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Supreme Arrow God – Chapter 31

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Chapter 31 – Fury (1/ 2)


Since Ye Xing broke through to the 4th layer of Wudao, almost all of his muscle soreness and fatigue were swept away!

Instead, he was quite comfortable. Cultivating the Profound Azure Method with ten meridian channels opened resulted in an even more vigorous internal strength!

When Ye Xing was at the 3rd layer of Wudao, he already had an incredible strength!

However, while his strength was very rare, his improvement was seemingly suppressed by a pair of invisible gates.

This invisible barrier could not be broken through. Thus, he could not increase the level of his interior strength and did not improve any further.

This repression occurred due to the fact that Ye Xing had not yet become a genuine warrior! He wasn’t completely at the 4th layer of Wudao!

Since Ye Xing cultivated and broke through, the suppressor naturally disappeared.

Ye Xing practiced with ten meridian channels, compared to others with only six meridian channels, the strength he gained from the breakthrough was much greater.

So, when Ye Xing broke through to the 4th layer of Wudao, Ye Xing felt his interior strength vigorously surge!

Even though he was only a warrior at the middle-stage of the 4th layer of Wudao, his internal strength vitality was higher than most of 4th layer middle-stage warriors, this would be a huge advantage to Ye Xing. (T/N: The way the author has written it is strange to me, but as in vitality it’s more talking about the amount of time or length Ye Xing will be able to use his overbearing strength. Not the pure ability of the strength itself in terms of jin. E/N: i think it works the same way the purity of qi works on other novels, just a guess.)

Regardless of his internal strength vitality, even if Ye Xing was evaluated based on sheer strength, compared to disciples practicing the flawed Profound Azure Method, Ye XIng was stronger than them.

This was because Ye Xing’s Profound Azure Method, after being improved by his super-brain, had become a top grade power method. However, the normal Profound Azure Method was a middle grade power method. Even when discussing other power methods, the cultivated internal strength would be weaker than this top grade power method.

The higher grade of power method, the higher the improvement of the cultivators internal strength.

Ye Xing’s heart was beaming with joy. This was the third day since he had arrived at the Ye main family, and he already entered the 4th layer of Wudao and became a true warrior. This speed had greatly exceeded his expectations.

Since he had become a warrior of the 4th layer of Wudao, he had the qualifications to go to the Martial Arts Pavilion and learn Martial Art Skills. Within his heart, he wanted to go there the most!

Ninety-second… Ninety-third… Ninety-fourth…

After Ye Xing broke through to the 4th layer of Wudao, he was still fetching water. He continued to cultivate while running, however compared to before the effect had largely diminished, but compared to before, when he didn’t have a suitable training method, it was still a lot faster.

Ninety-ninth… One hundred… One hundred and one…

Since each water container he carried was not entirely full, it took one hundred and one trips to completely fill the large pool. Afterwards, Ye Xing returned the large water container to its previous location.

He wiped the sweat of his face and clenched his fist. A powerful sound exploded from his bones.

Even though he had ran back and forth between the pool of water and the water storage courtyard, he was not very tired. This was due to the fact that Ye Xing had just broken through as well as the fact that he had been practicing he Profound Azure Method the entire time, therefore nourishing the energy within his body.

Ye Xing sat down quietly and began to cultivate the Profound Azure Method once again. Soon, all of his exhaustion was wiped away and he felt like a general in peak condition, ready to fight a ferocious tiger. (T/N: basically his strength was vigorous. He feels powerful and brave. Yes I know what you’re thinking. He wasn’t really tired in the first place, so why did he do this? No idea.)

The speed of running back and forth between the water storage courtyard and the pool is much faster than just walking. Originally, He was to finish in one day, but instead he finished before noon!(E/N: you dont say??? We have a genius in our hand here bois, running is faster than walking….)

“I can finally go to the Martial Arts Pavilion, also… with my super-brain’s capabilities, I will be able to have great achievements within the martial skills. Also, the time limit is still enough time for me to learn many at once, what’s to fear?”

