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Supreme Arrow God – Chapter 36

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Chapter 36 – Punishment (2/2)

The human simulation form was being corrected by the superbrain. It was getting increasingly familiar with cultivating the Seven Sectioning Slash, and was improving much faster.

Finally the simulation speed increased until it became a mirage. If other people could see this simulation within Ye Xing’s mind right now, they would not be able to clearly see the simulation’s movement.

However, when going to even faster speeds, the superbrain would be able to clearly observe the movement. If a mistake arose, the superbrain would discover it and immediately correct it.

Before long, the simulation speed had gradually achieved ten times the original. Quickly rising to dozens of times, over a hundred times, before eventually reaching several hundred of thousands of times faster than before. At this point the speed was as if it was lightning.

Within the time Ye Xing would use to practice the Seven Sectioning Slash a single time, the simulation within his super brain would have cultivated it hundreds, no, thousands of times!

This short time of continuously cultivating the same exact Martial Skill, even if one were a pig, they would be able to completely remember the moves, let alone Ye Xing’s super brain!

Around the middle of the day, Ye Xing’s mental comprehension of  the Seven Sectioning Slash had reached the Perfect realm. (T/N: So op….)

Of course, this didn’t mean that Ye Xing had truly cultivated the Seven Sectioning Slash to the Perfect realm. Although his body had perfectly assimilated the move within his subconscious, that did not necessarily mean that he would achieve that ideal form and assimilate the attack immediately!

The true perfect realm should not only be perfected within one’s mind, but also applied and perfectly coordinated with one’s body.

Still, his mental comprehension had achieved Perfect Realm on the Seven Sectioning Slash. Assimilating the move with his body would not take too long either.

Ye Xing stood up. Within the stone chamber, he began to cultivate the Seven Sectioning Slash!

In a sense, this was his first time cultivating the Seven Sectioning Slash. However, since he had comprehended it to the Perfect Realm, when the Seven Sectioning Slash was displayed by him, it was actually incomparably well done. It probably rivaled the few experts who had cultivated the Seven Sectioning Slash.

After finishing the practice of one set of Seven Sectioning Slashes, Ye Xing’s super brain set up an image of him cultivating a moment a go. The entire process was scanned and stored by the super brain.

Even though it was the first time his body had cultivated this move, it still felt very familiar. However, it still had some flaws and wasted movements.

However, there was a reason why the boundary of the Perfect realm was called a boundary. One must cultivate the Martial Skill to perfection, at the moment, Ye Xing had yet to reach that level.

The Seven Sectioning Slash! Ye Xing once again began to cultivate it for a second time!

Then followed by a third and fourth time.

Each time he cultivated, Ye Xing went through the scans of his superbrain. It would clearly point out where and what was insufficient, then he would correct it. Therefore he progressed very quickly.

After practicing it for a little more than ten times, Ye Xing’s Seven Sectioning Slash was close to perfection. His body and mind displayed perfected coordination. He had officially achieved the boundary of the Perfect realm regarding the Seven Sectioning Slash!

In around half a day’s time, Ye xing had cultivated a Low Grade Martial Skill to the boundary of the Perfect realm. Such a ridiculous speed, almost nobody would be able to believe it.

The Ye Clan’s younger generation had a large number of elders, however, even when counting elite disciple at the 5th Layer of Wudao, the number who had cultivated a Low Grade Martial Skill to the Perfect Realm could be counted on two hands.

In other words, the majority of elite disciples at the 5th Layer of Wudao had not reached the Perfect Real on a Low Grade Martial Skill. It can be imagined that training a Martial Skill to the Perfect Realm was far from easy!

However, for such a difficult challenge, Ye Xing had only used half a day to accomplish it!

The corners of Ye Xing’s mouth curled upwards and revealed a satisfied smile.

When the super brain examines cultivation or body refinement techniques, it could calculate and improve the technique itself. It would not physically help the cultivation. Cultivation and Body refinement techniques required the body, even if the super brain were to simulate cultivation for a long time, it would eventually become useless. It still truly depended on slowly cultivating and accumulating experience.

However, Martial Skills is not as simple as using the body to practice it. Practicing the Martial Skill and understanding it were closely linked. Thus, simulating cultivation definitely enhanced one’s attainments in a Martial Skill.

