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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 95 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: Unexpected Surprise


Chu Yi looked at Ouyang Lulu deeply as he spoke with a deep tone, “Old friend, your Ouyang Family’s strength on Jingmen Island should be ranked as one of the best and your intelligence network is also unmatched here. So you should have heard the event at The Everlasting Feast Hall last night, yes?”


Ouyang Lulu was surprised and said, “Of course! But tell me what’s the meaning of this?”


Chu Yi said, “Last night, three masters challenged the Thousand Revolution Array in Everlasting Feast Hall, and one of them was Tang Xiu, and he was the one that amazingly broke through to the sixth layer of the Thousand Revolution Array.”




Ouyang Lulu suddenly stood up as the half-empty teacup in her hands dropped from midair, sprinkling the tea water and its leaves. She had quite a close relationship with Gu Xiaoxue—the Jingmen Island’s Everlasting Feast Hall’s Little Boss, she has been friends with her for nearly a decade. Although their relationship was not as close as a boudoir friend, however, they knew each other very well. Ouyang Lulu knew about the Thousand Revolution Array and was aware that only a few capable and powerful cultivators were able to challenge the array. Had it been for average people, the probability that they could have died in there was high.


“Cultivator? Tang Xiu is a cultivator?”


The news caught Ouyang Lulu off guard and made her shocked. But it was certain that it was not because of Tang Xiu’s identity as a cultivator but much more to the fact that he had broken into the sixth layer of the Thousand Revolution Array.


That was the sixth layer, what kind of terrifying strength must one have to break into it?!


The fact was that the Thousand Revolution Array had been deployed for more than a decade but nobody had been able to break to the sixth floor.


Chu Yi looked at the shocked Ouyang Lulu and said with a smile, “Old friend, now you should understand why I stopped you, right? I couldn’t see through this guy, but I can be sure of one thing, that he’s really powerful to the point that it is outrageous and could make your blood boil. So don’t go provoking him. A person like him could only be a friend and never be an enemy.”


Ouyang Lulu’s sensual red lips wriggled a few times before she finally let out a forced smile helplessly, “What you said is true. Had I offended this kind of expert, let alone myself, even my entire family would be unable to face it. More than 20 years ago a large family in Northwest China had offended a fearful master and caused their entire family to be killed overnight and not even one of their lines remain.”


Chu Yi was astonished and said, “You even know of this matter? Hasn’t this matter been suppressed by the Country’s Godfather as to not divulge it to the public?”


Ouyang Lulu whispered, “My great uncle was the person who was responsible for dealing with this matter during that time.”


“Your great-uncle is the godfather?” Chu Yi and Bai Tao exclaimed in unison.


Ouyang Lulu waved and said, “What the hell are you talking about? What’s the godfather’s surname and ours? What I mean is the godfather sent my great uncle to process the funeral!”


“Ah, so that’s what happened!” Chu Yi and Bai Tao immediately understood.


Ouyang Lulu then said, “But what I really don’t understand is, how Jia Ruidao would know such a powerful person? And Tang Xiu is this powerful despite his young age, if it were his school or sect’s Elders and Masters, how terrifyingly powerful would their cultivation base be?”


“Elders and Masters of the sect?”


“Cultivation base?”


Chu Yi and Bai Tao looked at Ouyang Lulu with a puzzled expression.


Ouyang Lulu rolled her eyes as she looked at them and snapped, “Haven’t you had realized that Tang Xiu is a cultivator? Don’t tell me that with your family’s intelligence network you don’t know such people existence in the world!”


Chu Yi and Bai Tao were petrified!




They had heard about these people but have never seen them. Coming across such people from legend could be said as their blessing and fortune, it was normal to not meet them. But at the moment, Ouyang Lulu said that Tang Xiu was a cultivator, it caused their hearts to be stormed by heavy waves.


However, the more they carefully thought about it, the more they could tell that Ouyang Lulu was right. Tang Xiu was this powerful and if he were not a cultivator, could normal people even be able to achieve things that were almost impossible to achieve?


“Damn, this won’t do. We must investigate Tang Xiu immediately and find out what he needs! If we cannot take advantage while he’s still young and have a good relationship with him, once he’s truly grown, it would be extremely difficult for us to do so.” Chu Yi spoke with a decisive tone.


Bai Tao also nodded and said, “I’ll immediately pass the news back to my family. Even if I have to use the entire family’s contact, we must find out what Tang Xiu wants. Even if we use all the means we have and can not be a genuine friend with him, we still must do everything possible and let him owe us a big favor.”


“Correct!” Chu Yi heavily nodded.


Ouyang Lulu looked at their serious expressions as her mind was also rotating faster. She had guessed Tang Xiu’s true identity, so how would the idea did not cross her mind?



After drifting for a night, the luxurious passenger cruiser finally moored at Jingmen Island Port at noon on the second day. Along with the leaving guests, Tang Xiu, Jia Ruidao, and his apprentices leisurely left the passenger cruiser.


Lunch was about to arrive but the five people did not stay as they took a car and went to the Seaside Strait Manor. It was because Gong Dalong had made a call when they were still at sea to book a private box in advance, so they decided to have lunch at Seaside Strait Manor.


Jingmen Island West Coast.


