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Chapter 35 – Punishment (1/ 2)

“You, you have a lot of courage! You dare to beat up main family disciples?”

“You’re finished- You’re completely doomed. Other people will come to take care of you soon!”

The several people who were sent flying by Ye Xing were extremely embarrassed and infuriated. To relieve their anger, they shouted angrily towards Ye Xing.

“You won’t get lost?” Ye Xing evilly smiled and raised both of his fists again. The bone cracking sounds rang out one after another as he walked towards them.

These five had already experienced Ye Xing’s strength once, would they truly dare to receive another one of his attacks? Thus they ran, trembling.

Regarding the threats that those 5 people had shouted towards him, Ye Xing did not care a bit. He was already in contact with the elite disciple ranked in the first ten, Ye Yunkong, would he fear any reinforcement that those five would manage to send?

Ye Xing collected the secret manuals that those five were previously looking at and once again resumed glancing through them.

Very quickly, these five secret manuals were also completely read. His superbrain had scanned and stored their contents.

His allotted time of two hours wasn’t over yet. Therefore, since he spent great efforts to come to the Martial Arts Pavilion, Ye Xing did not want to leave ahead of time. So, he simply picked up one of the cultivation techniques to take a look.

Earlier, he didn’t bother to look at the cultivation methods. Since he previously feared that he would not have sufficient time, he only looked at the Body Refinement techniques, Martial Skills, and Body Movement techniques.

So far, Ye Xing’s Profound Azure Method was the best. He once again looked at other cultivation methods, and none of them were capable of increasing his cultivation speed.

However, it wasn’t a waste of time to look through them. Although his super brain was formidable, it could not make bricks without straw. (T/N: Basically you can’t build without a solid foundation in the basics… E/N: But you can make bricks without straw… i mean, u don’t even need straw to make bricks at all. All you need is clay.. CLAYYYY, not straw…) Ye Xing had limited knowledge of  Star Continent’s martial arts, naturally, the more he studied, better the benefits.

The more cultivation methods he looked at, the better he would understand Martial Art’s. This would make his super brain’s calculation abilities to be even better in the future.

He finished looking through the Middle Grade cultivation methods on the second floor, then headed back to the first floor. There, he looked through all the Low Grade methods, duplicating them and storing them completely within his super brain.

Ye Xing saw that his time was up, so he left the Martial Arts Pavilion!

He had just left the Pavilion, when Ye Xing was intercepted. Standing beside the five main family disciple he had taught a lesson on the second floor of the Martial Arts Pavilion, there was a middle-aged person around 30 years old. Ye Xing scanned him with his super brain, and saw that he had a cultivation base at the 5th Layer of Wudao.

“Ye Xing, you have disobeyed the clan regulations, and beat your fellow disciples. Elder Ye Wenying punishes you, by imprisoning you on Sinful Cliff Mountain to face the wall and consider your mistakes for a month. I am a deacon from the Law Enforcement Hall, Ye Zhenxing. Follow me!”

The Martial Artist at the Fifth Layer of Wudao spoke as he revealed his Law Enforcement Hall token.

Ye Xing gave a little exclamation within his heart. Luckily he had left the Firewood Storage Courtyard and directly came to the Martial Arts Pavilion to read the Martial Arts. It seems that this Law Enforcement Hall deacon had waited here. It was clear that he had arrived earlier, however the clan regulations had forbid him from entering the Martial Arts Pavilion to make the arrest, thus waiting outside.

If he had not entered the Martial Arts Pavilion and instead was immediately detained and imprisoned to Sinful Cliff Mountain by the Law Enforcement Hall deacon to face the wall and ponder his sins for a month, he would have to give up on any idea of going to the Martial arts Pavilion to study Martial Arts.

If he did not enter the Martial Arts Pavilion to study Martial Arts, in one month, even though he would have been able to consolidate his 4th Layer of Wudao cultivation base, he would not be a match for Ye Yunkong. When the time came, he would definitely be beaten up by Ye Yunkong to a miserable state.

While he recalled the danger, Ye Xing was also exclaiming in surprise. Unexpectedly, Ye Wenying’s method of punishment, did not force him to receive corporal punishment, but imprisoned him to Sinful Cliff mountain to ponder his mistakes for one month. Considering the time that he was sentence to as well as the time of his battle match with Ye Yunkong, it caused him to ponder more deeply.

He would not be able to punish him twice. If Ye Xing received the standard punishment, he would not be able to imprison him on Sinful Cliff Mountain to consider his mistakes for one month. Instead, Ye Xing would continue to work at the Dining Hall. He would continue to retrieve contribution points, and within the span of one month, he would receive three opportunities to enter the Martial Arts Pavilion and study.