Ye Xing stood up with a gleeful smile on his face. Then, he left the water storage courtyard.

He did not immediately head for the Martial Arts Pavilion. First, he headed to the firewood storage court.

Within the dining hall, at the firewood storage courtyard!


Blood dripped from Ye Feng’s mouth, his face displayed a look of pain as a fifteen or sixteen year old boy had him constrained underneath his foot.

The small crowd surrounding him was made up of 3 youths.

The three of them looked young. Two of them were people Ye Feng knew. One was Ye Qing, the other was Ye Yuan. They were all new disciples from the Practice Hall.

Ye Feng recognized the boy stepping on his chest. He was the new disciple recognized as a genius with a six star fate. He was a disciple that Elder Ye Ying considered as a pro-disciple candidate, Ye Man!

“Senior Brother Ye Man’s six star fate talent is truly superb. He’s only been in the main family for three days and after cultivating a little bit more, he will enter the peak of the 4th layer! When playing with this little waste, it’s merely like a general stepping on ants, truly powerful!”

Ye Yuan smiled while he stood next to Ye Man, kissing up to him.

Within the Practice Hall, Ye Yuan was an unparalleled genius. There weren’t just a few new disciples who followed him and kissed up to him. However, in front of Ye Man, he could only bow his head and kiss up to Ye Man.

“As Elder Ying’s pro-disciple, handsome brother Ye Man is truly unsurpassable.Not to mention this little waste, in front of handsome brother Ye Man, Ye Xing would have to crawl away defeated!” (T/N: I can’t stand this sucking up… GO GROW SOME MAN PARTS. Also there’s a lot more cursing words in this chapter >.>)

Ye Feng did not hear what the boy had said.

This slender young boy was part of the main group of disciples and his status wasn’t that high. However, since he was Ye Ying’s pro-disciple, Ye Yuan was willing to be inferior and call Ye Man brother.

Ye Qing neither acted nor spoke and merely stood on the sidelines.

“I… pu!” Although Ye Man was currently stepping on Ye Qing and his injuries were not light and his mouth was bleeding, he gave a look of perseverance. With a strong voice he loudly shouted:

“Compared to Brother Xing, you are merely a waste. The moment Brother Xing strikes, you 4th layer wastes are going to be stepped on…!” (T/N : I’ll try to censor as much of the curse words as I can if it still makes sense…)

“You want to die?!”

Ye Man was furious. He kicked at the speed of wind and like a shovel hitting a ground, his leg slammed into Ye Feng’s side. Ye Feng’s body was sent flying through the air.

Ye Feng screamed as his body was kicked more than ten meters away. He vomited blood as he hit the wall and collapsed on the ground.

The severe pain left Ye Feng squirming on the ground as he let out painful groans.

“You little waste, you dare to call me a waste?!”

Ye Man roared with with rage: “Fight me until the death! Give him to this father to beat the sh** out of him!”

Ye Xing had just arrived outside of the firewood storage courtyard and heard the loud scream inside. Shortly after, he heard Ye Man’s roar.

Ye Xing’s expression quickly changed and sped up as he rushed inside the courtyard

When Ye Xing arrived at the scene, lighting struck in his mind.

A boy was holding onto someone’s head while being encircled by 3 other youths. It was Ye Feng being held!

Ye Xing was infuriated!

“Listen to your father and stop!” Ye Xing roared loudly.

This time, Ye Xing did not bother talking to them. His super-brain scanned the situation and he immediately rushed towards them.

Ye Xing was very angry! The consequences would be grave!

“Ye Xing?”

Ye Man saw Ye Xing, and his eyes revealed a color of joy and shouted: “This uncle was going to find you, however you’ve foolishly delivered yourself to me, haha…!”

After speaking, Ye Man readied his fist as he wanted to start a fight with Ye Xing.

Ye Man was quite strong, unlike his peers, he did not achieve his internal strength through Body Refining Exercises, but was born with divine strength!

