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M E M O R I Z E – Chapter 51

Hey guys. We are sorry to announce that Hikari and I are dropping Memorize. I wish that we had a better explanation… but there is none other than a loss of interest. Thank you for your continued support these past two months, and we hope that someone picks up this series.

Memorize Chapter 051 – Soo Hyun’s Change

They were stupid. Hyun and Yoo-Jung didn’t stay in formation. Thankfully, I was acting as Sol’s Protector. After fiercely glaring at Yoo-Jung I struck the tail that was flying towards us with the flat surface of the sword.

And after realizing what just happened, I had spaced out. Even though I did manage to strike the tail by gathering my strength, it was just a defensive skill to break its attacks. However, when the tail hit my sword, it started to scream and the tail shattered into little pieces. I came back to my senses after hearing the monster’s roar.

Apparently, I had activated a special swordsman skill or an undeveloped skill. Different thoughts passed through my mind, but I needed to focus on the current battle. I started talking with a good amount of mana still within me.

“This is a Dark Scorpion. Their tail contains deadly poison, so be careful. Their weaknesses are the eyes and their abdomen. Since it’ll be hard to get past their defenses focus your mana on your weapons and attack with all your might.”

Finished, I lowered my raised head. Sol still had a shocked expression, with her mouth open. She was still shocked that she could’ve died a moment ago. I thought that it was pretty pathetic, but I spoke to her in a low voice.

“An Sol. I don’t think it’s a good idea for a priest to stop casting in the midst of battle.”


Perhaps she was terrified by my comment as she began murmuring a spell. After letting out a sigh, I looked back to the front.

This was just a brief lull in the battle. Dark Scorpions tend to travel in pairs, so they’re somewhat linked. Once the one I injured cried out loud, the one An Hyun was fighting stopped attacking.

It stopped attacking, but only for a moment. The angry scorpion screamed loudly and released a violent aura. Then, the two Dark Scorpions started to crawl out of the darkness. A shocked expression appeared on the others’ faces once they saw how big they were.

We were attacked first, so there wasn’t much we could do. We were prepared now, but the Dark Scorpions were fast approaching. Both sides had their defenses up and it was hard to tell who would strike first.

After observing the earlier confrontation I realized that it was pointless to continue delaying the battle; my side will just run out of energy. I decided to attack first after judging for the right moment.

“Yoo-Jung and I will form one group. Hyun and Sol will pair up. Sol use Restrain on your scorpion’s

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M E M O R I Z E – Chapter 50

Memorize Chapter 050 – Dungeon of the Alchemist #4


“Did you hear the rumors? Another dungeon was discovered in Mule.”

“Yes, in the Forest of Darkness. The dungeon belongs to Vivian, an ancient alchemist. Should I go to Mule again? Who knows? Maybe there’ll be something left.”

“You discovered the Screaming Cave. Don’t be greedy. Hm… that’s odd. I remember that there was a group of users that discovered it a long time ago.”

“Yes, they accidentally found it and were killed in the end. No, that doesn’t sound right. Huh? A total of three people. No, or should I say one? What I mean is that…”


We quickly packed our belongings and left the Inn. Since it was early in the morning, I didn’t see Go Yeon-Joo. An Hyun kept on looking back at the “Modest Lady” in a way that hinted at disappointment about our departure.

Mule’s north gate was extremely bare in comparison to Babara’s. There were two guards guarding the gate, but you could tell how shabby it looks just by looking from the outside. It was hard to say that the representative clan was doing a good job just from its current condition, no matter how developed the city was.

“Good job. Please take good care of yourselves. May the angels bless the users.”

“Thank you.”

After answering the guards that saluted us, we exited through the north gate. Hearing the residents speak for the first time, Hyun asked with a curious expression.

“Soo-Hyun. What kind of people are residents?”

“The residents? They’re people that have always lived in Hall Plain. It’s the same thing as you having lived on Earth all of your life.”

“Hm. Are they any different from us? I heard this from the other users, but aren’t users considered nobility and the residents commoners?”

