The Crimson Dragon – Chapter 22

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Translated by: SaltyTank

Edited by: crimsonwolf8439

Before someone asks, no I didn’t skip a chapter 😛 This was a mistake on the author’s part, as he re-posted Chapter 20 as Chapter 21. For my own convenience, I’ll just follow the author and make this Chapter 22.

Behold, Claudius is finally gonna save her sister! Anyways, enjoy the chapters 🙂



Chapter 22


“Ah, such a nostalgic dragon aura.” Claudius exclaimed.


   He could feel an aura from a distance, and that was undoubtedly a dragon aura. Due to the connection of blood, Claudius could immediately tell that his sister was the one emitting the aura.


   “Britannia? Finally found ya! Thank goodness you’re still alive!” Claudius did not expect to find his sister here and he was truly glad.


   Britannia recognized her brother’s aura straight away as well, and she could tell from the connection of blood that Claudius was headed for her. Despite being the same age, the dragon aura Claudius emitted was a lot stronger than Britannia’s. Claudius’ aura was almost on the level of an adult dragon.


   “Brother, I knew you were powerful all along, but this is really unexpected. It’s a bit hard to imagine that we are siblings of the same age, you know?” Britannia muttered to herself.


   Britannia confirmed Claudius’ location through his dragon aura and began flying towards her long lost brother. She decided to ‘visit’ the elven forts at a later date as their reunion was way more important. All dragons were born with keen eyesight, which allowed Britannia to spot Claudius after a short flight. Her brother’s silhouette had rather distinct features, and his was almost double the size of hers.


   Of course, Claudius could also see Britannia from a distance. Unlike a certain special Crimson Dragon, the dragoness was simply an ordinary Crimson Dragon with ordinary power and ordinary physique. The two approached one another swiftly, with Claudius being extremely carefree while Britannia was being slightly cautious. Within Britannia’s soul, Sylvia was peeking at the touching reunion of the two siblings. Noticing the peculiar Crimson Dragon, Sylvia understood through magic that this was her original target 30 years ago. Perhaps it was fate that brought Claudius to Sylvia, as his sister was now a subordinate of the Jade Dragoness.


   After all these years, Sylvia could finally closely observe the dragon which she truly wanted. With atrociousness which far exceeded other Crimson Dragons and a well-developed body, there was no doubt that her original prey was significantly stronger than Britannia. Although his dragon aura was slightly inferior to full-fledged dragons, it was still above average for his age. Sylvia only had visual on the situation, thus she could not hear the conversation between the siblings.


   “Augustus! Help, please help me!”


   “Eh, what happened? You look all good to me though?”


   Without any knowledge in magic, Claudius was still unable to comprehend things such as magical contracts, but Britannia explained it to him. Staying besides Sylvia for all those years, Britannia managed to learn a bit of magic; hence she knew more magic skills than other Crimson Dragons of her age. If Claudius could view her attribute screen right now, he would be able to see that Britannia now had an occupation of Dragon Witch or Dragon Mage, or something along those lines. Claudius, on the other hand, did not have an occupation; he was just a Crimson Dragon, a mere teenage dragon.


   Through a self-improvised magic skill, Britannia directly implanted the information of her current situation into Claudius’ mind. It was actually a magic skill which had limited usage, as information could only be exchanged between contracted individuals or close relatives connected by blood. But by simply using such magic skill, it proved that Britannia indeed had talent in magic, and her Intelligence was most likely above average.


   “Hmm, removing the contract…… This is probably beyond me, as you who are more knowledgeable in magic was unable to break free. For me, there’s only one solution! I’ll storm my way through her army and force that damn dragon to annul the contract! She even wanted to make me her slave, unforgivable!” Claudius shouted.