Therefore, the super brain’s function regarding cultivation techniques, could be called to be going against heaven’s will itself.

Cultivating Martial Skills would be considered to be extremely difficult by others, but was very simple to Ye Xing.

With the super brain, Ye Xing was worthy of being called a Martial Arts genius!

He practiced the Seven Sectioning Slash another two times, then prepared himself and sat cross-legged. He began to cultivate another Low Grade Martial Skill.

The super brain was an excellent  support, however it only allowed one to reach the basic level of Martial Arts. It could help with the basic level, the small accomplishment realm, the grand accomplishment realm, and the Perfect realm. However, to surpass the Transformation realm’s boundary, this not only required a clear understanding, but also required the instinctual movements of the body itself. At this point, it would be difficult for the super brain to assist any further.

The second Low Grade Martial Skill that Ye Xing chose to cultivate was the Chain Palm. At Ye Qing City’s clan meeting, Ye Zhi had once displayed this move while battling with him! (T/N: Note, Ye Zhi is female. Don’t worry, I forgot who she was as well. E/D: Shes a nobody… i dont even know why he mentioned a character that had 2 paragraphs and will not appear again…i think…. )

“Brother Xing! Brother Xing!”

Ye Xing had not cultivated the Chain Palm for long when the sound of Ye Feng’s voice entered his ears.

Ye Xing stopped cultivating and exited from the stone chamber. He saw Ye Feng carrying a bamboo basket as he ascended Sinful Cliff Mountain and he ran towards the stone chamber.

After seeing Ye Xing, Ye Feng’s face revealed a happy flow and said: “Brother Xing, I’ve come to deliver food to you. The fellow apprentices of the Dining Hall were quite friendly. I asked them to make a meal for you on Sinful Cliff Mountain. Since you are only permitted to have one meal per day, I asked them to put as much as possible.

When Ye Feng had reached close enough, Ye Xing received the bamboo basket. Patting, the former’s shoulders he asked: “Ye Feng, you haven’t been bullied today right?”

Ye Xing’s complexion slightly stiffened before he shook his head and spoke: “No, Brother Xing, you do not need to worry about me. This time you were harmed and punished, you really don’t need to worry about it.

Ye Xing’s eyes could detect the tiniest detail. He could clearly see that Ye Feng had spoken a white lie. Obviously, he was still being bullied, then a serious look flashed through his eyes.

“Come.” Ye Xing said as he walked back toward the stone chamber.

After he entered the stone chamber, Ye Xing placed the bamboo basket on a nearby table and asked: “Ye Feng, do you want to become more powerful?” (T/N: Okay… where did this table come from 0-0? E/N: author said :”let there be table” and table there was)

Within Ye Xing’s mind, scenes of the time within Qing Ye City flashed through. Among those who were sincere to him, it was only uncle Ye Feiting, thus he decided he absolutely needed to help out Ye Feng!

Ye Xing spoke: “I can help you become more powerful, however, you must keep it a secret. No matter what happens, you cannot reveal it to another person, no matter who they are, you must not tell them.”

Ye Feng excitedly replied: “I will follow Brother Xing’s instructions. I pledge, that even I were to be killed, I will not reveal Brother Xing’s secret to anybody!”

Ye Xing and Ye Feng had met several times, and Ye XIng knew that he was a reliable person. Thus, he decided to teach the improved Profound Azure Method to him.

The improved Profound Azure Method allows one to open ten meridians when cultivated, and was a High Grade cultivation technique. In addition, Ye Feng’s star fate was four stars, and could be considered to be average. After cultivating the improved Profound Azure Method, he would definitely become outstanding in the Ye Clan, it was only a matter of time.

Ye Feng studied the improved Profound Azure Method, and was pleasantly surprised. He did not expect Ye Xing to have the complete High Grade cultivation technique. Unexpectedly, this cultivation technique may be of a higher level compared with the head of the Ye Clan’s.

He finally understood why Ye Xing wanted him to keep this a secret. If such a matter was revealed, it would absolutely trigger massive waves.

After Ye Xing finished eating his meal, Ye Feng once again pledged with his life that he would not leak the secret. Then, he descended the mountain joyfully while Ye Xing continued to cultivate the CHain Palm.

It was nighttime when Ye Xing also cultivated the Chain Palm to the Perfect Realm.

