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Supreme Arrow God – Chapter 28

Translator: Usagi

Editor: Not A Golden Turtle

TLC: Udeze

This were previously done by Usagi and posted on WuxiaWorld Forums.. But since this was recently edited by the editor, we wanted to repost them along with the new chapter… 


Chapter 28 – To Face Slap (2/2)

Ye Yuntao’s speed, qi fluctuations, and muscle contractions were all revealed by Ye Xing’s superb mind scan.

In addition, following his movements, Ye Xing’s super-brain rapidly calculated Ye Yuntao’s attack trajectory, attack strength, and subsequent attacks, thus exposing his flaws.

Ye Yuntao and Ye Xing’s inner strength were very similar. Now that Ye Xing could see through every move and flaw of Ye Yuntao, was he truly still Ye Xing’s opponent?

However, Ye Xing did not fight with Ye Yuntao recklessly. In order to beat him, he had to avoid Ye Yuntao’s fists and counterattack.

Ye Yuntao was feeling depressed. He was feeling exhausted and even though his attack speed had reached its limits, Ye Xing still did not bother fighting back, instead simply dodged all of Ye Yuntao’s attacks.

No matter how fast Ye Yuntao attacked, Ye Xing’s body was like a general, prepared and ready. At just the right time, Ye Xing dodged to the side and Ye Yuntao’s Roaring Tiger Fist merely hit empty air.

Ye Xing’s Bone Crushing Fist’s offensive power was truly overwhelming, after only a few strikes, it broke through Ye Yuntao’s defense, hitting his chest.

Ye Yuntao was blown away by Ye Xing’s punch, his situation was even worse than Ye Yunfan’s as he flew ten meters back before crashing into the ground.

Ye Xing had calculated the distance and strength of his blow so that Ye Yuntao rolled and stopped right at Ye Wenying’s feet.

Such an action was tantamount to giving Ye Wenying a strong slap to the face.

After Ye Yuntao was sent flying by Ye Xing’s punch, he couldn’t breath, his pale face revealed a look of pain while tightly holding his chest. Even after 35 breaths of time had passed, he had yet to fully recover.

Blue veins protruded from Ye Wenying’s neck and his hand angrily trembled from within his sleeves as he looked at the injured Ye Yuntao in front of him.

Due to his memories of Ye Tiannan’s strength, today, he told his disciples to pick upon Ye Xing and Ye Feng. However, in the end both of his disciples were completely defeated by Ye Xing.

Even though Ye Yunfan and Ye Yuntao were defeated, Ye Wenying’s heart burned with an anger that he could not vent upon anyone.

As an elder of the main family, he does not want to personally act and fight with a younger disciple. If he did, it would completely destroy the bit of face he had left!

Find a stronger main family disciple to come and teach Ye Xing a lesson?

How? Ye Xing had created such a large scene and proved himself to be more powerful than Ye Yuntao! If another main disciple lost and Ye Xing won, it would only add to his momentum, which is completely the opposite of Ye Wenying’s goal.

In fact, Ye Wenying, who told Ye Yuntao to teach Ye Xing a lesson, made the situation very complex. Ye Yuntao being at the 4th layer of Wudao just lost to Ye Xing, whose pride remains undamaged as well as establishing an unwanted record that would become a glorious deed in his life.

Ye Wenying now felt a strong regret, as it was clear that Ye Xing knew his strength was greater than Ye Yuntao’s. Why did he take his disciples to become stepping stones of Ye Xing? To boost Ye Xing’s arrogance?

“Elder, can my fate of two star mandate of heaven to be considered as decent?” Ye Xing asked, smiling, once again slapping Ye Wenying’s face.

At this time, a shocked Ye Yunfan quickly ran past Ye Wenying to help the injured Ye Yuntao up.

Ye Wenying looked at his two injured disciples, listened to Ye Xing’s words, and his eyes involuntarily twitched.

In the end, in order to maintain an elders bearing, he could only hold back his anger from exploding within his heart. Maintaining a balanced tone Ye Wenying spoke:

“Your strength is very good, especially your inner strength. A normal warrior could never achieve such a level even after expending a large effort. It seems you are born with divine strength, the canteens need such a talent to help them. You are assigned to the canteen and are responsible for carrying water for it!”

