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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 12

12/15 Chapters for today to celebrate the starting of this novel!! ENJOY!! <3

Translator: X J Sheng Chen

TLC: Wu Wang

Editors: Prawnxia, theprettyrainbow, Myro

Part 2: Mrs Isa’s Mansion
Chapter 12: Devil’s Bar

Searching mission, day 1.


Wang Ji rode a tourist bike along the streets. Though he was wearing his casual clothes, he still had his police license, which helped a lot when visiting. It’s daytime now so there should be nobody in the bars. Wang Ji didn’t plan to trade with Devils right away but inquire about the newly opened bars. At least, he got to do the research first.

Wearing a grey sports suit, Wang Ji covered his head with the hoodie. He was riding on a bike along the streets, observing the square, the apartments and all kinds of buildings. He also inquired from locals about the newly opened bars.

The sportsman dressing made him look very normal.

Wang Ji talked to the locals nicely. He tried to leave good impression on them, at least no bad impression. Chances are he’ll need help since this is his city, as experiment said. Since it’s his city, he should take advantage of every resource.

He casually finished his lunch sitting on the ground.

After a rest, Wang Ji kept riding the bike slowly to scout his city. There’s something unusual coming for him after the sunset, which meant he had not much time. He wanted to know the city more thoroughly, and inquiring of a taxi driver might be a nice choice. But if he is asking for a bar newly opened today, the drivers might not know that.

He got no clues, but he did not feel discouraged.

“Still got a whole afternoon left.”

Wang Ji stopped riding the bike quietly. Driving would make him lose a lot of things. By walking, Wang Ji wanted to understand the planning and the layout of the entire city. He went into every supermarkets and markets, and walked around thoroughly.

With his tremendous memory, Wang Ji wanted to memorize the landscapes everywhere. He didn’t know what kind of match he will face after 10 days, so there are no drawbacks for him to know more about the city. He needs to find the devil’s shop today; otherwise, he won’t know how to deal with that unknown creature coming out after the sunset with the body of a normal human.


He finally found the clues. Under a row of banyan trees along the sidewalk, a young girl gave Wang Ji some directions.

“Is it ‘devil’? I know there’s a new bar over there, it’s called ‘devil bar’ on its sign. It’s spelt like this, right? My English is bad. I just think that this should match the standard of evils you called. When I went there this morning, I saw workers repairing stuff! It’s just in the area where the Guanyin well is located. You should check it out.”


After expressing his appreciation, Wang Ji found the bus stop. He took a bus to the area where the Guanyin well is located.

After inquiring the locals, he quickly got the location. When he made there, the ladder was just removed by the workers, and the sign looked like it was just installed not long ago. Wang Ji lifted up the curtain and went in with the ninja mask on his face.

It was pretty dark behind the bar. There were still workers tidying up the tables busily, and they’re strong and highly skilled. There was a woman in a red split skirt sitting in the dark behind the bar, wiping the glasses with a towel.

Looking from far away, her upper body was concealed into the darkness. But there was still some outline of her facial appearance which was of a white person able to be seen, as well as curly long hair that looked like seaweed. But they were all outlines and not really clear. She was still holding a lady’s cigarette under the light with the hand she held on the towel. The cigarette burned and created smokes of all colours, which was noticeable under the dim light.

After seeing Wang Ji came in, the woman greeted in standard Mandarin. “Young man, it’s not open this early.”

Wang Ji couldn’t see clearly whether she’s laughing or not. He didn’t answer, instead, he sat in front of the table, watching the lady behind it and saying. “Isaac told me that when people need help the most, the first one who assists them won’t be the angels but the devils. Now, I want to see if I find the right place.”

After he said, the atmosphere in the bar suddenly became tense.

After hearing a string of harsh screaming coming from his back, Wang Ji turned around and scanned it. Workers stopped their work and looked at him with bloody-red eyes, and shining-white buck teeth reaching out from the mouth. The devil’s harsh screaming was all over the bar. The light was eerily dim and many scary eyes were fixed on him like staring at prey.

Seeing such a horrifying scene, Wang Ji was relieved.

He’s not scared of the devils rushing to him and tearing him apart. Instead, he cared more about the time and energy he spent on finding the devil’s shop. This is because although they are devils, they still count as allies of Hunters and business partners according to the message from experiment A.

As long as they are not Preachers, Wang Ji has no excuse to be scared of these business partners even though they look creepy. The atmosphere in the bar fell to the freezing point. Under the devils’ gazes, Wang Ji sat on the chair carefully, looking at the woman in a red short face-to-face, waiting for her answer.

At least she got to say something, or the spiky eyes behind Wang Ji’s back won’t stop.

Finally, the woman finished wiping the glass, and she put it down after a close check. She took a drag. After dropping the cigarette ashes into the ashtray elegantly, with the smoke lingering up, she then started talking. “Few people are willing to trade with the devils. There are even fewer like an efficient rookie like you…….Capital A?”

Capital A, she said it in an interrogative mood.

“Yes, I want to find a way out on my own as soon as possible.”

Wang Ji replied humbly and identified himself. Looks like he doesn’t need to use his real name here, but the code name given by experiment A. After Wang Ji identified himself, the devil workers in the bar took back the thrilling gazes and restarted their incredibly efficient working process.

The woman wiped another glass and said. “I get it, I get it. There used to be lots of rookies coming to my place to find their way out. But they believe their friends with the ninja mask too much and thought that all the Hunters are as nice as the people in the world they’ve never been to. So they chose the other places.”

