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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 94 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 94

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Chapter 94: Driven Out


Chu Yi and Bai Tao were looking at Chen Kai with a disgusted expression at the moment. They were secretly regretting the trip to this murky and muddy water of Jingmen Island, and then left quietly after the gambling house ended.


As for the Paradise Club’s owner—Ouyang Lulu, she did not stay any longer and looked at Chen Kai with contemptuous looks before wandering for a moment and finally fixating her eyes on Tang Xiu. She looked deeply at him before she chased Chu Yi and Bai Tao. She wanted to hear more about Tang Xiu from them, as to why she could not see through Tang Xiu.


Crystal tears dripped down from Jia Ruidao’s eyes who just received his wife’s memento, the coiling dragon and phoenix carved jade pendant


Previously, he thought his life was over. Not only did he lose his fortune, but also had huge debts outside, he even lost the last memento from his wife. However, Tang Xiu’s win gave him the feeling of going back to heaven from hell!


“Brother Tang… Thanks, thank you!”


Jia Ruidao’s voice was somewhat masked with sobs, but a thick and deep sense of gratitude filled his every word.


Tang Xiu had neither been accustomed nor could he bear to have others be grateful to him. He also was not used to communicating with others in this way. He apathetically shook his head and said, “Come on, let’s us just go back to the hotel! Moreover, if possible, it’s best for you to book a plane ticket and schedule it in advance for me to go back to Star City tonight or tomorrow’s flight.”


Jia Ruidao quickly said, “Brother Tang, Long’er said that he has helped you get your one week holiday. Only 2 days have passed, so you don’t need to rush back that quick. Besides, we need to exchange the winning money and transfer them to your bank account. Another thing is, I must express my thanks and take you to wander around Jingmen Island and have your time well spent here. You might not know that Jingmen Island has a lot of good places to visit. And I promise that you’ll like it.”


“This…” Tang Xiu hesitated.


He hadn’t the slightest interest in the fun places Jingmen Island might have. His biggest interest was that huge sum of money. From the previous agreement between him and Jia Ruidao, he would get half of that 500 million gambling money.


Upon seeing Tang Xiu’s hesitation, Gong Dalong quickly said, “Master Tang, my Master’s words are true. We need to exchange the chips into money and then transfer them into our bank account, that would take some time. I also know a private manor which not only has a beautiful scenery but also has precious wild carnivorous meat. I heard that a few days ago, the manor has hired more than 10 martial art experts to hunt down a Sea Spirit Flood Dragon on a nearby island. This private manor has been established for more a few years and this is the second time they have gotten a sea flood dragon. The first time they got one, I heard from a lot of people who have eaten the sea flood dragon meat that the meat was very delicious!”


The Sea Spirit Flood Dragon would do!


Tang Xiu’s eyes brightened up as his heart thumped with excitement.


He was in dire need of various parts of fierce beasts for his cultivation such as skin, flesh and blood, bones, sharp claws and many other things. He needed all of these basic ingredients to refine the Body Refining Liquid, especially if he could come across a higher grade of fierce beast, he would be able to refine a higher grade of medication that would be most suitable for concocting the Golden Bell Liquid to aid his cultivation in Skin Strengthening Stage.


“What is that Villa?” Tang Xiu asked.


Gong Dalong replied with a smile, “Seaside Strait Manor.”


Tang Xiu asked again, “When can we go?”


Gong Dalong quickly said, “If you still have the time, we’ll wait for this ship to moor tomorrow and then we can immediately go there.”


Tang Xiu nodded and said, “Fine, I’ll stay in Jingmen Island for 2 more days! However, I need a good rest in the passenger cabin and I don’t want anyone to disturb me.”


With a respectful manner, Gong Dalong replied, “You can rest assured that we will never let anyone disturb you. But you’ll need to tell us your bank account number, so we can transfer you the money after we exchange the chips.




Tang Xiu sent his bank account number to Gong Dalong through his mobile device and then left the VIP private room under the gazes of a lot of people. However, he did not return to his room and instead came toward the guest area on the aft deck. Overlooking the distance of the rough sea with billowing high waves, while feeling the blowing breeze as he suddenly felt a sense of comfort spontaneously.


He had always been busy recently. So many things happened and he had to run around and was rarely idle whilst thinking about his next steps. Moreover, it was as though a pair of invisible hands were holding him and dragging him forward unceasingly. He did not like this kind of feeling of having no control over a lot of things.


“If I can return to the peak, I’ll change this fart of a heavenly law in this world!”


Beams of light brought along a coldness within flashed inside Tang Xiu’s eyes as he felt some helplessness inside his heart.


“A lonesome and a very quiet place here.”


A clear pitched voice suddenly sounded behind Tang Xiu.


Tang Xiu turned his head and found the Paradise Club’s owner, Ouyang Lulu. Looking at her appearance, she seemed to be only a few years older than him with graceful and smiling looks. Tang Xiu replied with an indifferent expression, “This place is indeed very good.”


Ouyang Lulu observed Tang Xiu and said with a smile, “Congratulations for winning the gambling house.”


Tang Xiu shook his head and did not speak again.


He did not want to be disturbed by anyone at the moment, but Ouyang Lulu = now came here and it gave her some frustration. If it was not for Ouyang Lulu’s identity, he could have immediately driven her away.


“Do you feel disturbed and not want me here?”


Ouyang Lulu had was a sensitive person and she was keenly aware of Tang Xiu’s attitude and immediately asked.