Ye Wenying attributed Ye Wenying’s overbearing strength as something gifted by the heavens, instead of his hellish training and refining of two hundred bones. It was all due to his efforts and some precious bone strengthening herbs, not being born with divine strength.

If Ye Xing said so, he might be thrown into the water and eaten for benefits, so he would bear with it, even if it was the worst of the Ye family work. (TL: Okay to be honest I’m not sure about the eaten thing XD, but it’s something like they would cook him or drown him. )(ED:I think it means they would try to get the methods out of him without caring about how, since refining 206 bones seems a big deal)

“Thank you, elder!” Ye Xing gifted him a smile then returned to stand with the other new disciples.

At night, he settled in with the Ye family. The main family brought over the necessities such as the new disciple manual, that described the various departments, variety of work and the consequent treatment within the Ye family.

No matter what department, what job, or what level of treatment, the study of martial arts was same all around. In the main family, they give you a Middle grade method for star cultivation and if you break through from the 4th layer of Wudao, you receive a reward. You can get valuable herbal medicines as well as the permission to enter the Wu Court, and view the martial art secrets for an hour…

Regardless of star fate or treatment, as long as you cultivate and achieve the 5th layer of Wudao, or beat elite disciples of the 5th layer of Wudao, you can upgrade yourself to the ranks of an elite disciple and enjoy the finest treatment.

Ye Xing’s sole purpose for coming to the Ye family was to learn advanced martial arts, he did not care about anything else.

His ambition was to cultivate and to become a Sacred Martial Artist, a peerless master. The end of his road was definitely not within the Ye family, nor within the city of Tian Cang. His future lies in the broader skies.

(TL: Sacred Martial Artist is basically the unreached level above Wu Dao(Martial Arts), or Wu Sheng(Scared Martial Arts. Please go ahead and say if you prefer Wu Dao and Wu Sheng or Martial Arts and Sacred Martial Arts)

So whatever he has to go through in order to improve, Ye Xing did not care!

Ye Yuntao and Ye Yunfan were both defeated by Ye Xing. The image of main family disciples beating new disciples only to be defeated by Ye Xing was un-erasable from their minds.

Therefore, Ye Wenying avoided continuing the testing of the strength of the new disciples, and began to directly arrange the new disciples standing behind Ye Xing. He avoided a disaster and sent the group of disciples to pack and assemble.

“Ye Yuheng, Practice Hall! Go cultivate!”

“Ye Yufeng, Medicinal Hall! Tend to the herbs!”


“Ye Baisheng, Mining Star Hall! Go mine!”

“Ye Baiyuan, Practice Hall! Go Practice!”

“Ye Qing, Practice Hall! Go Practice!”

“Lu Shuangling, Medicinal Hall! Tend to the herbs!”

“Ye Feng, The Canteen! Go chop firewood!”

Soon, Ye Wenying wrote the jobs of the new disciples down. Those with five star mandate of heaven weren’t given work and were sent directly into the Practice Hall to practice martial arts. The rest of the disciples were assigned their own positions, and had to complete their daily assignments before they could practice.

As the grandson of Ye Tiannan, Ye Feng was honored to be assigned to the canteen to chop firewood, and carry water for the canteen, he had no disagreement with the assignment!

After Ye Wenying distributed all of the new disciples. Ye Weihong made a concluding statement addressing all of the disciples:

“For many of the Ye family, work is necessary. Some positions are easier than others, and you might get a bit tired of your jobs, but this is normal. The assignments are distributed and honored by the qualifications of Elder Ye Wenying, and they are both fair and just!”

Ye Weihong exuded earnestness!

“In order for the Ye family to be powerful, the less talented need to pay so that the more talented disciples can have their mind only focused on practicing. While your positions are not that great right now, do not harbor resentment. There are opportunities available to you.”

“Whoever cultivates to the 5th layer of Wu dao, or beat elite disciples at the 5th layer of Wudao will be promoted to the elite disciples and enjoy the highest treatment. The sun will eventually shine on you, if the light does not rise for you, it is not because the Ye family is unwilling to train you, but because you are not a fine enough piece of material…!”

