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The Great Conqueror – Chapter 49

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Chapter 49 – Soar to the Skies

Inside the arena, Zou Liang was observing the opponent. He knew that it would be difficult for him to relaxedly torture a bird after a clash, but he did not think that the beast tribes would be so “smart” as to have it as an unwritten rule.

After seeing Sheng Feibo ascend, people understood very clearly that the fight was over.

It was not that the Asura was not strong, it was simply that that his luck wasn’t good. Though the invincible Beast God Martial Artist was a beautiful legend, occupations and their characteristics were very obvious, and in some specific circumstances these restrictions would determine the result.

If an eagle tribe Archer—with the ability to hover at low altitudes—was matched against a fighter with no equipment, the warrior would definitely have no countermeasures against the opponent’s ability to fly. The outcome of this fight had already been determined.

In a realistic battle, the soaring ability of the eagle tribe was just for show; if there was an eagle in the air they would only turn themselves into an easier sniping target. Furthermore, an eagle was not a savage beast and after a Beast Transformation, they would only increase their speed and agility by around a third. But within the Beast Spirit World arena against an “unarmed and defenceless” Zou Liang? He held an invincible position.

This was not something people really wished to see, but on the battle arena one would have to face all types of challenges.

“Mo Fei, why? This kind of fight is pointless, why not just let me go instead!”

Hehe, Buaina, I know how the people from your Kelong City define victory: a victory is a victory, a loss is a loss. There is no need for excuses. Since this person is known as a Beast God Martial Artist, this person titled Asura—where nothing is impossible—must have a method of dealing with an Archer,” Mo Fei indifferently responded.

If Buaina didn’t know that this lion who was full of strength wasn’t simply pretending, he would really question whether this was truly the rumored Golden Lion.

To a strong Lai Yin tribe member, the Crusader occupation was as comfortable as a cradle, but Mo Fei had instead chosen Beast Transformation. The reason? He possessed the Berserker trait. The Lai Yin tribe was a tribe blessed by the Beast God, and it did not matter which path they chose; they would still receive a massive boost in their strength. The Beast Transformation of a Lai Yin tribe would be very balanced in everything—Attack, Defence, Speed, and Agility—and if they also had the Berserker trait, they would be impossible to resist. With Mo Fei’s talent, as long as no accidents occurred, his ascension to gold grade was all but guaranteed, earning him the title of Golden Lion; ever since his birth, he had been destined to have the life of a general.

Zou Liang could clearly hear the discussions being held within the surroundings. In all honesty, this was the first time he had met an Archer; it was very interesting, a very peculiar thing.

The Archer in front of him wore a complete set of plain grade equipment with the typical attributes: 1~5 Defence armor, a well-made creation very closely interlinked within the wings; a pair of bracers and greaves that both added 1~3 Agility rather than Speed, since the benefits of Speed were not as impactful as Agility’s ability to increase accuracy and rate of fire; a small 1~5 buckler; and the most outstanding of them all, the 1~6 bow.

The standard Archer did not usually have a shield since the extra Beast Spirit could be saved for a breakthrough into the bronze grade; only those experts that could easily obtain excess Beast Spirit would finish their entire armour set. Though having a method of defence was good and at the plain grade only five points of Beast Spirit Power were needed, most would forego it primarily because future breakthroughs would require greater and greater amounts of consumption and higher levels of excess Beast Spirit. It was short-sighted to think that five points was plentiful, since as a person progressed it would no longer be so easy.1

At any single time, a piece of equipment could not be two grades higher than another piece; a set of armour was only as strong as its weakest part2. A single weak link would affect the entire set of armour’s ability, and unless the person could obtain the guild’s approval or was from a special family, they would not strive for a complete armour set.

Without a doubt, Sheng Feibo was this type of lofty existence. His goal was to become a supreme Archer, so naturally he would not be scared of the battles for Beast Spirit.

“I’ll give you a chance to attack so that others can’t say I bullied you,” Sheng Feibo said as he glanced at this fellow whose tribe he could not determine. This ‘Asura’ had a normal body structure slightly larger than the fox tribe but smaller than the larger-bodied ones. The muscles were not particularly sturdy, either; assuming he was a Shadow Hunter based on his physical state would be more reliable since it was slightly lacking for other occupations.

Zou Liang shook his head and made a gesture of invitation.

This action made Sheng Feibo undoubtedly furious, and at the same time many of the beastmen were made to sigh; this had been his only chance, yet he had let it go.

The deadly3 bow swirled into his hands, and in a fluid motion Sheng Feibo nocked an arrow, locking it onto Zou Liang. “You were the one who denied the opportunity.”

A full draw.


The bow string vibrated violently, an arrow flying rapidly towards Zou Liang only to miss by the skin of his scalp.

Sheng Feibo laughed. Interesting, this was far too interesting! This was the first time he had shot at someone and they had not dodged; had he been seen through?

“That shot was only a warning. I’ll tell you something interesting: eventually, my arrows will have a six damage sure-kill shot, so you’d better be careful.

Zou Liang calmly looked at his opponent. The last arrow had passed through the tips of his hair, giving his scalp a scorching feeling that pleased Zou Liang a great deal. Sometimes, he thought it was a bit perverse of him to enjoy such a sensation.

The bow was soon drawn into the shape of a full moon. Sheng Feibo had given his warning, and so by the time it was drawn he had entered into his battle state, determined to use all of his strength to kill this opponent.


The bow string trembled once again before the arrow momentarily disappeared from sight, the arrow flying out fluidly; Sheng Feibo was not idle in the face of an opponent that had bested Andongni-Lika. With such agility and speed, one shot alone would not be enough.

Another arrow was shot out in less than a second, but this was not the end of it. The third shot to come was even faster, fiercer, surrounding Zou Liang in a triangular formation4.

Could the ‘Asura’ prove faster than these arrows?

The first arrow aimed for the front of his chest, and no matter where one dodged they would have to move their entire body to do so. The second arrow was aimed at the right side, and normal people would dodge to the right by habit. The third arrow was incomparably strange; it was actually fired as a reinforcement adapted to the changes in the opponent.

The difference between an expert and a novice was in the details.

Mo Fei also rather admired these three shots. If someone was to try to dodge them, their mind needed to be able to react and—most importantly—their body needed to be able to keep up.

It was a pity, but Zou Liang did not dodge left nor did he dodge to the right, and he definitely did not jump, either; when facing a ranged attacker, to flee to the skies would turn him into a living target.

His body suddenly moved as though it had been hit, quickly arching backwards towards the ground. The three arrows were effectively all aimed at his body from a distance, so in that moment Zou Liang’s body was like a spring, bouncing back up.

Iron Bridge!

His body lurched forward and sprang towards Sheng Feibo. An Archer was indeed a troublesome opponent. Especially when he did not have even a rock on-hand, how was he going to hunt a bird?


Perhaps Sheng Feibo had been frightened by Zou Liang’s speed, or perhaps he was genuinely frightened by a Shadow Hunter getting close; Sheng Feibo immediately soared up into the skies, opening his wings in the process. He had leapt a few meters off of the ground, creating what was considered a safe distance.

However, this was all anticipated by Zou Liang. These wings were annoying and ugly5 and quick attacks would be completely useless; the important part was to spring over Sheng Feibo and to deal him a severe injury on the first strike, before the opponent had grasped Zou Liang’s jumping ability.

  1. If they make the shield they would have to upgrade it every single time they broke through to the next stage, thus taking more Beast Spirit.
  2. 木桶效应 the cask effect
  3. Chinese says strong attacking
  4. Chinese says in the shape of a 品 character
  5. Censored

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