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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 14

14/15 Chapters for today to celebrate the starting of this novel!! ENJOY!! <3

Translator: X J Sheng Chen

TLC: Wu Wang

Editors: Prawnxia, theprettyrainbow, Myro

Part 2: Mrs Isa’s Mansion

Chapter 14: You’re One of Them

“Her badge……she‘s probably a rookie. Liu Hsiao Nan, a name i have never heard and a person I never met. I pay serious attention to people and the environment in the police station. There’s no photo and information about her on the wall in the lobby. She is in the same department as me, but I don’t know her.”

After paying attention on her badge and related identity sign, Wang Ji made a judgement in his mind quickly. He explained. “I’m looking for some data here.” He lowered his head, implying that there were still some data beside his elbow.


Liu Hsiao Nan nodded her head, with her eyes fixed on Wang Ji. She kept looking at him like a cop looking for clues. Suddenly Liu Hsiao Nan stopped and turned her head back to fence. She said disappointedly. “I heard that you sent my dad to the hospital last night, you saw it?”

“You are Leader Liu’s daughter.”

Wang Ji instantly recognized Liu Hsiao Nan’s identity. He opened his eyes wide. “Saw what?” ”Don’t play dumb. You must have seen it, and you came out alive.” Liu Hsiao Nan looked at Wang Ji seriously. She browsed at the hallway alertly, and then took out her phone from her pocket. She started tapping her phone and showed it in front of Wang Ji’s eyes, almost touching his nose.

It’s a photo.

The photo is obviously overexposed, but the location is still clear. It’s taken on the hallway in the police station. There are several creepy shadows in the hallway with their backs facing the camera in the photo. And at the end of the hallway, the spiky legs and the outlines of the nightmare knitters still can be vaguely seen. The clearest part in the photo is the string of sparkling eyes of monsters’.

Liu Hsiao Nan put back her phone into the pocket. “You were with my dad last night, you sent him to the hospital, and you made a statement for the national investigators. They thought you did not lie, but I’m sure that you lied. This photo was sent to me by my dad at 22 last night. Owing to the fact that you’ve lied, I have reasons to believe that he wouldn’t allow my dad to send out the photo. And he definitely sent it behind your back. Where were you and what were you doing?”

“I was with my aunt. Then I heard that there’s gunshot in the police station, so I rushed there to check it out.”

Since Liu Hsiao Nan thought he’s lying, Wang Ji logically concealed what happened last night with what just happened to him. After his explanation, he said regretfully. “I stayed in the ward for quite a long time last night. Those people came first in the end, and they brought Leader Liu. If I had called you, you still could……” Liu Hsiao Nan interrupted right away. “My mother has a weak heart, she doesn’t know this till now. I have to make it up, you have to say that my dad is on a duty.”

Wang Ji nodded his head to agree.

Liu Hsiao Nan’s sharp eyes were still fixed on Wang Ji. “But you still lied. My dad told me about the problem of Fuhe Mountain Park after he came back. I visited the neighborhood near the park after I checked in at the police station. I found out that you’ve been there last night, and you also took a taxi to the police station. You arrived at the police station before 21:20, when my dad was also there. Then you’ve been with my dad for a short time before you entered the police station. And you jumped out of the window in area B on 4th floor to escape, sending my dad to the hospital in the end. You did it just like you jumped off the hoist on Saibainien building yesterday. Don’t deny. I’ve checked your photo with the workers there before I came here. Weirdly, they admitted that you’ve climbed on the building, but they thought it might another guy jumping off the building.”

“Because of the assassin’s camouflage glasses?”

Wang Ji thought that, shaking his head with a wry smile. Liu Hsiao Nan’s inference indeed made him suspicious, but there’s no enough evidence to prove it.

“If you believe me, please tell me if you’re…..” Liu Hsiao Nan paused a bit. She alertly looked at the outside of the data office, then she bent her body down in front of Wang Ji, gazing at him, and asked. “One of ‘them’ from the preachers.”

Wang Ji stared at Liu Hsiao Nan stonily. His emotional feelings were all gone, instead, he only got inference and thinking on the situation. In one second, Wang Ji suddenly smiled wryly.

“Hope I am.”

Wang Ji said. He looked disappointed and whispered. “But I don’t have that kind of power. I tried to track a special man yesterday. But it eventually failed. Luckily, I sent Leader Liu to the hospital on time. I can only tell you that what the preacher said was real. He’s coming soon, and probably in our city.”

