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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: Who’s the Sacred Being? [1]


Even though the guests’ voices in the surrounding were not loud, but Jia Ruidao and his three apprentices could still hear them clearly. The same expression could be seen on their faces. Especially for Jia Yelei, his handsome-graceful face had turned scarlet with anger.


Tang Xiu walked toward Jia Yelei’s side and lightly spoke, “If you cannot even endure such a shame and humiliation, you won’t walk too far in your life. We might as well directly admit our loss and forfeit the gambling house today.”




The anger that burning inside Jia Yelei was as though being put out by icy water and thoroughly extinguished. The hope he had right now was for Tang Xiu to take back everything and avenge their resentments. If Tang Xiu forfeited the gambling house today, then they would have bit the bullet and lost all their hopes.


“Master Tang, please be at ease. I’ll do what you say.” Jia Yelei replied and bowed.


Tang Xiu nodded. Then, he stepped onto the Jacobs ladder of the anchored luxury passenger cruiser.


The passenger cruiser was 135.06 meters in length, 16.5 meters in width, 24320 tons of Gross Register Tonnage with 10.3 meters topsides in height from the water lines to the main deck. The ship was able to carry 2000 passengers and crew. It had a 4 layer deck, with the lowest one being the engine and power room. The second deck was the main deck for passenger rooms, the third deck was for entertainment and recreation area such as the dining room, ballroom, karaoke, gyms and other pleasures and entertainments. And the casino was exactly located on the top deck.


Jia Ruidao was already familiar with the layout, as the five of them then entered each passenger room on the second deck. They quietly waited for the passenger cruiser to sail to the ocean. Gambling was illegal by law, so the cruiser would sail to the international waters whenever gambling houses were held.


“The power of science and technology truly cannot be underestimated!”


After Tang Xiu was bored for staying alone in the room, he then went outside to the deck. The passenger cruiser had already set sail, but it was moving slowly as it braved the waves and winds. There was only the vast boundless sea in the surroundings along the sails. A lot of tourists had already come out to enjoy the ocean scenery, causing the atmosphere to turn noisy. Tang Xiu, who wanted a tranquil scenery, frowned. He looked around before his eyes fell and stopped at the glass window at the fourth deck.


At the fourth deck…


Tang Xiu entered the scenic view room and sat near the window. There were only a few people here. Only 2 or 3 people sat there as they talked in low whispers.




A few minutes later, a successful-looking middle-aged man surrounded by a group of men came, making loud noises. The middle-aged man approached and came in front of Tang Xiu.


“Hello, Mr. Tang.”


The first time he saw Tang Xiu, Miao Wentang originally wanted to quickly leave, because seeing Tang Xiu reminded him of the shameful event where he shamed himself last night. However, he had no choice but to acknowledge that Tang Xiu was really powerful. After contemplating and criticizing himself for a night, he admitted that he was in the wrong. He was the one who spoke improperly, and finally said and did something wrong. After he admitted it, a feeling of admiration toward Tang Xiu was spontaneously birthed inside his heart.


“Ah, it’s you?” Tang Xiu’s brows wrinkled. A bit of a cold and detached expression surfaced on his face.


Miao Wentang keenly sensed Tang Xiu’s attitude as an awkward and embarrassed feeling suddenly rose in his heart. He thickened his face since he wanted to mend his relationship with Tang Xiu and also wanted to know more about him. Then, he immediately said, “Mr. Tang, I didn’t sleep last night and did some self-review and contemplation. I want to apologize to you for my words and attitude last night. So, I sincerely ask if you can forgive me.” [1]


Tang Xiu sat tight and firmly as though a mountain. He indifferently said, “Your attitude is commendable.”


Miao Wentang quickly said, “It’s my fault, so naturally I have to correct it myself. Master Tang, I want to make up for yesterday’s fault. I hope you could give me face today and let me invite you to the Paradise Club. So I can officially apologize to you.”


“No need!” Tang Xiu directly refused.