Tang Xiu said indifferently, “I just wanna be alone and have some quiet time.”


Ouyang Lulu was quite annoyed and angry. She had come across countless men ever since her childhood and they fell for her, wave after wave. Even those who pretended to repel her, but actually wished to be the one who could be her man in their heart. However, what she felt from Tang Xiu was really repelling her, and that she was really unwanted here and it was kind of the same as having no interest in her.


“Hey, are you still a man?”


Under her anger, Ouyang Lulu boldly asked this question. However, the moment she finished speaking, only then did she realize that she had lost her manner and was secretly regretting it.


Tang Xiu looked at Ouyang Lulu with cold and detached eyes and he then said indifferently, “Whether I am a man or not, do you really want to try? I don’t mind to have a one night stand with you though.”




Ouyang Lulu was furious as she looked at the detached and cold expression on Tang Xiu’s complexion. She almost lifted her feet to send out a fierce kick to Tang Xiu’s face. However, she knew about her fighting prowess as she then took a deep breath and turned away.


A few hours later.


After having returned to his room, an SMS came and 250 million had been transferred to his bank account


“Jia Ruidao and his three apprentices are really bound by their promises it seems.”


There was not the slightest ripples inside Tang Xiu’s heart because of this huge sum of money. Wealth was but only a tool to aid his cultivation. If it were not because he needed money to buy a lot of things for his cultivation, he would have ignored wealth and money, even if there was a mountain of gold and silver, it would never be able to make him care and glance over at it.


At Paradise Club, inside the General Manager’s Office…


Ouyang Lulu was sitting in the boss chair with a furious expression as shattered glasses could be seen under her feet because she smashed her teacup. Never once had she ever dream that Tang Xiu would blatantly disregard her. She was eager to get close and try to get to know him after having been trailing Tang Xiu from a surveillance video.


And he! He was even thinking of such a disgusting thing even though he was that young!


“Men are really some f*****g bastards. One would only really know someone’s true nature after having known them for a long time.” Ouyang Lulu secretly whispered inside.


“Knock, knock, knock…”


The door was knocked on.


“Come in!”


Ouyang Lulu quickly adjusted her iffy mood and spoke.


The door was pushed open as Chu Yi and Bai Tao then came in the office smiling. They casually sat on the sofa at the office corner and watched Ouyang Lulu personally serve and pour tea for them. Then, Bai Tao asked, “Fellow classmate, you have gone experiencing it yourself today, haven’t you? We did tell you that Tang Xiu is unfathomably unpredictable and deep. But still, we have never thought that he would win today’s gambling house so easily.”


Ouyang Lulu lightly replied from the side whilst serving the tea, “He only has some ability, but he’s way too arrogant of a man. I just don’t like him.”


Chu Yi grinned and said, “Hehe, I did say Lulu is the type of big beautiful lady. It’s alright for you to not like him, but I do think that there are a lot of women that like him! Haven’t you seen today, a lot of young and beautiful women were watching Tang Xiu with hot and burning eyes full of feeling?”


Ouyang Lulu coldly snorted and said “Bah, could those women be compared to me?”


Chu Yi stared blankly for a moment before he involuntarily laughed and said, “True, if you are as though a fresh flower, then they could be regarded as green foxtail grass and there’s no way for you to be compared. However, judging from your tone it’s as though you’ve met alone with Tang Xiu, yes?”


Ouyang Lulu replied with a snap, “Damn right, I’ve met him. But only to find him a bastard. I know men are shameless, but such a shameless bastard like Tang Xiu is really rare to find.”


Chu Yi and Bai Tao looked at each other whilst a strong interest in their hearts was suddenly ignited.


“Old friend, what did Tang Xiu do to you?” Bai Tao asked curiously.


“Yes! I know that Tang Xiu is extremely bold, so what kind of wicked deeds has Tang Xiu done to you?” Chu Yi also quickly asked.


Ouyang Lulu rolled her eyes as she looked at the both of them before she replied snappily, “He dares to…!”


Afterward, she told everything her meeting process with Tang Xiu from beginning to end and then concluded with her final words with an angry and agitated tone, “Now you tell me, is he still a man? This grand lady’s looks is like a very beautiful flower, an outstanding beauty, even a lot of men want me. But that Tang Xiu blatantly disregarded this grand lady and that is way too outrageous. If this grand lady has a little bit of prowess in martial arts, I could have given him a hard-to-forget lesson.”


“Don’t!” Bai Tao quickly interrupted.


Chu Yi also quickly said, “Old friend, I tell you, just forget about teaching Tang Xiu a lesson in your mind. And ignore it, really. You don’t know that Tang Xiu is way more powerful than you can imagine!”


Looking at the panicked reaction from the both of them, Ouyang Lulu was quizzical and then said, “Huh? What happened to the both of you? Even if Tang Xiu is really powerful, but he only has 2 arms and legs, there’s no way he has a superhuman power and has 3 heads and six arms, am I right?”


Chu Yi let out a forced and wry smile and said, “That Tang Xiu is way more powerful than a superhuman with 3 heads and 6 arms! You are the local boss of Jingmen Island, so you should have heard about The Everlasting Feast Hall, right?”


“Of course I know about it! I’ve even seen the Little Boss of that Everlasting Feast Hall. I even had a meal, drank, and chatted with her all day. But, what do you wanna tell me with all these things?” Ouyang Lulu said.

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“Men are really some f*****g bastards. One would only really know someone’s true nature after having known them for a long time.” Ouyang Lulu secretly whispered inside.

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