Starchild Escapes Arranged Marriage – Chapter 561

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Translator: WuWang

Editor: Luiswu

Chapter 561: The Etiquette of the Battle God (3)

“Oh… I am… Teacher Casina’s disciple…” For some reason, looking at Ouroboros’ drunken face, Yun Xi had a foreboding.

As Ouroboros’ snow-white face moved closer and closer, the ominous presentiment became stronger and stronger.

“Oh… What a lovely little guy… Casina, will you give him to me?” Ouroboros pinched Yun Xi’s cheeks and just didn’t let go of him.

“No, don’t even think about it.” Casina resolutely rejected her request.

My disciple is destined to step on the highest stage of the Battle God’s Championship Contest! If Yun Xi followed Ouroboros, his only future was to become a disabled person, because Ouroboros was such a disabled snake that owed a lot of debt and had to sneak around and hide!

The only thing that Ouroboros is good at is divination, but this is her natural talent, even if she wanted to teach other people how to do it, she couldn’t find any successful methods.

In order to not make Yun Xi become another person as disabled as Ouroboros, Casina didn’t mind breaking Ouroboros’ spine to teach her a lesson!

“Ooo… stingy Casina…” Ouroboros’ real body rolled over on the ground, making the earth tremble and the mountain sway.

“Hey, how about… let’s elope… go to a god’s domain that nobody can find together… and eat and drink happily there all day.” Ouroboros tried to abduct Yun Xi.

“Shuffle!” With a sound, Casina’s fingertip brandished in the air, and a jet of blood shot up to the sky.

“Ah ah ah ah ah! I’m dying! I’m dying!” Ouroboros screamed, because Casina’s fingertip just cut off the tip of its tail.

“Just in time, you don’t mind letting me borrow your blood, right?” Casina glanced at the tip of Ouroboros’ tail.

Although the blood gushed out from the wound was enough to fill a lake, Ouroboros’ true body was as big as a star, the wound was actually barely worth mentioning to Ouroboros. The harm was even lighter than the toxicity of Hydra’s poisonous wine.

“Open your arms and lay on the ground,” Casina said in an indisputable tone, ordering Yun Xi to change his posture.

“The source of Heaven and Earth… Reverse!” Her legs were separated and almost perfectly attached to Yun Xi’s separated hands. Casina raised her head slowly and laid her hands on Yun Xi’s belly, where the blood and energy in his body converged.

A huge amount of free energy in the air mixed with Ouroboros’ blood and a hint of wine converged towards Casina’s hands.

Hot! It’s hot! Yun Xi felt that his blood was going to explode. Countless hot streams ran through his body like snakes, and then followed a specific route to transfer back and forth in his body.

One time, two times, three times! With a huge sound of heartbeat, Yun Xi’s blood was running at a frenzied speed in his body.

And a special part of his body also went “ballistic”.

Yun Xi was so glad that he was lying on the ground. Otherwise, he was afraid that his “pillar” would prop up the sky.

Just when Yun Xi thought he was at his limit, Casina suddenly exhaled, and all the energy began to revolve around Yun Xi’s belly and forming a huge whirlpool.

The Magnificent of Sky Dance!

Several blood-colored jewels appeared in Casina’s palms and then began to construct a blood-colored crystal at high speed.

This was the gift Casina prepared for Yun Xi, a seed that could activate her power in his body when he was facing a life-or-death crisis.

This was the core of “The Etiquette of the Battle God”: Battle God’s Seed!

Yun Xi once obtained a similar seed from the green hippo, but compared to Casina’s seed, it was nothing.

The Green Hippo’s Seed was just a disposable consumable.

The Battle God’s Seed not only contained Casina’s power, but also could slowly absorb the free energy in the air to recover itself. That was to say, it can be used as many times as Yun Xi wanted.

At first, Casina planned to give Yun Xi this seed after he reached the hero rank and started to travel around the endless god’s domains.

But after knowing that Yun Xi would face a crisis that may cause his death in the near future, Casina decided to put the seed into Yun Xi’s body in advance.

In order to let Yun Xi’s body become strong enough to withstand the power of the seed, Casina came to Hydra’s treasury and paid a huge price, so that she could obtain the precious blood crystal of Hydra, which would be used as the carrier of the Battle God’s Seed.

However, it was just that Yun Xi’s body grew faster than Casina imagined. After obtaining Mumu’s “Diamond Body”, he had leapt over the most difficult part.

Oh, it looks like I can seal more stuff into his body… Casina smiled and began to transform more of Ouroboros’ blood into energy and pour them into Yun Xi’s body.

It would become a trump card to save Yun Xi’s life, naturally, the stronger it was, the better it was. She didn’t want such a gifted disciple to die three months later.

With the Soul Jades to protect Yun Xi’s soul and the Battle God’s Seed to protect his body, Casina believed that even if Yun Xi was facing a legend ranked enemy, he could easily find a way to survive.

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