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M E M O R I Z E – Chapter 46

Memorize Chapter 046 – Prepare for Emergencies #4


“If you experience an unavoidable situation similar to the one just now, what would you do?”

“… I’m not sure.”

Yoo-Jung answered with a scrunched up face. I’m sure that she was frustrated with herself. Even if she experienced the same situation again, she doesn’t know anything and there was nothing she could do about it. The only choice she had was to endure. I thought about saying words of encouragement as they all seemed down.

“All of you are familiar with <Mana Discharge>, right?”

Since I’ve gotten the weight off my chest, it was time to start encouraging them. The guys slightly raised their heads and looked at me as my voice softened. I wanted to laugh because they looked like kids that got in trouble by their mom. but I had to keep it in.

“The skill that the woman used at the table is part of Mana Discharge. It’s a control ability that anyone can use as long as they can control their mana. It doesn’t require any special or hidden talents.”

Technically, it was a skill that’s somewhat a control ability. That’s why Yoo-Jung’s expression changed after hearing that it was a control ability.

“Control… ability? Soo-Hyun, are you saying that we can use it as well?”

“That’s right. If you practice it then you can use it. In addition, if you’re ever in the same situation as earlier, you’ll be able to resist and defend against the attack. Depending on how you dealt with it, you may even be able to counterattack.

“Teach us!”

Seeing them with an excited expression made me smile. If they continued to feel discouraged, I would have been really disappointed with them. After hearing a solution, Yoo-Jung’s expression was filled with fierce determination.

First, I needed to teach them the theory behind Mana Discharge, then show perform example for them before truly training them. Faced with Yoo-Jung’s excited expression, I raised my head higher and talked with a wide smile.

“Do you any of you know what each level of Mana Discharge is called?”

“The levels are Sense, Occupy, Coerce.”

“Wow, that’s correct.”

Surprisingly, the one that answered was An Sol. She was looking at me with a yearning expression. As I tilted my head towards her, Sol’s expression brightened up. Maybe… the reason Sol was pouting earlier was that she was jealous of Hyun getting patted and she didn’t?

No way.

Anyways, Sol’s answer was almost correct. Above Coerce were the overpowering levels called Disassemble and There were definitely overpowering levels called Break and Destruct. Compared to the first the levels, however, they were so high leveled that it was impossible for them to learn now. I didn’t bother mentioning them.

“Starting now, I’m planning on teaching you guys a really powerful skill.”

The introduction was over. Now, it was time to get to the point.

Seeing is believing. Rather than hearing the same thing 100 times over,

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M E M O R I Z E – Chapter 45


Memorize Chapter 045 – Prepare for Emergencies #3
The woman gently placed the food on the table then carefully walked away. Her actions now were definitely different from how she acted earlier. The food that she placed on the table were salad, baked bread, cream stew, and meat pie. We had ordered the A Course, but it was hard to call this an A Course meal. Compared to other edibles, however, I remember it being pretty cheap and tasted pretty good.

We weren’t really eating the food joyfully. As he was hungry, An Hyun was the first to pick up his spoon. Seeing the white steam rise up from the cream stew, I too took a bite. The aromatic smell and light texture filled my mouth and felt like it was melting on the tip of my tongue.

“Oh…this is really delicious! It feels like it’s melting.”

Seeing An Hyun compliment the food, An Sol picked up a piece of bread and carefully took a bite. Moments later, Sol’s eyes widened at the taste and she started chewing faster. Seeing the two enjoy their food made me happy on the inside. However, there was one person that hadn’t touched their food.

Yoo-Jung normally doesn’t consume a lot (other than alcohol), but she wasn’t the type to be picky with food. But right now, she was playing with her food with chopsticks. Seeing the blank expression on her face, she was probably still physically shocked. Well, she was the one that experienced the woman’s magic first-hand, so she was probably affected more compared to the others.

I myself have experienced something similar before, so I was able to somewhat understand Yoo-Jung’s currently feeling. Embarrassment. Disdain. Shame. Helplessness. Only those that have experienced it personally will understand this dirty amalgam of feelings. I felt bad, as it was somewhat my fault. The fact that her mana was no match to that woman’s proved that her skills were inferior.

But this was a necessary process. This kind of thing will be a good experience for the others; who knows how many similar situations they’ll be in in the future.

We were now a group of users that has entered the vast world of Hall Plain. Not only do we have to compete against the other new users, but we have to go against veteran users as well. Comparing the members to the veteran members, my users were no different from beginners. Complete rookies.

They didn’t know what it meant to be hungry. They didn’t know how to act cautiously, nor know whether or not they should meddle in certain situations. In short, they didn’t know what it meant to be desperate. Of course, I’m partly at fault for the way they were; they’ve never left my side and truly acted independently even during the Rite of Passage.

For now, they can say that they were lucky, but if they were to keep acting like this would they even be able to survive

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