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Supreme Arrow God – Chapter 37

Translated by: Kyoko the Usagi

Edited by: Turtle the Missing


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Chapter 37 – Duel (Part 1)


As Ye Xing’s accomplishments in Martial Arts were getting greater and greater, the time required for him to cultivate a Middle Grade Martial Skill to the Perfect Realm was getting shorter and shorter!

For the first Middle Grade Martial Skill to arrive at the Perfect Realm, Ye Xing had nearly used three days. For the second, he only used about two and a half days, for the third, he used just over two days, and for the fourth, he used a mere two days to achieve Perfect Realm!

Out of the 16 Middle Grade Martial Skills, there were nine Chinese Kickboxing skills. The other seven were weapon based Martial Skills, which were two Sword Skills, two Blade Skills, one Spear Skill, one Archery Skill, and one Stick Skill!

After Ye Xing cultivated the sixth Middle Grade Martial Skill to the Perfect Realm, he stopped cultivating Martial Skills and started cultivating Body Movement Skills.

24 days had already passed, out of a full month, only four days were remaining. Ye Xing’s cultivation level of Martial Skills were sufficient enough to battle Ye Yunkong. However, regarding Body Movement Skills, he still needed time to improve them.

In fact, Body Movement Skills were divided into two different kinds by Martial Artists. There was actually a difference between Lightness and Movement Skills. (T/N: This is where things get even more confusing… yay… It shall be explained by the author…)

A Lightness Skill was primarily for training the running speed in long distances. It was vital in escaping or chasing someone down.

Movement Skills were primarily about changing speed in short distances, vital in using it more often during a fight or match!

For a Martial Artist, regardless of whether it was a Lightness Skill or a Movement Skill, both were essential. Ye Xing chose both types to study among the total of six Body Movement Skills.

One was the Seven Stars Step, and the other was the Flying Swan Technique.

These two Body Movement Skills were at the peak of Middle Grade Martial Arts, obviously the cultivation difficulty was high.

However, regarding Ye Xing with his super brain, so long as it concerned cultivating any form of skill, there was no need to fear of the difficulty being too high.

What Ye Xing was cultivating at the moment was the Seven Stars Step Movement Skill. This was most useful for him regarding his duel with Ye Yunkong.

The difficulty of the Body Movement Skills were greater than the Martial Skills’. Ye Xing used two days and had managed to cultivate the Seven Stars Step to the Grand Accomplishment Realm!

Soon his one month on Sinful Cliff Mountain to ponder his mistakes would come to an end. According to his progress, Ye Xing would only be able to cultivate the Seven Stars Step to the Perfect Realm and not the Flying Swan Technique. (T/N: Don’t be so greedy Ye Xing… you are already very very OP.)

This made Ye Xing feel a little sour. On the Sinful Cliff Mountain, there was nobody to disturb him. Except for the fact that he could only have a meal once a day and the lack of nutrition made him unable to cultivate Body Refinement Skills, this place could be said to be very good. It truly was a peaceful and suitable place to cultivate Martial Skills.

Even if Ye Wenying were to extend his punishment, Ye Xing would not care.

On the 28th day, Ye Feng brought great news. He had experienced a breakthrough in his cultivation base and had achieved the fourth Layer of Wudao.

Ye Xing warned him, “If you want to become a Martial Arts Expert a bit faster, you can directly begin studying a Middle Grade Martial Skill. However, if you want to become a Martial Arts Great Master in the future, you must not rush. You would have to start from the Low Grade Martial Skills and carefully work hard towards greatness!”

“I want to become a Martial Arts Great Master!” In Ye Feng’s eyes, he felt that there was hope.

The time of Ye Xing’s and Ye Yunkong’s one month agreement had come!

On this day, in the plaza outside the Practice Hall, there was a massive gathering of Ye Clan disciples. There were many elite disciples at the Fifth Layer of Wudao who had come!

Typically, an elite disciple and ordinary disciple do not meet. Therefore, for the ordinary disciples, the elite disciples at the Fifth Layer of Wudao were huge, frightening existences.

“That elite disciple over there, his name is Ye Yungui. He’s my cousin!”

