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Supreme Arrow God – Chapter 29

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Chapter 29 – [Fourth Layer (1/ 2)]

Ye Xing’s heart was filled with happiness, he would manage to quickly enter the 4th layer of Wudao.

The perfected Profound Azure Method was worthy of being a Top Grade Power method. Originally in Ye Xing’s plans, using the main family’s supposed Medium Grade power method, he would still need at least ten more days to absorb enough star energy to break through and become a real warrior!

Now it seems that only two or three days of cultivating would be enough to complete his goal!

Ye Xing’s gave a faint smile, he has finally entered the 4th layer of Wudao. He is now eligible to enter the Wu Court and read the secret manuals for an hour. With his super-brain’s scanning ability he can memorize ten kinds of martial skills within the allotted time.

Currently, Ye Xing’s largest weakness was his lack of martial art skills.

Although his perfected Bone Crushing Fist is very powerful, it’s still not a martial art skill. It’s a skill which main purpose is to strengthen the body and bones to lay a good foundation.

Ye Xing knows the truth, even though he has achieved success with the Bone Crushing Fist and it overcame the martial skills of a warrior at the peak of the 4th layer of  Wudao, it would only work on warriors who have not refined their body.

Warriors who practice exercises that refine their body have a strength much stronger than an ordinary Warrior. Against a warrior who has gone through body refining, it would be much more difficult for Ye Xing to contend, even after entering the 4th layer of Wudao, he was not sure if he would be able to suppress such a warrior in a fight.

Ye Xing has yet another shortcoming, his speed. His speed is even worse than that of a normal warrior.

Ye Yuntao could be considered to have a good speed, Ye Yunfan was also worth mentioning in terms of speed, however they did not practice it to a high enough level. So, when Ye Xing used his super-brain scanning ability, he could observe the wind and easily dodge their attacks.

However, if his opponents speed were to reach a certain level, even if Ye Xing’s super-brain is able to scan and determine their attack trajectory. He might not be able to react fast enough, resulting in his defeat.

Therefore, it’s easy to conclude that what Ye Xing needs the most at the moment is both Martial Skills and Body Movement Skills.

Within the Ye family’s Wu Court, the skills are either Low Level or Middle Level Skills. The vast majority are Martial Art Skills, followed by Body Movement Skills. To Ye Xing, this was a large treasure!

“As soon as I step into the 4th layer of Wudao, I’ll immediately go to the Wu Court in order to study some skills. This is my first step to rise within the main family!” Ye Xing assured in his heart.

After practicing for a while, Ye Xing stopped and then confusedly stared at the skies and began to think.

When practicing, the body usually create power undulations which can be sensed by other warriors. Ye Xing learning the Profound Azure Method in only one hour and actually using in cultivation could come off as unusual to others.

Ye Xing’s fast learning ability was related to his super-brain. He did not want to behave too prominently and be noticed, so he returned to his residence, where he had plenty of time to quietly practice.

An hour later, Ye Weihong’s people collected the copy of the method from the new disciples. The majority of the disciples were reluctant to give them back due to the fact only that a single hour was not enough to memorize the entire Profound Azure Method, let alone fully understand it.

After all of the copies were collected from the hands of the new disciples, Ye Weihong addressed the crowd of disciples:

“I know your feelings right now, you wish you had enough time with the Profound Azure Method in your hands as to achieve a thorough understanding. This would be a good idea, but if you want to get it, you have to pay the family contribution points. This one hour is free, but if you want to see the method later, you must pay. Every two contribution points, you can see any Martial skills from our collection for an hour, for every 10 contribution points you can enter the Wu Court to learn for an hour. About the matter of obtaining contribution points, your manual explains it. Be sure to take a look! Tomorrow, all of you must go to your respective jobs and work hard, be careful, if you make a mistake…!”

The crowd of new disciples had all seen the manual, it was clear on how to get contribution points from the family!

Disciples in the Practice hall, after practicing for one day, they receive 3 contribution points!

Disciples of the Mining Star and Medicinal Hall, after completing one day of work would receive two contribution points.

The rest of the disciples, after they complete one day’s work, they will get a single contribution point!

Within the Practice hall, disciples could help practice without complaining and also get 3 contribution points. After ten days of receiving contribution points, they could look at Middle Grade Martial Skills for 3 hours. In the Mining stars and Medicinal Hall, after working for ten days, could look at Middle Grade Martial Skills for two hours. The rest of the disciples benefits were even worse, even after working for ten days, they could only look at the Martial Skills for one hour.

This time, the gap between the different treatments was fully portrayed.

The crowd of new disciples are both happy and sad. No one was upset within the Practice Hall, the Mining Star and Medicinal Hall disciples had a bitter face. The gave sighs with both sadness and joy.

The Practice Hall’s disciples, needless to say, were all excellent.

Ye Qing gave a very happy smile. When his eyes passed Ye Xing and Ye Feng, he gave them an aloof look of a superior.

“Hey… Ye Xing, I did not expect that you only have a 2 star mandate of heaven. Oh, you were assigned to the canteen to carry water? If the news spread to Qing Ye City, I don’t know what the reaction of the people of our hometown would be, haha…!”