Ye Xing’s intellectual ability was powerful, and was clear about Ye Wenying’s motive. Since Ye Xing entered the Martial Arts Pavilion, Ye Wenying had also guessed that Ye Xing had entered the 4th Layer of Wu dao. Even if Ye Wenying was confident in his grandson’s, Ye Yunkong’s, strength, he was worried that he may make a mistake.

Therefore, he did not torture Ye Xing, but imprisoned him on Sinful Cliff Mountain to ponder his mistakes. Therefore, Ye Xing would not receive contribution points, rendering him unable to re-enter the Martial Arts Pavilion to study Martial Arts.

Ye Wenying had witnessed Ye Xing’s impressive strength with his own eyes. He attached great importance to the challenge in one month that Ye Xing had proposed. After all, this was related to his grandson, Ye Yunkong’s, reputation and honor.

So, he wanted to cut the tumor at the source and prevent Ye Xing from becoming a more formidable opponent.

What a pity, Ye Wenying had considered everything. However, he would have no way of knowing that Ye Xing had the super brain. He had already looked and memorized all of the Martial Arts in the Martial Arts Pavilion, Ye Wenying was too late.

In addition, imprisoning Ye Xing on Sinful Cliff Mountain to ponder his mistakes for a month allowed Ye XIng to have free time. Thus, he can cultivate Martial Skills and Body Movement techniques!

“This country bumpkin, he dared to hit us, now he knows of the consequences!”

“To ponder his mistakes on the Sinful Cliff, each day they will only give him a single meal. Haha, you’ll starve to death!”

“In one month, he will only see another person when it’s meal time. Country bumpkin, you’ll die from boredom on the Sinful Cliff. Haha, think about your mistakes properly!” (T/N: Dang… these guys are pettier than elementary school kids…)

The five main family disciples who were on the 2nd floor of the Martial Pavilion had all threatened Ye Xing saying that he would be taken care off. The jeered with smiles on their faces. Since ye Xing was subjected to a penalty, they were much happier.

Regarding the punishment that required him to stand on Sinful Cliff Mountain and ponder his mistakes, to Ye Xing, there were no faults, only benefits. Thus, his mood was not that bad.

“Then, I will have to ask big brother to guide me!” Ye Xing replied with a slight smile.

“Alright, then follow me!” Ye Xing’s manner of speaking startled him slightly, though he honestly didn’t really care.

Seeing Ye Xing being guided by Ye Zhenxing to Sinful Cliff Mountain, they did not have their frightened expressions from before, but instead revealed a happy expression. The five main family disciple all snorted angrily.

“Ah, let him suffer! Wait until he stays on the Sinful Cliff for several days… Hehe, only then will he realize it means to be bored to the point of going crazy!”

Tiancang City was very large, only after traveling several tens of li, where glimpses of mountains finally came into view.

The Ye Clan occupied the area to the east, it’s circumference totalling several li. The area had several small mountains. These mountains were used for imprisonment, specifically used to punish family members who violated the rules!

The mountain’s three peaks were about a hundred meters high. One of them was slightly slanted. Before long, they reached the peak. Ye Zhenxing guided Ye Xing to the track leading up the mountain, then stopped. He gazed at Ye Xing climbing the mountain for a little while, then departed.

“Good place! I can peacefully cultivate Martial Skills and Body Movement skills here. Good, good, good!”

Ye Xing climbed the imprisonment mountain. He stood on the Sinful Cliff and looked around the summit, which was a large open area. He felt great happiness within his heart.

After observing the entire area above the Sinful Cliff, besides the broad open area, to the side there were some stone chambers, suitable for a human to live there. Ye Xing was very satisfied.

Ye Xing sat in the stone chamber and brought up his various Martial Skills, Body Movement Techniques, and Body refinement techniques. Out of the first round of screening, Ye Xing excluded all 11 of the Body Refinement techniques.

Body refinement techniques strived for a strong fleshy body, and needs large amount of nutrients. However, when thinking of his mistakes on the Sinful Cliff, he can only have food once a day. Obviously, it would be insufficient for cultivating a Body Refinement technique.

This month, he should focus on Martial Skills and Body Movement Skills.

Through the second round of screening, Ye Xing excluded all the Middle Grade Martial Arts.

Ye Xing’s goal, was not only to become an esteemed expert. He strived to surpass 1,000,000 Martial Artists and become a peerless expert, a Martial Saint!

