The Great Conqueror – Chapter 81

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Chapter 81

It was rare for Ai Ma to endure such a thing, yet she managed since she knew what events were to come: someone else would help her educate this Bi Er that didn’t understand etiquette.

At this time, Tuo Ma Si was currently joking around with a few others as though the atmosphere wasn’t tense with the feeling of drawn swords and raised bows.

Ai Wei Er had come as well, but she was currently surrounded in a circle by some aunty-grade females and could not escape.

All of the large entities of Ye Lu Samo had come, and the most endlessly dazzling of them would be Ye Lu Samo’s four heads of the city.

The Magistrate, Sa La; the Spirit Engraving Masters Guild President of the Ye Lu Samo branch, Sa Mu Andun; the Ye Lu Samo Temple’s Head Priest, Tuo Ma Si; and the War Academy’s Headmaster, An Qi Luo[1. Yes, they have all appeared before except for the Magistrate which appeared last chapter.].

It was very obvious that Sa La and Sa Mu Andun were collaborating together, and except for An Qi Luo, all of the occupational guild presidents were all weeds swaying with the wind.

After the banquet had been underway for a while, Sa La clapped his hands. “Honoured guests, I am thankful to be honoured by everyone’s presence and know that everyone is very busy, but our Ye Lu Samo is one entity and through greater communication, we will improve. This is especially true for the youths, as they are the successors of our Ye Lu Samo and the elites here do not need to be modest. In everyone’s presence today, I wish to acknowledge the existence of an outstanding youth. Hehe, how about we give the honour to Sa Mu Andun. It is more appropriate this way.”

Sa Mu Andun smiled. “Your distinguished self has really overpraised. Come over here, Bu Qi (Bù Qí)”

An extremely handsome Fu Ke Si walked out, a smile on his face as he waved at his surroundings. It looked as though such a setting did not bring him any pressure.

“Bu Qi? Could it be the Bu Qi from the Provincial Spirit Engraving Masters Guild?” the crowd followed along and spiritedly discussed.

The Spirit Engraving Masters Guild was always everyone’s focus, and the youths with future prospects would be even more interested. This youth named Bu Qi was a primary focus for the Holy Province to nurture and he even had a record of creating a set of plain-grade equipment in a single hour.

Bu Qi was born in an Engraving Master family and was nicknamed the Swift Knife Hands. He was also handsome with boundless prospects for the future, and within the circle of youths of Da Luo Si, he was a very influential person as well.

At the mansion, there was no small amount of beautiful girls that had already started to emit stars and even Ai Ma’s delicate face was red. Ah, girls, they all loved handsome boys, how could all Fu Ke Si be born with such a pretty-boy face, while even just a glance at Zou Liang’s Bi Er face showed it was just that of a support character?

Soon, a scene of praise resounded out with the intention of making some connections with Bu Qi; this youth was truly someone with a bright future ahead. Bu Qi’s reaction to the praise was very appropriate, neither servile nor overbearing which gave face to many people. Zou Liang only coolly glanced from afar while knowing that this brat was actually very cocky.

“President Sa Mu Andun, although Bu Qi is your nephew, our Ye Lu Samo also has an Engraving genius!”

“Oh, really? That’s too great!”

Sa La and Sa Mu Andun echoed each other while Sa La pointed towards Ya Se in the corner. “Priest in training Ya Se. The Dual-Engraving Method came from his mysterious way of thinking.”

“Ah, that’s a real genius. Head Priest Tuo Ma Si is far too lacking in manners. Not even introducing us to such a talent in Ye Lu Samo, are you that afraid of us poaching him by undermining boundaries?”

“What boundaries? We’re all contributing to Ye Lu Samo City; there’s no distinction between each faction,” Sa La said.

This had been anticipated but there was no other way; they had already been put in a passive position so they could not afford to be cowed.

When Ya Se had come to the scene, there was no amusing speech like before and those noble young ladies all glanced at this silly-looking Bi Er with astonishment. No matter how these ladies looked at him, they still felt he was far too unfitting for this banquet. And since when could the Bi Er tribe give rise to an Engraving Priest?

Zou Liang’s large mouth cracked open and showed the expression of a silly laugh. This foolish look cased everyone present to burst out into laughter.

