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The Hunter Under the Tree of Origin – Chapter 15

15/15 Chapters for today to celebrate the starting of this novel!! ENJOY!! <3

Translator: X J Sheng Chen

TLC: Wu Wang

Editors: Prawnxia, theprettyrainbow, Myro

Part 2: Mrs Isa’s Mansion

Chapter 15: The Wax Figure

The city was in a blaze in the early morning. There were not many people walking on the street. The streetlights were dim.

Wang Ji sat in the back seat, and a sleeping woman lying next to him. The driver with a pale face was driving the car absent-mindedly. There were some vague shadows flashing through along the road with the illumination of the headlights, but they were fast and blurry. They seemed to look at Wang Ji, but also seemed not. There were only sounds caused by the tires rolling on the streets in the real world.

The city was very quiet at night, very quiet.

After spending about 15 minutes, Wang Ji returned to the bar.

He was watching the view through the window on his way. Maybe it was due to the fact that there was someone protecting him, he didn’t see any strange creatures. He went back safely this time.

“3 men and 1 girl over there, they did not know each other until today. That girl is young and foolish as she’s really drunk. If she is taken by these 3 men, there’s definitely something she’ll regret going to happen. Take the men away from the girl on some pretext, and then send her home. Remember, don’t take advantage of her. Be back in half an hour.”

Lily talked to Wang Ji, who just went back.

Wang Ji did not realize his main job is still all about women until now. He asked Lily. “Why don’t you send your devils to do it? I believe they’ll do it more efficiently than I do.”

“It must be you because they are more eager for blood than you see steaks when you’re hungry, son.”

Lily seemed to be smiling in the darkness.


It’s almost in early morning.

Wang Ji sent the last drunk female guest back at 3 a.m. As he’s about to get off work. The job that made him ceaselessly come and go was over. He stood by the bar counter, talking to Lily, who’s sitting in the darkness. “If it’s available, I’d like to rest at the bar tonight.”

“Are you afraid of going out?”

Lily asked with a weak voice, with her bright eyes gazing at Wang Ji after turning back from the dark bar counter.


Wang Ji did not avoid to tell the truth. He did not consider himself able to take the risk without weapons easily. He’s not yet contacted with Mrs Isa’s Mansion, so he had no reasons to put himself at risk soon.

“But you seem to be not afraid.” Lily smiled. “The Night Devil’s Suit is already traded to you. You have to go home alone. You think this is a meaningless adventure. But seeing something unbelievable in advance is better than getting caught on the hop. You are supposed to be taking an independent hunter test, you know what’s independent?”



Wang Ji strolled back to his house. Eventually, Lily did not agree to allow him to stay at the bar. The trade of Night Devil’s Suit was completed, so he shouldn’t fall back but stand out. He could only consider it to be an experience of Mrs Isa’s Mansion beforehand as a consolation. Though, it’s dangerous, but should be worthwhile.

On the cold night.

The building he lived in was only 7-story. It had built very early in the area, without the elevators. This building was built for rental purposes according to its planning. It looked like an employee dorm, which was messy and old. There was grass at the corner of the walls. It was midnight. and there were still dogs and cats barking in the area, which awaked several voice control lamps in the hallway on the south of building. Except for that, the west and the north side were completely in the darkness.

“The lamps are broken.”

Wang Ji said to himself.

His house was on the 6th floor on the north side of the building. From the 1st floor to the 6th floor, the voice control lamps were all off, only the lamps on the 7th floor was on. He still clearly remembered that the voice control lamps on the north side of the building were fine when he returned home yesterday. But they’re all broken today. Without any reasons, he felt a sense of threats. He touched his chest, and then he chose to go upstairs from the south side of the building.

Through the hallway on the west side of the building from the south side, he could still go back home.

“Maybe they’ve already arrived. But instead of finding me, they’ve found my house. Since I’m here, let’s see what these creatures are!”

He thought.

As he thought, he felt a bit pain in his chest. That’s the scar left when he died before. The Night Devil’s Suit is embedded in the scar on his chest. That’s a dark suit which is so black that you can’t stop looking at it. It’s too light to feel the weight when you hold it. It’s really thin that it seems that it’s unable to cover your body. But when Wang Ji took the Night Devil’s Suit close to his chest, this ragged suit stuck into the scar on his chest fiercely like a summoned devil.

At the staircase, Wang Ji suddenly heard a slight sound when he stepped on the stair. The sound was from the upstairs, and it sounded like dragging a body to crawl. Bang! The light bulb at the corner of the hallway was broken. Wang Ji pressed on his chest as it became dark. Then, the Night Devil’s Suit seeming to be on fire rapidly covered everywhere on his body, including his soles and his brain, all of it.

There were only his eyes left in the darkness, shining with bizarre blood-red hexagram-like starlight. Wang Ji felt his eyesight to change a bit, which was hard to tell. It was totally gray in the black world, and some of them were white. Every detail on the silent night became clear, shown in front of him.

