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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 353

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Chapter 353: The Pleasant Princess

“Black Demon Dog…” Yun Xi didn’t know why but he knew its name was “Black Demon Dog”, although he had never seen such a black dog before.

He felt as if he was very familiar with it.

Its weak point was under its neck three centimetres.

Its heart wasn’t its weak point, neither its head. The only weak point of this creature was its “core”, which could let the Black Demon Dog keep eating and evolving.

The easiest way to kill a Black Demon Dog was to stab a sword into its neck, then cut through its body and tear it open from the inside!

Only a dead Black Demon Dog is a docile dog! Suddenly, a flash of killing intent appeared inside Yun Xi’s eyes.

“This is…” Kingfisher was ready to aim his bow and kill the Black Demon Dog with one shot, but he stopped after seeing Yun Xi’s expression, and shook his hand at Kite and Williams.

“Puff… puff…” The Black Demon Dog also saw the killing intent in Yun Xi’s eyes, which made it feel very uncomfortable, as if there was a memory that had been engraved in its bloodline.

It became grumpier and stared at Yun Xi fiercely, even ignoring the elf who was a much higher threat to it.

It was a hatred that had been remembered by its bodies instinct!

The bone armour on its body became thinner but much sharper. After losing a few defence points, its speed and strength were increased greatly.

Defence meant nothing in front of this enemy. It needed to be faster and stronger! This was what the Black Demon Dog obtained from its bloodline along with a crazy killing intent.

“Let’s play.” Yun Xi put down the shopping basket and held the Crane Wings Twin Swords in his hands.

His mind was very clear now that he could hear the flowing of his blood.

He wasn’t wearing the White Emperor Mask, but he was in high spirits.

After seeing the Black Demon Dog, something woke up inside his bloodline.

“Roar!” The Black Demon Dog jumped to the roof of the building beside the street, running crazily around Yun Xi.

Yun Xi felt more and more stressful as it ran. It seemed that it was a meaningless running, but was actually a special hunting rite of the Black Demon Dog, which could even shake the heart of a hero ranked being.

When it turned the 18 rounds, the battle broke out.

“Hiss!” With a sharp sound breaking the wind, three figures pounced at Yun Xi from three directions.

“Triplex Attack… the basic ability of the second form…” Kingfisher recognized this skill.

When a Black Demon Dog was in its initial form, it would only know to attack any living creature following its ravening instinct, but after eating enough flesh and blood of strong creatures, it would be able to develop and evolve into different forms.

Triplex Attack was one of the strongest abilities a nimble-type Black Demon Dog could have after it entered its second form. One was real and the other two were fake shadows, but the attacks from the two fake shadows were real. If one only regarded them as common shadows and didn’t dodge them, the person would pay a heavy price.

“One, two, three.” A dangerous light flashed inside Yun Xi’s eyes.

Pleasure, stimulation, excitement and a special feeling were affecting his mind, activating his body into a special state.

Yes, this is a battle, this will become a killing.

There won’t be anything else but the simplest idea of killing each other.

Smelling the sweet smell of blood, dancing in hell.

Let’s party!

First, cut off its paws!

Yun Xi didn’t even look at the three figures with his eyes. His body naturally danced and his hands subconsciously brandished the twin swords, then the Black Demon Dog’s true body suffered a heavy blow, and one of its paws was easily cut off.

“Ooroo!” Before the Black Demon Dog’s poor head understood what was happening, its belly was kicked and its body rolled on the ground.

The next is to break its bone armour!

The light of sword flashed in the air again. Yun Xi used a sword skill he had never used before, stripping off the Black Demon Dog’s bone armour instantly.

After losing its bone armour, it was just a strong black dog. Moreover, it had lost a paw.

Pleasure! Pleasure! A brutal smile appeared on Yun Xi’s face, as if he had become another person.

“Oh… the whole thing still went down in this direction.” Looking at his smile, Kingfisher sighed.

Nothing has changed.

The Killing Princess is still the Killing Princess.

Maybe she could preserve her sanity at other times, but would instantly go crazy as long as she saw anything about the Demons.

In this mood, the Killing Princess wouldn’t stop, until she had killed all the Demons in her sight.

To the Killing Princess, the battlefield was her unique stage. She was the brightest princess on the stage, dancing along with the melody of killing.

Hundreds of years had passed and most people had forgotten the Killing Princess.

Only elves wouldn’t forget her, the greatsword maid who saved their race from the Demons.

That day, Kingfisher’s heart was deeply touched while watching her killing, looking at the slender figure as she danced on the bloody stack of Demon bodies.

Even after ten thousands of years, Kingfisher didn’t think that he could forget that scene.

Just like what happened at this moment.

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