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Supreme Arrow God – Chapter 33

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Chapter 33 -Martial Arts Pavilion (1 /2)

Ye Yunkong’s face turned blue!

A water carrying disciple from the Dining Hall dared to challenge himself, Ye Yunkong?

If this story was told, it would be treated as a joke!

Ye Yunkong coldly retorted: “Up to you? Currently, you don’t have the qualifications to challenge me!”

Ye Xing revealed a smile filled with contempt: “Right now, perhaps I don’t have the qualifications. However, in one month, I’ll be able to beat you into the ground and break your teeth! Do you still dare to accept my challenge?”

“Ye Xing, do you not fear that this news will spread like lightning?”

“In only one month’s time, you want to compete with Senior Brother Yunkong? Even if we gave you an entire year, you would only be able to look up to Senior Brother Yunkong!”

“You water carrying waste, even if you were to train for your entire lifetime, you would still only be able to look up to Senior Brother Yunkong!”

Ye Yunkong had not yet replied before several disciples to his side had begun to attack Ye Xing.

“Humph!” Ye Yunkong coldly snorted. His face radiated anger, and he no longer wanted to continue talking with Ye Xing. He once again began moving towards Ye Xing.

“Whats wrong? Do you really not dare to accept? Could it be within your heart you are secretly afraid? Are you afraid that in one month I will be able to beat your face into the ground and break your teeth? If so, Ye Yunkong, then your lack of courage says that your strength isn’t as impressive as I thought, you are only a coward!”

Ye Xing’s icy words ruthlessly ridiculed him.

Right now if they were to fight, Ye Xing knew his success was not in sight. However, after a month’s time had passed, he had absolute assurance that he would win. In any case, he had to agitate the opposite party in order to get another month to train, defeating this idiot later would be easy.

Ye Yunkong’s imposing aura shot out as he clenched his pair of fists. A cracking sound resounded out and he looked furious. However, even then he endured his urge of getting rid of him.

Since Ye Xing had spoken like this, if he dared to not accept his challenge, there would be consequences. While ordinary disciples would not dare to say that he feared Ye Xing, the other elite disciples would definitely unceasingly ridicule him!

As an elite disciple ranked in the top ten, there were several disciples who opposed him. Once they find out about this matter, they would definitely tease him. At that time, Ye Xing’s words would be seen as true, and he would be ridiculed as a coward for a long time!

“Fine! I accept your challenge! One month later, One by one I will remove your bones from your body!”

Ye Yunkong coldly stated as he gloomily stared at Ye XIng.

Within his heart, Ye Xing heaved a sigh of relief and smiled slightly: “My bones are firmly attached, you would not be able to remove them. When the time comes, it will be you, who will be beat into the ground, looking for your knocked out teeth, he he!”


A cold expression flashed through Ye Yunkong’s face, and spoke: “Today, you have injured my Junior Brother. And unexpectedly you are trying to stall the fight for one month. I’ll give you one opportunity, I’ll attack you only once. I’m only doing this to avoid other saying that I was using my higher cultivation base to bully you!”

He paused then let out a cold sneer, and continued: “Since you dared to challenge me to a fight one month from now, your strength should be considered as decent. So, when going up against my single move, it should be easy for you to withstand it. If you cannot block my move, then this challenge in one month will simply become a joke, never to be mentioned again!”

Within Ye Yunkong’s mind, he intended to get rid of Ye Xing right now. He was not interested in the challenge happening in one month. He would hit to win. As an elite disciple in the top ten, if he end up losing the challenge against a water carrying waste later on, Ye Yunkong may end up completely losing his face!”

Therefore, he should get rid of him now. He believed that one move was enough to deal with Ye Xing, he was sure that Ye Xing would receive a painful lesson!

If Ye Xing was unable to block his attack, he would conveniently say that Ye Xing’s strength was unqualified and cancel the challenge in one month!

Ye Yunkong no longer cared about Ye Xing’s perspective. His voice went quiet and his body shot towards Ye Xing. As he appeared in front of Ye Xing, he sent a palm around Ye Xing’s block, heading straight towards his face!”

Middle Grade Martial Skill, Mountain Cleaving Palm!

The Mountain Cleaving Palm that Ye Yunkong had displayed was ten times more formidable compared to Ye Yunfan’s.

