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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 422

Translator: WuWang

Editor: Luiswu

Chapter 422: Code Name Cloud

Looking at the same tengen, Orfina couldn’t help but make blind and disorderly conjectures.

“Tengen…” From the record which was just inputted into her database, Cyber Elf Alpha also noticed Yun Xi’s Star Go style.

Amongst all the chess players, only she and “A Cloud in the Sky” were putting their first chess piece onto tengen, and they were the only two people who hadn’t been defeated by anyone.

After the game started, the chess players wouldn’t have any time to take a breath. At most, they could only catch their breaths in their opponents round.

However, Cyber Elf Alpha didn’t need to worry about this, because she was a cyber god!

Her computing power was from the Planet Quadrant Computers in the Mechanus God’s Domain, every second and every minute, they would consume countless resources at an astronomical level.

It was her fixed route to put the first chess piece onto tengen, it was her method of pursuing stability.

Tengen was the core of the star map, as long as she could occupy this point, any disadvantage would only be temporary. This was the optimum strategy she found after calculating hundreds of millions of times.

Although she didn’t have the same instinct about stars like Yun Xi, she still figured out the best solution, and only her terrible computing power could let her control the situation around tengen from the beginning of the game.

“I will put my first chess piece onto tengen the next time!” Orfina ground her teeth.

She tried putting her first chess piece onto tengen before, however, she couldn’t withstand the amazing requirement of computing power. She had to give up and started to learn the formalized series of moves on the chessboard to reduce the computational cost.

Now, she started to rethink this move again. Maybe it was really a workable strategy.

She was defeated by Norn’s formalized series of moves many times, so she spent a lot of time studying the formalized series of moves of Star Go. She thought that she may be going in the wrong direction.




Orfina immediately started her fierce attacks. As usual, no matter who her opponent was, she wouldn’t give up her style.

It was a persistence and faith. She didn’t mind being defeated, however, she would never be a coward in the face of anyone, even though it was an opponent who defeated Norn the God of Wisdom before!

For victory!

“Commencing attack!” In the face of Orfina’s fierce attacks, Cyber Elf Alpha chose to strike back!

“Good! That’s right!” To Orfina, she really enjoyed this will.

Although, she already had realized that she had no chance of winning this game.

However, the fact of “using my strongest attack to fight against the strong opponent who even defeated Norn the God of Wisdom before” was a most pleasant thing!

Only the strongest could survive! This was the most desirable game Orfina was eager for!

The Sanctuary of Fire is completed!

A huge fire demon dragon appeared behind Orfina and roared toward the sky, as if it was airing its grievances.

At the same time, Cyber Elf Alpha also summoned her fire demons dragons. Two fire demon dragons appeared in Alpha’s Sanctuary of Fire!

Arguably, the winner has already been determined.

Fierce storms of fire swept through the entire star map, three fire demon dragons roared and bit each other. Although Orfina had only one dragon and Alpha had two dragons, Orfina’s dragon was crazier and stronger!

“Calculation… is wrong…” Cyber Elf Alpha looked at Orfina’s dragon in surprise.

There were wounds and scars of being burned on the body of Orfina’s fire demon dragon, as if it was just punished by heaven. However, its aura was stronger.

Originally, it was at the same rank as Alpha’s two fire demon dragons, but it was crazier. Finally, it was killed, but before that, it bit one of Alpha’s dragons to death and seriously injured the other dragon.

Alpha still achieved victory on the chessboard, however, it was no longer a crushing victory.

After the game with Casina, Orfina’s Star Go strength increased again. It wasn’t anything about computing power but other unknown stuff, which could never be obtained by simply increasing one’s computing power. This was what Alpha lacked.

Instinct, inspiration, courage… they were the intangible variables in the world, which could even change one’s doomed fate. If Alpha’s computing power wasn’t hundreds of times higher than Orfina’s, it was hard to say that she would be the final winner.

“I lost. You are strong.” Orfina conceded. However, there were flames burning inside her eyes, which made Alpha feel confused, as if Orfina wasn’t the loser and she didn’t win the game.

“However, you will meet a stronger person soon. That ‘cloud’ is stronger than you.”

Cyber Elf Alpha kept silent, but she remembered Orfina’s words.

The strongest target confirmed: A Cloud in the Sky!

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