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Supreme Arrow God – Chapter 32

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Chapter 32 – Fury (2/2)


Ye Qing’s left wrist had been seized by Ye Xing, so his right hand punched towards Ye Xing’s head.

Ye Xing’s super-brain’s scan had long since calculated the trajectory of Ye QIng’s attack. He punched, focusing on Ye Qing’s right wrist.


Ye Qing screamed out, his wrist had been dislocated! His right hand weakly fell back down to his side.

“Don’t hit my face…!”

The moment he screamed, Ye Xing grabbed Ye Qing’s dislocated right wrist and pulled him up, then slapped him. Ye Qing’s face paled and he let out another scream!

In Qing Ye City’s Ye Family meeting, Ye Qing was slapped by Ye Xing and was sent flying through the air spinning. His heart was still scarred from the experience.

Now he doesn’t want to be hit in the face? Too late!


Immediately after, a red palm slap mark appeared on Ye Qing’s face, his head was forcibly turned to his side.


“Speak, you are not a person from Qing Ye City, right?

Ye Xing angrily asked. When he asked “right”, he had already once again slapped Ye Qing

“I’m not! I’m not! I’m not! I’m not! I’m not! I’m not! I’m not! I’m not! I’m not!” (T/N: Feel free to reduce the number of “I’m not”s.)

This time, Ye Xing did not ask a question and just directly slapped him! Ye Xing continuously slapped Ye Qing ten times in the face before he finally stopped!

Ye Qing was part of Qing Ye City’s younger generation, yet he didn’t take care about Qing Ye City’s Ye Feng. On top of that, he encouraged Ye Man and Ye Baiyuan to help and beat up Ye Feng. What was this nonsense?

The perfect example of a traitor!

Ye Xing had never seen such trash! Before, although he didn’t like Ye Qing, he still didn’t have an intense hatred to this level! However, now he had a hatred of unprecedented intensity toward Ye Qing!

Ye Qing was beaten until he had a mouthful of broken teeth and blood. His face skin had been ripped open and his tears and blood mixed together as they flowed down his face.

The moment Ye Xing’s movements stopped, only then did Ye Qing speak, he swallowed: “ R-right, I am…, Brother Xing, don’t hit me. I’ve made a mistake, I’m a person of Qing ye City. I am!”

At this time, Ye Baiyuan, who had gotten the air kicked out of him finally got up. He was horrified, after seeing Ye Xing he immediately tried to escape from the courtyard.

“You think you could run just like this?” Ye Xing threw Ye Qing to the ground and strode in front of Ye Baiyuan, blocking him.

Ye Baiyuan let out a scream, turned around and ran. Ye Xing caught up from behind, and sent a flying kick towards Ye Baiyuan, making him eat dog sh**. (T/N: To be honest I was tempted to write “dog dookie” but I decided against it. He went head first into the ground.)

Ye Baiyuan had yet to get back up when Ye Xing kicked him over. After he had flung Ye Baiyuan body, he slammed his feet on Ye Baiyuan’s hands, restraining him. He sat himself down on Ye Baiyuan’s stomach and raised his hand prepared to give him a large slap to the face, but paused.

“Speak, you are not a waste, right?”

“I’m not! I’m not! I’m not! I’m not! I’m not! I’m not! I’m not! I’m not! I’m not!”

Ye Xing’s rage had exploded, and the consequences would be disastrous. Just like Ye Qing, Ye Baiyuan was also rewarded with 10 slaps to the face.

Ye Baiyuan’s head was hit constantly, thus making him dizzy. Broken teeth and blood flew as he was punched, and his eyes were filled to the brim with tears as his sobs broke out.

“I… I’m a waste, Brother Ye Xing, don’t hit me anymore. I beg you, please don’t hit me anymore…!” Ye Baiyuan’s cries were even more miserable than Ye Qing’s.

“Such a weak and shameless person, if I, your father, do not teach you a lesson today, this father’s name is not Ye”(E/N: I wanted to use Madona instead of Ye, just for the lols… but the super evil mad king demon usagi didn’t let me!!! Q_Q)

Ye Xing got up and kicked Ye Baiyuan, sending him flying. Only then did he walk over to Ye Feng.

Right now, Ye Feng had already stood up and was leaning against a wall. Despite his appearance being somewhat embarrassing, his eyes shined with spirit. He felt refreshed and was bursting with happiness.

He had always believed that Ye Xing would create another miracle. Today, the miracle had come true. Compared to yesterday, Ye Xing had grown much more powerful, truly beyond people’s expectations.

