The Great Conqueror – Chapter 4

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Chapter 4 – So it Turns out that Big Brother is Strong

The sky spun and the earth wavered as Zou Liang spun out swaying from side to side. The audience shed tears of laughter, though those who were in human form shedding tears of laughter was counted as good, there were others who were in beast form that had laughed so hard that they had lost all strength in their limbs and were lying  spread eagle on the ground.

“This doesn’t concern me, this is all just a dream, it’ll be over once I wake up.” Zou Liang told himself. The pain all over his body made him wish that the match would finish quickly.

However things did not occur as Zou Liang had hoped, the tiger grabbed his leg hoisting him off the ground, swiftly swung him around and smashed him back onto the ground.

Suo Luo Si triumphantly shouted whilst flaunting his muscles. However, the audience’s laughter was reverberating around. Obviously, this weak idiot had spoiled his first match.

“Get up waste and act like a warrior. If you don’t I’ll tear you apart, piece by piece and let you experience what pain and suffering actually means!”

Suo Luo Si threatened in a low voice. He could not afford to let this match end in a single round of laughter.

Perhaps it was the fear of being torn apart that made Zou Liang stand up however his mind had cleared a little as he realised that this body was much stronger than his body from the past. It was only been because he was dizzy of nervousness that he charged with his head. Another reason was he had deduced that although this person’s build was large, it was not without flaws, and because of the fact that it is impossible to avoid this fight.

Zou Liang thrust his fist out with a burst of his revitalised spirit. Suo Luo Si was slightly taken aback, this punch actually had intent behind it however when compared to himself it was still a small matter.

Weaving his body, he kicked down at Zou Liang’s head 1, who then crashed into the ground.

Painful, very painful….

“Really a f*****g waste, not even your parents would want you.”

As everyone had a bottom line, this statement thoroughly ignited Zou Liang’s rage. This was a knife to his heart and a knife to Ya Se’s heart. Zou Liang swore out loudly then charged forward.

However the result was the same, he was swept away with a single punch.

Pain, instant pain, but he was still conscious. In the beast spirit world there was only death.

After having fallen down Zou Liang picked himself up again and charged. Suo Luo Si pointed his finger with renewed interest, only like this could he show his might.


His whole body collided against a cold hard shield and was rammed into the ground again.

“A 1~5 defence shield to deflect this cripple five times sure is luxurious” 2

“Being part of the Tai Ge tribe sure is good, it’s so unfair I have the same shield but mine only has 1~4 defence.”

“You think you have it bad, my shield only has 1~3 defence, I should’ve hired a higher grade engraving master.”

“Forget it, the Tai Ge tribe members lives are much better than ours.”

Having fallen Zou Liang stood up again, his inner self was cheering him on to stand back up. There was no excuse; if one was a man, at this moment one must stand.


Zou Liang stood up only to be swept down again, repeating time and time again.

Suo Luo Si had changed the style he was using to sweep Zou Liang. Initially he only used enough strength to make a show but now he used more power as this rascal actually dared to stand back up.

Suo Luo Si was disgusted especially by Zou Liang’s eyes. The laughter in the arena had gradually died down as all beastmen had an odd taste in their mouths.

As anyone under the heavens was not invincible, to be a disgrace is not to be weak, but a coward.

Right from the beginning there are things that he could not avoid. Zou Liang finally understood why even though Ya Se knew he couldn’t win these battles he persevered and continued to fight. It wasn’t that Ou Nisi Te didn’t know that people beat him on purpose, it was that both Ya Se and Ou Nisi Te had their stubborn resolutions. 3

This was true strength!

This was a man!

What about him? Did he try his utmost in his university entrance exam? Why did his girlfriend leave him? Why did he mess around all day all week?

Zou Liang once again clenched his teeth and charged towards Suo Luo Si, Suo Luo Si’s expression turned hideous, sparing no effort to deflect him with his shield. Though the shield did not add any attack, but the opponent still felt his strength of his entire body when they’re being deflected off the shield.


Fallen to the ground-

Zou Liang struggled to stand on his feet, at this moment he and Ya Se were as one. He thought of his previous mediocre life; always avoiding, escaping his problems. Thinking back to the wounded body of the battle hungry Ou Nisi Te. Thinking of Ya Se who used his life not once, not twice but unsparingly to fight. Who cares about wounds? Who the f**k cares about life and death!

Since God let him come to this place, it means that he has been given another chance!

Standing up once again, Zou Liang finally acknowledged his identity and his new body for the first time. He now faces the decision; should he fight, and was this the right time to fight? 4

He had little experience in the previous world with fighting, however in concentrated experience, for him who was a multiple reigning 3D wrestling grand champion, he could be counted as their ancestor.

Suo Luo Si was dissatisfied with this kind of opponent, one whose eye did not show fear, no anger, nor struggle. Eyes that were calm, so calm that it caused him discomfort. As a result of being discomforted by the situation he thrust his shield towards his opponent ready to send him off to the afterlife.

Bending his body in an arc, Suo Luo Si exploded with a warcry then shot out to pulverise his opponent into mince.

At the moment the shield was lifted, Zou Liang smirked, he didn’t understand how he was once scared of this moron who was covered with flaws in his defence.

He fiercely launched a high kick with all the might in his body straight towards Suo Luo Si’s throat.

Suo Luo Si’s burly body came to a halt; the shield paused in the air, his eyes gaping wide, unable to accept the whole turn of events.

Pu tong……

Silence. Around the arena, all of the beastmen stared vacantly as Suo Luo Si’s weakened body released a lump of beast spirit which entered Zou Liang’s body and finally he was expelled from the Beast Spirit World.

Zou Liang gazed around at the surround beastmen; some flabbergasted, some vacantly staring. Slowly his gaze wandered to an even livelier arena; his expression was calm, but his fist clenched tightly.

He could feel Ya Se’s soul starting to fade after obtaining the very first win of his life. After finally achieving his goal, he could now depart to his father leaving behind his eternal gratitude and blessing.

Go rest in peace, now the the new Ya Se’s fight had begun.

He recalled a certain songs lyrics …. If you take what’s mine, I’ll be back and make you spit out what is mine!

Completing this battle Ya Se exited the Beast Spirit World.

Upon returning, he saw Ou Nisi Te was sleeping soundly, Ya Se patted his head, picked up the blanket and covered him with it. He then proceeded to sit silently, this battle had allowed him to change and transform into a true man capable of carrying responsibility. It no longer mattered whether he could return or not; he now valued his new life and the lives of those around him.

This warm feeling inside his body which was the excitement from his victory must be the so called beast spirit. Ya Se was still wide awake in his head, he was well aware that this battle was full of luck. Ya Se’s body could be counted as agile and did not lack battle techniques, therefore he was very perceptive to combat opportunities. However he was still two people and it would take time for the two to merge, but Zou Liang no longer felt weak and small, he would definitely become a powerful warrior capable of ruling over his own destiny.

Ya Se slept sweetly as night fell, he had truly found his first goal worth struggling for and his own life.

  1. Censored in the Raws
  2. This should be defence range. For example in games when someone attacks and you have defence range 5-12 you can block a minimum of 5 damage and a maximum of 12
  3. Raws say perseverance but its meaning is closer to a resolve than the virtue.
  4. I tried to do this emotional part justice I hope I did a good job if not I’m sorry as this is a very important time for Zou Liang.

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