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Supreme Arrow God – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30 – Fourth Layer (2/2)

“Ye Xing, you are responsible for the Dining Hall’s water, before sunset, you must carry over 100,000 jin of water!”

“Ye Feng, you are responsible for the Dining Halls furnace firewood, before sunset, you must chop 50,000 jin of firewood!”

Ye Xing and Ye Feng went to the canteen, Ye Xing was brought to the water storage courtyard and Ye Feng was brought to the firewood storage Courtyard, their tasks were arranged by the canteen’s deacon.

There were more disciples than just Ye Xing and Ye Feng that were assigned to the canteen. Some went into the mountains to collect and chop firewood while others tended to the furnace, all of them quickly got tired of their chores.

Apart from Ye Xing and Ye Feng who were from the branch families, the rest of the disciples were external disciples!

In the Ye main family, those who were assigned to the dining hall were basically for low quality disciples to work. This was because out of the canteen’s disciples, none of them became elders, and even those who could become a deacon were very rare!

The water storage courtyard was a large space with two large pools. Each pool could accommodate 100,000 jin of water.

With the large population within the Ye family, the daily consumption of water was astounding. One pool of water only satisfied the family’s thirst for a single day.

In a day, the water in the first pool would be used, so water would be carried over to fill the second pool. The next day, the water in the second pool would also be used, and water would have to be carried to fill the first pool up again.

With this repetition, the daily water requirement to be carried was 100,000 jin!

Ye Xing stood in the water storage courtyard, his eyes swept past the various water containers. He selected a large container that weighed 200 jin, and could be loaded up to 1000 jin of water.

The other containers were relatively small. To Ye Xing, they simply carried too little water, thus taking up too much time. With the large container he selected, he would only need 100 rounds to fetch the required 100,000 jin of water.

When Ye Xing came to the Star Continent, the original body owner was only around one meter and 5-6 centimeters. However, after he occupied this body, in just over a month, Ye Xing practiced the perfected Bone Crushing Fist to it’s highest level and his body had become greatly enhanced. His height had nearly reached one meter and eight centimeters.

However, compared to the large containers he had selected that were capable of containing 1000 jin of water, his body looked too frail to be able to carry the heavy container.

Ye Xing walked in front of the large water container. In one hand he grabbed its opening and lifted. With his frail body’s appearance and the seemingly monstrous large container within his hands, different from what other people may think, he treated it like it was small piece of baggage, he didn’t seem to be exerting any effort at all.

The water pick up location was not far from the water storage courtyard. It was only one mile away, Ye Xing carried the large water container at speed similar to flying and quickly arrived at the water spot.

Ye Xing held onto the water container, one hand grasping the opening and the other holding the bottom.  When scooping the water, he first knelt down, took a breath, then used all his strength to fill it all at once.

After letting out a small gasp, with a single movement he lifted up the filled water container and placed it upon his shoulders.

1000 jin of water and a two hundred jin container…

Even if the tank was only somewhat full, the water and the container together would be extremely heavy. It would be somewhere around 1,100 jin or more.

If someone at the 3rd layer of Wudao attempted to carry 1,100 jin, he would find it hard to bear, as to walk with it… would be nearly impossible!

However, when Ye Xing walked while carrying the water filled container, it seemed effortless to him.

Soon, Ye Xing arrived back at the water storage courtyard. After carrying the water, his face wasn’t red and he wasn’t out of breath. Carrying this large water container was truly effortless to him, and he once again headed out to fetch more water.

Ye Xing carried this large container and came back and forth. The Ye family people who witnessed this couldn’t believe what they were seeing. In the past, there were others who used the same method as him.

However Ye Xing didn’t know that all of those who tried this method were already at the 4th layer of Wudao. Those attempts were all in vain because when they tried to carry the water, they could only walk very slowly.

If one were to say that Ye Xing had a lot of strength and was able to carry this large container one or two times, that was fine. However, after five or six times and he had yet to start breathing quickly, they felt that it was ridiculous.

When Ye Xing was carrying the water container for the tenth time, his breath had become slightly rapid and he met some teenagers.

It was the new disciples from the Practice Hall. For them, every morning they had a unified training, then they had free time.

In the morning, all they needed to do was run ten laps around the Ye family main house. There was a route that converged with Ye Xing’s water gathering path, so they had run into each other.

“Look, isn’t that the person with only a two star fate, ha ha… he’s fetching water!” (T/N: Alright, I’m changing the two star mandate of heaven thing just to two star fate. The direct translation is fate, and there really is no need for mandate of heaven… I tried to be consistent with the previous TL, but at this point it’s just bothering me ><. )

Following the sound of ridicule, out of the group of people, a single person emerged from the group. It was Ye Baiyuan speaking: “He doesn’t admit the fact that he is waste and still thinks that he can look down upon others and that he is a genius. However, his life is only for water fetching, is he not just dried crap? Ha ha…!”

“Senior Baiyuan speaks the truth!”

“Senior Baiyuan, when compared to you, he really is just waste…!”


Not long after Ye Baiyuan stopped speaking, criticisms spread amongst the crowd of younger disciples.

Ye Xing even heard Ye Qing’s voice amongst the crowd.

All of the juveniles were long distance running, and their speed wasn’t slow so they quickly caught up. Seeing Ye Xing carry the large water container without his face changing even after Ye Baiyuan had belittled him angered them.