“Brother Ye Xing…!”

Ye Feng moved and spoke a single sentence, then pondered about something. He looked towards Ye Man who was swept away and fiercely spoke: “What I said was not wrong, in front of Brother Ye Xing, you are a piece of scum who has been stepped on!  You are that kind of sh*tty scum!”

Ye Man and Ye Qing were sitting on the ground with their entire faces swollen and bright red. Ye Baiyuan was still left lying on the ground, in the distance, and had yet to recover his breath.

Ye Xing walked up next to Ye Feng and patted his shoulder and asked a question: “Have you suffered any internal wounds?”

Ye Xing shook his head: “No, it’s only external injuries. They will heal very quickly. Brother Xing, this time I must greatly thank you for helping me. Otherwise, I would have been seriously injured by them.”

Ye Xing lightly smiled, he was about to reply, when he heard the sounds of approaching footsteps. He turned around to take a look, and saw several youths walking towards him.

It was led by a 16 or 17 year old youth, who was wearing a tightly fitted long black robe. On the end of his sleeves there was a golden flower embroidered and a cyan belt tied his waist, his aura was extraordinary.

Behind this youth there were several others, who looked to be slightly younger than him. Among them was the younger skinny youth, who had previously escaped.

“Elder Brother Ye Man…!”

The skinny youth quickly ran to Ye Man’s side, and helped him stand up. He pointed at Ye Xing and spoke: “Elder Brother Yunkong, he is Ye Xing. It was him that beat up Elder Brother Ye Man!”

Ye Yunkong?

Ye Xing and Ye Qing’s gaze landed upon the black-robed youth. Originally he was Ye Wenying’s grandson. (T/N: There was no inclination that Ye Yunkong stopped being Ye Wenying’s grandson in this chapter. However, the translation says “originally”, so I’ll keep it like this.)

When he arrived at the main Ye Clan, Ye Xing naturally became somewhat familiar with Ye Yunkong’s background.

Ye Yunkong, who was not yet 17 years old but already reached  the middle-stage at the 5th layer of Wudao. Thus, his name was listed within the top ten of the elite disciples.

In the core of the Ye Clan, only disciples who had reached the 5th layer of Wudao could truly be considered elite disciples. Compared to the number of ordinary disciples, they only amount to around 30 disciples.

Among them, the most famous was without a doubt Ye Yunlong, because he is the Ye Clan’s Young Lord. He is ranked first within the younger generation, he is the one favored by the heaven’s and is well-known throughout Tian Cang City.

However, within the Ye Clan younger generation, all of the elite disciples were famous characters. Especially the top ten elite disciples, they were both famous and skilled.

Especially since Ye Yunkong was the youngest disciple ranked in the top ten, his future was filled potential. He might even be able to enter the top three in the future.

Ye Yunkong had a six star fate, so as long as he is not lazy and the main clan properly supported him, he would without a doubt, be able become a warrior at the 6th layer of Wudao

If his luck is not bad and some good fortunes come his way as well as training hard, there was a possibility he might become a Grandmaster at the 7th layer of Wudao. *

Within the main clan, there were many people who identified Ye Yunkong as the number 2 talent, ranked right after Ye Yunlong. Although this sentiment was refuted by most of the elite disciples ranked in the top ten, it could also be considered to be accurate. Ye Yunkong truly had an excellent temperament.

“Senior Brother Ye Yunkong!”

“Senior Brother Ye Yunkong!”

While Ye Xing and Ye Feng were sizing up Ye Yunkong, Ye Qing and Ye Baiyuan hastily got up to bow and express their thanks.

To an ordinary disciple, an elite disciple’s existence was set on a high pedestal. The top ten elite disciple positions were deemed unattainable. Thus, when they saw Ye Yunkong, they threw away their pride and dignity and grasped onto his leg. (T/N: Not literally, but for those who might be unfamiliar with these novels, it’s referring to kissing up.)

Since Ye Yunkong was a future elder of the main family, if they managed to grasp a spot by his side they would absolutely gain a great advantage!

However, Ye Yunkong actually did not even cast a glance towards Ye Qing or Ye Baiyuan. Instead he gazed at Ye Xing with a look as sharp as a sword and approached him: “ You have a lot of courage!”

Ye Xing gazed at Ye Yunkong, within his heart he was considering on how to deal with him.