It was a magnificent and large villa area, and the Seaside Strait Manor was located in this place. Two cars arrived at the entrance and was only allowed to pass after having gone through inspection. The thing that made Tang Xiu surprised was that there were a lot of security personnel at this place, patrolling everywhere. Each one of them was very strong and had extremely steady footsteps, signifying that they were obviously skilled martial artists.


“What is the origin of this Seaside Strait Manor?”


Tang Xiu was sitting in the back seat as he asked and looked at Jia Ruidao who sat in the passenger seat.


Jia Ruidao said, “I’m also unclear about their specific origin. However, I do know that the Master of this Seaside Street Manor came from Beijing and has been here for business for more than 20 years, it has a powerful force and influence. But in the recent years, since the Master of the Manor is very old and his health is deteriorating, the one who manages the Manor right now is his son, Tang Dong.”


Tang Xiu nodded as he spoke with great interest, “Ah, I really want to see the Master of this Manor to talk about some topics, we might have something in common.”


Jia Ruidao involuntarily laughed and then said, “Brother Tang, meeting the Master of this Manor is probably quite difficult. I don’t how many dignitaries in Jingmen Island wished to visit but were shut out. I have heard that even some government big shots must make an appointment in advance for half a month before they can get half an hour meeting opportunities.”


“They are that arrogant?” Tang Xiu asked with astonishment.


Jia Ruidao replied with a smile, “It’s not that they are arrogant though, but it’s because they truly have a huge background, so they showcase their strong capital. In fact, I can guess their origin, but I’m not 100% sure about the reliability.”


Tang Xiu said, “Tell me your guesses!”


Jia Ruidao said, “They are surnamed Tang. And the only big family surnamed Tang is the Tang Family from Beijing.”


Tang Xiu said, “Is this respected family from Beijing really that powerful?”


Jia Ruidao replied without hesitation, “Yes! They are very powerful to the point that they could be called terrifying. I think that there are only 5 families in the entire country that could be compared to the Tang Family’s power and influence. Just think about it! Amongst 145 million families in the entire country, only five families have equal power and influence to the Tang Family, so you can imagine how strong they are!”


“Well, it’s indeed very strong!” Tang Xiu nodded and said.


Having entered the Manor’s interior, the two cars stopped inside a wide parking long as 4 big middle-aged men in a suit quickly stepped and greeted them, quickly opening the car’s door for everyone.


“Welcome.” A middle-aged man with glasses had been waiting in this place as brilliant beams of light flashed from his eyes from time to time as he said with a smile.


Jia Ruidao surprised, “Chief Hu? How come you personally…”


Hu Xinyu laughed, “I’ve heard Grandmaster Jia has returned triumphantly from The Paradise Club, so it’s natural that I have to greet you. Besides, I also have to pay my tribute toward the gambling Grandmasters.”


Jia Ruidao said with a smile, “Chief Hu, you are really fast on the news! Come, let me introduce you to Brother Tang. He’s the one who helped me in winning the gambling house. Brother Tang, this is the experienced reception manager of this Seaside Strait Manor, Hu Xinyu.”


Hu Xinyu observed Tang Xiu. Although he already received the news that Tang Xiu was young, but he never imagined that he was young to this degree. A bright smile was revealed on his complexion as he quickly extended his hand to shake and said, “Welcome Mr. Tang. You are honoring us with your presence. About your elegance in the casino, it has been passed to my ears yesterday. Had it been you were not in The Paradise Club and still at sea, I could have immediately rushed over to learn from you.”


“You’re too polite!”


Tang Xiu had never liked social niceties, but still, he extended hands and could not slap people who smiled at him. Since the other passionately greeted him, it would be better to give face to the host.


Hu Xinyu said with a smile, “Gentlemen, please come with me! Your private box and meal have already been prepared, so you can have your meal soon.”


Shortly after, under Hun Xinyu’s lead, everyone came to a luxury villa designed in full European-style. Only then did Tang Xiu realize than each villa in this manor area was used to entertain a group of guests.


“Please wait, I’ll call the kitchen to quickly serve the meal.”


“Please wait!” Tang Xiu stopped Hu Xinyu.


“Mr. Tang, do you have some orders in mind?” Hu Xinyu asked.


Tang Xiu said, “Could you recommend me to the old Master of Seaside Strait Manor? I’d like to see him.”




Hu Xinyu hesitated. After a short moment, only then did he speak with a forced and wry smile, “Mr. Tang, our old Master is old, and in the recent years he avoided to pay attention to outside affairs. So, this request is out of my capabilities.”


Tang Xiu was silent for a moment and said, “Since I cannot see your old Master, but it should not be a problem to introduce me to see the person in charge—Tang Dong, yes? I have a few questions I want to ask him.”


Hu Xinyu said, “I shall convey your request to our Boss. If he is willing to see you, you’ll hear the news from me.”


“Thanks!” Tang Xiu said.


A loud and clear voice suddenly sounded from outside of the villa as a figure appeared at the villa hall’s door a few seconds after.


“The heavens are measureless and unpredictable. This poor monk comes uninvited and hopes for gentlemen to forgive.”




Sorry for the late schedule… I just got back from my business trip on Thursday night, and got occupied with quite a lot of things afterward… and basically only resumed translating on Sunday since Saturday was my wife’s birthday, so we have a birthday party with our family’s friends.

Anyways, happy reading folk… will translate up to chapter 100 this Sunday… 8 hours for 6 chaps…

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