When he punched, even if it was only the most basic punching skill within the martial skills, it was still extremely powerful. The terrifying power of the 4th layer of Wudao and the born divine strength combined was enough to make any 4th layer Wudao warrior retreat!

Ye Xing would not retreat!

His bones gave a mighty sound as he sent his fist towards his enemy!

One was born with divine strength!

One refined his body’s 206 bones!

They are both powerful within their generation and their internal strength was overpowering!




The two fists collided, and with both of their terrifying strengths, a loud sound exploded out.

At this time, the 2 people beating up Ye Feng stopped their punches. The looked over, and they were surprised!

Ye Man was quite surprised. His punch did not manage to shake Ye Xing even a bit. He had not even retreated half a step. Compared to his divine born inner strength combined with his peak of the 4th layer of Wudao strength, Ye Xing’s punch was not weak!

While Ye Man was surprised, Ye Xing’s face showed no trace of shock. He continued to attack with lightning like punches.

After experiencing Ye Xing’s strength, Ye Man did not dare to belittle him. While he blocked Ye Xing’s attacks, suddenly, midway, Ye Xing’s punch changed direction and shifted to the side of Ye Man, sending another lightning like fist towards him.

Ye Man blocked, however it prevented nothing. Simultaneously, he kicked towards Ye Xing. However, Ye Xing avoided his attack in advance and so Ye Man’s attempt failed once again.

Now, Ye Man could not easily withdraw his leg, thus making it difficult for him to escape. So Ye Xing sent his fist straight towards Ye Man’s face.

At this time, Ye Xing was seething with anger, so he showed absolutely no mercy. The power of his punch was terrifying, it had broken a row of Ye Man’s teeth. He spat the broken teeth mixed with blood out and then suddenly collapsed towards his side.

Ye Man’s body was falling to the ground, suddenly it stopped mid-air. It was Ye Xing who had single-handedly grabbed his arm and stopped his fall.

Bang! Bang! Bang…!

The second fist, the third fist, the fourth fist… they continuously pounded into Ye Man’s face.

Ye Man’s face had been cut and blood was oozing out of his wounds. With his head being continuously hit, even if he was born with divine internal strength, and he had a strengthened body, he was still struck dizzy.

Ye Xing punched Ye Man seven or eight times before finally picking up Ye Man by the arm and kicked him in the abdomen. The severely beaten Ye Man was sent flying tens of meters while letting out a piercing scream.

“Senior Ye Man!” The other three, shocked, exclaimed in unison and ran to Ye Man.

“You three won’t be escaping easily either!” Ye Xing swept past Ye Feng who was struggling to climb back up. Ye Xing’s bones bursted with wound once more and rushed toward Ye Qing and the other two youths.

“You two model disciples, block Ye Xing, I’ll get reinforcements!”

The youngest saw Ye Xing easily beat up Ye Man and was horrified. The moment he let go of Ye Man, he flew like a swallow and with his Body Movement Skill fled over the wall.

Ye Qing and Ye Baiyuan did not have such a Body Movement Skill, and as they saw Ye Xing rushing over they could only prepare to fight Ye Xing.

Although Ye Baiyuan always speaks ill of Ye Xing, when considering the real ability of Ye Xing, his heart had a sense of fear. Especially since he just saw Ye Xing beat Ye Man until he lost his teeth, he was extremely afraid.

Needless to say, Since Ye Qing had once felt Ye Xing’s fists and experienced his strength, he instinctively felt fear.

At the mere appearance of Ye Xing, Ye Qing and Ye Baiyuan were afraid within their hearts. Even if his strength was greatly reduced, were they an opponent of Ye Xing who had broken through to the 4th layer of Wudao?

Not even using three strokes, Ye Xing kicked Ye Baiyuan in the chest. His breath was knocked out of him and he screamed as his body flew ten meters away.



  • The author ended the chapter with a cliffhanger… I know it’s only the first part, but the readers at the time must’ve been so annoyed.

PS: We will release the next chapter after few hours.. xD Since author wanted such a cliff, we should also do a little cliff 😛 Enjoy the Chap.. ~Rythrinx~

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