The difference between their success within their Martial Arts was, needless to say, immense. The Mountain Cleaving Palm that Ye Yunfan displayed was merely at the basic level, while Ye Yunkong’s Mountain Cleaving Palm had already been cultivated up till half-step into the Grand Accomplishment Realm.

In addition, in terms of speed, Ye Yunkong was using a Body Movement Skill, his movements were so quick, it was as if he was a phantom. Along with the disparity between their cultivation bases and internal strength, their might was on completely different levels.

Ye Xing challenged Ye Yunkong to make it seem as if a single terrifying palm was enough to defeat him. Except for Ye Feng, almost everyone assumed it was impossible for Ye Xing to stop. Even if he wanted to evade, he would be unable to move. Ultimately, he would be seriously injured by Ye Yunkong!

Even Ye Feng was nervous. His entire face had a tensed expression and his breathing quickened, anticipating the coming of a miracle!

The moment Ye Yunkong’s palm approached, Ye Xing lifted his hands, and overlapped his palms and welcomed the attack. Surprising Ye Feng, the quick palm was like a mirage as it faced the attack head-on.

The miracle really occurred!

This palm from Ye Yunkong, unexpectedly did not shake Ye Xing’s arm, neither did it send him flying. Instead, it was as if Ye Xing’s hands had a pushing force from the side and was sent off to the side.

Ye Xing’s superbrain scanned the current situation. Ye Yunkong’s single chop was already completely analyzed by Ye Xing. Only, Ye Yunkong’s speed was too quick. So, even if Ye Xing knew the trajectory of the attack of his opponent ahead of time, he had no way to avoid.

Therefore he could only resist by attacking his opponent’s weakness.

The angle at which Ye Xing diverted the attack was very mysterious, at just the right place, Ye Yunkong’s palm hit with a force approximately 42,000 jin in strength.

The strength behind Ye Yunkong’s palm was definitely more than a thousand jin. However, the strength behind Ye Xing overlapping his palms and pushing was more than 42,000 jin. (T/N: Little fun fact. So, Jin= 0.5kg. So if I did my math right, it should be 42,000 jin = 46,000 pounds. In perspective it’s a little over three times as heavy as an elephant. While 1,000 jin = 1,102 pounds which is basically the weight of a grizzly bear… I’m sure it’s going to be a little more than just “diverting the attack” here…)

Therefore, the final result was that the Ye Yunkong’s palm was diverted to one side by Ye Xing and the attack failed!

Ye Xing acted upon the opportunity. Although he parried the attack, he did use a lot of his strength, thus he did not wait for Ye Yunkong to display his second move. Ye Xing jumped back and held his hand saying:

“Many thanks to Senior Brother Yunkong for being merciful on this junior!”

Forgiving to someone below him?

All the people present looked at each other in confusion, they were startled,  what just happened was unclear. Would Ye Yunkong be merciful to a junior?

However, if it was not Ye Yunkong acting mercifully, then how could he fail? They had no idea!

Only ye Yunkong knew that just a moment ago, his palm was pushed to the side by Ye Xing. In his heart he was secretly surprised.

He was very clear, Ye Xing being able to deflect his palm was far from easy. It would be impossible to replicate if he attacked again.

However, since he had formerly said that he would only execute one move, Ye Yunkong could only bear with his urge to continue fighting and get rid of this trouble once and for all. He let out a cold snort and spoke:

“Since you managed to defend my one move, one month later, we will battle at the Plaza in front of the Practice Hall. At that time, it won’t necessarily be just one move!”

Ye Yunkong ceased speaking and turned around to depart. Ye Man and the the others followed Ye Yunkong and left.

“Brother Xing, unexpectedly, Ye Yunkong could not injure you, you really are just too powerful!”

Ye Feng happily shouted as he walked towards Ye Xing after the crowd had left the Firewood Storage Courtyard.

Ye Xing quietly sighed and raised his right hand. On his palm was a red mark where the skin had been rubbed raw.

Ye Yunkong was a warrior at the 5th stage of Wudao and his strength was indeed unusual. Although had matched the palm attack by hitting it’s weakness and thrust his opponent’s attack to the side, he had not escaped unscathed. In the place of the collision, it had been rubbed raw.

Ye Feng had only sustained skin deep wounds. After a single breath he felt alright. He had not been affected much, after several steps he arrived at Ye Xing’s side. He noticed the raw flesh on Ye Xing’s left hand and exclaimed out in shock: “Brother Xing, you were injured by his attack?”