Unfortunately, Ye Yunkong was a warrior at the 5th layer of Wudao. In terms of Internal Strength, he had already refined his flesh and blood, if he battled against a warrior at the fourth layer of Wudao, the warrior would not be able to do anything against him!

In addition, Ye Yunkong was not at the early-stage of the Fifth Layer, but had a cultivation base at the middle-stage of the Fifth Layer, that was even more difficult to deal with.

Ye Xing’s super brain scanned through millions of possibilities, immediately, his expression loosened and said: “Senior Brother Yun Kong, our Ye Clan has a series of respected clan rules, they are all said to be of reasonable character. However, these rules allow them to bully us, but actually prevent us from defending ourselves and striking back?”

Ye Xing was right in front of his gaze, yet unexpectedly his expression did not change. Now, Ye Yunkong flashed a surprised expression. He spoke: “You unexpectedly do not fear me!”

Ye Xing slowly replied: “Why would I need to fear you?”

“So bold, in front of Senior Brother Ye Yunkong, you dare to act so disrespectfully?”

“Your generation is so ignorant, do you know who Senior Brother Ye Yunkong is? He is an existence ranked within the top ten of the elite disciples, yet you dare to speak to Senior Brother Ye Yunkong in such a manner!”

Next to Ye Yunkong, suddenly there were two warriors at the 4th layer of Wudao who could no longer stand it and stood up.

Ye Xing gave a disdainful smile, ignoring the two of them.

Ye Yunkong raised his hand, preventing the two from speaking. As before, his gaze that was as sharp as a sword look straight at Ye Xing and spoke: “According to you, it was my Junior Brother who had bullied you?  Therefore you taught him a lesson?”

Ye Xing placed his hand on Ye Feng’s shoulders and replied: “Although he did not personally bully me, he has bullied my younger brother!”

Ye Yunkong spoke: “My Junior Brother bullied your Younger Brother, so you used force and taught my Junior Brother a lesson, right?”

Ye Xing nodded his head: “Correct!”

“Good!” A fearful aura erupted from Ye Yunkong’s body. As if shaking mountain and seas he rushed towards Ye Xing:

“My Junior Brother bullied your Younger Brother, then you came out helped to teach my Junior Brother a lesson. You have hit my Junior Brother, as his fellow apprentice, I must also help him teach you a lesson!”

This meaningless talk while he approached was all part of Ye Xing’s plan. He changed his expression: “Senior Brother Ye Yunkong, you are ranked within the top ten of the elite disciples, to act against an ordinary disciple that carries water for the Dining Hall, it would surely be shameful for you if it was spread!”

Ye YunKong sneered and said: “I’m teaching you as a request by my Junior Brother, what is there to be ashamed of?”

Ye Xing’s brows wrinkled slight. Does this fellow really not give a thought to his status? If they fight, his opponent is a warrior at the 5th layer of Wudao and is skilled in both Martial Skills and Body Movement techniques. Even with Ye Xing’s super brain’s scanning, it would be hard to hope for victory.

Ye Xing’s expression did not change and spoke: “An elite disciple ranked in the top ten, fights to get rid of a disciple who carries water for the Dining Hall. If this manner passes around, Senior Brother Yunkong would lose his honor. Haha. Actually, I have a method to make senior Ye Yunkong’s reputation to remain unaffected.”

Ye Yunkong’s gaze flickered slightly: “Speak!”

Ye Xing took one step forward and also released an imposing aura, just as strong as Ye Yunkong’s and spoke:

“Ye Yunkong, the Dining Hall’s water carrying disciple, Ye Xing, issues a challenge to you. In one month, in front of all of these disciples, we will battle at the Plaza in front of the Practice Hall. Do you dare to accept my challenge?!”

All the people stared.

Everyone at the scene was not stupid, they all understood. Ye Xing wanted to solve today’s encirclement. Knowing that he would be unable to avoid Ye Yunkong, he wanted to delay for one more month.

This was the method of inciting horses to pull carriages. However, it was also 100% successful in baiting someone into action. If Ye Xing openly challenged him, could Ye Yunkong dare not to accept?

To delay for one month, what was the benefit?

There absolutely was none! Everyone except Ye Feng thought so!



  • “And the rabbit killed the turtle… the end” – JinTheTurtle (Don’t worry no one died. His “ancient” turtle soul may have been damaged but it’s fine.)
  • Ranking so far: 1-5 layer of Wudao (Warrior), 6-? (Grandmaster) and ?-? (Sacred Martial Artist)


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