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Chapter 34 – Martial Arts Pavilion (2/2)


“This fellow apprentice believes studying in this manner is incorrect. To merely skim through every secret manual once… In the end, you will be unable to learn a single skill, wasting your two hour time period!”

The disciple on the first floor tried to persuade him. He had seen Ye Xing quickly glancing through the secret manuals one after another, and continued:

“My name is Ye Yunxi. Fellow apprentice seems unfamiliar with how things work. You are most likely a newly admitted disciple who recently broke through to the 4th layer of Wudao. Naturally, you have entered the Martial Arts Pavilion. The Martial Arts Pavilion has numerous Martial Arts, and as it is your first time here, you must be amazed by the sight, and wish that you could study all of them. However, fellow apprentice should listen to my advice. Choose a single Martial Skill to study. If you choose indecisively, in the end it will be as if you learned nothing at all!”

Ye Yunxi was obviously a disciple of the main family. Just from hearing his name, it was apparent that he was part of Ye Yunlong and Ye Yunkong’s generation.

Ye Xing remembered that Ye Yunfan, Ye Yuntao, Ye Yunkong, and most of the other main family disciples held an immense disdain for the branch family disciples. In contrast, Ye Yunxi had no such disdain.

Ye Yunxi held good intentions, unfortunately, Ye Xing could not follow his advice and replied: “My name is Ye Xing, and what you have said is true. However, I want to first look at all the Martial Skills, then decide to study which type, how about you let me read the manual that you are holding at the moment? I shall momentarily return it to you.”

Ye Yunxi was stunned speechless, then gave a sigh, and handed over the secret manual in his hand to Ye Xing.

Ye Xing looked through quickly. Before long, he had glanced through the entire secret manual and returned it to Ye Yunxi, then moved on to skim through the next manual.

Each time he glanced through a manual, Ye Xing’s super-brain scanned and duplicated its content. Thus, the entire content of the secret manual was forever stored within his super-brain.

It had not yet been one hour, however Ye Xing had already completely examined the six different  Body Refinement Techniques and the 36 Martial Skills.

“Have you chosen what type of skill you are going to focus on?” asked Ye Yunxi who was still around. He saw that Ye Xing had finished looking through all of the manuals.

“Hehe, It seems I have to go to the 2nd floor and choose a Middle Grade Martial technique!” Ye Xing gave a bright smile, and directly headed to the 2nd floor.

“He really is a strange person!” Ye Yunxi could not help be somewhat disdainful..

At the start, he honestly had not particularly paid attention to Ye Xing. However, he had managed to evoke his curiosity. He pondered more about Ye Xing’s name before softly speaking in a startled voice:

“Ye Xing… Ye Xing? Hey, that new disciple with two star fate, his name was Ye Xing. Apparently Elder Brother Yunlong had selected him from a branch family. With his two star fate, he had unexpectedly managed to cultivate to the 4th Layer of Wudao? How strange! When I return, I must inform Elder Brother Yunlong!”

The second floor of the Martial Arts Pavilion had some more people. There were five people, and all were youths in their teens.

At the moment, other new disciples had yet to receive contribution points and come to the Martial Arts Pavilion. Ye Xing was the only one whose cultivation base had a breakthrough so quickly and thus was able to enter the Martial Arts Pavilion. Obviously, these were main family disciples.

The five main disciples on the second floor didn’t seem to be nearly as friendly as Ye Yunxi. After seeing that Ye Xing was a new face, one of the disciples merely gave him a cold glance. Within a disciple’s eyes, it was obvious that he was showing disdain towards Ye Xing, and then no longer paid any attention to him.

Compared to the number of Low Grade Martial Arts on the first floor, the number of Middle Grade Martial Arts was slightly above half the previous quantity. There was a total of 24 selections!

Ye Xing’s super-brain scanned them all. There were three Cultivation techniques, three Body Refinement techniques, 12 Martial skills, and six Body Movement skills! (T/N: Technically it’s more like Lightness Movement Skills… but it sounds really weird that way…)

Excluding the Cultivation Techniques, Ye Xing once again lightly glanced through, letting his super-brain scan it completely before deciding.

“Hehe, this country bumpkin. He must have never seen so many Middle Grade Martial Arts before. Hehe, he is completely clueless on what to study!”

