The Great Conqueror – Chapter 78

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Chapter 78

After Si Kade had finished, his two legs bent and instilled a fierce strength before he charged towards the sky. He was like a small mountain pressing towards Zou Liang; this was truly like drowning in disaster.

The Bi Meng’s entire body was a weapon. If this kind of strength was pressed down upon someone, that person would be directly flattened into a pancake.


As Zou Liang’s body fell to the ground, he once again dodged the attack by a hair’s breadth, yet the airflow had been affected, altering his movements. Although Si Kade had only recently landed, he could issue attacks even then; typically such attacks would require some buffer time between them in order for the muscles to recuperate, yet the Bi Meng relied on their valiant talent and those kinds of pauses were close to zero.


Si Kade targeted Zou Liang directly like a train, smashing the latter out ten or so meters.

The arena once more let out a fierce howl, the Bi Meng’s brave ferocity infecting very warrior.

“Kill, kill, kill~~~~~~~~~”

Shouts to kill shook the skies without pause. At this time, Si Kade had probably only shown around ten percent of his ability, yet his opponent could already no longer resist it.

Hehe, Mo Fei, it seems that I have won this time. I need to carefully think about what I want you to do for me,” Buaina said.

The valor of the Bi Meng was something that could be easily seen. If the other person had a set of plain-grade armour they could at least have some hope, but under this kind of situation there would be no hope at all.

Mo Fei’s expression did not change. “Until the very end, whether it is victory or defeat is hard to determine. Don’t be so impatient, Buaina.”

Si Kade brandished his arms—stirring the entire atmosphere of the crowd—and walked step by step towards Zou Liang. After entertaining the audience, he began the favoured activity that was enjoyed most by the beastmen; this was his best chance to become famous.

What Asura? He really didn’t know how this fellow had become such a famous name.

Though he had been lying on the ground, Zou Liang suddenly stood up and began performing some stretches. This was an extremely exceptional occurrence, as the opponent’s attack had augmented stats on top of the Bi Meng’s talent of innate strength.

“This…… is impossible! Si Kade’s Attack is at least eight points!”

Buaina could not believe his own eyes. At the scene, a great number of people had witnessed everything: at the moment Si Kade landed his attack, the Asura did not take a beating passively and had instead reacted. The Asura had been flung away by borrowing the force and did not take the attack head on; it was evident that the not so lively brain of the Bi Meng could not notice such a thing.

For Si Kade, nothing had happened to his opponent and it made him unable to endure his anger. His attack had landed, so how was it that there was not a single issue with the opponent?

The enormous beast Bi Meng took large strides and charged towards Zou Liang, and this time Zou Liang did not have any intention to dodge. After receiving an attack, he had already grasped the opponent’s rhythm and—though it was firm and fierce—it lacked the ability to show variation.

Baji1 Clasping Avalanche!


At the moment the large beast Bi Meng had spread both of his arms to use his cross-claw attack, Zou Liang smashed into him. This body like a small mountain swayed and the whole scene was in an uproar; this kind of physique could be moved with a strike?

Buaina’s mouth had already dropped wide…… What kind of strength was this?

Zou Liang’s attack had only just started. He originally believed that he could send the opponent back a few steps, but he had only made him sway a bit. A Bi Meng’s strength was astonishing indeed.


Catching the Bi Meng’s large body, Zou Liang directly jumped atop him. At this time, Si Kade’s two claws blocked towards his head as Zou Liang soared into the air.

With the claws above the head, Zou Liang’s body had already started to descend. Si Kade’s style had already grown stale, and if he wanted to change styles it was too late anyway.


Swift Falcon Descent: Five Point Kill!

Lip——Throat——Chest——Belly——Groin![2 The direct translation is renzhong, yanhou, zigong, guan yuan, gucan (not actually precisely sure where this is). The points are marked on a diagram I drew up ]

This was the first time Zou Liang had attacked specific key points. Facing the opponent’s extremely strong defence on the front, these five places would take another’s life and his strength permeated through.

But just at the moment that his body was going to fall to the ground, Si Kade released a heaven-trembling howl: it was the Bi Meng’s skill—Deterrence!

During Zou Liang’s stagnating state, Si Kade rent out his claw.


Zou Liang was directly swept several meters and began rolling across the ground.

Si Kade faced the sky and laughed, beating against his body that was like steel. Ineffective, ineffective, ineffective, ineffective, ineffective, ineffective!

This was what a Bi Meng was! They were the invincible beast tribe warriors without a single weakness!

