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Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 96 - Zenith Novels

Returning from the Immortal World – Chapter 96

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Chapter 96: Fellow Cultivators


The one who came was a Taoist monk clad in a Taoist robe, giving off the vibe of a Taoist immortal with chignon combed hair, duster in hand, feet in cloud shoes, as an indistinct smiling expression hung on his thin and peaceful face.


“You are?”


Hu Xinyu was the reception manager of the Manor. Upon seeing an old Taoist monk come uninvited, he immediately stood and asked. After all, if Jia Ruidao and Tang Xiu didn’t want to see this old Taoist, he was responsible for sending this old Taoist out.


The old Taoist’s eyes carefully swept over everyone before his eyes were fixated on Tang Xiu. He then spoke with a smile, “This old Taoist comes from Xibei’s Ziyang Monastery. My Taoist name is Dao Master Ziyi, and was invited by someone to be a guest in Jingmen Island. This one accidentally heard about what happened at the Everlasting Feast Hall yesterday, so this one has come here to visit Benefactor Tang.”


Jia Ruidao asked with a deep tone, “How do you know that Brother Tang is that person?”


Dao Master Ziyi said with a smile, “Surely you’re Benefactor Jia, aren’t you? It’s just someone has recognized you and says that you and Benefactor Tang has come together, so this Poor Taoist infers that this should be Benefactor Tang.”


Tang Xiu nodded and said, “I’m Tang Xiu. I wonder, how may I help you with?”


Dao Master Ziyi replied with a smile, “This old Taoist would like to invite Benefactor Tang for a cooperation to challenge and break into the Evil Dragon Sea Area. I don’t know whether Benefactor Tang has any interest to cooperate with this one?”


“Evil Dragon Sea Area?”


Tang Xiu had never heard about such a name and immediately asked, “Where is this Evil Dragon Sea Area? For what purpose will we break into that place?”


Dao Master Ziyi asked with a surprised expression, “Benefactor Tang doesn’t know about Evil Dragon Sea Area?”


“I don’t know about it!” Tang Xiu shook his head.


Dao Master Ziyi then said, “Evil Dragon Sea Area is located thousands of miles away from Jingmen Island. It’s a narrow waterway small strait in the South China Sea. It’s because our Ziyang Monastery’s best ability is in tool refining, so this Poor Taoist prepared to collect some fierce beasts’ materials and special ores. So this one has prepared to hunt and kill some fierce beasts. However, this Poor Taoist knows of the feeble strength this one has; it would be very difficult to come out of that place unscathed had this one gone alone. Since this one has heard about Benefactor Tang’s extremely high achievement, this one wants to invite you to go together.”


Evil Dragon Sea Area? Killing fierce beasts and seeking for special ores?


Tang Xiu’s mind was as though shook by tremors and immediately asked, “When will we embark? Only the two of us?”


Dao Master Ziyi said with a smile, “It seems that Benefactor Tang has agreed. Yes, only the two of us. This Poor Taoist wants to invite a few people, but this one only has a few personal contacts. Besides, this one doesn’t have the means to invite other Dao cultivators on Jingmen Island.”


Tang Xiu was silent for a moment as 2 faces immediately emerged in his mind. They were Shao Mingzhen and Miao Wentang, as he was considering as if he should invite them both to go together or not.


Others might be clueless about this matter, but he was crystal clear about it. His cultivation at present was only at the first layer of Stars Tyrannical Body, the Vitality Tempering layer peak. If he were to fight experts such as Shao Mingzhen and Miao Wentang at a close distance, he might have been instantly killed by them.


The more helpers they could get, the more chance to live they would have.


Tang Xiu quickly made a decision and said, “Since Dao Master Ziyi cannot invite others, then, I’ll invite 2 people! And to be honest, I’m also in need for materials from fierce beasts. Please wait until I invited them. And about our harvest, how about we share equally between the four of us?”


