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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 75 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 75

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Chapter 75: The First Meeting


“Teacher Han, when you left to buy water at the supermarket, I happened to meet an acquaintance, and he was suffering from serious illness. Since I knew Traditional Chinese Medicine, he then took me away and I gave him treatment in the past few days. The heavens finally bestowed their blessings and I was able to cure his illness yesterday.” Tang Xiu had long thought about this good line of just reason for anticipation, as he threw the lie without even flinching.


Han Qingwu snapped, “What a bull! Even if you left to cure others, why did you go in such a hurry? And I don’t buy it. Since when have you learned Traditional Chinese Medicinal skills? I think you’re only talking big and not even a word that makes me believe you!”


Tang Xiu shouted loudly as though he was unjustly treated, “Teacher Han, all great masters have always been bound by their words! Even if I deceive the whole world, I wouldn’t dare to deceive you! If you don’t believe me, I can give you his number and you can ask him directly.”


“For real?”


Han Qingwu was doubtful and skeptical.


Tang Xiu straightened up his chest as he spoke with a resolute and decisive tone, “Yes, he’s a famous person. Ah, that’s right! I think you may have heard of him if I tell you his name. His name is Chen Zhizhong, a businessman. And I do have a witness! You should have heard about Long Hanwen, yes? He’s the Long Group’s head.”


Han Qingwu rolled her eyes. A moment ago, she was only skeptical hearing Tang Xiu’s words. But now the tiny bit of trust just vanished in the blink of an eye.


Chen Zhizhong and Long Hanwen?


She certainly had heard about these two people. It wasn’t just her. 99% of Star City’s inhabitants would absolutely have heard about these two men. And, who was Tang Xiu? How could such an ordinary high schooler possibly know those big shots who were aloof and remote?


However, the reason she called Tang Xiu to come out was to vent out the iffy feeling in her heart and also to fix Tang Xiu’s attitude toward his studying activities. Such said, regardless of the rubbish nonsense spat out by Tang Xiu, she didn’t want to dwell and inquire it further, “Tang Xiu, I don’t want to check out whether your words are true or not. In short, do bear in mind that there is only a month left to the College Entrance Test. I will ask other teachers to compile a set of exam papers for you to have a mock test. If your results are way down from the previous ones, do be very careful that I will cancel your qualification to attend the College Entrance Test.”


“As expected, everything she says has always been about academic performance.”


Tang Xiu secretly laughed inside. Again and again Han Qingwu declared her military command at him. But Tang Xiu believed that he could achieve it. Just as a diamond couldn’t be polished without friction, a great man wouldn’t be made without adversity [1]. So he naturally wasn’t afraid of a mock exam.


When he got back to the classroom, Tang Xiu saw Yuan Chuling wink at him with eyes full of a teasing expression.


“Eldest Brother, the day when you skipped classes, what message have you sent to Teacher Han? Her face was crimson, and everyone could clearly see it.”


That day?


Tang Xiu recalled his memory and suddenly couldn’t help laughing involuntarily. Looking at the gossipy expression on Yuan Chuling’s face, he secretly shook his head and no longer paid attention to him.


He needed a large number of medicinal herbs to reach the Skin Strengthening Stage in cultivating the Heavenly Art of Cosmic Genesis; of which, he had yet to find the rest of the precious herbs. So Tang Xiu could only put on hold his cultivation first and collect all the medicinal herbs as fast as possible.


As for making money, he had thrown a long line and only needed to wait for the big fish to swallow the hook. As long as Kang Xia was recruited, he believed that with the Skin Care Lotion and Scar Removal Cream formulas in his hand, he definitely would be able to make quite a fortune.


Soon after…


He sorted out everything he had done recently.


“Tang Xiu, you f*****g dumb shit. What have you done to my parents?” A burst of loud yells sounded, as though a falling thunderclap suddenly resounded from the classroom’s door.