“That elite disciple called Ye Yunying, she’s my older cousin!”

Some juniors in the main family were in high spirits, faces red with excitement as they reported to the others their connections with the elite disciples.

Indeed, there ended up being many elite disciples who came. To the side of where the decisive battle was, to bet, there were the top ten elite disciples. Even if the one who was to fight was merely an ordinary disciple, specifically a disciple of the Dining Hall who carried water, since there was a fight involving Ye Yunkong it attracted sufficient attention.

Even disciples among the top ten came to watch.

There were some who recognized them and sucked in a cold breath of air before crying out in alarm:

“Ah, that’s the seventh ranked elite disciple, Ye Yunjian!”

“Look, that’s the ninth ranked elite disciple, Ye Yunzhong!”

“That’s Ye Yunjuan, the elite disciple whose ranked fourth!”

“Oh my god! By Ye Yunzhong’s side is the elite disciple ranked third, Ye Yunjue!”

The elite disciples ranked in the top ten coming created a large fuss. Ye Yunkong’s rank amongst the elite disciples was eighth, yet the majority of the ones who came were existences of higher status compared to Ye Yunkong, this made the ordinary disciple cry out in shock over and over again.

The ordinary disciples knew the elite disciples were almost all juniors from the main family. However, for members from branch families or disciples not of the same surname, it was the first time for them to witness so many famous elite disciples. Their eyes were wide open staring straight at them. Not only were their faces displaying excitement, but also envy and the faintest trace of worship.

The various elite disciples also had their own respective groups and thus they stood together. The ordinary disciples distanced themselves of their own initiative.

Other than the elite disciples, some clan deacons as well as some family elders came to the plaza to watch.

Elder Ye Wenying personally came, and he appeared above within the garrets above the plaza. Regarding the appearance of Ye Wenying, the disciples did not consider it strange.

However, while they were all sweeping towards their nearby garrets, suddenly all of them were shocked. The many elite disciples were no exception from this.

Standing above them were two men and one woman. In the center was one very young youth who looked like he was being neglected. However, the other man was extremely handsome while holding a fan within his hand. The female was a beautiful woman capable of causing the downfall of nations, it was as if it was an oil painting.

“Thats the young lord, Senior Ye Yunlong, the elite disciple ranked first!”

“What? The elite disciple by the young lord is Senior Sister Ye Yundie, the elite disciple ranked second!”

“My god, unexpectedly, Ye Yunkong’s and Ye Xing’s duel has brought both first and second ranked Senior Yunlong and Senior Sister Yundie to watch!”

Within the Practice Hall, there were numerous exclamations of surprise sounding one after another.

Following the appearance of Ye Wenying, Ye Yunkong also appeared quickly.

Behind Ye Yunkong there was a large group of lackeys. There was even an elite disciple of the Fifth Layer of Wudao, Ye Qing, among them. There was also Ye Baiyuan along with other new disciples.

At Ye Yunkong’s side was a youthful young lady. The two were holding hands while walking along, talking and laughing!

“Who is that pretty young lady? Unexpectedly she and Senior Yunkong are so intimate.” The main family juniors, who did not know the youthful young lady, asked.

There were numerous disciples on the scene. Along with the main family disciples, there are also new disciples from the branch clans and outside the family. Immediately someone replied: “That girl’s name is Liu Shuangling. I heard that she came from Qing Ye City’s branch clan with Ye Xing!”

Someone who knew finer details gave a laugh and spoke: “I heard from Ye Qing from Qing Ye City saying that Liu Shuangling is both Ye Xing’s cousin and fiancée!”

When the disciples heard that, many people’s eyes lit up and they exclaimed while laughing: “Haha, this is interesting. Ye Xing’s and Senior Yunkong’s duel has yet to start, however his fiancée has already abandoned him. Haha!”

Many people laughed, however some who were in a bad mood continued to scorn him: “Ye Xing is a disciple of the Dining Hall who carries water. He thought that he would be able to be place on par with Senior Yunkong and dared to challenge him. However, he only struts around looking powerful. Hey, this Liu Shuangling is actually very intelligent. She knew that that waste, Ye Xing, is unreliable, and immediately joined sides with Senior Yunkong!”