Dao Master Ziyi slightly hesitated before he nodded and said with a smile, “Then, this old Taoist will follow Benefactor Tang’s words.”


Tang Xiu took his phone and pulled out Miao Wentang’s business card he gave him and dialed his number on the back of it.


At this moment…


Miao Wentang and Shao Mingzhen were staying at a five-star hotel as they chatted about what had happened at the Paradise Club. Shao Mingzhen attentively listened to Miao Wentang’s vivid narration as he secretly regretted not going there to spectate it.


“Ye Taifu’s loses were not his fault. Comparing eyesight and speed with someone from the cultivation world is only courting himself with troubles. However, Tang Xiu’s action and style are really unpredictable. Such an honored cultivator, but he even went out to help someone in gambling houses. What an interesting young man!” Shao Mingzhen said and laughed.


Miao Wentang continued whilst smiling, “True! Cultivators have always been cultivating and tempering their mind and soul, and diligently promoting their cultivation. This is the first time I came across someone from the cultivation world gambling. However, I’ve apologized to Tang Xiu for my previous little conflict. But if he doesn’t forgive me, then I have no other means left.”


Shao Mingzhen shook his head and said, “I don’t think so. Tang Xiu is not the type of narrow-minded person that will bear a grudge over small things. Since you’ve apologized to him, I don’t think he will pay in mind about that matter.”


“I really hope so!” Miao Wentang said with a forced and wry smile.


Shao Mingzhen no longer mentioned the topic about Tang Xiu and shifted to other subjects, “Brother Miao, can you get the admission ticket for the annual Violet Redbud Auction tonight? The true reason I rushed over to Jingmen Island is actually for 2 things. First was to challenge the Thousand Revolution Array, and second was to participate in the Violet Redbud Auction.”


Miao Wentang replied with a smile, “In fact, I also have this purpose. Yesterday, some Jingmen Island’s business circle friends game me a few tickets. So we can go together in the evening! However, I should give you a forewarning! I’ve prepared quite a lot of money with me right now to buy a few things I need!”


Shao Mingzhen lightly laughed, “Bah, I don’t want to follow your evil intentions on competition. But if I really need something, I will go all out. Besides, there are only a few useful things for cultivators like us in this annual Violet Redbud Auction.”


“I know!” Miao Wentang nodded.


“Ring ring ring…”


A cell phone ringtone sounded and interrupted their conversation.


Miao Wentang took his phone out and found that the caller ID and number was unfamiliar. According to his previous habit, he just wanted to hang the phone up directly. But when Tang Xiu’s face suddenly emerged inside his mind, he immediately changed his idea and pressed the answer button, saying, “Miao Wentang speaking, who’s this?”


“I’m Tang Xiu!”


Tang Xiu’s voice was transmitted through the phone.


Miao Wentang’s pupil shrunk as a somewhat happy expression was suddenly revealed on his face as he quickly asked, “Mr. Tang, do you need something that requires my assistance?”


“Yes! Someone called Dao Master Ziyi invited me to hunt and kill fierce beasts in the Evil Dragon Sea Area. Do you have any interest to go with us?”


Miao Wentang quickly glanced at Shao Mingzhen’s eyes and spoke in a deep tone, “I know about Dao Master Ziyi and have been friends with him for more than 2 decades. I do want to join you, but can I bring another person? Shao Mingzhen happens to be here with me right now.”


“It’s fine!” Tang Xiu said.


Miao Wentang then asked, “When will we go out? And where can we meet?”


Tang Xiu said, “If you can, come to Seaside Strait Manor now! When you have arrived here, find Manager Hu Xinyu and he’ll take you to us.”


“Alright, we’ll catch up with you immediately.”


The call ended…


Miao Wentang narrated Tang Xiu’s words again as he grinned and smiled, “Brother Shao, Tang Xiu seems to be a really broad-minded person. He invited us to go to Evil Dragon Sea Area to hunt fierce beasts. I think that this is a good chance to create a good relationship with him.”


