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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 236

Translator: WuWang

Editor: Luiswu

Chapter 236: Blessing


The Ring of Blessing echoed above the city again.


People looked at the old bell tower one after another, offering their prayers to their god.


However, they felt slightly confused.


This time, for whom does the bell ring?


In the deep sea Water God temple, the Lamia Queen gazed at the scene in the Sea Demon’s Mirror without blinking.


“Puff! Puff!”


“Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!”


In the crystal Mermaid Palace, the Mermaid Queen held the shell in her hands and listened the sweet sounds inside it with a look of ecstasy.


“Puff! Puff!”


“Ya! Ya! Ya!”


They knew the meaning of the bell clearly. They could hear its ringing.


In front of the old bell, the Caelian Queen looked at Yun Xi with her seductive watery eyes. Her face turned bright red and her lips were half open. Because Yun Xi’s silver mask was condensing and spreading water mist, her beautiful hair was wet. The long hair swayed at her waist as her head lightly shook. Which looked pretty attractive.


Before too very long, her socks had been taken off and her slender legs exposed in the air. Under her white priest robe, they were a pair of little dainty feet.


The back of her feet were as white as snow, which looked so delicate that they would be easily hurt with the smallest amount of force. Her toes were pale and slightly pink with a light fragrance of orchid.


As she was kissed by Yun Xi, her toes curled, her legs stretched, and her waist stooped. The sensual scene and her seductive groans had all been seen and heard by the Lamia Queen and the Mermaid Queen.


It was a special effect of the three High Priestesses’ Relics. At first, it was designed for connecting to each other when something important happened. However, a strange resonance happened and the three relics had stayed in communication for a few days. Due to this, the three High Priestesses had all known Yun Xi’s intention when he first saw the Lamia Queen.


Compared to the enthusiastic Lamia Queen and the curious Mermaid Queen, as a human, the Caelian Queen had a special intellectual beauty.


Even though she was in Yun Xi’s arms now, she still muffled her voice as if she didn’t want to let Yun Xi hear her cute groans.


However, it wasn’t a natural instinct that could be controlled consciously.


After a deep kiss, the Queen had almost become drunk.


Yun Xi lowered his head and kissed her lips, enjoying her sweet and smooth mouth.


The Queen half opened her mouth, seizing the opportunity, Yun Xi’s tongue pushed between her white teeth and went deep into her mouth, tangling with her warm moist tongue.


As being guided by Yun Xi, the Queen gradually learned how to respond to his actions. Her small tongue tentatively touched Yun Xi’s tongue and learned the right way of deep kissing. Her face turned bright red and her eyes became watery, finally, the beautiful Queen couldn’t suppress her voice and groaned, as if a canary was singing.


Yun Xi’s mind had almost been absorbed  into the Queen’s warm soft body. He stretched out his hands and gently touched her body, losing himself in the wonderful feel. Gradually, a special mark emerged out of the fourth horn on Yun Xi’s White Emperor Mask. The fourth hero ranked Mist Soul was forming.


“Is this… love?” The Queen’s body trembled. The strange, exciting touch was much too strong for her. So she felt uneasy and confused.


Her face blushed and her teeth chattered. Just for a while, she herself had almost become strange even to herself.


Yun Xi moved down from the Queen’s mouth. He kissed her round chin, crystal neck, snow white chest, and finally went to her snow white peaks. Through the snow white priest robe, he opened his teeth and gently bit on her delicious fruits.


The Queen could no longer keep quiet and emitted a strong groan due to shyness.


The Queen’s body quivered in Yun Xi’s arms. Her white jade like skin had been covered with a layer of pink because of embarrassment.


Her saintly expression disappeared, and her current shy expression could make any man lose his head.


In the ringing of the bell, the Queen took off her last clothes.


The bell was ringing for her. It was a blessing for the most beautiful Queen of all mankind. It was to celebrate her rebirth from her frozen time.


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