A disciple at the 4th layer of Wudao jokingly commented. He had seen Ye Xing glance through secret manuals one after another.

“A country bumpkin is clearly inexperienced. It’s his first time entering the Martial Arts Pavilion. Naturally, he’s shocked. He’s looking at this, then looking at that, only then can he determine where North, South, East and West are, hehe!”

Another Martial Artist at the 4th layer of Wudao also ridiculed him. He looked at Ye Xing’s with eyes filled with disgust.

The other three main family disciples, who were also Martial Artists at the 4th layer of Wudao, simultaneously broke out into laughter!

Ye Xing’s training of his mental strength was truly impressive. Five people were ridiculing him, yet he actually showed these animal-like humans a harmless smile and nodded to them:

“Fellow apprentices truly are impressive. This little brother has arrived at the Martial Arts Pavilion for the first time, and my heart is bursting with excitement. Thus, I wanted to look at all the Martial Arts. Can you fellow disciples let me look at the secret manuals you are currently holding?”

After speaking, Ye Xing put down the secret manual he had finished reading and asked the martial artist at his side: “Fellow apprentice, can you lend that secret manual in your hand to this little brother to have a look?”

“Go Away!” This was the disciple at the 4th layer of Wudao who had first ridiculed Ye Xing. His complexion grew stern and he replied coldly.

Ye Xing’s joke had backfired, so he returned his hand to his side. He walked past this person and picked up the next secret manual to read, no longer paying attention to the five people.

“Hey, country bumpkin! What is your name? Where are you from?” a Martial Artist at the 4th layer of Wudao asked. Ye Xing did not pay any attention to them, yet these five people actually decided to bother him. (T/N: Another change~ The previous translation called it “Warrior”. However it really is just Martial Artist…)

Ye Xing continued to glance through the manuals, he had no inclination of responding to them.

“Hey! Are you deaf? Did you not hear my question?” coldly shouted the “get lost” Martial Artist of the 4th Layer at his side.

A murderous look flashed through Ye Xing’s eyes, but he suppressed his emotions within his heart, and spoke: “Little brother Ye Xing is from Qing Ye City’s branch family!”

“He really is a country bumpkin from a branch family! No wonder he is so inexperienced!” ridiculed the Martial Artist of the 4th Layer who had asked the question earlier.

“Qing Ye City’s branch family is Ye Tiannan’s birth place. When Ye Tiannan was alive, Qing Ye City’s branch family was actually formidable. However, the current Qing Ye City only has trash left!”

A Martial Artist of the 4th Layer who had not spoken before suddenly spoke. He coldly glared at Ye Xing. He was from Ye Wenying’s group of disciples.

“Not only this branch family is trash. Within all these branch families, to have a 6th Layer elder as a result is extremely rare. However, a generation of disciples from the main family can at the least have a master at the 7th Layer of Wudao and several elders at the 6th Layer! Compared with the main family, all branch family are just trash!”

Another Martial Artist of the 4th Layer who previously had not said anything, finally spoke. The way he looked at Ye Xing was no different from looking at the word trash.(ED:just picture how Kim Jong Un looks at everyone else the world, it’s that look)

The other people all looked at Ye Xing, and burst out laughing in ridicule!

“These five fellows are despicable, they deserve to be punched!” Ye Xing secretly formed within his heart.

Even though he was unhappy within his heart, Ye Xing said nothing. He only watched what was happening, then returned to glancing through secret manuals one after another while his super-brain scanned and stored its contents.

Since five secret manuals were in the other five Martial Artist’s hands, as well as the exclusion of the 3 cultivation techniques, there were only 16 other secret manuals. Before long, Ye Xing had completely glanced through them all. (T/N: If I had this ability I would never need to study ;-;)

These five Martial Artists saw Ye Xing finish glancing through the other secret manuals, and knew that Ye Xing wanted to look at the secret manuals in their hands. They looked at Ye Xing with a toying grin.

“What’s wrong? Does the country bumpkin want to look at the secret manuals in our hands?

“Hehe! Do you want to look? No luck though, we won’t give them to you!”

“You will just have to patiently wait. However, our main family disciples in the Martial Arts Pavilion’s time is longer compared to you country bumpkins. With just your two hours, you shouldn’t think of waiting for us to put these down.