People smiled and spoke: “You can say that if Ye Xing were to see this, even before the duel, he would be angered to death and will vomit blood. Haha!”

Even more people joined in: “I look forward to that possibility!”

While people were laughing, Ye Xing and Ye Feng walked into the plaza from the other side.

“Ye Xing came!”

At first, nobody paid attention, however some people with good vision saw Ye Xing and shouted.

Ye Xing’s superbrain scanned the surroundings. His vision sweeped through, examining the plaza as well as the nearby garrets.

Seeing Ye Wenying, Ye Yunlong, the several deacons at the fifth layer of Wudao, and numerous young disciples who came to watch, while Ye Xing’s heart was still relatively calm, he was a little surprised. The influence of his and Ye Yunkong’s duel was larger than what he had imagined.

“Ye Xing, what kind of experiences did you go through while being imprisoned on Sinful Cliff Mountain? Haha, you were forced to ponder your mistakes for an entire month. During that time, your fiancée has already followed someone else. Look at that green hat you’re wearing, in fact your entire face has probably turned green already! Haha!” (T/N: Thanks to someone who knows more Chinese culture than me, I found out that the Green Hat refers to a sign that one’s wife is cheating on you.)

There were some who broke out into laughter after speaking. They were the main family disciples under Ye Wenying that Ye Xing had taught a lesson within the Martial Arts Pavilion.


This person was only a couple meters away from Ye Xing. Right after he finished speaking, Ye Xing displayed his Seven Stars Step. It was as if a string of mirages appeared before him followed by a palm appearing and flying towards him!

“Such a cheap mouth! It deserves to be hit!” Ye Xing coldy snorted and brought his hand back to his side before continuing to walk to the center of the plaza.

The nearby disciple was dumbstruck. He had not believed that Ye Xing would actually attack a main family disciple. If he said he would hit, then he would hit.

The most shocking thing was Ye Xing’s incredible speed. Among these main family disciples, the majority were Martial Artists at the Fourth Layer of Wudao. However, none of them could clearly see Ye Xing’s body.

This meant that so long as Ye Xing wanted to, he could send a palm flying toward them at will. This made them dread Ye Xing, and thus they did not dare to once again speak out in ridicule.

“Seven Stars Step!”

Ye Xing’s display of the Seven Stars Step astonished all of the Martial Artists at the Fifth Stage and above. The difficulty of cultivating the Seven Stars Step was extremely high, however Ye Xing could actually learn it. This seemed somewhat ridiculous!

However, the Seven Stars Step that Ye Xing had just displayed was only at the Basic level. While it surprised the Fifth Stage Martial Artists, they did not attach great importance to it.

“This boy, he unexpectedly memorized the contents of the Seven Stars Step and continuously cultivated it on Sinful Cliff Mountain? He wants to depend purely on the movement technique to bother Yunkong?”

In the distance, Ye Wenying was staring at Ye Xing with eyes like a hawk’s. In his heart he coldly snorted: “He wants to depend only on the Basic level of the Seven Stars Step to wage war against Yunkong? In the end, he will die miserably!”

Ye Yunkong’s complexion turned a little ugly. The palm that Ye Xing had sent out was against his younger cousin. On top of that, under thousands of staring eyes he had been unexpectedly bashed by Ye Xing!

Within his heart he began to have second thoughts. However, Ye Yunkong stretched out his hand and grabbed Liu Shuangling’s waist and brought her closer to himself and used his other hand to support her. Ye Yunkong smiled and spoke:

“Ye Xing, I heard that she is your fiancée? Hehe, she’s grown quite well. However, what a pity. From now and into the future, she will be one of my people. I announce that from today, Liu Shuangling will officially be Ye Yunkong’s woman. Ye Xing, in the future do not pester her!”

After speaking these words, Ye Yunkong felt especially refreshed. While feeling extremely proud inside, his face showed a carefree smile.


However, Ye Xing was actually the one who laughed and said: “Senior Yunkong, I see you’ve taken a liking and picked up the worn-out shoes that I had thrown away. This woman had long since been abandoned by this father. Hehe, you actually like worn-out shoes. Sure, take her away and use her preciously! Haha!”



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