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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 73 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 73

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Chapter 73: Unexpected Surprise


Luck sometimes would come and nobody would be able to prevent it. Tang Xiu had been wandering around the Medicinal Herbs Market’s stall area for nearly an hour, and he had bought two precious herbs at a very low price. Although the preciousness could not be compared to the Blood Spiral Shell flower, but to the present him, these herbs were definitely good stuff.


“Eldest Brother Tang, are you really skilled in medical skills?”


Long Zhenglin had held himself back for quite a long time, and he was finally unable to bear it anymore and asked.


Tang Xiu replied lightly, “I know some.”


Long Zhenglin exclaimed, “Holy damn! You really deserve to be my Eldest Brother with all these abilities! Now I very much suspect that you even know more! However, what do you wanna do with these herbs? You don’t have anything wrong with your body, do you?”


Tang Xiu rolled his eyes and said, “I’ll have to face the College Entrance Test soon, and the pressure from studying is quite taxing. So I have to prepare and buy some medicinal herbs; to keep my body healthy. Anyways, I’ll give you a prescription, and you buy the medicinal herbs yourself according to it. When you go home, boil it and drink it up. It will cure your problem.”


“My problem?”


Long Zhenglin’s eyes rolled as he replied snappily, “Eldest Brother Tang, I’m strong and sturdy enough, how could my body be having problems?”


Tang Xiu said lightly, “Bah, you’re a man! If your ‘bird’ can’t dance vigorously on the bed, then you’re sick. Besides, a man under 3 minutes shot… that’s way too severe. Anyways, if you don’t admit it, then forget it, I can save myself from trouble.”




Long Zhenglin was shocked. Never once had he ever dreamt that Tang Xiu could see his most secretive private secret. He did have this problem. He could last for 7-8 minutes relying on sexual vitality supplements. However, since he was too excessive in getting laid recently, he was barely able to hold up to 3 minutes.


“Eldest Brother… no no no, Big Bro, my beloved-handsome Big Bro, quickly spit out the prescription for me. I’ll give you anything you want!”


Tang Xiu grinned as his lips formed a charming curved arc. Giving Long Zhenglin the prescription was to kick him from his side; otherwise, this guy would have been like Tang Xuanzang’s follower, who would stick to him and make him fall into depression.


Kidney function deficiency!


Kidney deficiency was precisely Long Zhenglin’s problem, and it was quite severe at that.  A man contracted with severe kidney function deficiency would almost certainly have premature ejaculation and be weak in bed. But for Tang Xiu, treating this problem was simple and easy.


“I’ll look for paper and pen!”


Long Zhenglin immediately bolted without delay to the stall’s side. After a moment, he already rushed over before Tang Xiu with a paper and pen. With such an eager-looking face, he made Tang Xiu feel funny and amused.


After having told him the prescription, Tang Xiu saw Long Zhenglin leave as he continued strolling toward the herbs stalls. Gong Dalong was silently following behind him and didn’t speak. Tang Xiu didn’t mind and temporarily ignored him. What he needed now was to find precious medicinal herbs and buy them at an extremely low price.


Unfortunately, his luck seemed to suddenly run out, since he didn’t find any precious herbs for after a long time. With a disappointed expression, he changed the route and walked toward the shopping area.


There was a display showcase in each shop.


Tang Xiu carefully observed everything and didn’t miss any medicinal herbs. But the ones which could enter his eyes were outrageously priced sky high and were not something the current him was able to afford. And the ones that were priced slightly lower and could be afforded, were unable to enter his eyes


The light had dimmed as the night had fallen.


The street lights at the Medicinal Herb Market that had been lit as a lot of medicinal herbs shop began to close. Tang Xiu was still wandering around with a tranquil mood, without the quacking Long Zhenglin at his side. He looked up to the shining lights and saw that this medicinal herbs shop had no sign on top. Then, Tang Xiu entered the shop.


“Welcome! Is there something Young Master needs?”


A young clerk wearing a cheongsam dress approached him with a professional smile.


Tang Xiu said, “I’ll look around first, so you don’t need to escort me. If I find the medicinal herbs I would like to take, I’ll call you right away.”


“Alright, please have look Sir.”


Tang Xiu did not directly observe the medicinal herbs within the shop, and instead observed the appealing and interesting antique decoration in the shop. He saw that this medicinal herbs shop was as though designed and specifically arranged with a good Feng Shui pattern by someone.


He was very familiar with this method, especially this Feng Shui pattern, it was the most simple as he could see through the entire layout with only a glance. When his eyes fell on the wealth-fortune bringer cat on the counter, a smile suddenly emerged from his face.


“Ah, this shop’s owner is really interesting, sailing unfettered with the currents to invite wealth and amass the fortune.”


As the saying goes, in all trade and professions, if one were to put enough love and diligence into it, they would achieve outstanding results.


Even on Earth nowadays, Feng Shui was still used. Although most Feng Shui Masters were only scammers, there were still some who really had abilities. Feng Shui was after all, the treasured heritage that had been passed down by the ancestors for millenniums. The person who arranged this Feng Shui pattern was also quite an expert in this method.




Tang Xiu looked into the variety of herbs being showcased on top. To his surprise, he found hundreds of year old wild ginseng, even though his mouth twitched a few times due to looking at its price.


It was 7 digits!


Hundreds of year old wild ginseng were even priced at a 7 digit price!