A few middle-aged men around Miao Wentang were all elite businessmen. For people like them, their status and identity were a taken for granted capital, and it was only natural that others should respect them. And Tang Xiu’s attitude stroke at their bottom line, because Miao Wentang was their honorable guest. But, Tang Xiu didn’t even give the face and brazenly reject Miao Wentang. This meant that he was also humiliating them.


“Big Brother Miao, this person is?” A middle-aged man couldn’t accept Tang Xiu’s manner, so he openly asked.


Miao Wentang was still looking at Tang Xiu with an awkward and embarrassed expression, but the sudden question from the middle-aged man abruptly pulled him away from the awkward situation. Even though he was barely able to break away from that embarrassed situation, but he was a veteran businessman who had been through a lot and met countless people. He was smart enough to tell that Tang Xiu didn’t like to be disturbed. So he answered with a simple introduction, “This is Mr. Tang.”


Immediately, Miao Wentang took business card holder from his pocket and put his business card on the table in front of Tang Xiu and said, “Mr. Tang, this is my business card. If you have the time, you can call me anytime. I owe you an apologizing feast.”


After having said that, he did not even ask Tang Xiu’s business card. He turned around and nodded to the people around him and then strode toward another scenic room. A few of his businessmen colleagues around him looked at each other, as their hearts were struck with riddle and mystery.


Who was he? Was he a sacred being?


Miao Wentang was the president of the Qingzhou’s Miao Group,  a very famous and powerful figure in the entire Qingzhou. Furthermore, he was also rumored to be a very formidable martial artist, and his security service company was listed in the top 10 in the whole country. But, how would such a powerful figure become so timid in front of a young man?


These several Jingmen Island’s business elites exchanged looks between each other. Then, they pulled out their business cards and placed them on the table in front of Tang Xiu. They introduced themselves in the simplest words and then quickly followed Miao Wentang to leave.


“These people are such a boring bunch!” Tang Xiu muttered in his heart. He grabbed and saw a few business cards but didn’t put them in his pocket. Dealing with others was not his forte since he was not good at interpersonal relationships. Even when he was in the Immortal World, he…


Recalling past events made Tang Xiu’s mood sank. Because of Jia Ruidao’s issue, he wasted a few days, so he firmly decided that, regardless of the outcome of winning or losing, he must put this matter to an end thoroughly today. After that, he must find a large number of rare and precious medicinal herbs, ores, and ingredients to aid his cultivation.


At the other scenic view room…


A middle-aged man turned his head and glanced at Tang Xiu. Then, he looked at Miao Wentang and whispered, “Big Brother Miao, that surnamed Tang kid, what is his origin? And where does he come from? Such a brat like him doesn’t even want to give you face?”


“That’s right! What kind of sacred being could he be?  He’s way too rampant and arrogant.” Another middle-aged added with a bit of disgusted tone, but still, he was talking with a very low voice.


Miao Wentang smile let out a forced and wry smile and said, “You should have heard about the event at Everlasting Feast Hall last night, yes? Shao Mingzhen and I have successfully broken into the third layer of the Thousands Revolution Array. And we become the Everlasting Feast Hall’s Honorable Guests. But he… he amazingly broke into the sixth layer.”




“How could it be possible?”




Flabbergasted expressions were suddenly revealed on those Jingmen Island’s business elites’ complexion as they immediately exclaimed out loud in shock.


Miao Wentang wryly smiled, “Those shocked expression of yours also happened to me. I thought it was impossible. But the fact was there, and I witnessed it personally, so how would I make a mistake about it? The reason I apologize to him was because I mocked and ridiculed him before he challenged the Thousands Revolution Array, and I disgraced my own face.”


A middle-aged whispered, “Big Brother Miao, but he’s way too young! I could tell he’s even under 20 years-old. How could he be that powerful?”