The officials had a ambiguous attitude on the existence of the preacher. Some of the experts still thought it’s intimidation from some special groups. At least, they didn’t conduct any attacks. Therefore, though the rumor is spreading widely, but few people truly believe that the preacher can destroy the civilization. People are busy working, there’s not many of them really care about the case.

“You only know this?”

Liu Hsiao Nan kind of believed him this time.

“What I know is actually not more than you do. What I am sure of is also what you’re sure of.”

Wang Ji said helplessly. Liu Hsiao Nan took back her eyes and said sadly. “It’s my first day in the police station. I thought it might be some chances for me to be with my dad more, at least help him with his chores. But….” Liu Hsiao Nan couldn’t continue. It should be the moment that she revealed her true sentiments. She quickly adjusted her emotion with a smile on her face. “Come back to the station tomorrow, I’ll talk to the leader. Wang Ji, you can help me with many things. If the preacher really shows up, we’ll go catch him.”

“No, I got something to mind. The vacation now is important to me.” Wang Ji lowered his voice. “Please forgive me. I don’t want to be connected with that kind of monsters.”

“Well…..alright!” Liu Hsiao Nan did not cover up her disappointment, and she bit the bullet to express the understanding of Wang Ji. “Well then, I don’t force you. But I hope you to continue to be a good cop after you come back to the station.”

Wang Ji smiled as a reply.

“I still got work to do, that’s it for today! Call me.”

Liu Hsiao Nan said goodbye to Wang Ji and turned back to leave the data office. Wang Ji watched her leaving. He took back his eyes and continued searching for the important messages in the data.

“I don’t believe you, I don’t believe anyone, either. It’s regretful that devils are more believable than you are.”

Wang Ji looked at the words and the photo recorded in the data calmly. What he experienced yesterday was still clear. He did not know what challenge he’s going to face. What he’s only sure was that it’s not smart to expose his identity to some normal people under unknown circumstances. Also, he wanted to live through tonight.


Wang Ji returned the key and leaved the police station. He watched the sun setting from the red clouds, and the red clouds made him relieved. There were strong winds out of nowhere on the streets in the city, blowing the leaves along the roads.

The winds seemed to blow something bad into the city continuously. There was even one bat passing through the trees with a black shadow. Wang Ji sniffed something strange inside, he stood there for 1 minute looking at the unceasing creepy winds in the entire process. The sun was about to touch the volcano. He was suddenly shocked, walked on the street quickly to get a taxi.

“Sir, to GuanYin well.”

In the taxi, Wang Ji looked at the shadow of sunset between the buildings, wondering. “Unknown creatures will arrive at the area I am by sunset. What does the ‘area’ really mean?”

At night.

It’s hilarious at the newly opened bar. It’s filled with different kind of people. There were locals off work, couples dating and drunkards. Lily was obviously good at business. She knows entertainment a lot. The streaming of table tennis and soccer attracts many customers. Lily put dark glasses on the both sides of the walls at the bar which isn’t roomy. When standing between 2 walls, the glasses vaguely create the illusion of endless shadows, making the bar look bigger than it actually is.

Wang Ji came to the bar before the sunset. He was standing with other pale waiters, waiting for customers. Part-time jobs are usually filled with some chores like serving wines and placing balls. The atmosphere at the bar was fine. Without dance pools and noisy music, it’s quite soothing.

The waiters next to Wang Ji don’t look like human, they are pale and absent-minded. Only when serving the customers, they will have a weird smile on their faces. They never talk to each other when standing together, which is so silent. These people may be some creatures like the devils, but it’s fine if they’re not creatures from the mansion.

22 o’clock at night.

Lily called Wang Ji in the darkness behind the table. “You see that woman? She’s drinking alone here, and she’s totally drunk now. Send her home, and then get back here.” Lily gave Wang Ji a tip to look at a woman walking with a rolling gait at the corner, and then put some money on the table. “This is for taxi, you don’t have to spend your own money.”

“I decline.”

Wang Ji said right away.

“This is a part of your job. Be right back with half an hour. Don’t take advantage of her.” Lily sounded firmly. “Unless you have your staff come with me, otherwise, I won’t go.” Wang Ji said, and he’s not yet taken the money on the table.

“Oh, I know what you mean……fine, I’ll have someone go with you.”

Wang Ji suddenly realized, and she smiled right away, agreeing with Wang Ji request. She called the driver and had him to send Wang Ji. The driver was a serious middle-aged man with a pale face and eyeballs popping out making him look very weird all the time.

“Let’s go.”

The driver said.

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