Ye Xing could be said to be holding back from attacking Ye Baiyuan within the intersection. They had already greatly insulted him 3 times.

However, Ye Xing had a plan, if given the opportunity after Ye Baiyuan attacked would he get his revenge.

The Practice Hall only needed to run 10 laps for the Ye family so the probability of them meeting Ye Xing again was very low. Even after several rounds of carrying water, Ye Xing still hadn’t run into them yet.

However, as the number of times he carried the water grew, the pressure Ye Xing felt began to grow bigger and bigger, and the water container seemed to be getting heavier.

Carrying this large container and walking, not only was he beginning to pant, muscles all over his body began to become sore.

Especially within his legs and arms, his muscles were the most sore.

After the twentieth batch of water, Ye Xing carried the large tank to less than halfway and lost his balance, nearly spilling half.

He expected that this round would be difficult to complete, however he did not expect that his legs would give out halfway through. He was still carrying this container, to leave or not leave it and return, he could not decide.

Remaining stuck here was not an option. Ye Xing stabilized himself to stand and then began using the Profound Azure Method. In an instant, the star energy flowed through his ten meridian channels and were absorbed. The energy flowed throughout his body. His body was aching, but fatigue suddenly decreased by a large margin.

Ye Xing was surprised by the phenomenon in front of him. At the moment, his body was like a hungry beggar who had just seen food, it crazily absorbed the star energy. It was much faster compared to the norm.

It was almost more than double!

“When the body is exhausted, the muscles energy consumption is increased greatly. This time, they were in urgent need of energy, so the absorption of star energy is faster than usual. Would that mean if I were to maintain this state during cultivation, it would be able to greatly enhance my cultivation speed?”

With Ye Xing’s super brain, he immediately thought of a plan.

“If I cultivate quickly while working, then I won’t have to wait until tonight. Then, today, I will be able to break into the next stage of the 4th layer of Wudao!”

When he thought of breaking through to the next stage of the 4th layer of Wudao in advance, Ye Xing’s heart was overjoyed.

Standing in one spot and cultivating for a while, Ye Xing’s tired feeling slowly went away. At the same time, the rate at which his body absorbed the star energy began to slow down and become peaceful.

It seems that only when the body is exhausted can such a rapid speed of cultivation be upheld.

“If that’s the case, while I am carrying the water containers, I can cultivate at the same time. This way, my body will always be somewhat tired, but will not fall to an exhausted state!”

Ye Xing’s morals made him once again pick up the water container and carry on walking.

For normal people they had to be completely focused to complete something, and were not able to do two or three things at once.

For example, when practicing the Profound Azure Method, most people could only maintain their cultivating state in a quiet and undisturbed environment. When carrying a water container, they could only focus on carrying the container and could not do anything else.

If they were forced to do two thing at once, they would most likely begin to have problems. Such as making a mistake and disrupting their cultivation when practicing the Profound Azure Method while carrying a water container and so on…

However, for Ye Xing’s super-brain, doing both was not a problem as long as he wanted to do it. Even when it was used for two purposes, the super-brain still had the powerful ability to keep Ye Xing focused on both activities.

After walking for a while, and Ye Xing began to feel tired, he began to run.

Sure enough, carrying and running with something that weighs 1,000 jins was extremely taxing. It was much more difficult than walking. Ye Xing did not run for long. Soon, he started breathing heavily and his muscles, especially his leg muscles, became extremely sore.

At this state, when Ye Xing activated the Profound Azure Method, his cultivation speed greatly increased to his fastest speed ever.

With his body constantly absorbing star energy, it brought a little bit of relief to his sore muscles and fatigue. However, with Ye Xing carrying the container of water while running, the pain and fatigue began to get worse…

So, he began cultivating in a cycle. When using the Profound Azure Method, his cultivation did not slow down at all.

The only difficulty to Ye Xing is the fact that his feet had become as heavy as lead. Most people would no longer be able to move, yet he forced himself. Every step he took brought a strong pain that most people would not be able to withstand.

Ye Xing clenched his teeth! He ran, not letting his speed decrease one bit!

“I want to become a Sacred Martial Artist!”

“I want to become a peerless master!”

“I want to be a man above all others! A king amongst kings!”


Ye Xing cried out within his heart.

One who has ideals and upholds them without fail, will have an indestructible will!

Ye Xing… was such a person!

Twenty-first… Twenty-second… Twenty-third…


Ye Xing did not rest. Again and again he carried the full water container between the water storage courtyard and the pool.

His cultivation, while fetching the water experienced a rapid increase. His fourth star ring was no longer hazy, but gradually became clearer.


Ye Xing was still running with the full water container. His cultivation finally reached the most critical moment. His dark fourth star ring suddenly began to emit a dim light. It released a strand of star energy that completely restored his strength.

He had finally truly entered the 4th layer of Wudao!

For Ye Xing’s cultivation he had taken a very important step. He had truly entered into 4th layer of Wudao, becoming a full fledged warrior!



  • Jin is the measure of weight within chinese wuxia novels. It directly translates 500g if you want to know ^^.
  • To clear up confusion, last chapter, Ye Xing broke through the 3rd layer of Wudao to the 4th, however his ring was merely hazy. He merely entered the realm. To truly enter the 4th layer, he broke through to the middle-stage where his star ring had emitted a dim light. The peak, is when it emits a bright light.

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