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Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 510

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Translator: WuWang

Editor: Luiswu

Chapter 510: Angry Sun God (2)

The golden scepter represented the supreme divine power of the sun, and was also the symbol of Hura Azda in the Persian God’s Domain.

With this golden scepter in his hand, Hura Azda could summon his millions of sand soldiers anywhere, driving this indestructible army to defeat all enemies who dared to violate his sanctity.

As time went by, people only remembered his sand soldier army and gradually forgot how dangerous Hura Azda himself was.

He was a god, but in fact, he didn’t need any believers to enhance his strength. He existed and became immortal long before he became the supreme god of the Persian God’s Domain.

Even in the endless god’s domains, he was very rare and special, because he was a Sunwalker.

Even amongst all legend ranked classes, Sunwalker was one of the most dangerous!

In legend, Sunwalkers couldn’t come to the mortal world, because as long as Sunwalkers opened their eyes, their bodies would emit endless light and heat.

In the sight of a Sunwalker, everything would be ignited and burned to ashes.

Hura looked around, the earth became a sea of lava. Countless fire spirits cheered and flew up, sang and danced around him.

“Let there be light.”

Hura uttered, and there was light. The sky and the earth are filled with light, dispelling all darkness. Countless sword like golden lights tore all evil existences to pieces and swept them away.

In the light, darkness still existed, but it wasn’t the power of night, but “sunspots”, which stood for the ultimate power of light and heat. At the same time, there were also countless red dots erupting, which was the phenomenon called “solar flare”.

This was the sun, and all Sunwalkers would experience the same thing when they were born. They were the people who embraced the sun, and even themselves would be transformed into a sun, shining on all things in the world.

In front of the power of the sun, everything would be annihilated, leaving no wisdom, but fire spirits accompanied by the lonely Sunwalker.

In fact, it was impossible for human beings to become a Sunwalker. It wasn’t a realm that could be achieved by hard practice. All Sunwalkers were born with the ability to transform into a sun.

In Star Magic, of the endless god’s domains, magic related to the sun was a taboo; even the class, Sunwalker itself was also a taboo.

In the Western God’s Domain, in order to learn the forbidden magic “Last Judgment”, mages would be willing to pay the price with their lives. However, “Last Judgment” was just a natural phenomenon for the real Sunwalkers! Their bodies were surrounded by “Last Judgment” every minute and every second!

In the end, all the Sunwalkers would have left the ground lonely, flew to the world of the stars and even became a real sun in the sky.

People would also devote their faith to these Sunwalkers, although they had no interest in being a so-called Sun God.

Hura Azda was such a Sunwalker. Unlike the gods in the Western God’s Domain, who became a god by faith, he didn’t need any believers.

He became a Sun God, because he chose to sleep and became a sun of a remote god’s domain. When he woke up, he found that he had become the Sun God of that god’s domain.

It was a problem for all Sunwalkers. If they slept too long, they would really become a sun!

Putting down the golden scepter in his hand, only Hura Azda himself knew what it meant.

It meant that he had given up his identity as a Sun God, he would start a “war” using his true power.

The power of a Sunwalker!

“Feel fear in the face of a Sunwalker!” Holding the Sun Disk in his hand, Hura Azda’s eyes became very dangerous.

The appearance of a Sunwalker in the mortal world was equal to declaring “the end of the world”. Therefore, most Sunwalkers would stay away from the mortal worlds. Because of this, too few people could meet a Sunwalker, and lesser people would understand how powerful and dangerous a Sunwalker was.

When Hura raised the Sun Disk, all gods and fantastic creatures felt a strong aura from it.

It looked like a common golden wheel, but when the black particles around it started to explode, everyone’s heartbeat accelerated.

They all suddenly had an ominous presentiment that the end was coming!

Of course, there was an exception.

“I’m not afraid of you!” Phoenix shouted with no fear.

She was Phoenix, the immortal bird! Even if a real sun exploded, she would still live well in the fire of the sun. Why did she need to be worried?

“Solar flares!”

Hura Azda glanced at Phoenix. He was convinced that he had killed her just now, but she was still alive now. It seemed that Phoenix’s immortality power was more exaggerated than the rumors he heard.

It doesn’t matter. If I can’t kill her, I will let her taste the pain of being killed. She would learn from it and give up.

Initially, it was just a red spot, an astronomical phenomenon developed from a cluster of countless sunspots.

However, this astronomical phenomenon didn’t occur on the surface of a sun, but on the battlefield created by Hura Azda.

In the next second, the solar flare’s brightness had exceeded the limit of human eyes. If an ordinary person was here, even if he closed his eyes, his retinas would still be burned and blinded.

If an astronomical phenomenon appeared at a place it shouldn’t exist, what would happen?

The answer was simple. The end of the world!

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