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The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 20

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Translated by: SaltyTank

Edited by: crimsonwolf8439

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Chapter 20


30 years had passed in the blink of an eye.


  When compared to Sylvia, Claudius was now much larger in size. Sylvia did not grow much as since she was already in her adulthood, only barely reaching 20 metres in length. Claudius, on the other hand, now looked similar to an adult Crimson Dragon despite his age being a teenage dragon. To be exact, Claudius’ body was now 25 metres in length, 15 metres in height when standing on two legs, with his buttocks at around 12 metres from the bottom of his whole body including his tail. Meanwhile, Britannia was only 15 metres long.


   The Crimson Dragon now stood outside his cave on two legs. It was a comfortable place, but it was finally time to bid farewell to this place. The cave was too small for Claudius, and he had a difficult time crawling out of the cave entrance. Without any lingering feelings, Claudius leapt off the cliff and flapped his wings, creating vigorous waves in the ocean below.


   Magic was the ultimate dream of people from Earth, thus Claudius was quite interested in learning magic. As he now had a greater understanding of himself, Claudius knew that his magic resistance was much higher than his counterparts. This was one of the benefits of a human soul, a soul which originated from the home of Mages of the Seashore. The soul which came from the world which was free from divine interference granted Claudius immunity against the exact same thing. The most significant benefit of being transported was the immunity against the power of gods and goddesses, but Claudius was still unaware of this fact. The Crimson Dragon flew casually while looking at the semi-transparent attribute screen. As usual, the option to modify attributes was not available. This good-for-nothing screen could only display his attributes in an irresponsible manner. His six attributes were now clustered together and effort was needed to identify the values of each attribute. For example, the attribute of Strength which was 37 and Constitution which was 40 all garbled together. The screen did not display his HP as well. Furthermore, the skills such as Climb, Leap and whatsoever were only glowing words without a value next to them. There was also a list of proficiency skills like Weapon Proficiency, Weapon Destroyer and Cleave, but they were densely packed together to the point which made it incomprehensible. The descriptions were also extremely lacking, as it did not show information of a skill if Claudius was not aware of the skill itself. Claudius had the property Divine Immunity, but he had no knowledge of such property, thus it did not show up on the screen. In short, it only showed stuff which Claudius was aware of.


“Why the heck would I even need you? You useless screen.” Claudius muttered as he turned the screen into thin air.


The only thing Claudius learnt from the screen was that his stats were pretty awesome, and he only had 1 magic skill. That was it.


  “Locate Object, huh. It’s useless, right? Not like I have to find my keys in this world.” Claudius sighed, “In the end the only things I can trust are my claws and flames.”


   The Crimson Dragon now headed towards the tip of Fire Dragon Bay, which was the battlefield of the 30-year and still ongoing Dragon-Elven war.


   In merely 30 years’ time, this originally nameless region has been granted the name of The Bloody Hills. Countless elves and humans have fallen there, sacrificing themselves in order to stop the invading army of beastmen and gnolls. The invaders also suffered severe casualties, and they would have been extinct by now if not for their outstanding reproductive capabilities.


  Today, Britannia, also known as The Red Comet, was patrolling the area. The pitiful Crimson Dragoness was captured by Sylvia long ago and was forced to work under Sylvia through a magical contract. Fortunately, Sylvia lacked the power to completely dominate Britannia, hence her soul was still intact. For the past 30 years, Britannia had incinerated countless enemies as well as so-called allies with her flames. Elves, humans, beastmen and gnolls; all of them were massacred indiscriminately. Once on the battlefield, Claudius’ sister could no longer contain the burning rage of being controlled by Sylvia within her. Without identifying the targets’ affiliation, she would vent out her anger by burning every living being to ash. For some reason, Sylvia did not seem to mind too much and allowed Britannia to do as she wished during battle.


    The Crimson Dragoness expanded her 20-metre-long wings and flew across the battlefield. Nothing but reddish black soil could be seen. Currently, the war was in a stalemate, thus the dragon army temporarily withdrew while the elven coalition stayed on the defence in preparation for the years of siege to come. The beastmen constructed fortresses with logs on one end, and the elves built their fortified their strongholds with living trees through altering them with magic. Britannia was currently flying above elven territory. She flew with vigilance as these living fortresses were not something she could handle by herself. As she circled the area, Britannia could sense that the elves were panicking as if something scary was headed towards them.


 Waves of magic rippled across the area along with fear. Claudius wanted to fly right over the elven city Greenliner, but the tall magic tower and intense magic power swelling within the building changed his mind.


“Obviously that’s an anti-air field…… Not a good idea to fly through that thing!”


  What Claudius did not know was that the tower was constructed by legendary-class elven mages. For a few times, Sylvia and Britannia almost managed to break through the absolute line of defence, threatening the safety of Greenliner. It was then the mages united their powers and constructed the magnificent magic tower, denying entry of all life forms which dared to invade the city. Of course, it was powerful enough to knock down a dragon as well.


   Claudius chose to avoid the area as he was aware of the power of the elves, and he did not really want to destroy a city for no reason. Putting aside whether or not Claudius had to ability to pull it off, his conscience as a human was already enough to stop him from doing so. Watching cities bombed by nukes in a television programme felt completely different from annihilating a city with his very hands. The Crimson Dragon turned 90 degrees away from the current course, but the elves’ magic was still lingering in the air, observing his every move. It couldn’t be helped; Crimson Dragons were known for their destructive nature after all. Although Claudius did not look like an ordinary Crimson Dragon, his dark crimson scales, overwhelming dragon aura and the heat haze surrounding him all indicated that he was indeed a Crimson Dragon, a true descendant of the fire dragon species. The elves couldn’t really be blamed as he also had the size of an adult dragon. No one really knew when the chaotic and evil Crimson Dragon would feel like crushing stuff, thus it was only naturally for them to be on guard.


   Claudius’ flew away from Greenliner, and it was the best possible outcome for the elves. Claudius had keen eyesight, and he could clearly see the elven city which was barely above the horizon. Elven structures were scattered on the branches of a few gigantic trees which were several hundred metres tall. As it was just a quick glance, Claudius did miss a lot of the details, but it was enough to spark his interest in the elven city.


   “Those thick and hollow trees without branches must be the magic towers. Heh, it definitely reflects the racial characteristics of the elves.” Claudius said to himself.


   Claudius’ changed his course of flight, circling around Greenliner. With the city as the centre, Claudius flew around the spot in a circle with a 100-kilometer radius. It was a distance which he could fly without being constantly vigilant of incoming attacks. For normal dragons, the circumference was a distance which would require at least a few hours to complete. They could only fly around 500 kilometres per day, but Claudius was, not surprisingly, different. With his Dexterity over 20, Claudius could fly over 2000 kilometres in a day if he wanted to.


   As Claudius flew, he observed the area below. The distribution of elven forts was getting denser and denser, and the elves stationed there were all holding their weapons while staring at Claudius. However, they did not commence attack; hence Claudius did not pay much heed to the alerted elves. What attracted his attention was the reddish black no man’s land in the middle of the green forest.

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