“I’ve been looking forward to meeting this famous one. Uncle, would I be able to compare notes in techniques and assist in livening up the mood a bit?” Bu Qi said with both warmth and elegance; he had come from the capital and his bearing wasn’t ordinary. In reality, he had come this time specifically to help out Sa Mu Andun, otherwise why else would he come to such a countryside place?

He did not think that by coming to such a small city he would find no small amount of fresh beauties. Sa La’s daughter was pretty good, and not too far away there was also a stunning Rui Bo Te; it could also be said that this journey would bring him some benefits as well.

“Of course, but you need to pull out some unique skill and if there isn’t any applause, there will be punishment. What do you think, Tuo Ma Si?”

Tuo Ma Si gloomily cursed beneath his breath. The conversation had already been decided, so what could he say? “Young people, right? Learning from one another is good, too, and whether it be victory or defeat they don’t need to be too hung up on it,” Tuo Ma Si replied with an uncertain heart. Even though Ya Se was very talented, a live performance required a little bit of everything.

“Okay. However, I haven’t been learning for very long, so if I don’t do very well then everyone better not laugh,” Zou Liang replied with a silly smile while dumbly touching his head.

In everyone’s eyes, the Bi Er tribe’s purpose was for manual labor and not suited for the stage, but most of the importance was placed upon Bu Qi’s performance. The young ladies had already been drawn in by the attractiveness of this handsome man who hailed from Da Luo Si.

Bu Qi walked into the center and opened a Spirit Gathering Gourd. Under Bu Qi’s control, the Beast Spirit hovered in the air while he put out both of his hands. One, two, three Engraving Knives, their sizes all different and very delicate, and the blades mysteriously carved out a decorative design.

“Spirit Engraving is a path of technique and is the spirit’s incarnation of beauty.”

Saying this, the three Engraving Knives were used in turn and the Beast Spirit in his hand speedily revolved. The whole process was like clouds atop flowing water, and this was something that could only be achieved through strict training while one was still young. Naturally, the surrounding people looked on with foolish expressions while a few guild presidents had their eyes wide open; it was not often that one could witness a Spirit Engraving Master’s technique with their own eyes.

Everyone could not stop nodding as they watched. Bu Qi was a nurtured elite from Da Luo Si which was an extremely important point, and Sa Mu Andun was also very pleased. Youths were very high quality; their reactions were very quick and training from a young age up to fifteen was not without gains.

With a relaxed style, a vivid and lifelike rose was born in his hands. Bu Qi’s Engraving Knife was clearly free-spirited and unrestrained.

“Miss Ai Ma, here is a present for you in my wish for you to stay forever beautiful.”

Ai Ma’s charming face turned pink, and in a single moment she had become the focal point of the entire audience and caused the other ladies to die out of jealousy.

“Thank you.”


The applause sounded out, but the first to clap…… was actually Ya Se, applause immediately filling the scene.

Tuo Ma Si had pretty much fainted at this. What was this brat doing? Wasn’t this being timid in a battle?

“Really good. Really, really good.”

“F**k! Ya Se, you haven’t gotten it wrong, have you? This rascal is quarreling with you, and we bet on your win!” Lan Di said while pulling Ya Se over while Ke Te nodded in approval to the side.

“That is allowed?”

“Gambling on good luck, I have bet a month of living expenses so you better not mess around!” Lan Di very earnestly said.

“Can I bet?” Zou Liang asked.

“Betting on yourself to win isn’t a good omen,” Ke Te advised against it.

“No, I want to bet on him winning.” Zou Liang pointed at Bu Qi on the stage. “That person’s abilities are really good.”

Ke Te and Lan Di had an impulse to commit suicide. “F**k me, don’t play like this! Stake everything! People in bare feet aren’t afraid of wearing shoes; you definitely have to win or Ke Te and I will live at the temple and leech off of you!” Money was a small matter, but they each had their own social circles and face was a large issue.

It was Zou Liang’s turn. This rascal held his Engraving Knife, a knife that was like a dagger. It was crude—very crude—and when compared to the other person’s three Engraving Knives, this one was like a butcher’s knife suited for killing pigs.

Chapter 81 – Demonstration of Technique

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