Tang Xiu couldn’t help thinking, if he were to sell his medicinal herbs he planted on a piece of herb field in the Immortal World on Earth, perhaps he would have been able to buy the whole planet!


As he slowly observed, a disappointed expression gradually thickened on Tang Xiu’s face. It was just like in the other medicinal herb shops, the good stuff were outrageously priced sky high, and he was also disinclined to even look at the cheaper ones.


Could it be… that he really had to go back home now?


He was somewhat unwilling and looked over the herbs in the next showcase again. His footsteps abruptly stopped in front of the showcase as a strange expression suddenly emerged when he saw a kind of Spirit Fruit inside the showcase.


Holy Dragon Fruit? Earth had Holy Dragon Fruits?


Tang Xiu secretly suppressed the shock inside his heart. His eyes then fell on the price tag as he almost shouted a curse looking at it. This Holy Dragon Fruit was amazingly only 8888 yuan.


It really didn’t value the resource!


Countless Supremes would break their heads and fight over this Holy Dragon Fruit in the Immortal World. If the fruit was to be refined and concocted into a pill, it would absolutely create a top-grade Primordial Chaos Pill. One must know that a grain of Primordial Chaos Pill would even able to make an ordinary person ascend to immortality. If the lowest level Immortal took the pill, he would reach the Golden Immortal stage in a short time, and become the most revered Immortal in existence.


Tang Xiu estimated that even if the whole precious herbs in the entire shop area multiplied by 10,000 times the price, they would not be worth a dime compared to this Holy Dragon Fruit.




Tang Xiu called the female clerk who greeted him before.


The clerk came with a smile, and said enthusiastically, “Sir, do you have anything in mind?”


Tang Xiu pointed to Holy Dragon Fruit and replied, “I want this.”


The female clerk smiled, “Your eyes are really good, Sir. This fruit is called Dragon Serpent Fruit. You can brew medicine with it, and it gives you enormous vitality. It’s very unfortunate that this Spirit Fruit is very difficult to obtain. Our Boss could only obtain this one from Qinghai through a lot of his contacts. Ah, right, it also has a magical case for it, that is a jade case to prevent it from rotting for a short time.”


Tang Xiu said, “Please show me! I will pay for it now.”


“Alright, please follow me, Sir!”


After a simple transaction, the Holy Dragon Fruit was completely Tang Xiu’s. With such a great harvest obtained, Tang Xiu lost his patience to continue wandering in the market.


After leaving the Medicinal Herbs Market, Tang Xiu looked at Gong Dalong who followed him and asked lightly, “Do you have a place to spend the night?”


Gong Dalong said, “Yes! But I don’t have much time, so I’m afraid that I have to go back earlier.”


Tang Xiu nodded and called the cab in the street corner. He brought along Gong Dalong to South Gate Town. He didn’t want to get involved with Jia Ruidao’s problem, and was only willing to see Gong Dalong due to his attitude.


Inside the villa…


The villa had been cleaned up, and Tang Xiu felt quite satisfied with the Developer Management Office’s cleaning staff’s performance. He gestured to Gong Dalong to sit down on the couch as he straightly sat on the opposite side.


“Tell me about what had happened.”


Gong Dalong smiled wryly as he spoke, “In fact, the one who incited the trouble is my youngest brother, Jia Yelei, and he’s also my Master’s son. Master has 3 disciples, I am his First Disciple, the Second is Zhang Tiechun, and the Third is Jia Yelei.”


“The Youngest was gambling a while ago, and he was set up by others’ machinations. Not only did he lose all the money he had, several of his properties were also lost. He called Second Brother, Zhang Tiechun to win those back. Second Brother’s gambling skill is much more powerful than the Youngest.”


“The results were that those two Younger Brothers of mine fell into the deep pit. Not only were their assets completely cleaned up, they even ended up borrowing tens of millions of yuan from their opponents. Similarly, those tens of millions yuan were also lost. Because they were completely broke and even had debt without money to pay it back, they bit the bullet and told Master about this matter.”


“At first, my Master only intended to pay up the tens of millions in gambling debt and let the matter go. But the Youngest didn’t want it and entangled Master for a few days to help him win it all back. Master was unable to ignore the Youngest’s unceasing pleads, and he went to gamble with the previous opponents, resulting in…”


Tang Xiu interrupted Gong Dalong’s words, “The results were that his opponents were much more powerful than him and your master lost to them, right? He lost miserably, didn’t he?”


Gong Dalong replied with a bitter expression, “Yes! My Master lost very miserably.”


Tang Xiu said, “Since his opponents were more skilled than him, then why didn’t he give up? What do you want my help for?”


Gong Dalong said, “It’s the nature of gambling. Once reason has been shrouded and darkened the eyes, even a Gambling Master would lose their mind. Besides, Master was prodded by the opponents and got agitated by his emotions, he even staked the jade pendant memento from Master’s wife on the table.”


“And he lost again, didn’t he?”


“Yes, he lost!”


Gong Dalong tightly gripped his fist as he lowered his head.


Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “So, even though your Master regretted it, he had no choice but to continue gambling, right? And he only wanted to win his wife’s memento back, and didn’t want the money back?”


Gong Dalong nodded and said, “Yes, my Master has borrowed a lot of money and gambled with them everyday, but he loses miserably in each and every gamble. Master has no other means left and sent me to ask for your help.”

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Thanks for the chapter~


Thanks for the chapter! Jesus Christ. You would think that the master never lost in his life and doesn’t know when to quit.


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