Ye Xing nodded and replied: “Ye Yunkong is an elite disciple ranked in the top ten, his strength is not mediocre, but instead was truly immense!”

Ye Feng looked worried and asked: “Are you going to be okay for the battle in one months time?”

Ye Xing’s expression was exuding self confidence as he smiled and said: “Ye Yunkong has given me an opportunity to step on him. This time, one month later, I will beat him into the ground and break his teeth!”

Ye Feng had complete trust in Ye Xing, so when he sees Ye Xing’s confident affirmation, he also believed in his words: “Brother Xing, once again you will definitely create a miracle!”

Ye Xing nodded and asked: “Can you still continue to fetch firewood for today?”

Ye Feng pumped his fist and nodded fiercely: “No problem at all!”

Ye Xing patted Ye Feng’s shoulder and complimented: “That’s good, this matter with the firewood I will not help you with. I must go to the Martial Arts Pavilion to study Martial skills immediately! If Ye Wenying tries to punish me and prevent me from entering the Martial Arts Pavilion, that would be a disaster!”

Ye Feng’s eyes opened in shock and stared at Ye Xing: “Brother Xing, did you step into the 4th Layer of Wudao?”

Ye Xing nodded and then smiled before finally leaving the Firewood Storage Courtyard.

Ye Feng look at Ye Xing’s back as he left and tightly gripped his fist. He wore an excited expression and his vision towards Ye Xing was entirely of worship!

“Your time is only two hours. Junior, Martial discipline requires one to have mastery in few rather than low comprehension in many. Don’t be too greedy, if you want wishwashingly train in this and that, you will end up training them only to the Basic level, thus becoming incapable of genuinely mastering a skill, then there is no point!

After Ye Xing arrived at the Martial Arts Pavilion, the Martial Arts Pavilion Elder,

Ye Wentian, tested his cultivation base. After doing so, he tried to protect him by trying to convince Ye Xing otherwise.

“Many thanks for the Elder’s reminder!”

Ye Xing nodded towards Ye Wentian then ultimately entered the Martial Arts Pavilion!

Martial discipline requires one mastery in few rather than low comprehension in many?

This only could be applied to the average cultivator. Since a person’s energy was limited, practicing five different Martial Arts to Grand Accomplishment realm was inferior to focusing on a single Martial Art and training it to the Perfection realm. Therefore, those who studied fewer could often train their Martial Art into an even higher realm.

However, what if someone was intelligent enough? Could they not simultaneously build up several Martial Arts to the Perfection realm? Obviously if they cultivated more Martial arts then they would become stronger!

Ye Xing was far from an average person. He had the superbrain, it wasn’t that he feared he wouldn’t have enough energy to cultivate many Martial Arts, but he feared that there were too few Martial Arts!

Therefore, regarding the advice of the Martial Pavilion Elder, Ye Xing publically expressed his gratitude. However, within his heart he had already reached his decision.

Within the Martial Arts Pavilion, there were three levels!

The first level held the Low Grade Martial Arts, the second level held the Middle Grade Martial Arts, and the third level held the Top Grade Martial Arts!

The first level of the Martial Arts Pavilion altogether had 48 varieties of Low Grade Martial Arts!

Within, six were Cultivation methods, six were Body Refinement techniques, and 36 were Martial Skills! (T/N: There may be a bit of confusion. There is a difference between Martial Arts and Martial Skills. Martial Arts refers to all techniques and methods, while Martial Skills focuses more on combat techniques like the Mountain Cleaving Palm and etc. The author did use different terms when addressing them.)

The first level was relatively deserted, there was only a single Warrior at the 3rd layer of Wudao looking at a Martial Skill Secret Manual!

Except for the third level that was sealed from the public, the first and second levels were all open within the Martial Art’s Pavilion. Therefore, among the disciples who entered the Martial Arts Pavilion, an overwhelming majority immediately entered the second level and studied the Middle Grade Martial Arts. In the first level, there were very few studying.

Ye Xing’s superbrain scanned his surrounding, in a single glance, he immediately excluded the six cultivation methods. He then started reading the Body Refinement techniques, glancing through one after another.

Every time he glanced through a book, the content was scanned and saved by the superbrain, thus never being forgotten!

Soon, the six Body Refinement Techniques were read completely by Ye Xing. Ye Xing then arrived at the region with the Martial Skill Secret manuals. He started with one book, then once again started to one by one glance through the manuals.


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