Then, with the speed of a 100 meters sprinter, Su Xiangfei stormed over toward Tang Xiu with a threatening posture. Although he knew that Tang Xiu was powerful, but he couldn’t help but ignore it this time. He recalled the situation at home, his raging father thundered the home appliances, his mother sat paralyzed on the sofa and wiped the tears from her face, making him wish to skin Tang Xiu alive and dismember his body into eight pieces.


Yuan Chuling suddenly looked up as his eyes flashed and stared at him. When Su Xiangfei was about to rush before Tang Xiu, he promptly stood up and kicked him, sending him flying a few meters away as his body smashed over the desks heavily.




A scream, as though a pig was being butchered, came out from Su Xiangfei’s mouth.


Tang Xiu frowned. Whilst looking at the knocked down Su Xiangfei’s forehead, who was struggling to stand up, he spoke with a cold and detached tone, “Su Xiangfei, if you are sick, drag yourself into the mental institution and check for yourself whether you’re still sane or not. But if you are not sick, do not ever dare to provoke me. I’m not the one who provoked your arrogant and domineering parents, I’m even disinclined to even care about them. So, if you know what happened to them, take them to the hospital and have a check up with them. Understood?”


Su Xiangfei’s eyes were as though about to spray a blazing fire as he stared at Tang Xiu and roared, “It must because of you! You bastard must have absolutely done something, else my Dad wouldn’t have smashed things whilst cursing you loudly. Do f*****g tell me! What have you done to my parents? Else, I won’t rest until I kill you!”


Tang Xiu sneered, “You wanna kill me? Just depending on you? Previously, you framed me for stealing the money. Had it been that I wasn’t softhearted, you could have been dumped into jail right now!”


Cheng Yannan suddenly stood up from her seat as she looked at the fierce expression on Su Xiangfei’s face and spoke with a light voice, “Su Xiangfei, my Big Sis is the one who took care of this case. She told me that it was indeed you and your sister who had framed Tang Xiu for the stolen money. Also, this is a classroom! I hope you don’t create trouble here, else once this issue turns bigger, the school absolutely will cancel your qualification to take the College Entrance Test.”


Su Xiangfei’s complexion turned crimson in a flash.


He had never thought that Cheng Yannan would even stand up and defend Tang Xiu. She even had exposed that embarrassing incident, making the entire class know about the incident’s process from Cheng Yannan’s mouth.


How would it feel to be shamed in public?


This was exactly the feeling Su Xiangfei felt at the moment. At the same time, he also hated Tang Xiu and Cheng Yannan to the bones, and the one who just gave him the kick, Yuan Chuling. If a stare could kill, he could have used it to kill these three thousands of times over.


A sudden uproar immediately rocked the entire students in the classroom.


“Heaven! Is that for real? Su Xiangfei went as far as to frame Tang Xiu? Man, I used to think that Tang Xiu was a troublemaker, but never once did I ever think that Su Xiangfei was full of evil tricks!”


“Man, we know him for a long time without even knowing his true nature. I really never thought that Su Xiangfei was able to do such a shameless thing. But, hearing the two’s words, it’s as though the both of them understood each other’s meaning. What hatred could there be between their families?”


“Damn! I didn’t expect that my eyes could mistakenly judge others. I used to think that Su Xiangfei was a good guy. Only now do I know his true face. From now onwards, we should be wary and guard against him.”


“Su Xiangfei really has a bitch’s mind. “




At this time, an enchanting and beautiful figure, with a graceful face, perfect body, and coupled with her fashion dress showed up at the classroom’s door.


Su Xiangfei didn’t notice it. He was shrouded with an ashamed and resentful feeling at the moment. His vision shifted from Cheng Yannan to Tang Xiu as he glared at him with anger blazing in his eyes as he roared, “Surnamed Tang, you f*****g-idiot bastard have always been hiding behind women. Is that what a f*****g real man could do? If you have the guts and ability, come fight me!”