After the lengthy speech, Commander Ye Weihong spoke of a topic that Ye Xing was interested in:

“Next, we will let you learn the secret law that produces talents in my Ye family, Profound Azure Method. The Profound Azure Method is a top power method of the middle grade, and can allow for 6 meridian channels to be opened through practiced. Compared to the inferior power method you have learned, just by learning a fragment, your cultivation speed will become much faster!”

“Now a copy of the power method is being distributed to all of you. You all have an hour’s time to learn here. They cannot be secretly kept, copied, or taken away. You only have one hour, one hour later we will collect the copy of the secret law!”

A new disciple asked: “An hour? If we cannot remember it, how do we learn the law?”

Ye Weihong replied: “On the first, eleventh, and twenty-first day of the month, there are additional teaching elders available. Those who do not remember, or do not understand, can attend the lectures that these elders will hold at these times.”

Ye Xing mouth revealed a small smile. An hour? For him, no matter how complex the Profound Azure Method was, in a short amount of time he could recite the entire Method from start to finish, word by word, letter by letter.

Quickly, a messenger handed out the copy of the Profound Azure Method out to the disciples, each person received one book.

This so called less talented group were not expected to have the ability to completely comprehend and learn the Profound Azure Method. Even if these disciples learned this power method, since it was fragmented, they would not be able to get 6 meridian channels open.

In addition, for these children born outside of the main family in even worse conditions, where have they ever seen such high-level exercises?

Therefore, when the copy of the Profound Azure Method was given to the new disciples, each of the disciples found it very difficult to read it and memorize the content.

Unlike his peers, only Ye Xing had a calm demeanor. Utilizing the scanning of his super-brain, each page was ingrained within his memories and would never be forgotten.

After a short time, Ye Xing read and memorized the entire Profound Azure Method. His super-brain used it’s ability to gain further insight into the practice and details of the Profound Azure Method, and casted a humanoid projection within Ye Xing’s mind. Ye Xing’s super-brain started to improve the flawed Profound Azure Method.

In almost no time at all, the Profound Azure Method was being perfected. Ye Xing followed the instructions and opened a Seventh meridian… an Eighth Meridian.. A Ninth meridian…

The Profound Azure Method’s way of cultivation was very complex and extraordinary, living up to it’s name of being mysterious. His super-brain continued to deduct and develop the method, and soon it reached the ability of opening Ten Meridians.

After the Tenth meridian channel was opened, only then did the advancements slow down and come to a halt.

The main Ye family’s Profound Azure Method can open 6 meridian channels, which is still more than his perfected Evergreen Method meridians.

However, with Ye Xing’s perfected Profound Azure Method, he can open a full 10 meridian channels to cultivate. Compared to the original Profound Azure Method, while it is not ten times faster, it’s a large upgrade from the former.

Having the ability to open ten meridian channels already surpasses the Middle Grade power methods. In fact, it can be considered as good within the Top Grade power methods.

Ye Xing had received the top grade power method better than those used extraordinary cultivators within Tian Cang City. Although his mandate of heaven only has two stars, he can feel an astronomical amount of energy from them.

Therefore, in the Tian Cang city, his practice speed will definitely not be slower than the others. It will only be faster, and faster by a large margin.

Ye Xing tried out the perfected Profound Azure Method to cultivate for a bit. Suddenly, star power surged and enveloped him thickly. With all ten meridian channels working at the same time to absorb the power of the stars, it could only be described as amazing.

In just a small period of time, Ye Xing felt his third ring become completely lit with star energy, and even a shadow of his fourth ring begin to develop.


Ye Xing’s rise to prominence in Tian Cang city is not far away at all! Cheer him on!



*Xuan Qing Gong (玄青功) = Mysterious Cyan Power, modified to Profound Azure Method

*The previous translator had some inconsistencies. With sometimes Putting all three characters within the name, and sometimes doing just the first(family name) and the third. I have chosen to strictly have first and third for consistency. So, for those coming from the previous trans…

Ye Wen Ying = Ye Wenying

Ye Yun Tao = Ye Yuntao

The exception of names written without middle names. (Ye Xing, Ye Feng, Ye Qing…)

If you have found any mistakes in the translation, please, notify us by selecting that text and pressing Ctrl+Enter.

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