Nobility and commoners… The residents were weak. They were so weak that if there weren’t any users in Hall Plain, they wouldn’t be able to survive. Of course, the situation changes after Atlanta and the subsequent return to Tera, but right now the residents of Babara still needed protection by the users.

Once Mule was discovered and started development, the residents were pretty much out of danger. As for cities that haven’t yet been developed, no one knew what would happen to them. There have been cases where cities were already in ruins when they were discovered in the Northern country. Of course, there hadn’t been any residents there. People only assumed that they were killed by groups that invaded and attacked the city.

The natives often called users that protected them Apostles of God. They believed in the existence of a god in Hall Plain as some residents even receive orders from an angel. The Apostles were named so because they received Divine Order and Protection from the angels to aid in them protecting the native residents.

In reality, those users had been kidnapped by the angels and were forced upon powers, and was

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M E M O R I Z E – Chapter 49

Memorize Chapter 049 – Dungeon of the Alchemist #3


Shadow. I was surprised by the word. Puzzled, I looked upon the user in my embrace. Completely contrary to the expression he had before, his eyes were a still calm. For some reason, I felt goosebumps.

Instinctively, I felt the need to move my shadow, but before I could do so an inherent fear rose inside me, forcing me to a stop. There was something cold around my neck. Their arms, wrapped around my body, and their hands, soon upon my neck.

I was going to die.

I didn’t think any stupid last thoughts, such as why life could be so fleeting to end and at moment. My keen sense has kept me alive up until now, and that warning was in high gear. The moment that I move my shadow, the user lying within my breasts will twist my neck without hesitation.

The energy gathered within my arms slowly seeped away.


Her arms weakly fell. I had somewhat researched the woman’s skill beforehand, so I had kept my Sense centered on her shadow. However, even if I knew about her skills I still had to be careful. If I had felt an ounce of danger, I was ready to break her neck.

The woman didn’t do anything. Realizing that her judgment of her target had been wrong, she took a step backward. She was naturally talented, yet wasn’t overconfident about her skills.

I was starting to like her a bit. The woman in front of me was someone that knew when to step back. As I didn’t have to kill her anymore, I activated the Third Eye. This time, I wanted to know everything about her.

< Player Status >

  1. Name: Go Yeon-Joo (5 Years)
  2. Class: Silhouette Queen
  3. Nation: Babara
  4. Clan : –
  5. Alias · Nationality: The one that leaves a jet black silhouette at night · South Korea
  6. Sex: Female (26)
  7. Height · Weight : 169.4cm · 51.8kg
  8. Characteristics: True · Chaos

< Attributes >

  1. [Power 89] [Endurance 90] [Agility 97] [Stamina 87] [Mana 93] [Luck 82]

< Achievements(5) >

< Inherent Skills (1/1) >

  1. Eyes of Temptation (Rank: A)

< Special Skills(1/1) >

  1. Abyss Crowd (Rank : S+)

< Potential Skills (3/3) >

  1. Shadow Swordsman (Rank: A+)
  2. Sense Isolation (Rank : A+++)
  3. Dark Shade (Rank: A+)

< Skill Comparison >

  1. Kim Soo-Hyun: 540 / 600

(You have 12 attribute points remaining.)

[Power 94] [Endurance 92] [Agility 98] [Stamina 72] [Mana 96] [Luck 88]

  1. Go Yeon-Joo: 536 / 600

(User does not have any attribute points remaining.)

[Power 89] [Endurance 90] [Agility 97] [Stamina 85] [Mana 93] [Luck 82]

I whistled in response to her stats. Adding up all of her attribute points, she possessed 536 out of a possible 600. There was only a four point difference between me and her. With her stats, she would be able to take command of a position with the Ten Tributaries.

Regardless, I was confident in beating her. Other

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M E M O R I Z E – Chapter 48

Memorize Chapter 048 – Dungeon of the Alchemist #2


“Soo-Hyun, what are you doing?”

