The Great Conqueror – Chapter 84

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Chapter 84

“Ou Nisi Te, how is the Crusaders Guild? Is it interesting?”

“Big Brother, there are so many people inside.”

These were Ou Nisi Te’s feelings.

“Many people, that’s good.” Zou Liang was very familiar with Ou Nisi Te’s manner of expressing himself. Thinking about it, it was true that for a newcomer, the guild would not give too much special attention. The others only wanted him to enter; after entering, it would depend on his own displays since each occupational guild did not lack in talented members.

After finishing his meal, Zou Liang shut himself inside his house and began his special designs. Even though he did not know what kind of standards the Engraving Masters Guild had, the number of types he had seen in the Beast Spirit World was not low, including some materials that Tuo Ma Si had offered.

Zou Liang began to meditate. If he approached it set by set straight away he would end up with a headache, not to mention that there was no need for that. Considering his past life’s architectural concepts, there was clearly an even higher technique, but he would release it bit by bit. When the appetite for his designs grew, he would grow more wicked, but if there wasn’t enough uniqueness then it wouldn’t do, either.

As Zou Liang was motionless, the things in his mind began to take shape. Wanting the temple’s spirit to overtake the Spirit Engraving Masters Guild in an instant was unrealistic; their centuries of rule were not gained by simply messing around, and therefore they needed to work upon their innovation and attract others by showing off their results.

Zou Liang ended up once more choosing a shield as his topic to delve into, as Ou Nisi Te’s first weapon was a shield. He needed to keep the concept of a trademark and expand into other areas step by step.

Ma Lu was currently outside the door silently waiting on Zou Liang. If Zou Liang had anything come up he would call upon Ma Lu first, and at the same time Zou Liang also trusted him. Old Ma Lu’s inner heart was moved beyond limits, as he had originally believed that his Engraving Priest career would stagnate here since the temple in Ye Lu Samo could only pick up the leftover scraps and dishes from the Spirit Engraving Masters Guild, and even this was dependent on whether the Guild was happy or not. Yesterday, however, Zou Liang’s magnificent feat had stirred every priest’s heart and made them feel as though the Beast God had finally shown consideration for his believers.

“Priest Ma Lu.”

“I’m here, Priest Ya Se.” Ma Lu quietly opened the door, afraid of disrupting Ya Se’s inspiration.

“The first design is done. Give it to Master to have a look. I’m going to rest a while, so don’t disturb me.”


Ma Lu opened the box and very carefully placed the silk into an embroidered box. Closing the door, he started to half-run towards the Head Priest’s room, and during this run Ma Lu felt as though he had experienced a second spring in his life.

Tuo Ma Si heard the design was finished and immediately stopped the conference. “It’s done?”

“Yes, Head Priest.” Ma Lu respectfully placed the embroidered box on the table. After saying this, he was ready to leave since all of these designs were top secret.

“Ma Lu, stay here. We’ll study it together.”

“Head Priest, this…… is it suitable?” Ma Lu’s voice trembled; the trust here was just too great.

Tuo Ma Si gave a slight smile. “Let us read it together.”

Ma Lu did not decline. In reality, his heart was curious to no end and this also meant that the Head Priest had taken him as his trusted aide.

Tuo Ma Si and Ma Lu could be said to be the ones with the deepest Spirit Engraving knowledge in the Ye Lu Samo Temple. The two very carefully opened the design, and then…… “Keke, Ma Lu, speak your thoughts,” Tuo Ma Si said with indifference.

Old Ma Lu scratched his head and stared with eyes opened wide. He looked left and he looked right, and he even flipped it over to look. “Head Priest, this… Priest Ya Se’s design is too profound…… I can’t understand it.”

Ma Lu’s temperament towards learning was more straightforward. For him not to understand was normal, as this was thought up by the exceptional genius that had created the Dual-Engraving Method.

Looking at Ma Lu’s studious expression, Tuo Ma Si also bitterly laughed. “I as the master am also vexed and do not understand, either.”

“Head Priest, didn’t you say Priest Ya Se is someone that the Beast God has bestowed upon our temple? This proves that the Beast God has felt your devotion and so he has given such assistance. I think that even if we show this to the entire empire, no one would understand it,” Ma Lu said with sincerity.

