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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 350

Translator: WuWang

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Chapter 350: The Figure of the Past

“Me… Me?” Yun Xi looked at the mysterious elf in confusion.

Till now, he still didn’t know the elf’s name. They were still strangers who just passed by each other on the streets.

Why? Is it because he is a very enthusiastic elf?

But the elves he knew were never so effusive.

Even dark elves who were much more exalted than ordinary human beings. They were rarely friendly to humans.

As the only dark elf he had seen, Black Moon was very arrogant, indifferent, which deeply touched his heart, making him want her like a flying moth wanted to dart into the fire.

And because of her, he knew that elves bodies weren’t cold at all, but very soft and comfortable.

Anyway, he didn’t think that he would have anything to do with elves apart from Black Moon.

“Yes, you look like an old friend… no, a teacher of mine.” Although Kingfisher’s age was older than the Killing Princess, he still thought that she was his teacher in his heart.

Her strong power and her sad life all touched his heart deeply, which made him finally become the “Demon Slayer”.

Without the Killing Princess, he wouldn’t be the hero “Kingfisher” and obtained his god weapon “Scindapsus”.

To elves, they didn’t mind what humans thought of the Killing Princess, they only knew she was the heroine who once saved the entire elven race.

Because when the Demons broke into the Garden of Elf, she suddenly appeared and killed half of the Demons, so only one-tenth of elves were killed and the Demons only took away one Life Tree. If it wasn’t for her, it would’ve become an even greater catastrophe.

Even though she wasn’t really doing it for saving the elves, she just wanted to kill as many Demons as she could, however, her behavior indeed saved the elf race and they recorded it on the tablet of the elf race.

At that time, Kingfisher witnessed the Killing Princess’ battle and finally realized their fault. The entire elf race was just swallowing the bitter fruit of not practicing their battle skills hard. So he went out of the forest together with his partners and fought against the Demons together with human beings and dragons.

“I… look like your friend…” Yun Xi couldn’t help but pulled in by his face, trying to see if he was dreaming. Looking at his behavior, Kingfisher smiled.

“No!” Kite covered his eyes painfully.

No, I can’t keep watching! Why is the elf’s smile so tempting!

“No, you can’t go to that ‘realm’! Go back, Kite!” Williams quickly comforted his friend, Kite, the future duke.

Elf is a life being that humans should never be in love with. The people who liked elves let themselves hit rock bottom.

This was what was recorded on a page of the book of Williams’ family. The numerous names on a page recorded the painful lessons his ancestors learned.

Nine members of Williams’ family joined Kingfisher’s team since he started to develop newbies from the families of his old friends, and all of the nine people suffered from an illness.

After being taught by Kingfisher, the nine Williamses all became the most excellent hero ranked mages in their eras. Some of them even almost touched the edge of the legend rank. Unfortunately, none of them had children .

Because none of them got married during their lives.

About the reason… the record of his family didn’t say anything, only leaving a few equivocal hints. But after that, every excellent member of his family was ordered to have children as soon as possible.

Williams didn’t understand the reason of this strange rule of his family in the past. Till he was chosen by Kingfisher and joined his team, he finally understood what his nine ancestors experienced and how depressed they were when they had to return to their family.

Oh, it’s too grueling to take an adventure with such an elf!

Look, as a muscle hunk, Kite’s mind had almost went wrong, it wasn’t difficult to imagine what a problem his ancestors had faced.

Humans should not fall in love with elves!

Damn it! Why? I just look at his smile, and my heart is almost being melted! A sound was crying in Williams’ heart.

Why isn’t he smiling at me!

As a muscle idiot, something was awakened in Kite’s heart just now. But Williams’ heart had been captured a long time ago,

He knew he couldn’t and there wouldn’t be any result, his heart still being captured by the elf’s charm. My ancestors, I understand! We should never think about love and only contribute ourselves completely into studying magics!

“Sorry, I’m glad that you wanted to invite me, but I’ve something on cooking, so I really should leave now.” Yun Xi felt that something was wrong just now.

When the elf smiled, the knight suddenly stared at him ferociously, and the mage suddenly gazed at him like a sinister viper.

Not only them, the girls on the street also stared at him as if they were going to eat him.

“Whoa! It’s enviable! She is speaking to Master Kingfisher!”

“Why is she but not me?!”

“I also wanted to greet Master Kingfisher!”

“Is it because Master Kingfisher likes maid uniforms?”

“No! That can’t be true!”

Ok, now Yun Xi knew the name of the elf. It seemed that he was famous here.

That wasn’t surprising. After all, even in the Western God’s Domain, it was rare for elves to appear in public, not to mention that he came to this remote sword domain.

Kingfisher was probably the only elf in the entire White Lotus Sword Domain. If the mysterious dark elf, Black Moon had left this sword domain.

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