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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 13

13/15 Chapters for today to celebrate the starting of this novel!! ENJOY!! <3

Translator: X J Sheng Chen

TLC: Wu Wang

Editors: Prawnxia, theprettyrainbow, Myro

Part 2: Mrs Isa’s Mansion

Chapter 13: The Lost Partner in the Theft Gang

“The ultra-membrane space tunnel will only be opened during the preaching war. So only when you are conducting the preaching war, I can freely travel between here and my world. In the next 10 days, there’s no equipment I can provide with to conduct trade with you. Son, if you want new items, you have to wait until the end of the preaching war. Also, there’s one exception, you have to be alive.”

Lily answered smoothly. She butted her cigarette and continued. “As for the price, it’s never cheap with the devils. Blood is equivalent to souls, and 5 containers of blood is the lowest price. When your blood is possessed with special power, the price will drop. But your blood is only worth this price, and it’s still a bit cold. Also, I don’t have to tell you how to use your blood. I only promise that trading is never a bad idea for hunters.”

“I need to think about it.”

Wang Ji became silent after he said.

Lily didn’t hurry, and she was interested in watching Wang Ji sitting behind the table.

After a short thought, Wang Ji said. “These 2 items are useful. I would like to order both if permitted. I actually want weapons because there will be something weird finding me from the countryside after the sunset. If there’s no other choice, I prefer Night Devil Suit.”

“You don’t have to trade with blood.”

Lily suddenly said.

Wang Ji said surprised. “Isaac said that you only trade with blood.”

Lily smiled and lit up another cigarette. She puffed at Wang Ji, and there was a mysterious scent residing in the smell of smoke. Lily said with her lips and teeth slightly moving. “Maybe you don’t know his circumstance. In his world, there are only trades with blood can be trusted. Not to say he’s trading with Satan, not me. I’m not a picky guy.”

Wang Ji listened quietly, waiting for her conclusion. Lily’s voice was soft, luring everything with her endless magic in the dark. It was causing the secretion of male hormones, which is dangerous and charming. “From tonight on, if you’re willing to work here for 10 nights, I can give you Fallen Badge as reward. Also, I might help you with the weapons.”


Wang Ji agreed with the deal. With the view under the light curtain of the lamp, he vaguely saw Lily’s deep eyes looking at him from top to bottom.



Wang Ji got off the car in front of the police station.

“There will be unknown creatures from North Sea Town approaching after the sunset. I have to find as many clues as possible before that. According to the clues, it’s like something evil. I hope Night Devil Suit could help me avoid it. Also, hope that nothing happens.”

He’s doing business with Lily the witch and got 500 mini litres of blood pumped out. Since he just had a blood draw, Wang Ji knew that his body was a bit weak to a certain degree. In the taxi, he looked for data related to blood donating. 500 mini litres is the maximum amount of blood donating in some countries and areas, while it exceeds the limit of 100 mini litres in this country. But it should be fine to his body.

It’s busy at the police station. Most officers were assigned to visit the areas near the mountain park to investigate since the nightmare knitters. After the explosion in area B on the 4th floor, it was now required repairs and process. Wang Ji stood in the lobby and looked at the map of the police departments, then he went to the department of data management.

The officer responsible for the department was a 50-year-old man. Wang Ji’s seen him in the book of honor, and people call him ‘Lee’. He is a local and has performed quite a lot of deeds of merit dealing with the gangsters when he was young. Then he got shot, one leg became a bit crippled after the surgery. So, he was transferred here.

“Wang, no one calls you to get back to work, right? Why are you here?”

Lee saw people coming to the office, so he dropped his mouth and turned back to ask.

“I’m here to find some data about North Sea Town.”

“Then, register!”

Lee put a form on the desk, enabling Wang Ji to register. And he asked. “I heard that you send Liu to the hospital. How’s he doing after he was taken?”

“Kind of steady, but the surgery is still needed. Doctors said that there might be something in his brain.”

Wang Ji registered and answered.

“My God.”

Lee sighed and said. “Hope he gets well soon! By the way, why are you looking into North Sea Town? Except for the fact that there’s a bunker collapsing in the mansion according to the report from the police station there this morning, nothing really happened.”

“The mansion?”

Wang Ji noticed this word. Lee’s face suddenly became heavy. “What? Are you looking into that warlord mansion built in the period of Republic of China?”

“Not looking into it, I just want to know that.”

Wang Ji felt inappropriate right away. Lee is an old cop, he still has a keen insight. He felt something happened according to Wang Ji’s face and tone. Wang Ji stood off right away.

“You young people!”

