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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 10

10/15 Chapters for today to celebrate the starting of this novel!! ENJOY!! <3

Translator: X J Sheng Chen

TLC: Wu Wang

Editors: Prawnxia, theprettyrainbow, Myro

Part 1: Nightmare Knitters

Chapter 10: The Warband

9 a.m., August 31st.

“I express my deepest condolences to those police officers who sacrificed themselves in the explosion of the police station, as well as their families…”

The TV at the corner of the room was on. The press conference of the city government was live on the local news. The mayor was reporting in front of the camera in dignifiedly. Wang Ji sat in front of the desk with his back to the TV, looking at the screen of the laptop waiting for the contact from experiment A.

He did not return to the rental house until 5 a.m. After he sent Leader Liu to the city’s hospital, many armed cars from the troops arrived at the police station. Then they had an intense gunfight in the police station with no surprise, while the locals nearby all heard the process.

Though it didn’t last long, the locals knew that the officers didn’t die in the explosion, but the gunfight. There were quite a lot of people watching, many of which have taken pictures of the rise of the pink gas, including the locals near the mountain park.

The city government now remained silent about the truth in order to stabilize the emotions of the locals.

At around 1 a.m., the investigation crew in suits and ties arrived at the hospital. They made an inquiry into Wang Ji and took notes. Wang Ji was waiting for the family of Liu Guobang in the hospital then, while Leader Liu was in a coma and kept talking in his dream. He was speaking words like “heaven” and “contribute to the family”. Later on, Liu Guobang was transferred by the crew immediately to receive medical treatment elsewhere.

“I think he needs surgery as fast as possible, there’s something in his brain.”

Wang Ji heard the doctors and the crew saying that before he left. Later, he was sent back home by the crew. When they asked about the head of Kampus, Wang Ji said that it’s for his girlfriend. They did not ask any further questions. Back to the rental house, Wang Ji carefully dealt with the ninja mask and his clothes. He burned his clothes and the shoes, only the ninja mask and the assassin’s camouflage glasses were left.

Though he’s sleepy, he insisted on writing a postcard to inform Isaac of the fact that there might be a nightmare knitter’s virus on the head of Kampus. Then he wrapped it with the plastic wrap. He put the equipment and the postcard into the toy box for Isaac, then return the experimental weapons.

With all preparations done, he rested at last.

Wang Ji opened his eyes after an hour of sleep. He went downstairs to buy breakfast. He found the camouflage glasses on the desk had gone after he returned home. And there’s a sentence on the screen.

The experimental equipment and the letter are allowed to be kept, while others are required to be destroyed.

From experiment A.

Except informing Wang Ji of the fact that he had to return everything but the ninja mask. The assassin who seemed the most friendly in the letter took the equipment back, while the ninja who only left a sentence for him did not take back anything. Wang Ji picked up the ninja mask again and the letters on the screen were changed again, indicating the data of the new equipment.

Object name: Ninja Shi’s Mask.

Object type: assisting equipment.

Object introduction: The owner of the mask was a legend. He was so handsome that men and women all fell in love with him, which made the owner of the Ramen Shop and his daughter flushed. But they are the only people who met him except for his parents. Meanwhile, the durability of the mask is the strongest of all known equipment. His friend from his childhood also liked to wear masks after they became villains. But the masks of theirs were lost after their death, while his mask lived.

Object effect: Defend any seeds of disaster and viruses transmitted by air, which makes you luckier.

p.s.: The mask lives, the man lives.

From experiment A.

“The owner of the Ramen Shop and his daughter……Ninja Shi, is it Kakashi? Really? So surprising.”

Wang Ji accidentally found out that he might know the ninja’s real identity. He’s already finished the Manga, which was the salvation when he done with work. And the implications of the equipment indicates the one he knows. Wang Ji put away the mask and thought of a question. “What if Lady Chatterley’s Lover is on the screen again, will he come to watch?”

There’s a sentence appearing on the screen right away.

Capital A, your world and the ninja’s are totally different, as well as the creatures on them. You can’t live in his world, while he can’t live in yours. There are only equipment and letters able to transmit between two worlds. (They are the Manga story which is over in your world, while you’re the novel which was just started in their world.)

From experiment A.

“I see, I’m just wondering who’s the one writing the novel.”

Wang Ji knew what it meant. He sat in front of the desk patiently, waiting for further contact. Owing to the fact that the police station requires repairment and other processes, useless personnel like Wang Ji have the day off, temporarily. He needed to be called to get back to work. On the day-off, there’s nothing Wang Ji could do. He did not know anything in the environment, hoping to get his things back again.

9:30 a.m.

The screen was suddenly switched on, but its screen is still blue. After it became garbled like it used to be, the contacts from experiment A were sent one by one continuously. It became lines of Chinese characters shown in front of Wang Ji’s face.

Capital A, you efficiently completed the experiment mode, destroying the initial invasion of the preacher against the earth civilization. You also carefully dealt with the process of the equipment. According to the law related to the experiment mode, you now have 2 choices to choose from to determine your following life. Please, choose carefully.

Join us.

Being a Hunter, you’ll receive our assistance to arm yourself with wisdom and weapons fighting against the Preacher and hunting for the mutated lives born from the seeds of disaster. You might die at any moment, but it’s worthwhile.

2. Return back to normal life.

Becoming a normal person in the civilization, we’ll get Isaac’s toy box back and eliminate your corresponding memory. You’ll live as a normal person with the identity you now own until you die.


Capital A, your life will end on August 28th, 2017 due to a broken heart. We revived you and arranged this identity for you. You are not allowed to receive the life that is already dead. After choosing a normal life, you can only live as your identity in returns of the experiment mode. Choose to join us, you might return back to the time before you die.

The Warband.

After Wang Ji read the entire message, he became silent and said. “I feel like I have lost something.”

The screen of his cell phone was lit, with a reply on it.

Capital A, the thinking mode, which is not compatible with you is gone. According to the calculation of the analysis, you will have a 100% possibility of having mental problems after your rebirth with full thinking, but you’re almost likely to commit suicide by 50%. You cannot control these. But taking the weakness of pure reasonable thinking into consideration, you still have basic emotional thinking to assist with the judgement to achieve a better condition. You cannot notice it subjectively, but it exists objectively.

From experiment A.

“What’s the background of the Purifying Plan? I want to know the background of our story in their world.”

Wang Ji asked.

The message refreshed.

The Purifying Plan is an extreme plan schemed by the Preacher Party, and its main target is to eliminate all lives and creatures. This plan is on fire in every world, having long histories. Many civilizations were destroyed, and now it’s time for your world.

From experiment A.

“How about the Warband? If I join you, what kind of group are you? What do the Preachers do ? We should make it clear.”

Wang Ji asked again.

This time he did not get any accurate answers, the screen was shining once again. The answer from experiment A was. “The Warband is the guardian of the thriving of lives, while the Preacher is now killing this road of evolution.”

Wang Ji sat in front of the computer. Which means, the Warband is a group protecting the wisdom?

Maybe it’s a joke after he almost lost his life. Wang Ji did not hesitate about his experience now. If he takes the thinking mode he lost back, the consequence will be so tough that it poses threats against the thinking itself or even his life. He would give away everything with no doubt. A strange team gave him an invitation, which might affect the whole world.

“Though I don’t get it, why didn’t the Warband introduce the situation to the government to fight against the Preacher with the power of the country? But I can see that what I experienced last night was not joking. I choose to join you.”

He answered firmly.

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