Towards those from the branch family or disciples without the surname Ye, the main family disciples would typically bully them. This was a common matter within the Ye Family, Xiong Family, and Wei Family as well.

Ye Xing was having a bitter experience at the moment. Not only did the main family disciple bully those from the branch families, but they also bullied disciples from outside the family even worse.

Most of the times, Ye Xing would not concede. Any matters of little importance he could endure in the past, however, that didn’t mean he did not have a temper!

Right now, within Ye Xing’s heart, his resistance was degrading slightly!

When Ye Xing got angry, his act of good nature would abruptly disappear. What would be remaining was complete fury!

He raised his head, and his eyes  no longer had the gentle aura or the genial acting, but were cold and fierce!

Ye Xing pointed at the main family disciples and spoke: “First heap, second heap, third heap, fourth heap, and fifth heap. You five heaps of sh** come over here, this young master wants to discuss a certain matter with you!”

The five main family disciples gave a blank stare before realizing that they had been ridiculed. They immediately burst out in anger!”

“What did you say, country bumpkin? Do you have the courage to repeat what you just said?”

“You dare to scold us and call us pieces of sh**? You country bumpkin, do you wish to court death?”

The five main family disciple put down their secret manuals, and surrounded Ye Xing. The situation seemed dire!

Ye Xing ignored the rage of these five individuals and spoke:

“How about we make a bet. You five piles of sh** attack me together. If you can win against this young master, then I’ll scram from the Martial Arts Pavilion. If you cannot defeat this young master, then all of you will scram from the Pavilion. How about this?”

On the second floor of the Martial Arts Pavilion there were very few Martial Arts. Therefore a single bookshelf containing the Martial Arts was pushed up against the wall and in the center was a large open space that was large enough for a fight.

“It depends on whether you, trashy country bumpkin, can even resist the attacks of all five of us together. Just this father attacking is more than enough!”

The main family disciple from Ye Wenying’s entourage shouted angrily and rushed towards Ye Xing.

Middle Grade Martial Skill, Wind Chasing Kick!

He took several steps before appearing in front of Ye Xing, he straightened his body, then sent a high kick to Ye Xing’s head.

He had attacked quickly, but was sent back even faster. His Wind Chasing Kick hadn’t been able to touch even the hem of Ye Xing’s clothes. Instead he was trampled on by Ye Xing’s foot. A single kick, and he was directly sent flying.

The other four had expressions of utter disbelief.

Although they could not directly see Ye Xing’s cultivation base, they knew that he was absolutely not at the 5th Layer of Wudao. Otherwise, he would’ve automatically become an elite disciple! It would be impossible for them to not find about it if something like that happened!

Since Ye Xing had just gained the qualifications to enter the Martial Arts Pavilion, he had obviously just entered the 4th Layer of Wudao. The other five were also Martial Artists of the 4th Layer.

All of their cultivation bases were at the 4th Layer of Wudao. With a single lethal attack, one of them was trampled on and unexpectedly sent flying. This really makes people completely surprised!

In addition, Ye Xing had just stepped into the 4th Layer of Wudao, and has a cultivation base at the early-stage of the 4th Layer. However, the one that he had just defeated and sent flying had a cultivation base at the late-stage of the 4th Layer!

Like the saying goes, a pair of fists will have trouble to defeat four enemies, just like how a fierce tiger will have difficulty in defeating a group of wolves!

A person’s attention span is limited. When fighting multiple people, even if their strength was more formidable compared to each individual within the opposing party, it would still be hard to guard against all of the attacks at the same time.

Therefore, even if he was powerful, if he was besieged by multiple people, it would be very simple to defeat him.

However, with Ye Xing’s super-brain, fighting multiple people is not an issue. The forms of the opposing party of four were completely scanned by his super-brain. The muscles’ contractions revealed the strength of the attack. In addition, every movement and action was scanned and completely revealed.

The four’s attacks had yet to begin, but Ye Xing had already judged that it would be easy to evade. Therefore, he knows he will not fall for the encirclement.

Each time Ye Xing struck out, he did not waste any movement. In addition, Ye Xing’s strength was on par with Ye Man. Among these four, the highest cultivation base was only the late-stage of the 4th layer, and thus they would not be able to withstand the might of Ye Xing’s skills.

With three punches and two kicks, the four were also sent flying!



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