To reach a high enough achievement, he must properly establish his foundation!

Let alone martial Saints, even if it was a Martial Dao Grand Martial Scholar, they would also build up from Low Grade Martial Arts. They understood that only by building a foundation in Martial Arts, will one be able to gain higher achievements in the future.

Although Ye Xing did not understand the complete truth of Martial Arts, he understood that every skyscraper starts with a firm foundation. A firm foundation is the most important step.

It’s true even to those whose cultivation techniques were Top Grade, they still started learning Low Grade Martial Arts at the First Layer of Martial Dao to slowly establish their foundation. Therefore, you can use cultivation techniques directly at the Top Grade when starting to cultivate, but you cannot do that with Martial Skills. Martial Skills need to start from Low Grade Martial Arts, before carefully becoming a Martial Scholar. (T/N: Okayyy. I’m not entirely sure on this one. But so far, it seems that Martial Scholar refers to the ability to understand and theorize martial arts and the martial dao, while Martial artist refers to the fighting aspect… E/D: nah it seems martial scholar is just a rank… not sure which layer of wudao tho… )

Through the third round of screening, Ye Xing first excluded any Weapon based Martial Skills. Excluding, sword techniques, saber techniques, and spear techniques. At the moment, he did not have a weapon, so he must build up his fighting techniques from a palm method first.

Finally, Ye xing chose his first Low Grade Martial Skill, Seven Sectioning Slash! (T/N: Boooo…. No bow yet guys….)

In fact, although the Seven Sectioning Slash was a Low Grade Martial Art, it was a formidable Martial Skill. However, it was extremely difficult to cultivate, and had high bone strength requirements in order to cultivate it.

After deciding on cultivating the Seven Sectioning Slash. Ye Xing’s superbrain put the other Martial Arts to one side, and placed its focus entirely on cultivating the Seven Sectioning Slash.

The super brain presented a simulation in human form according to the style of the Seven Sectioning Slash, and began to improve it.

When there was a mistake, his super brain immediately corrected the human simulation’s movement. Then had the simulation perform the movement in its perfected condition.

The superbrain went against heaven’s will, once again manifesting an impossibility.

Ye Xing cultivating this Martial Technique was similar to having the best Master possible teaching him, devoid of any mistakes.

Otherwise, if there was no teacher, and one independently studied the Martial skill, it would be very easy to cultivate down the wrong path. When studying independently, since they would not know everything about the Martial Skill, they would most likely not realize when a small mistake is made.

When they realize they made a mistake while cultivating, it would be too late. At that time, they had already formed a bad habit, to fix it would be very difficult.

Even if they had a teacher, it was not close to the formidable ability of Ye Xing’s super brain.

When others teach, they would only be able to see whether your movement was correct. They would not be able to see whether the force of the movement was properly flowing through their body!

However, with the superbrain, and slight defect was unable to hide from its sight. The superbrain was the most perfect teacher!

The most essential point is that the super brain can conjure a human simulation within one’s mind and begin to simulate the cultivation process. This was equivalent to creating a path of cultivation within one’s mind. Others would not be able to experience such a thing.

When cultivating Martial Skills, there were two stages. The first stage allows for one to realize how to properly control the body. The second stage, was adapting the method uniquely for one’s body and be able to instinctively use it at any moment!

Within Martial Arts, the cultivation level was divided into five stages: Basic level, small accomplishment, grand accomplishment, Perfect, and Beyond Perfection!

Basic level, small accomplishment, grand accomplishment, and perfect. They were all learning to consciously control the body and properly execute the movement.

The beyond perfection realm, required one to transform the technique! Only then would they arrive at the Transformation Martial Skill level of cultivation. They would not need to consciously control their movements, their body will instinctively attack, thus achieving the highest realm possible.

Regarding most Martial Artists, when cultivating Martial arts, they spend their entire life in the first stage. However, at this stage, Ye Xing simply experienced it through his super brain!

The super brain’s simulation of cultivation, not only improves the skill to an extreme level, it would allow one to become familiar with the technique and speed up the process. It would be able to achieve ten to hundred times the original cultivation speed!

This super brain really does go against heaven’s will!



  • As mentioned before, there seems to be a separate area of “cultivation” regarding Martial Skills, Martial Scholars. There hasn’t really been much elaboration on what that is yet, but I’m sure we’ll get one soon. Though in essence they focus on studying Martial Arts and the Martial Dao.
  • Also… DANG IT. There is no archery yet guys… This is more like The Supreme Fist God at the rate this is going….
  • Told ya it was the most arrowless archer god i have ever seen- turtle here!!

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