The Great Conqueror – Chapter 85

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Chapter 85

This was already not the first time Tuo Ma Si had seen it, but Ma Lu watched stunned with a drooping mouth throughout the entire Engraving process. It was literally a miracle; this was definitely something he must have practiced in his past life.

Thanks to Zou Liang slowing down the creation process, he could explain it as he operated. “This kind of little buckler has to vary from person to person; it needs to change depending on the person’s body size and their needs. It is divided into three types of diameter of forty centimeters, fifty centimeters, or sixty centimeters, and its most important feature is the curvature with a sleek design with a thick inner portion and thin outer rim. On one hand, this lessens the consumption of Beast Spirit, and at the same time it can create the highest degree of resistance.”

A streamlined shallow-arced little buckler was finally born in Zou Liang’s hands. “Done successfully, it’s just like this…… Why are you guys looking at me like this?”

Tuo Ma Si’s expression turned from shock to helplessness. “Brat, you really are a genius, but if I hadn’t seen it from my own eyes, I would never believe it even if you beat me to death. You have a look at the attributes yourself.”

1~6 Defence shield.

“Amazing, amazing, too amazing, too miraculous. Originally, I doubted whether having the inner thick with a thin outer rim would be firm and it would cause the Defence to drop, yet it could even increase the Defence by a single point. Awesome, too awesome!” Old Ma Lu praised as his eyes emitted stars.

Tuo Ma Si on one side nodded his head. “Even though I don’t quite understand the concept, I too was originally worried that this design would make the Defence drop and not think it would instead be increased. Say, why is this?”

Zou Liang laughed. This was actually an unexpected bonus and he himself had not even thought of it. Bucklers were not necessarily better the thicker they were, and it was instead this streamlined and curved design that allowed the power to be dispersed.

“Master, you see, when a blade slices over, if the full strength is not usable then it would be blocked by the center since the center’s defensive capabilities are the most concentrated. Another example is that if they hit the sides, especially with this curvature, the knife would not be able to display even ninety percent of the power and it would be dispersed. At the same time, this streamlined design makes it easy to slip off, making it hard to take damage from the force. This is the main importance of the design. Easy, right?”

Zou Liang thought he had already explained it very clearly and simply, but after seeing Tuo Ma Si’s and Ma Lu’s expressions that were only half-understanding, he realised that being separated by a few millennia of culture and some common knowledge had turned this into something very difficult.

“Priest Ya Se, this kind of concept is too profound, but since it showed a number that is so amazing it cannot be wrong!”

“Master, do you want me to make the design easier so that the superiors can understand it?” Zou Liang intended to urgently obtain merits for Tuo Ma Si.

Seeing his disciple being so careful, Tuo Ma Si felt a surge of warmth. “No, if it’s incomprehensible it’s even better. There is no reliable place in this day and age, and if only our Ye Lu Samo can create this, it will have an effect.”

“Master is wise. I have another thought,” Zou Liang said as though he had a sudden bout of inspiration.

“Speak, I know you have a lot of evil ideas, brat,” Tuo Ma Si laughed.

“Lan Di is my friend and he has a lot of friends in Ye Lu Samo while being quite influential. If I make him a Dual-Type shield with a 2~6 super attribute, the advertising effect would be unparalleled. At that time, who would be worried that Shadow Hunters won’t come to our doors?” Zou Liang laughed sinisterly.

One could imagine how large a tremor a Shadow Hunter with a 2~6 little buckler would cause in the Beast Spirit World, especially with that brat Lan Di who already loved to show off anyway. Not long after, everyone in Ye Lu Samo would know of it.

“Do you have assurance?”

Hehe, as long as there are no mishaps, it is definitely possible.” When dealing to his own people, Zou Liang did not hide and conceal things.

“Good, then you go and arrange it. You should give this kind of Engraving method a name; I wish to report this to the superiors.” No matter how thick Tuo Ma Si’s skin was, he would not wish to covet his disciple’s efforts. He had already taken a large advantage from the Dual-Engraving Technique, after all.

“Master, saying this is like considering me an outsider. This is also another Engraving method flowing from your Ye Lu Samo Temple, and I have also been affected by the Beast God’s inspiration. Not to mention, Master’s wise leadership brought about such a result, so just report with a collective name.”

“This isn’t too good. We didn’t do any of the work,” Tuo Ma Si said as he scratched his head.

“Master, right now you need prestige, not to mention that when you become the Red-Robed Head Priest, this disciple will be basking in the light as well. When I go out and cause trouble, I will have more courage this way.”