Wang Ji closed his eyes, he knew that she’s talking about his ninja mask.

The woman laughed. “Alright, don’t be embarrassed. The man who gave you the mask is indeed a nice guy. If I don’t guess it wrong, he proposed a deal when giving to you, right?”

“He wants me to look out for a movie based on a novel.” Wang Ji replied.

“It’s fine to have a deal. Because there’s a deal, then it’s a trade. Otherwise, it’s a gift and it’s also a robbery. Don’t take off the mask. If I saw your face, I will saw your identity in your civilization world, which is not good for both of us. ”

Seeing that Wang Ji was going to take the mask off, the woman stopped him.

Wang Ji was relieved after hearing that. And he was ready to enter into negotiations of the trade with the devils. The lamp above the table was not bright, while the smoke was still lingering in the air. Wang Ji couldn’t see her face clearly, but somehow he could see her charming eyes. They are so deep and seductive, just like there’s special magic there.

Except for that, her red lip was turgid at the moment because of smoking. Though he still couldn’t see her face clearly, a desire coming from the bottom of his heart arose spontaneously. Along Wang Ji’s eyes idling around her face, he saw a mole in the lower left bottom of her lip. Then he moved his eyes away, with his facial expression a bit unnatural.

If he guessed it right, it should be the temptation of the witch.

“Huh, kid.”

The woman started laughing, with her voice gentle but still remained a soft power, just like teasing Wang Ji’s embarrassment.

She poured half a glass of bloody-red wine into the glass and put it in front of Wang Ji. Then she took out a transparent container which was heart-shaped and put it next to the glass with wine in it. It was crystal-clear, and looked like an ornament. The woman held the container, gazing at Wang Ji, and said. “I’d appreciate it if you may lend me a hand for my business in this city. Son, you are more than 1000 years younger than me. You should call me ‘Aunt’, got it?”

Wang Ji nodded his head and remained calm. He did not dare to guess the woman’s age. The woman is only her appearance, she’s essentially a devil.

“Aunt Lily.” The woman reminded, bending her body on the table. She then looked at Wang Ji’s eyes. When they were looking at each other, Wang Ji could only see the sparkling starlight in her bright eyes. Except for that, there was nothing left there. “Son, call me Aunt Lily, got it?” Her gentle words like a loud sound in the dark night echoed in Wang Ji’s ears. Wang Ji nodded his head again to acknowledge tacitly. He’s not willing to deal with a devil on a question related to the addressing.

“Then you call me!”

“You’ve been teasing me quite a lot. Now it’s time to trade.”

Wang Ji replied indifferently.

Lily should be some creature like the witches, so she called him ‘son’ due to her age. Wang Ji wasn’t embarrassed since addressing doesn’t mean anything. The word ‘son’ is essentially a taunting of Lily’s to a rookie like him. He was here to conduct trade, and he had a moderate tolerance of taunting.

“Fine, you’re a bit cold-blooded.”

Lily was not satisfied with what Wang Ji called her. But she didn’t put him in a difficult position, instead, she pointed at the container and introduced it to him. “This blood-hearted container can be used to store 100 mini litres of blood. When your blood isn’t provided with power, I can only give you trade you with blood of at most 5 containers per trade. You’re only allowed to trade one half of the year due to your body condition. Also, I’ve just started my business here, I don’t have much equipment except two. So, you don’t have quite a lot of choices.”


A devil worker at the entrance of the bar pulled up the roll-up door from inside, closing the bar. Lily went down the table and took out something and put on the table. She turned on the lamp to illuminate the equipment on the table. It’s a set of black clothes. Then she took off a cross with black blood on it from her chest, which looks like it’s stone-made and a little bit broken.

Wang Ji’s watch started to shine with the words shaking vaguely, but the message wasn’t shown after a while. Wang Ji turned back and looked at Lily, finding out that Lily was also looking at his watch using her bright eyes in the darkness. Wang Ji turned his back, the message was quickly shown on the small screen.

Equipment Name: Fallen Badge.

Equipment Type: heaven equipment contaminated by devils.

Equipment Introduction: Many years later, when the devil monster got killed countless times, he was reminded of the night when he was killed by the angel for the first time. Alsazler, the kind emperor of hell, gave him this cross badge which is only for high-rank devils. It’s contaminated with angels’ blood and souls, which is the bane of all heaven equipment.

Equipment Effects: The one who has it can defend every effect of heaven equipment. Also, it enhances the effect of devil equipment double times.

p.s.: Received from the devil exchange, requires 5 containers of blood.

From experiment A.

Equipment Name: Night Devil Suit.

Equipment Type: devil equipment.

Equipment Introduction: The suit of the witch of night’s devil crew. It also appeared in Dracula’s vampire crew. But it will transform from real body to soul on a dark night, which was less worse than the cape made by the night elves.

Equipment Effects: The one who dresses in it can transform into a night shadow with the ability to touch souls and be immune to any cold and hot weapons.

p.s.: Received from the devil exchange, requires 5 containers of blood.

From experiment A.

“I’d like to ask a question.”

Wang Ji made a request after reading the related description from experiment A carefully.


“I’d like to know how you travel from this city to your city and if there’s any time limitation. Does the equipment have a cycle of updates? Also, I want to know how much is really 5 containers of blood and what I will be damaged if I give my blood to the devils.”

Wang Ji was sincere, which showed the importance of the trade to him. He didn’t want to get an item with a high price. Relying on others is never Wang Ji’s first choice. Instead, he is actually more willing to exchange his blood for weapons and items. But he will be more careful about that.

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