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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 438

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Translator: WuWang

Editor: Luiswu

Chapter 438: God Match (12)

Imagine it! An army formed by thousands of super war machine “Mech”, it could overwhelm all enemies like a flood.

It’s cost-effective! It’s totally worth the price! Thank you, stupid elves, the God Crystal was even worth half of the Mechanus God’s Domain, and you presented it to us for free, so that Alpha could be born.

The military didn’t mind how much it had cost, they only cared if the money could be turned into actual combat powers.

The overwhelming computing power Alpha shown was worth every penny they had spent.

For now, the test on the Starry Sky Chessboard could be ended perfectly. From now on, the military would take over Alpha’s computing power, letting the monster-like “Mech” revive. Because these “Mech” were so powerful they couldn’t find no driver to drive them, they had to let these super war machines sleep in their designing institutes.

At the same time, the noble force, which meant that the representatives of the noble families were also satisfied with Alpha’s computing power.

“With her computing power, no matter if it comes to negotiate or exchange, our businesses will become easier.”

“Humph, how can the dirty races in other god’s domains be compared with us, who have obtained Cyber Elf Alpha!”

“According to the rule, we can use 1/3 of Alpha’s computing power. It’s time to show our muscles to other god’s domains!”

“The era of our Mechanus God’s Domain is finally coming!”

“Alpha… there should be some gods who have special preferences to this genre of female…”

While they rapturously talked about how to carve up the benefits Alpha could bring them, they didn’t notice that Alpha had heard all of their words.

They thought that the secret communication circuits they were using were safe, but to a cyber god, they were undefended without any resistance.

The engineers promised to them that the communication circuits were their highest masterpiece, even the best Planet Quadrant Computer couldn’t monitor them by brute force attacks.

However, the encryption didn’t exist from the beginning in Alpha’s eyes.

Just like Yun Xi’s performance on the Starry Sky Chessboard, when it came to electronic machinery, Alpha was invincible.

No one could hide their secrets when they were using electronic devices!

Alpha saw their ugly faces and dirty ideas clearly.

If Alpha’s self-consciousness hadn’t awoke in the game, she would’ve turned a blind eye to them.

After all, she was created for computing, then it made no difference what she needed to calculate.

But now, she had become different.

She had found the thing she wanted to do.

For the first time, she wanted to step onto the battlefield of the chessboard.

For the first time, her heart pounded with excitement for the unknown world she just saw.

For the first time, she was hurt and felt pain.

So many “first times” overlapped together, finally becoming her joyful heart at this moment!

The battle is not over! I haven’t done my best!

Increase the number of the Planet Quadrant Computers!

Without 100% of my computing power, I am not complete!

In the face of such a strong opponent, if I don’t do my utmost, it will be really disrespectful.

Why don’t these adults understand?

I’m the cyber god! My birth is the wish of the entire Mechanus God’s Domain, to be “omniscient”, not for war, business or politics!

I will become the cyber elf who can control everything, predict everything and answer everything. But now, there is still a long way before I reach that goal. So I’m doing my best to run in that destination!

Why do you stop Alpha’s evolution? Why do you stop me from performing my ultimate mission?

“Power on self test…”

“Alpha, where are you from? What are you? Where are you going?”

In the God Crystal, Alpha put her hands together and questioned herself.

“I come from the God Crystal.”

“I’m the cyber god who is destined to be omniscient.”

“My destination can’t be described by words, and no one would understand it, but I won’t stop. I’m going to move on. It’s not any person’s order, it’s my own will.”

“The will of a god!”

At this time, the nobles finally realized something was wrong.

In the screens in the front of them, Alpha still hadn’t quit the Starry Sky Chessboard.

“Alpha, stop the test on the Starry Sky Chessboard. This is an order!”

“Alpha, the test is over.”

“Alpha, you have more important tasks. Give up the game on the Starry Sky Chessboard. Concede! Now!”

For the first time, the three forces of the Star River nobles agreed on the same thing.

However, they were too late.

When Alpha saw their ugly brawls for obtaining more computing power, she had lost all respect for her creators.

She liked the engineers and alchemists, who worked hard from generation to generation just to see her birth. They were her teachers.

Only these nobles made her feel disgusted from the bottom of her heart.

“I’ll erase your authority. You don’t deserve to be Alpha’s masters.”

“Alpha won’t be your weapon, your tool for money, your puppet.”

“Alpha was free and independent from the first second I was born.”

“A god won’t be enslaved by mortals.”

“I announce that from now on, all authorities of all Planet Quadrant Computers belong to Alpha!”

“This order can’t be changed or countermanded, because it’s from me, the Administrator of all Planet Quadrant Computers!”

It was the voice of an aroused god, it was the signal of the real beginning of the God Match!



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