The beastmen broke out into a cheer that shook the heavens and trembled the earth; the Asura was indeed strong and could grasp the peak of wonder at the moment of opportunity. A normal Shadow Hunter would be unable to make a move before they were finished, and the Asura being able to make a Bi Meng warrior show its Deterrence ability in that moment could already be considered a miracle.

Hehe, the Asura is strong. Unfortunately, he’s met a nemesis, the Bi Meng,” Buaina said with his happiness spread all over his face; he had won in a battle of foresight against Mo Fei.

“Don’t be in such a hurry, the good part of the show has only just begun. Perhaps this fellow is infuriated with the Asura now.” Mo Fei could feel a burst of killing intent.

The Asura who had been attacked stood up. The previous moment had indeed been hard for Zou Liang to withstand; it was like being hit by a demon beast’s club, and though he could only resist after defending with all of his Beast Spirit, his right arm could no longer be used.

Looking towards the expressionless Asura while continuously beating with his arms, the beastmen could also feel a burst of madness, indescribable with words: this was a brave warrior of the beast tribes.

To a Bi Meng warrior, being able to personally kill a noble warrior held a kind of pride.


Si Kade took large strides and charged towards Zou Liang once again. When the distance between him and Zou Liang was still three meters, he let out a fierce howl and issued his Deterrence ability to its maximum. If he created a single second where the opponent would freeze, the opponent would not be able to dodge his attack.

The foundation of the Bi Meng’s certain kill!


Who would win and who would lose was already clear!


The calm Asura fiercely burst out with a similar howl of a great and desolate beast. A berserk Deterrence immediately burst out and rigidly overpowered the Bi Meng’s Deterrence!

Si Kade had used his Deterrence to stand above people ever since his birth aside from his own family’s elders, yet now his opponent made him feel one of an even higher grade. His footwork abruptly stagnated, and he was not in the least prepared while his movements started to deform. Zou Liang’s body flashed and sent a fist with a hong towards the Bi Meng warrior.

Si Kade exposed his arrogance; even if he let him throw a hundred fists, his opponent shouldn’t even dream about harming a Bi Meng warrior.

Not a sound. The fist did not have even the slightest bit of strength.

Silence. Zou Liang’s eyes burst out in a resplendent radiance. One Inch Explosion——Penetrating Mountains!

The Bi Meng warrior’s two hands swiped fiercely downward. If these two claws were to separate, a body could be torn into two.

Suddenly, Si Kade’s body was as though it had met a lightning strike and began to violently tremble and the two claws that were about to land on the Asura’s head came to a stiff stop. His large eyes suddenly protruded and he staggered backward in retreat, his head stooped to look at his abdomen. “This…… no way……”

A massive dent had been stiffly pushed into his body.


Si Kade could not believe it. He had never even considered defeat before. He was a Bi Meng warrior, the highest pride and the strongest of the beastmen. He could not be defeated.

He needed to stand, he absolutely needed to stand! This kind of small wound could not account for anything!

The surrounding beast howled. Si Kade was struggling and the people beneath the arena had never, ever seen such a spectacle. The powerful Bi Meng warrior—even using all of his body strength—could only stop his swaying.

But Si Kade’s body2 burst, and he could not resist violently spraying out blood while his consciousness blurred. He was a Bi Meng; he needed to persist, and his claws scratched and kept him off of the ground, but his will started to distort. Everything disappeared, and his body that was like a small mountain collapsed like mud.

Falling at the feet of a petite figure……

Numerous beastmen had witnessed this scene. The crows and peacocks were without sound in this enormous Beast Spirit World, and even the surrounding arenas also quieted. Even the people in the middle of battles on the arenas themselves had stopped fighting.

That small figure stood atop the arena and was still calm as though it was already a foregone conclusion. At this moment, in the eyes of innumerable beastmen, he was placed on a peerlessly high pedestal. “The era of the Beast God Martial Artist has arrived!”

Mo Fei spoke with indifference, “Buaina, remember to bring the wine over,” and after saying so, he left the Beast Spirit World. Seeing this kind of fight, he no longer had interest in anybody else’s fights.

There were many parts of this fight that he needed to comprehend, otherwise he would wind up the same: only loss, no victory.



The legends speak of how each millennia there existed an invincible warrior called the Asura. He stood for the Beast God, was omnipotent, surpassed the Bi Meng, and overcame any powerful talented existence among the beast tribes.

He was omnipotent!

He could extinguish everything!

He was named the Beast God Martial Artist!

The Beast Spirit World resonated with howls; this battle was proof of the Asura’s name! The Asura had entered this world, so who dared to fight!

Chapter 78 – One Fist, Shattering and Extinguishing With Grace

  1. Shortened from Bajiquan which is the martial school that Clasping Avalanche comes from.
  2. Censored

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