In front of him, there were some black mists creeping down from the stairs above the corner of the staircase. The dragging sounds were getting clearer and clearer on the quiet night, like dragging a bunch of rotten meat on the ground. He still felt his hair growing at this morning, and soon his black long hair blended perfectly with the Night Devil’s Suit, hanging down with a mysterious power and hiding in the dark with him.

When he looked up, he saw a bunch of rotten bodies dragging their legs down from the staircase on the 2nd floor. They had no heads, and their headless rotten bodies were shaking in the dark night. Wang Ji immediately fell back and hid in the darkness. He rowed over, and heard some sharp noises, which sounded like nails scratching ground.

That dead body like monster was slowly approaching the corner of the stair. Suddenly it fell down and landed on the 1st floor, smashing into dust. Its sharp nails cut through his rotten belly. Taking advantage of the moment, Wang Ji jumped on the corner of the stair. The restless Night Devil Suit floated in the air like a ragged wizard robe along with the long hair, its jagged hem and floating hair were blowing along the night breeze like a fluctuating flame.

At this moment his body was as light as a feature, but with its direction and mass. Just a slight jump, he flew out about several meters and landed without any sounds.


The body that was smashing into a bunch of rotten meat stood up again. In Wang Ji’s vision, he could see black mist spreading down from the 2nd floor into the meat body clearly. The bones that were torn apart in the rotten meat began to reconnect, and sharp claws which stuck into the cement deeply has been pulled out.

“Is the black mist the source of their recovery?”

Wang Ji immediately made a judgement from the circumstances. He reached his hands out, blocking the black mist with his flame-dark hands. Suddenly, the bones of the monster down below began rattling. It painstakingly turned its body over, and bent down the legs which were just recovered.


It leaped off, jumping back to the corner of the stair, followed by the restless black mist right away. At this moment, Wang Ji also leaped off, jumping onto the 2nd floor. He hid behind the wall. There’re sounds of deep breathing coming from the corner of the stair, and the headless body was breathing only with the chest vibration. Wang Ji turned his head back and saw the black mist spreading on the 2nd floor. It’s approaching the 3rd floor, as well as the floors on the west side and the north side of the building. The rotten meat was moving slowly.

They are not only one.

Wang Ji noticed the danger as all the voice control lamps were broken then. He realized that the dogs were barking uneasily. Watching the monsters on the west side and the north side of the building all were approaching him, Wang Ji held his breath. He dashed to the 3rd floor. At one moment, the monsters which crawling up suddenly leaped over and landed near him, smashing into dust!

When the monsters were still waiting their bodies to recover, Wang Ji had already grabbed one of the bone blade in the dust and started ripping, tearing the meat into 2 parts! There’s a rotten body rushing to his back, and its sharp bone blades pierced through Wang Ji’s body at once. These things may look slow but they have unusual explosiveness. The distance was at least 300 meters long, and they could dash without making any sounds. But when the bone blade was piercing through, the monster seems to freeze for a moment.

The blade pierced through nothing and directly passed through Wang Ji’s body!

It took Wang Ji’s breath away, in the meanwhile, the monster also froze. At this moment, he came up with a bizarre idea. Then he smelt some unpleasant smells of wax as the headless rotten meat in front of him was not a rotten body, but a wax figure.

Suddenly, Wang Ji saw himself in a burning Night Devil body and realized instantly . He quickly turned back and inserted the blade back into the hole between the shoulders of the headless monster. He was so fast that he couldn’t believe it. But it’s like the monster assassinating Wang Ji, he now came away empty-handed.

At this moment, the wax figure monster reached its hands out as if it had realized something, holding Wang Ji’s arms tightly. After it missed twice, the monster’s claws fastened Wang Ji’s forearms.

As the silent pressure and pain appeared, and the bones were nearly broken, Wang Ji resisted the pain and gazed at the monster. The Night Devil Suit was burning like a silent flame, but it’s not melted. The unpleasant smell of wax became thicker as they’re closer. Other monsters on the 2nd floor rapidly rushed to them, Wang Ji suddenly froze as they pounced at him.

Unpredictably, these monsters whose intestines were filled with wax also froze in the mid air. They were vivid and lifelike, just like they were floating in the air with support of the black mist. It wa a one-in-a-lifetime scene. However, Wang Ji did not even dare to move. Just like what he had guessed, these monsters were all wax figures.

”It’s just like what I thought, it will moves because I move, they won’t move if I don’t move. Their bodies should be the souls, just like me being a Night Devil now.”

Wang Ji’s eyes felt heavy, the severe pain coming from his forearm was still torturing his nerves. Even so, his thinking still remained quick. The fact that a Night Devil can touch a soul indicates that a Night Devil was also a soul, as well as the monsters. In short, he’s now bumping into ghosts.

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