Everything that Zou Liang said was honest. Currently, he was not willing to be the leading bird, so as long as Tuo Ma Si and Sibalu knew of his resourcefulness, it would be enough. Name and fame in the outer world were all empty and it would easily attract danger.

“Head Priest, I can see Priest Ya Se’s sincere heart. We are all of one family, so why don’t you just agree?” Ma Lu advised from the side.

In the depths of Tuo Ma Si’s heart, it was obvious that he thirsted for it. Seeing Ya Se’s genuine sincerity, he agreed, but he really did not know how to thank this kid.

“Ma Lu, you hurry and go collect all of the Engraving Priests and pick a few good ones. We need to prepare.” Looking at Ya Se’s back, Tuo Ma Si also ignited his vigor; since this disciple gave him so much strength, he also needed to uplift himself and definitely grab that Red-Robed Head Priest position!

“Yes, Head Priest!” Ma Lu replied as he knew what he had to do. Truthfully, these days the people who came had increased, however the majority were going for the Dual-Engraving Method and Ya Se, and it was clear that a normal Priest could do no such thing. However, even though this design was difficult, it was still possible for them to achieve this.

It was not merely surface attribute values, but the design itself was something that the attribute values could not show.

Hearing that Ya Se had come, Lan Di immediately got off his butt and ran over. “Priest Ya Se, you old man, we are honored by your presence that brings light to my humble dwelling.”

Zou Liang sized up the room. “Your house is indeed really large. Do you live in this entire manor?”

“This is true, why? Are you interested in moving over?” Lan Di laughed.

“I’m a Priest of the Beast God, don’t try to tempt me with materialistic things. But your household is a bit insincere; I had a quick look at the contributions to the temple, and it seems a bit low.”

Lan Di was a bit embarrassed. “Keke, this is not something I have control over, and you of all people would know that the temple’s influence these years has been lower.”

“That being said, if the temple’s prestige rose, would the donations increase?” Zou Liang asked without a change in his breath.

“Of course. Right now, everyone knows that the Magistrate and the Spirit Engraving Masters Guild have joined to suppress the temple. Lacking ability is the hard truth, however I will blow some wind at my old man and get him to contribute a bit more this year. If it’s long-term, though, I have no ability,” Lan Di very forthrightly said.

Zou Liang did not come here to make things difficult for him, and these kinds of issues were for the older generation. Lan Di might not have even asked about these things before.

“Do you want me to Engrave an equipment?” Zou Liang asked without a change in his tone.

Lan Di’s leopard eyes immediately emitted a radiance before promptly dimming again. “I want to, even in my dreams I want to, but my plain-grade gear is already finished. Ai, even one piece would be good.”

Even though he was fully attributed, in a city it could be considered alright but in a province he would not be outstanding. If he had one more extra point, though, it would immediately be different.

“Is that so? I remember you don’t have a shield.”

“Shield? Lan Di bitterly laughed and scratched his head. “Us Shadow Hunters don’t use a shield.”

“Is that so? If I said that the Ye Lu Samo Temple had designed a new, specialised shield for you Shadow Hunters, would you like to try?” Zou Liang asked with a solemn expression.

Lan Di was stunned. “Specifically for Shadow Hunters?”

“That’s correct. This kind of shield can provide a Shadow Hunter with an extra life. Do you want to try?” Zou Liang did not say anymore and only calmly looked to Lan Di.

Lan Di was motionless. A normal tribe’s Beast Spirit would not have any surplus, but the leopard tribe was an existence that was considered among the strongest tribes. They could even become Crusaders, and if they were Shadow Hunters, they would definitely have excess Beast Spirit.

There was a crucial point. Beast Spirit Quality was different, so comparing when one created their plain-grade Beast Spirit and their bronze-grade equipment, the consumption of Beast Spirit and the quality would differ. The quality of Beast Spirit was related to the beastman’s age, talent, and training, and some people had talent that was so poor that even if they had five points of Beast Spirit and were of the plain-grade quality, they could not create bronze-grade equipment. Naturally, some people would have Beast Spirit of a high quality, but if the quantity was not enough, it would still be useless.

This was why Nei Beiluo-Sang Qiesi’s name had shaken the world; the quality of his Beast Spirit must have been high and his techniques must have reached the peak for him to become the history’s youngest silver-grade Crusader. Just listening to this would frighten someone.

Chapter 85 – Avoiding The Orthodox Path!

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Server speed seems pretty good to me~

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