   After understanding the whole situation, Claudius thought that it was all ridiculous. Claudius was now enraged, and his dragon nature had finally awoken. The symbol of evil and chaos, the representative of rage and rashness; these were all titles given to Crimson Dragons. With rage clouding his judgement, Claudius rushed towards Sylvia’s lair. Immense heat instigated strong winds as Claudius released his powers, and even Britannia could not stop him. Britannia tried chasing her brother, but his exceptional Dexterity made it impossible for her to catch up. On a side note, Claudius learnt of the location of Sylvia’s lair through the information given to him by Britannia.


   There was not a single being capable of intercepting the raging Crimson Dragon. Be it the beastmen or gnolls, they could only stare in awe as they were not well-versed in anti-air combat, not to mention to dragon aura which caused them to tremble from the bottom of the hearts. To the gnolls and beastmen, going up against the Crimson Dragon was a scarier thought than being tossed into an erupting volcano. Unless Sylvia made a move herself, nothing could stop Claudius in his tracks.


   The rash Crimson Dragon rushed towards the palace made out of twisted branches, crashing into sparkling barriers intentionally. The impact force of his massive body crushed the barriers in an instant, rendering them useless before they could fully recharge. Claudius planned to roar majestically as he descended, then set everything on fire to force Sylvia to annul the contract.


   “Just a measly Jade Dragon! Back then I lacked the power to fight you, but times have changed! Brace yourself, you old hag!”


   From the knowledge of the inheritance ceremony, Jade Dragon ranked third among the Five Coloured Evil Dragons. As the first among all true dragons, Crimson Dragons totally had the right to look down on Jade Dragons.


   But things did not go as planned. The Jade Dragoness did not curl up in her magically protected palace, but instead stood right in front of the structure without a sign of nervousness. Elegant jade scales were almost like emeralds, covering the curvy body of the dragoness. From the point of view of a dragon, Sylvia was undoubtedly a rare beauty among the Jade Dragons. In fact the same went for Britannia as well; she was certainly an attractive Crimson Dragoness.


   “Eh? What’s this? Standing here like nothing happened? The heck is wrong with her……” Claudius felt troubled at the unforeseen situation.


   But this did not stop him from wrecking havoc. During his flight, Claudius already compressed a large volume of air into his air sacs. Now fully developed, the air sacs and flame gland granted him the ability to spew a terrifying breath attack. This was exactly what Claudius did. Without any signs of preparation, Claudius sprayed a fan of flames. He made sure to avoid the Jade Dragoness, as it was unsure what would happen to Britannia if the contractor died. It would be disastrous if the contract did not disappear on its own, bounding Britannia for life. There might also be secret mechanisms which would be triggered by the contractor’s death, thus Claudius did not want to take the risk.


   As Sylvia chose to face the raging Crimson Dragon, she of course had trump cards to play. From her point of view, he was nothing more than a teenage dragon. Although he had quite the temper, Sylvia thought that the Crimson Dragon couldn’t really do anything to her. She was not looking down on Claudius simply because of the difference in age, but also due to his pathetic proficiency in magic. Claudius’ breath attack did manage to cause Sylvia to change her view; for a dragon which could reach this size at such a young age, it was no easy opponent even if her opponent was not proficient in magic. The title of being the strongest among the Five Coloured Evil Dragons was not for show.


   Claudius’ flames were all bluish white, turning the twisted trees and branches into ash at the blink of an eye. The front wall of the palace was blackened, almost as if a charcoal sketch was smudged with a slice of bread. Moreover, the Crimson Dragon seemed to be able to conduct such a devastating attack effortlessly. Claudius landed in front of the Jade Dragoness and stood on two. His height was a chunk higher than Sylvia, and Claudius imposed a threatening look as he glared at Sylvia from above.

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How strange. And the author didn’t split up an earlier chapter or anything? Huh.


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still hope for sexy dragons ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


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“Before someone asks, no I didn’t skip a chapter This was a mistake on the author’s part, as he re-posted Chapter 20 as Chapter 21.” *winks*


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Considering that there is fanfiction about Hogwarts and the Squid in the lake (Harry Potter) somehow doing it (with people still inside the building), sexy dragons is pretty mild and acceptable in my book which has seen a fraction of the depths of human depravity.

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