When honest people who typically refrained from praising praised it, it would make Tuo Ma Si’s entire body feel comfortable, and Tuo Ma Si had not wanted to compete in this area since long ago.

“Attendants, come and ask Priest Ya Se to come,” Tuo Ma Si merrily said.

Zou Liang did not sleep and only closed his eyes to recuperate. Once he entered the designing state, his inspiration would gush forward, and he needed to record a few points so he could utilise them in the days to come.

In the meeting room, Tuo Ma Si and Ma Lu’s passion had pierced the heavens. They did not understand the marks inside, but they could still discuss some of the more surface matters. As soon as someone entered into Spirit Engraving, they would not be able to break away from it for the rest of their lives. Who cares if you’re a Head Priest, his passion for Spirit Engraving had not died away, and inside this were secrets that no beastman could resist.

“Master, can’t you let me rest a little while longer?”

“Ya Se, come here and explain it to us. We don’t understand any of these random symbols,” Tuo Ma Si said while pretending to be serious. Zou Liang did not tease as he had forgotten the complexity of the symbols; he still had old habits 1 and a lot of things from his past life, and to Tuo Ma Si and Ma Lu it would without a doubt seem like demonic incantations.

Hehe, bad memory, these are my careless markings. It should be like this……”

Zou Liang translated the details for them to hear. After listening, Tuo Ma Si was half in agreement and half in doubt.

“You mean that this kind of shield is targeted towards Shadow Hunters?” Tuo Ma Si frowned.

“Correct. This is called a little buckler, and it’s too small for a warrior to use,” Zou Liang laughed.

“Priest Ya Se, a normal Shadow Hunter doesn’t use a shield and they would not waste Beast Spirit on a shield,” Ma Lu honestly said. According to the occupational characteristics, Shadow Hunters were the kings of attack and would definitely not waste Beast Spirit on a shield, as the extra Beast Spirit could be used for future advancements. Foregoing one piece of equipment, the difficulty of advancing further would also greatly decrease, not to mention that communities of Shadow Hunters and Archers were usually tribes with weaker Beast Spirit and definitely could not waste it.

“Ya Se, being like this, you’re selling something to someone that they don’t want.”

Hehe, Master, I’ll correct a point: it isn’t that Shadow Hunters don’t need one, but put plainly, except for the War Song Priest that only needs to hide at the back, others all need protection. Large shields do not suit them, however a small shield is an advantage for both speed and agility for a Shadow Hunter and can be useful at the most crucial moment. To a Shadow Hunter that fights on the edge of death, the meaning of safety is even more important.

“But being this small, although it would save Beast Spirit, the area of defence is also small,” Ma Lu said.

Hehe, many of the Shadow Hunters’ battles are fought in a small area. If you include their liveliness, this kind of small shield will be enough, and at the same time it does not affect their movement,” Zou Liang explained.

Tuo Ma Si nodded. “It is indeed true that this way of thinking is very good, but it is still not enough; if we can do it, other people can do it. Frankly speaking, it would not be enough to reverse the Shadow Hunters’ habits. As a normal shield, they would prefer to save their Beast Spirit.”

Hehe, Head Priest is indeed the Head Priest and has great foresight,” Zou Liang’s flattery immediately sounded out.

“Keep the flattery, quickly say it. I’m sure you’ve already thought of this point, brat.”

“Master, please say it, what is different about my design?”

Tuo Ma Si and Ma Lu looked at each other. They had immersed themselves deeply in Spirit Engraving for many years, but it had resulted in them being teased by this youth and they could only grow red in the face. “Stop keeping your listeners in suspense! Say it quickly!”

Tuo Ma Si could only play the card of being Ya Se’s master.

“How about this, if I say anymore it’s not worth just watching. I’ll demonstrate it here for you two.”

Tuo Ma Si patted his head. “How did I forget about this option?”

“Head Priest, a few guests have already arrived,” a Priest came in to report.

“Let them wait!” Tuo Ma Si was disinclined to say any more. It didn’t matter who was outside, he didn’t have the heart to even consider meeting them.

The Priest did not dare to say any more and hurriedly retreated.

Chapter 84 – Little Buckler

  1. This was originally Occupational Disease in Chinese. It simply means that the person is so used to doing their job that they have had their habits from their job carry to everyday life without a second thought.

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