a son, I would have choked him to death while I was still alive!!!”


“F**k! This type of shitty man is really disgusting me. Judging from his attitude, he must have done a lot of evil deeds before. This… This will teach him perfectly well.”


“Don’t forgive him! This kind of f*****g bastard must be thoroughly ruined as to never let him rise again!”




Listening to such curses, derogatory and condemning shouts, Su Shangwen’s heart was as though being sheared by a knife. He was bleeding. If there was a hole in the ground, he could have already sunk himself into it. However, as long as Tang Xiu forgave him, Long Hanwen and Chen Zhizhong wouldn’t act to get rid of him.


Through a millennium of experience, apart from the soft part toward his mother, Tang Xiu’s heart had long been hardened as stone already. He didn’t speak when facing Su Shangwen’s pleading. He was perfectly aware of the hard truth, that Su Shangwen was the type of person that would never have a good ending even if he didn’t act toward him.


On the other hand!


He also perfectly understood, that had he not long been acquainted with Long Hanwen and Chen Zhizhong as well as his millenniums of experience, he could have long been thrown into the deep pit by Su Shangwen. Recalling the facts until now, even if he was not dumped and sentenced to prison, he could have been severely injured by some thugs and have laid bedridden in a hospital.


A docile and good horse would always be ridden by a true man. While a good, weak, and well-behaved man would always be taken advantage of and bullied by other men.


But him… he never once considered himself as a good man to begin with. Even then, he had never taken the initiative to bully good people even once.


Tang Xiu turned toward Long Hanwen and calmly asked, “Uncle Long, how did you come to this place?”


Long Hanwen replied with a smile, “It’s because of Brother Chen’s injury. You’ve just treated and cured him! So he dragged me out to this Medicinal Herbs Market hoping to buy some traditional Chinese herbal medicine to nourish his body.”


Tang Xiu nodded and replied, “That being the case, please look for the medicinal herbs! Since I still have other things to do, I can’t accompany you.”


Long Hanwen didn’t reply and looked at Chen Zhizhong instead.


Chen Zhizhong quickly spoke, “Master…  you’re here to buy medicinal herbs? If you really in need of them, you can tell me to buy it and I’ll send it to you at once.”


Tang Xiu waved and said, “No need. Come tomorrow night at South Gate Town!”




Chen Zhizhong was overjoyed as he repeatedly complied with an excited expression.


Tang Xiu sent a hand gesture to Gong Dalong and completely ignored the Su Shangwen couple who knelt on the ground. He walked to the depths of Medicinal Herbs Market followed by the grinning Long Zhenglin.


Star City’s Medicinal Herbs Market was divided into two parts, the booth area and the shop area. The most precious medicinal herbs in the Market were mostly in the shop area. The price of each and every precious medicinal herb was of course very expensive there.


Tang Xiu didn’t go immediately to the shop area but rather wandered in the stall area to see the various Chinese herbal medicines.


At present, he had already cultivated the first stage of the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis, with 9 spheres of stars inside his body, meaning that he was at the peak of the Vitality Tempering Stage. The next stage was the Skin Strengthening Stage, tempering his body and reinforcing his skin to the point that its toughness would make him invulnerable.


Had he had achieved this stage before he fought those human organ traffickers, he wouldn’t have been afraid of their guns and would have been able to directly crush them at once.


A few minutes later…


Tang Xiu halted in front of a stall as his eyes fell on a tender and beautiful blood-colored flower. He recognized this flower. This flower was famous in the Immortal World with its illustrious name —Blood Spiral Shell. This Blood Spiral Shell was the main ingredient and had a huge role in concocting the Spirit Condensing Pill.


“Boss, how much is this Blood Spiral Shell flower?”


Tang Xiu asked the middle-aged stall owner.


That middle-aged stall owner glanced at the Blood Spiral Shell flower with a surprised expression, as he asked back with a confused expression, “Little Brother, this is not a Blood Spiral Shell flower! It’s called Chestnut Petal Flower. It has a very good effect for nourishing blood and vitality! But the price is quite expensive though.”


Tang Xiu said, “How much?”


The middle-aged stall owner hesitated before he replied, “500 yuan if you want it!”


500 yuan?


Tang Xiu’s heart was jolted as his eyes rolled. This Blood Spiral Shell flower was extremely precious, even countless people would fight fiercely over it in the Immortal World. But on Earth, such a precious medicine unexpectedly only sold as though it was a cabbage.


Long Zhenglin at his side suddenly interrupted, “Hey Boss! Do you think we’re spendthrift and foolish enough to get butchered? 500 yuan for this flower? I have a lot of this flower planted, do you want to buy it from me?”




The middle-aged stall owner was speechless.


Long Zhenglin continued, “Boss, you need to treat the young and elders honestly in business, and such honesty is way too precious. Such an outrageous price is kinda fooling us. Sell it to us for 200. If you agree, we’ll pay you right away. If you don’t, we’ll leave.”


The middle-aged man looked at Long Zhenglin, and also glanced at Tang Xiu as he immediately smiled wryly, “Haih, fine then. This Little Brother truly is meticulous. Okay, you can have it for 200 yuan.”


Long Zhenglin looked at Tang Xiu with a proud expression in his eyes as he prepared to pay the flower. However, Tang Xiu had already taken his money and gave the middle-aged stall owner 200 yuan, taking the Blood Spiral Shell flower, and then left.


Tang Xiu had no hope previously for the trip to this Medicinal Herbs Market, he just wanted to try his luck. But never did he ever expect that he would pick up such a treasure. He also learned that slightly precious medicinal herbs on Earth were even outrageously priced. Even though he had tens of thousands of yuan in his bag, perhaps he wouldn’t even be able to afford the precious herbs he would find later.


Chapter 72: Kneeling and Begging for Forgiveness

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