After poking her head inside to make sure that I was in the room, Yoo-Jung quickly walked in. Her voice hinted at some sort of complaint. Seeing her pouty face, I thought that it might be the beginning of one of her annoying rants. I placed the document that was in my left hand down and let out a heavy sigh.

“What is it this time?”

Noticing my annoyed tone, Yoo-Jung pouted even heavier before speaking.

“Sol keeps bragging about how you allowed her to train in a different way. She’s been tossing and catching coins in the air… such a show-off.”

“There’s nothing for her to show-off. Also, is Sol really the type of person to show-off like that?

“I’m being serious. She keeps tossing and catching coins…”

“She’s practicing restraint magic like I told her to.”

As I cut her off a disappointed expression floated onto her face. Right when I was about to pick up the document again, I heard Yoo-Jung mumbling to herself.

“You’re so mean. You’re still having Hyun and me to train Sense.

“Because you guys need to. For beginners specializing in close range combat knowing Sense is enough.”

“But still…”

Despite me having warned her about it, Yoo-Jung still started to whine like a child. She was giving me a headache.

“Still what? Sol’s mana level was higher than yours from the beginning. For a support user to be at that level is more than enough. Also, Sol’s training won’t be really beneficial to you.”

Several days passed, and Sol had been the one to master the Sense skill the fastest out of the three. Sol was able to fully utilize the enormous amount of mana that she had— after she had been taught how by me. No matter who the instructor had been or how they had taught her before, she hadn’t progressed as fast as she did under me. Seeing herself improve day by day, Sol began to look at me as some sort of God.

During my first battle, I achieved the title of “Sword Master” while possessing only 45 points in mana. That’s why I was confident when it came to teaching Sol to manage mana level efficiently. It was reasonable for the others to believe that I was favoring Sol as I was making full use of my knowledge about mana management.

Yoo-Jung seemed really dissatisfied that Sol was progressing so fast. Even after that one incident, Yoo-Jung would always come into my room and beg me for private lessons whenever I returned to the Inn. I tried to reason with her in the beginning, but, as it happened so often, it quickly became a chore.

“All I taught her was how to manage her mana. Anyways, go train your Sense. Look at Sol. She’s been practicing really hard because of how motivated she is.”

“Je-ez~! You’re always complimenting Sol! I’m going to

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M E M O R I Z E – Chapter 47

Memorize Chapter 047 – Dungeon of the Alchemist #1

In the end, they couldn’t master Sense within a day. Yoo-Jung managed to maintain it for 28 minutes before she passed out. To be honest, it was quite an achievement for her first time, but I didn’t mention it.

As it was an undeveloped city, there were only a smatter of buildings when Mule was first discovered.  New ones were only built when there was a necessity. There was nowhere for me to train their physical bodies here, so I had them train in Sense.

I stepped outside of the inn to gather information while the others trained. Even if I was able to glimpse my past that was to be “the future”, there was no guarantee that the information that I “remembered” was accurate. Minor details were better to be confirmed first before moving ahead. There was something I had to take care of first.

I first headed to the warehouse dedicated to users. You can think of the user warehouse as an inventory space that you can’t carry around. According to how Hall Plain was set up, each user was provided with their own space that no one could touch. However, the caveat was that one can only store items that were purchased with GP here.

I managed to find the warehouse based on my memories. I carefully looked through the items that were inside. There were items that would be useless to me later, so I decided to take them all. After taking out some of the potions, I started to drink them all one by one.

You have used Angel’s Tear. Six attribute points have been created.

You have used a potion to increase your physical strength. Your physical strength has been increased by two points.

You have used the potion of Vision. One additional attribute point has been created.

Seeing the messages pop up one by one made me smile. Wanting to check my stats as soon as possible, I loaded the status window.

< Player Status>

  1. Name : Kim Soo-Hyun (0 Years)
  2. Class : Sword Specialist Master
  3. Nation : –
  4. Clan : –
  5. Title · Nationality : Owner of the Sword · South Korea
  6. Gender : Male (24)
  7. Height · Weight : 181.5cm · 75.0kg
  8. Character : Lawful · Chaos

< Attributes >(You currently have 12 attribute points remaining).