Shao Mingzhen stood up and replied with a smile, “This indeed is a heaven-sent opportunity. However, the Evil Dragon Sea Area is a very dangerous place, so we’ll have to be very careful on this trip.”




Inside the Seaside Strait Manor, Tang Xiu put his phone back and looked at Dao Master Ziyi as he spoke, “Please stay here together and have a meal! I believe that the 2 people I’ve invited will come over after lunch. I don’t have much time, but since we’ve reached an agreement, we’ll immediately leave after they have arrived.”


Dao Master Ziyi said with a smile, “Ah, this one didn’t expect Benefactor Tang to be so swift and decisive. This Poor Taoist really admires you. This one will follow your arrangements.”


Jia Ruidao looked at Dao Master Ziyi and Tang Xiu. Only now did he realize that he just saw a special circle of people, one that he couldn’t squeeze himself into. However, he was someone with a slippery and sleek personality, so he immediately warmly invited Dao Master Ziyi with hospitality to take a seat.


The lunch was very sumptuous, the most sumptuous one Tang Xiu had until now; he even felt that it was somewhat too luxurious, giving him the feeling of frustration at the same time. Such as the 2 main courses, the ingredients were good grade fierce beast meat. If these fierce beast meat were given to him, he could have been able to use these meats as the main ingredients to refine the Golden Bell Liquid.


“Unfortunately, the spiritual essence inside the meat has been cleanly consumed, so it has no benefits for the body.”


With Tang Xiu’s sigh, their lunch finished.


Jia Ruidao previously had the intention to accompany Tang Xiu for some time, but since he knew that Tang Xiu had something to do later, he motioned to his 3 apprentices to get up and leave. Tang Xiu didn’t detain them, he didn’t even say any polite words to them and only quietly watched Jia Ruidao leave.


“Benefactor Tang, this Poor Taoist heard that you have broken through the Thousand Revolution Array in Everlasting Feast Hall. It’s really amazing. To tell you the truth, this Poor Taoist has once also challenged that formation array, but unfortunately, this Poor Taoist’s cultivation is limited and was only able to break through the third layer. After that, this one had no choice but to quickly withdraw.” Dao Master Ziyi spoke whilst holding his duster as he spoke to Tang Xiu who sat on the opposite side.


Tang Xiu shook his head and said, “My cultivation is very low and my strength is very weak. However, I have a deep knowledge in breaking formation arrays, so it’s only natural that I’m more powerful compared to other cultivators in breaking the array. In any case, I’m afraid that I can’t give much help in hunting high-order fierce beasts in the Evil Dragon Sea Area.”


Dao Master Ziyi hesitated and was silent for a little while before he spoke in a serious tone, “Benefactor Tang, you don’t need to belittle yourself. In my opinion, an Array Master is much stronger compared to powerful cultivators. For our hunting trip, Benefactor Tang only needs to deploy a Killing Array to hunt, while we will direct the fierce beasts to the array. So our hunting trip would be much easier.”


Tang Xiu quickly understood Dao Master Ziyi’s meaning as he nodded and said, “It wouldn’t be much a problem in deploying the formation array, however, I would need some materials though.”


Dao Master Ziyi asked, “What kind of materials?”


Tang Xiu said, “Jades. The better the quality, the better formation array I can deploy. Moreover, I would also need to draw some paper talismans to use them in line with the array.”


Dao Master Ziyi replied with a smile, “These are only small problems. This Poor Taoist has a friend who has a jade business on Jingmen Island. This one will contact him right now and send you the jades as quickly as possible. As for the paper talisman, I can only trouble Benefactor Tang for that.”


“It’s alright!”


Then, Tang Xiu continued, “To draw the paper talismans, I would have to buy some things. Well, you wait here for the two people invited by me, whilst I go out to buy those things. Wait for me to finish drawing the paper talismans before we set out on our trip.”



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