Miao Wentang smiled, “You can ask me, but to whom should I ask? In short, with such a talent and intelligence, we’d better off not provoking this unfathomable youth. In this world, having a lot of friends are way much better than having a lot of enemies.”


“Yes Yes Yes!” Those people nodded and complied repeatedly.


Noon, 1:50 PM…


Tang Xiu came over to the casino on the fourth deck. A lot of people were coming to the casino at this moment. The casino was filled with all kinds of gambling machines, stuff, and tools, as they were surrounded with gamblers who wanted to try their skills. Paradise Club provided the gambling venue but didn’t involve themselves in the gambling bouts. However, for each gambling game being held here, they got 1% shares for the total amount of money being staked on the table. But, even though it was only 1%, considering the number of days and people who gambled, the profit was quite big.


“Master Tang, the gambling house will be held in a VIP private room. My Master has already been waiting for you in the VIP room.” Gong Dalong was waiting in the Casino Hall as he immediately approached and respectfully greeted Tang Xiu the moment he saw him.


“It seems that only a few minutes are left before the gambling bout is held. Lead the way and let’s finish the game. Besides, I still have other things to take care of..” Tang Xiu nodded and said.


“Alright!” Gong Dalong respectfully complied.


The VIP private room was a few hundred square meters in size, with all kinds of gambling tools already prepared. Apart from Jia Ruidao and his apprentices, and Chen Kai with his highly paid professional gambler, Ye Taifu, there were hundreds of people who came to watch. The people who were eligible to enter this VIP private gambling room were of extraordinary statuses. They must at least obtain a recommendation from others before they were permitted to enter. Aside from Miao Wentang, amongst the spectators, there were also several business circle elites from Jingmen Island.


Miao Wentang also saw Tang Xiu’s arrival. But a blank expression suddenly revealed on his face since Tang Xiu seemed to know the side who would gamble. A few other people were also looking at each other with puzzlement.


Even though there were many people in the VIP private room, but it was orderly with more than 20 black-suited security guards in the room to ensure that there would be no disturbance in the course of the gambling house.


“Ah, you finally came, Brother Tang! The game is about to begin!” Jia Ruidao and the others who had already burned with anxiousness and impatience, quickly greeted him.


Tang Xiu said, “Relax, I know my discretion.”


He looked at Chen Kai at the opposite side of the table and could see the erratic expression from his eyes. On the contrary, the bald middle-aged man at his side seemed very eager and rubbed his hands. Tang Xiu stepped forward. Under the gaze from all spectators, he looked at the middle-age man and spoke with a deep tone, “You’re Ye Taifu? A professional gambler from Macao, called the Golden Finger, yes?”


The middle-aged man raised his chin and looked at Tang Xiu contemptuously and said, “That’s me, yes. And who are you? Jia Ruidao has lost the gamble and then he doesn’t dare to play. So now, you’re going to gamble in his stead?!”


Tang Xiu pulled out a chair and sat on the opposite side of Ye Taifu. He indifferently said, “Yes. Today I’m the one who’ll be playing with you. But, I’m afraid that people are afraid of trouble and don’t like complex gambles, how is it?”


Yutai Fu asked, “How simple?”


Tang Xiu said, “How about we play Tie Golden Flower and compare the number?”


Tie Golden Flower and compare the number?


Ye Taifu sized up Tang Xiu with a strange expression. He chuckled and then smiled, “Are you sure you want to gamble by comparing cards? But I’ll have to tell you beforehand, I don’t want to have a small gambling stake… how about 1 million in deposit as the lowest stake? Do you dare?”


“Why should I be afraid? Deal!” A cold beam flashed inside Tang Xiu’s eyes as he happily replied.



[1] Sacred being here means as respected/highly skilled people but unknown to the public.

[2] I have to cut quite a line here for Miao Wentang’s words… I don’t like to write the whole content of the idioms and cut to the point since it was boring if I found it all the time. It’s too long a line for asking forgiveness. Its polite words to ask forgiveness in Chinese, but translating it into English will take too much word…

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