The next morning, Ye Xing woke up, and continued and cultivated a new Low Grade Martial Skill. It was similar to the Seven Sectioning Slash. After a little while, he would be able to cultivate the Low Grade Martial Skill to the Perfect Realm.

Time passed day by day and Ye Xing cultivated Low Grade Martial Skills to the Perfect Realm one after another.

Every evening, Ye Feng cam to deliver the food to Ye Xing. Ye Feng did not have photographic memory, even after memorizing the Profound Azure Method, he would not suddenly improve. Thus, at this time, everyday, Ye Xing taught him for a short span of time.

At his arrival, each time Ye Feng brought some news about the Ye Clan. The matter of Ye Xing challenging Ye Yunkong had spread, surprising the entirety of the Ye Clan’s younger generation.  Not only that, not a small number of main family disciples were enraged.

This was a very important matter and thus made a lot of noise. Even some elders of the Ye Clan heard about it.

Even if most disciples said that Ye Xing was overestimating his capabilities, it didn’t make Ye Yunkong feel any better. He was challenged by a disciple who carried water from the Dining Hall. Some of the elite disciples within the top ten had unceasingly teased him.

“He only arrived at the mian family for how many days? He unexpectedly dares to challenge Ye Yunkong? He managed to rank first among Qing Ye City’s younger generation, with only a two star fate. That matter had merely stirred my curiosity. However, he has surprisingly challenged Ye Yunkong! Does he want to show off? It isn’t likely he is this kind of reckless person right? Does he have some kind of confidence? How would that be possible, Ye Yunkong is an elite disciple ranked in the top ten!”

After hearing the new that Ye XIng had challenged Ye Yunkong, Even the Ye Clan’s Young Lord, Ye Yunlong, was extremely surprised!

After Ye Xing heard this new, he gave a chuckle, then returned to wholeheartedly cultivating Martial Skills.

In less than ten days, out of the thirty-six Low Grade Martial Skills, Ye Xing had cultivated twenty-five of them to the Perfect Realm.

Each time Ye Xing cultivated a Martial Skill, he split his conscious into two, so he could also continue to cultivate the Profound Azure Method. His cultivation base had improved a lot, and was not far from the Middle-stage of the Fourth Layer.

In addition, eleven of the Low Grade Martial Skills were saber techniques. Swordsmanship required a weapon to be able to cultivate the Martial Skill, thus, Ye Xing could not satisfy the conditions, and could only put them to the side for now.

On the eleventh day, Ye Xing began cultivating Middle Grade Martial Techniques.

The difficulty of Middle Grade Martial Skills were much higher compared to when he was cultivating the Low Grade Martial Techniques. In an entire day, Ye Xing had only cultivated the Cleaving Mountain Palm to the Grand Accomplishment Realm.

For Middle Grade Martial Arts, cultivating from Grand Accomplishment to the higher Perfection realm was an even larger difficulty. He had spent nearly two days before Ye Xing finally managed to cultivate the Cleaving Mountain Palm to Perfect Realm!

In merely three days time, he had cultivated a Middle Grade Martial Skill to the Perfect Realm, this could only be called amazingly quick!

Let alone the Ye Clan’s younger generation, even within the expert Elders, there were very few who had cultivated a Middle Grade Martial Technique to the Perfect Realm!

Ye Xing realized that there were two reasons why he could cultivate the Middle Grade Martial Skill to the Perfect Realm so quickly. The super brain’s simulation of the cultivation process was a reason, however, his understanding of Martial Arts itself was also a major contributor.

Out of the twenty-five Low Grade Martial Techniques, Ye Xing had cultivated them all to the Perfect Realm. Regarding Ye Xing’s understanding of the Martial Arts, it could be considered to be extremely profound. Even from the theoretical standpoint of Martial Arts, Ye Xing could almost be considered half a Martial Arts Great Master.

The more he cultivated the Martial Skills, the more his understanding improved. Thus when cultivating other Martial Skills, he experienced a concept of ‘where water flows, a canal is formed’, making it much easier. This was the outcome of Ye Xing’s built experience. (T/N: If you don’t know what that means, it basically means, due to Ye Xing cultivating previous Martial Arts, a path has been carved for him, making cultivating Middle Grade Martial Arts much easier.)

While time passed, Ye Xing’s attainments in Martial Arts were also rapidly improving!

A legend to be known for generations was in the making!



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