“Hiding behind a woman is indeed not a real man. But if a man could make Kang Xia interested, I think he’s not the one who falls into this category.” The moment Kang Xia walked into the classroom, all eyes instantly got sucked toward her in a flash, bringing along the aloof and majestic feeling a Queen could have. She arrived and turned around in front of Su Xiangfei, and said it once again, “I must correct you. A real man doesn’t mean it has to be proved through fighting. I think people who solve the problems with their fists are either desperately forced or a fool. Now, think for yourself, which kind of person are you?”




The anger on Su Xiangfei’s face froze. With a foolish expression, he looked at the beautiful Kang Xia, whose gracefulness was not the slightest bit under the teacher in charge, Han Qingwu. His mouth was open but he didn’t know what to say.


Kang Xia cross-glanced at Su Xiangfei before she turned around and looked at Tang Xiu, and then lightly smiled, “It’s our first meeting. And yet seeing you’re this young makes me pleasantly surprised.”


Tang Xiu shook hands with her and calmly replied, “And I also have never thought that the legendary gold manager Miss Kang Xia would be beautiful and enchanting to this degree. Anyways, this place is not suitable, let’s talk elsewhere.”




Kang Xia shrugged her shoulders and replied.


Tang Xiu didn’t even glance at Su Xiangfei and blatantly ignored him, letting him feel more discomfort. After leaving the classroom, Tang Xiu saw the teacher Han Qingwu holding a thick stack of documents pass by.


“Tang Xiu! Are you going to skip class again?”


Seeing that Tang Xiu was going out of the classroom, Han Qingwu immediately cried out, as she felt as though she was bitten once and afraid to get bitter for the rest of the time.


A somewhat awkward expression emerged on Tang Xiu’s face, especially because he was followed by Kang Xia. As for Kang Xia, she looked at Tang Xiu with a weird expression, as she suddenly smiled when she looked at Han Qingwu.


The moment she first saw Tang Xiu, she could feel that the youngster who was 5 or 6 years younger than her was very interesting. Kang Xia approached as she extended her hand to Han Qingwu, and said with a smile, “You are Tang Xiu’s class in charge teacher, yes? How do you do? I’m Kang Xia, Tang Xiu’s… friend. Is it possible that Tang Xiu could have a leave of absence? I have some matters to speak with him, and it would only need 2 hours at the most.”


Han Qingwu looked at Kang Xia before she shifted her sight at Tang Xiu. In the end, she really couldn’t figure out what had happened recently, as to why a lot of people came to find Tang Xiu. A moment ago, the principal summoned her to his office, and told her in a mandatory tone to give him a week of leave. But the most vexing thing and hard to accept for her was, that she had to lie to Tang Xiu’s mother, telling her that he was going out to participate in a subject contest.


“Hello, how do you do? Anyways, since you have some matters, it’s alright, please take care!”


Kang Xia nodded slightly as she took the lead and walked.


Tang Xiu said with a smile, “Teacher Han, then I can go, yes? This doesn’t count that I’m skipping classes, right?”


“Just roll quickly!”


Deep inside, Han Qingwu suppressed the peculiar feeling inside her as she snapped with a smile.


Tang Xiu only chuckled. The moment he brushed past Han Qingwu, his footsteps slightly halted for a second, as he whispered fast, “Teacher Han, to be honest, you are more beautiful than Kang Xia. In my opinion, that is.”


The next second he had already bolted toward Kang Xia!


“What the… T-This… this brat, even dares to molest me?” Han Qingwu was dumbfounded as she was at a loss of whether to laugh or cry. Her eyes furiously rolled as she stared at Tang Xiu’s back before she turned toward the classroom.



[1] Its a Confucius Analects and pretty much different with literal translation (if one didn’t polish a diamond, do not try to mend porcelain wares), so I chose to translate the meaning of the analects instead of the literal one.

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