  1. [Power 94] [Endurance 92] [Agility 98] [Stamina 72] [Mana 96] [Luck 88]

< Achievement(1) >

  1. Rite of Passage Boss Monster

< Innate Skill (1/1) >

  1. Third Eye(Rank : S)

< Special Skill (1/1) >

  1. Blade Master (Rank : EX)

< Undeveloped Skills(4/4) > (You currently have one unused skill point remaining.)

  1. Close Combat(Rank : A Plus)
  2. Last Man Standing (Rank : A Plus)
  3. Mind’s Eye (Rank : A Plus)
  4. Battlefield Protection (Rank : EX)

The more I looked at my attributes and the unused points, the more proud I felt, but at the same time, inexperienced. An odd pleasure that I didn’t feel even during

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M E M O R I Z E – Chapter 46

Memorize Chapter 046 – Prepare for Emergencies #4


“If you experience an unavoidable situation similar to the one just now, what would you do?”

“… I’m not sure.”

Yoo-Jung answered with a scrunched up face. I’m sure that she was frustrated with herself. Even if she experienced the same situation again, she doesn’t know anything and there was nothing she could do about it. The only choice she had was to endure. I thought about saying words of encouragement as they all seemed down.

“All of you are familiar with <Mana Discharge>, right?”

Since I’ve gotten the weight off my chest, it was time to start encouraging them. The guys slightly raised their heads and looked at me as my voice softened. I wanted to laugh because they looked like kids that got in trouble by their mom. but I had to keep it in.

“The skill that the woman used at the table is part of Mana Discharge. It’s a control ability that anyone can use as long as they can control their mana. It doesn’t require any special or hidden talents.”

Technically, it was a skill that’s somewhat a control ability. That’s why Yoo-Jung’s expression changed after hearing that it was a control ability.

“Control… ability? Soo-Hyun, are you saying that we can use it as well?”

“That’s right. If you practice it then you can use it. In addition, if you’re ever in the same situation as earlier, you’ll be able to resist and defend against the attack. Depending on how you dealt with it, you may even be able to counterattack.

“Teach us!”

Seeing them with an excited expression made me smile. If they continued to feel discouraged, I would have been really disappointed with them. After hearing a solution, Yoo-Jung’s expression was filled with fierce determination.

First, I needed to teach them the theory behind Mana Discharge, then show perform example for them before truly training them. Faced with Yoo-Jung’s excited expression, I raised my head higher and talked with a wide smile.

“Do you any of you know what each level of Mana Discharge is called?”

“The levels are Sense, Occupy, Coerce.”

“Wow, that’s correct.”

Surprisingly, the one that answered was An Sol. She was looking at me with a yearning expression. As I tilted my head towards her, Sol’s expression brightened up. Maybe… the reason Sol was pouting earlier was that she was jealous of Hyun getting patted and she didn’t?

No way.

Anyways, Sol’s answer was almost correct. Above Coerce were the overpowering levels called Disassemble and There were definitely overpowering levels called Break and Destruct. Compared to the first the levels, however, they were so high leveled that it was impossible for them to learn now. I didn’t bother mentioning them.

“Starting now, I’m planning on teaching you guys a really powerful skill.”

The introduction was over. Now, it was time to get to the point.

Seeing is believing. Rather than hearing the same thing 100 times over,

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M E M O R I Z E – Chapter 45


Memorize Chapter 045 – Prepare for Emergencies #3
The woman gently placed the food on the table then carefully walked away. Her actions now were definitely different from how she acted earlier. The food that she placed on the table were salad, baked bread, cream stew, and meat pie. We had ordered the A Course, but it was hard to call this an A Course meal. Compared to other edibles, however, I remember it being pretty cheap and tasted pretty good.

We weren’t really eating the food joyfully. As he was hungry, An Hyun was the first to pick up his spoon. Seeing the white steam rise up from the cream stew, I too took a bite. The aromatic smell and light texture filled my mouth and felt like it was melting on the tip of my tongue.

“Oh…this is really delicious! It feels like it’s melting.”