Lee nodded his head. He stood up to pick up the key for Wang Ji. “I’ll open the case for you, and you just return it after you finish. You just have to know the things about the mansion, but you can only look into these. Experts in the province have told that the design of the mansion is not equitable, and it’ll pose serious emotional implication to a human. If it were not for the relics, it would be torn down. Also the experts said that there’s natural magnetic field there. All in all, it’s not suitable for human to go there.”

Speaking of the mansion, Lee became talkative. Wang Ji followed him to the data building, and Lee pointed at a safe after opening the case for him and said. “There’s stuff about the mansion, which is copied independently. Watch some comedy movies afterwards, don’t let it leave a mark. Remember to put them back before you get out, then return to register. You should return the key by 5, don’t stay too long. I get off work at 5:30.”

Lee left with a key in his hand after charging him something.

There’s only Wang Ji left in the data building. It’s quite old here. There’s one light tube with a problem among the 6 economic lights above his head. It’s light on one side, but dark on the other side, while there’s red light in the middle. And it’s buzzing like electric current. Wang Ji turned off that lamp and picked the data of North Sea Town, sitting down to read it thoroughly.

Wang Ji could see from Lee’s attitude that there are some folklores of Mrs Isa’s Mansion in the local area. When Wang Ji opened the data to read, he also found out that there’s something weird about the people in the missing records. Due the fact that this place is special, the country took over the data from 1915 until now from the national government.

The time in the beginning was in chaos, leading to the fact that the data was also chaotic. There are even some records taking data from the Qing Dynasty as reference, the traces back made Wang Ji shocked. Since 1932, the annual record of people missing in North Sea Town looked weird. Sometimes it doesn’t exceed 10, but sometimes it’s 2-digit even 3-digit.


Wang Ji started to do some extrapolation according to the data. First, he found out that the actual owner of Mrs Isa’s Mansion is a high-ranking officer named Tang FuShuen. In 1932, Tang FuShuen, the officer, died from disease. Diseases took over the place, the servants in the mansion all died from disease, and even the troops were infected. With the attention of Mr. Lee GenYuan and the high control of national government, the diseases eventually got under control.

“Since then, there are officially people missing in the mansion.”

Wang Ji took out the old photos in the data, some of which are photos of the mansion. There are many photos of warlord execution team. These executors were tall and strong, with their upper bodies naked and wearing leather pants with blood stains. They held huge sickles with one hand and carried the heads tied up with chains with the other hand, which was very bloody. These executors wore linen bags over their heads, with 2 creepy eyes out.

These old photos demonstrates the brutality ruling by the warlord. They loved to execute with sickles, also produced specific sickles to cut people’s heads off. Locals says that the warlord hid the bodies without heads in the wax statue. The folklore sounds like House of Wax. Putting down these photos, Wang Ji picked up the photo of the mansion in the old days.

“The mansion basically remains unchanged. It covers the area of 250 square meters, excluding the manor. It’s built in French style. The walls of the manor are tall with bunkers besides them. According to the data, Tang FuShuen took the mansion bought and built by a French woman by force, and then married her as his second wife. She should be Mrs. Isa.”

He was checking the cases in the data with photos.

“The missing people are ranged from 9 to 30 years old, most of which are ranged from 14 to 16. As most people missing have basic abilities of recognition, it’s not likely to be cases of abduction. But there are other explanations if we take Mrs. Isa’s Mansion into consideration.”

Wang Ji checked some records of visiting.

“The folklore of the mansion is old. A 93-year-old local claimed that the manor where the mansion is located was haunted since the diseases in 1932 according to the visit of officers in 1986. Some locals said that people were missing because they broke into the mansion the steal things according to the records. There are many records worth reading.”

Wang Ji continued to check. Due to the pressure among the people, the town government shut down the mansion to preserve as relics. But there are occasionally some people missing there, and their ages are within the range cited in the data. Liu GuoBang did the research in 2011, he considered North Sea Town to be safe and problemless. There might be other reasons why people are missing.

The latest case was in 2011.

In June, 2011, police from many provinces cooperated to catch a theft gang who committed crimes in different provinces. The police confirmed that the theft gang of 6 people ended up being in North Sea Town. They asked locals about the mansion, tending to steal the relics in the mansion.

After confirming the information, the police set up traps outside the mansion, ready to catch the thieves. After they got into the manor, the police surrounded the mansion right away. The light was on all night long, while the gang never got out after they went in. After the sunrise, the police found that the gang was already lost. In the beginning, they thought that the gang has escaped, but the relics in the mansion were still there. Thieves never left without stealing, it was very weird.

The gang never showed up afterwards.


Wang Ji suddenly raised his head. It was quiet in the data office, no sounds can escape his ears.

“Wang Ji, why are you here?”

The shocking female voice came from his back. A young female police officer in the uniform walked in front of Wang Ji, and she looked at him surprisedly. She looked young, had short hair, and dressed very pretty. She looked very vigorous, but Wang Ji did not know her.

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