Ye Qing’s heart was filled with joy, involuntarily laughing: “Everyday you have to carry the water, I’ll see the day when you can practice to the 4th layer of Wudao! You came to study in the main family, your only results would be that you have carried water for four years, haha…!”

“Even if I carry the water, it only took minutes for me to defeat you. You were defeated, now you jump in front of me and boast? Do you like showing off your incompetence and weakness?” Ye Xing replied.

His curses stung and specifically aimed to hit people in the face!

After Ye Xing talked, it exposed who was the boss of Ye Qing. The latter’s face that was laughing and smile as well as his aura of superiority was gone, leaving only humiliation and frustration!

Ye Qing angrily retorted: “The future is still unclear. You relish in your single moment of victory. So what, with your 2 star mandate of heaven qualifications, you will never enter the 4th layer of Wudao. However, in a few years, I will definitely enter the 5th layer of Wudao. So when we go back to Qing Ye city, I, Ye Qing, will be powerful at the 5th layer of Wudao. While you, Ye Xing, will still be within the 3rd layer of Wudao. Who is the genius and who is the waste, only the future will show.”

Liu Shuangling standing on the side also gave cold words: “Some people win a small battle and complete their goal and their self confidence inflates… hey, I’ve finally been knocked out of the shadows myself. In Qing Ye city, you only won first place because that was your main goal. Regardless, you only have a 2 star mandate of heaven for a fate. You are only a bug!”

Originally  within Liu Shuangling’s mind, she was planning to strengthen the relationship with Ye Xing within the main family and cause him to have a change of heart.

However, that Ye Xing only had a two star mandate of heaven and was assigned to the canteen to carry water. In her mind, Ye Xing’s previous appearance had become a waste, at best a relatively powerful waste.

What is the point of having a high combat talent? If he can’t cross the threshold and become a warrior, he would merely be stepped on by others.

For a 2 star mandate of heaven fate, to cross the 3rd layer of Wudao threshold and become a warrior, Whether it Liu Shuangling or Ye Qing, neither of them had ever heard of such a thing happening.

“Oh… Shuangling, let us go back together. Do not waste time on this guy, he has offended an elder. His 4 years within the main family will absolutely not be good days.

Ye Qing did not like seeing Liu Shuangling coming onto Ye Xing, so now he is simply elated, and he excitedly invited Liu Shuangling.

Liu Shuangling thought for a bit, then nodded slightly.

Seeing that this idiotic couple have reunited, Ye Xing with a sneer spoke:

“Huh, you listen to me. You are not even qualified to speak in front of me. Three days later, I will truly enter the 4th layer of Wu dao, a month later I will beat a disciple at the 5th layer of Wudao and become an elite to enjoy the highest treatment. In just over a year, I will enter the peak of the 5th layer of wudao and become the number one talent in Tian Cang City. This is my future, I have already stepped upon you, You can only sit and watch with those envious eyes at my life and future…!”

Ye Xing was extremely confident of his own future.

However after listening to Ye Qing’s and Liu Shuangling’s criticisms, the new disciples thought his words were merely a joke. They looked at Ye Xing with eyes filled with mocking and disdain.

“Ye Xing, it seems last night, since it was your first day within the main family, you were too excited to sleep. Hehe… such a ridiculous daydream, great job…!”

Ye Qing laughed mockingly, and with Liu Shuangling, he speedily walked away.

“Ye Xing, I believe you. You reached the 3rd layer of Wudao after being labeled as a waste, and won first place in the family competition. You have already created such a miracle. You will definitely be able to continue to create many more miracles!”

Ye Feng spoke and clenched his fist excitedly. He was the only one who believed in Ye Xing.

Ye Xing patted his shoulder and spoke: “Let’s go back.”

Today was over, starting tomorrow they will go to their jobs. Ye Xing and Ye Feng both returned to their rooms.

After returning to his room, Ye Xing could not wait to practice.

When he improved the Profound Azure Method, the absorption of star energy was too fast. If the ten meridian channels in his body all worked at once and someone else was able to see Ye Xing’s stars, they would be surprised to see Ye XIng absorb the star energy that was flowing almost like a rolling river. It was simply too much.

The disciples coming from the branch families were all staying around the same area. After having learned the new method, The Profound Azure Method, all of them came back to take advantage of their fresh memory to seize the opportunity and practice. The surroundings were quiet, so Ye Xing was not disturbed.

Ye Xing reckoned, within less than 3 days, or to be more specific tomorrow night, the fourth ring will be able to be completely seen, and he would officially enter the 4th layer of Wudao.

“Well, now that I am a real warrior, I will go to the Wu Court to learn the Martial Skills. Practice them to a certain extent, then I will be considered as a strong martial artist within Tian Cang City younger generation. I will rise to prominence in time, and that time is not too far away.

Within Ye Xing’s heart, he thought of his promising future and descended into sleep within the night.

The next day, early in the morning, Ye Xing and Ye Feng went to the canteen to work.



Qing Ye City, The previous TL, always put Qing Ye Zhen, which translates to Qing Ye City. So I will stick with the latter ^^.

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