Seeing An Hyun compliment the food, An Sol picked up a piece of bread and carefully took a bite. Moments later, Sol’s eyes widened at the taste and she started chewing faster. Seeing the two enjoy their food made me happy on the inside. However, there was one person that hadn’t touched their food.

Yoo-Jung normally doesn’t consume a lot (other than alcohol), but she wasn’t the type to be picky with food. But right now, she was playing with her food with chopsticks. Seeing the blank expression on her face, she was probably still physically shocked. Well, she was the one that experienced the woman’s magic first-hand, so she was probably affected more compared to the others.

I myself have experienced something similar before, so I was able to somewhat understand Yoo-Jung’s currently feeling. Embarrassment. Disdain. Shame. Helplessness. Only those that have experienced it personally will understand this dirty amalgam of feelings. I felt bad, as it was somewhat my fault. The fact that her mana was no match to that woman’s proved that her skills were inferior.

But this was a necessary process. This kind of thing will be a good experience for the others; who knows how many similar situations they’ll be in in the future.

We were now a group of users that has entered the vast world of Hall Plain. Not only do we have to compete against the other new users, but we have to go against veteran users as well. Comparing the members to the veteran members, my users were no different from beginners. Complete rookies.

They didn’t know what it meant to be hungry. They didn’t know how to act cautiously, nor know whether or not they should meddle in certain situations. In short, they didn’t know what it meant to be desperate. Of course, I’m partly at fault for the way they were; they’ve never left my side and truly acted independently even during the Rite of Passage.

For now, they can say that they were lucky, but if they were to keep acting like this would they even be able to survive

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M E M O R I Z E – Chapter 44


Memorize Chapter 044 – Prepare for Emergencies #2


“We’re working hard in the shadows. Even though we’re enemies, it’s still nice to meet you.”

“Yeah. I’ve heard a lot about you. The Conductor of the Battlefield, Han So-Young. And you’re the sword master under her command? Your name is Jin Soo-Hyu, right?”

“Oh. Sorry. It’s Kim Soo-Hyun, not Jin Soo-Hyun.”

“Y’know, if you had met her first, you might’ve decided to work under her. She’s that charming of a user.”

“Your joke is lame. Where I’m at right now isn’t so bad. Also, I don’t like to betray people.”


Thankfully, they still gave discounts for using the warp gate. Normally, we would have to pay eight gold coins, but thanks to the 50% discount we only had to pay four gold coins.

The guys had a surprised look on their faces as they stepped through the calm ripples of the portal. One would think that they would be used to it, as they’ve experienced it before during the Rite of Passage. Them looking around was pretty much saying, “hey, I’m a novice user.”

I wanted to tell them that their smallest actions could make them become the Vagrants’ target, and that they should be careful. However, I didn’t want them to think that I nagged too much, so I ended up closing my mouth.

Entering the portal completely made my body feel like it was deep in the ocean, a cool feeling. I quietly closed my eyes. After this feeling completely filled my entire body with it’s refreshing energy, I opened my eyes again and the landscape of a shabby city appeared before me.

We had arrived at Mule.

To say that Mule was a prospering city would be a false statement. My members’ reactions were a sight to behold. Mule had straight roads and clean buildings. They seemed shocked to see a city like this after spending a long time in a large city like Babara, where it was always bright and bustling.

It’s safe to say that it’s hard for an undeveloped city to catch up to a large city like Babara, unless the city’s representing clan had amazing skills. I led the others along the uneven dirt road.

The roads of Mule were pretty quiet. The few users I spotted mostly had on shabby gear. As it was almost lunchtime, most were making their way out of the city. Unlike a large city, there wasn’t people every couple of steps— not that I was expecting to in the first place.

Yoo-Jung looked around and asked me a question as she was not used to this.

“Soo-Hyun, what are going to do now? Are we going to leave the city right away?”

That would be dangerous. We need to first arrange somewhere that we can return to. I shook my head.

“No. We need to find an inn that we can use as our temporary base.”

“A base? Inn?”

“We won’t be able to get

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